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Why are ads on my Galaxy S7?

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Easily Remove Malware or Adware from Your Android Phone

In this video, Abhishek from Tech Matters explains how to remove malware or adware from your Android phone without using any software or antivirus.

Identifying the Problem:

Abhishek shows examples of pop-up ads that are commonly found while browsing Facebook or YouTube. These ads can be irritating and disrupt the user experience.


To remove these ads, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to settings and select Accounts & Sync.

2. Choose Google and then Personal Info & Privacy.

3. Click on Ad Settings and turn off Personalization.

4. Visit Ad Choices and uncheck all the websites from which you receive ads.

5. Restart your phone and the ads should be gone.

Additional Information:

Abhishek thanks his subscribers for helping the channel reach 5000 subscribers and 20 million views. He also announces that he will be distributing gifts at 10,000 subscribers and encourages viewers to check out his Facebook page for more details.

SD Card Notification Pop Up | Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

In this video, Jimmies Promo explains how to get rid of the SD card notification on the lock screen. He also talks about why the notification is there and why it cannot be removed from the notifications panel.


- You can remove notifications from any application by going into the application manager and turning off pop-ups.

- The SD card notification only appears when you restart or turn on your phone.

- You can hide the SD card notification on the lock screen by going into the system UI settings.

- The SD card notification cannot be removed from the notifications panel because it is a system notification from Marshmallow.

While the SD card notification cannot be permanently removed, it can be hidden on the lock screen. Jimmies Promo hopes that future updates will provide the option to turn off the notification altogether.

How to remove/stop pop ads from android phone, works 100%

Hello and welcome, everyone, to UT of Right Stick. In this video, we'll discuss how to fix the issue of unwanted advertisements and apps on your phone.

Steps to Remove Viruses:

1. Log in to the Play Store and search for the Ante and Where application.

2. Install the application. It is a secure application without any pre-installed junk apps.

3. Open the application and click on Scan Now to check for threats on your phone.

4. Uninstall any suspicious applications or apps that you have accidentally downloaded.

5. After the process is complete, your phone will be free of unwanted advertisements and apps.

This simple process can help you get rid of unwanted ads and apps on your phone, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. If you found this video helpful, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more content on Right Stick. Don't forget to hit the bell icon to stay updated on our latest videos. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you in the next one.

Too Many Pop-up Ads on Android? Here's How to FIX Full Screen Ads | Guiding Tech

How to Get Rid of Annoying Pop-Up Ads on Your Android Phone

If you're using a free app on your phone, chances are you'll be bombarded with ads. While ads can be tolerable, some apps push annoying pop-up ads that won't go away, forcing you to uninstall them. In this article, we'll discuss simple ways to find out which apps are causing pop-up ads on your Android phone and how to get rid of them.


1. Check recent apps menu:

- Tap on the recent app button on your phone to see all the recent apps.

- The culprit app should be the first or second app in the list.

- If you can't see the app's name, tap on the three-dot menu button in the top right corner, select app info, and uninstall the app from the following screen.

2. Check battery usage:

- Go to settings and open the apps and notifications option.

- Shortlist apps that might be causing the ads and tap on each app one by one.

- Select the battery option to check the amount of time the app has been running in the background.

- If an app has unusually high usage, uninstall it.

3. Use the Play Store:

- Tap on the menu button in the top left corner of the Play Store.

- Select my apps and games and open the install tab.

- Sort the apps by last use and check the list of apps.

- Uninstall any apps that you haven't used recently.

4. Check for apps with invisible icons:

- Go to the apps menu within your phone settings.

- Look for apps that don't have an icon or a label.

- Tap on the rogue app and select uninstall.

5. Use an ad detector app:

- Download and install an ad detector app from the Play Store.

- These apps will locate rogue apps on your phone and flag them.

- Install malwarebytes to prevent such issues in the future.

While pop-up ads can be annoying, they're not impossible to get rid of. By following these simple methods, you can find and remove apps causing pop-up ads on your Android phone. Remember to avoid using third-party app stores to prevent such issues in the first place.

Disable Ads On Your New Samsung Phone!

Title: How to Avoid Unwanted Ads and Notifications on Your Samsung Phone

Ranjith Ann shares his experience with recent Samsung smartphones and how users can avoid unwanted ads and notifications. He demonstrates how to disable certain settings during the setup process and also recommends disabling certain apps that are pre-checked.

Steps to Avoid Unwanted Ads and Notifications:

1. During setup, uncheck the box for receipt of marketing information to avoid receiving ads and marketing notifications.

2. Uncheck information leaking and diagnostic data for privacy reasons.

3. Skip unnecessary apps during setup such as Samsung nodes, Samsung members, and Samsung email.

4. Disable lock screen stories to avoid random wallpapers that may look like ads.

5. Uncheck all pre-checked apps during the setup process and only enable those that are necessary.

6. Uncheck the checkbox for Iris to make recommendations of new apps and interests to avoid unnecessary notifications.

7. Disable the My Galaxy app to avoid unnecessary notifications and news updates.

By following these steps, users can avoid unwanted ads and notifications on their Samsung phones. These settings are applicable for all Samsung phones, including the A series, M series, and S series. By disabling unnecessary apps and settings, users can have a smoother and less intrusive experience on their Samsung phones.

9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

In today's world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We rely on it for communication, navigation, and entertainment. Two popular websites, Payette Forward and UpPhone, offer tips and advice on how to make the most out of our devices. In this article, we will explore 10 tips related to PINs, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Google.

Tip 1: Use a strong PIN

- A PIN is a personal identification number that helps protect your device from unauthorized access.

- Use a strong PIN that is at least six digits long and includes a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

- Avoid using common numbers, such as 1234 or 0000.

Tip 2: Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

- Wi-Fi uses battery power, even when you're not actively using it.

- Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it to conserve battery life.

- You can also set your device to automatically turn off Wi-Fi when you leave a certain location.

Tip 3: Use Wi-Fi calling

- Wi-Fi calling allows you to make phone calls over Wi-Fi instead of your cellular network.

- This can save you money on your phone bill, especially if you have a limited data plan.

- Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection before making a call.

Tip 4: Use GPS for navigation

- GPS (Global Positioning System) can help you navigate to your destination.

- Use a GPS app, such as Google Maps, to get turn-by-turn directions.

- Make sure your device has a clear view of the sky to get an accurate GPS signal.

Tip 5: Use Google to search for information

- Google is a powerful search engine that can help you find information quickly.

- Use Google to search for anything from recipes to directions to product reviews.

- You can also use Google to search for images, videos, and news articles.

Tip 6: Use Google Translate for language translation

- Google Translate can help you translate text from one language to another.

- This is useful when traveling to a foreign country or communicating with someone who speaks a different language.

- You can also use Google Translate to listen to translations of spoken words.

Tip 7: Use Google Photos to store and organize photos

- Google Photos is a cloud-based photo storage and organization service.

- Use Google Photos to back up your photos and videos and free up space on your device.

- You can also use Google Photos to create albums, collages, and animations.

Tip 8: Use Google Assistant for voice commands

- Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that can help you perform tasks with your voice.

- Use Google Assistant to send text messages, make phone calls, set reminders, and more.

- You can activate Google Assistant by saying Hey Google or OK Google.

Tip 9: Use Google Drive to store and share files

- Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to store and share files.

- Use Google Drive to store documents, photos, videos, and more.

- You can also use Google Drive to collaborate with others on documents and spreadsheets.

Tip 10: Use Google Pay for mobile payments

- Google Pay allows you to make mobile payments using your device.

- Use Google Pay to pay for purchases at stores, online, and in apps.

- You can also use Google Pay to send and receive money from friends and family.

In conclusion, Payette Forward and UpPhone offer valuable tips and advice for maximizing the use of our devices. By following these 10 tips related to PINs, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Google, we can enhance our productivity, efficiency, and enjoyment of technology.

Block Ads From All Games - Android & IOS

How to Remove Ads from Games on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Are you tired of constantly being bombarded with ads while playing games on your Samsung Galaxy device? In this video, we'll show you a fast and easy way to remove those pesky ads so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.


1. Close out of the game and turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi.

2. Open the game and play as usual.

3. You may see a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen, but no more intrusive ads will pop up.

4. When you're finished playing, turn mobile data and Wi-Fi back on to reconnect to the world.


- You can play your favorite games ad-free.

- It's a simple and easy trick that anyone can do.

- You'll be able to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without distractions.

Next time you're playing a game on your Samsung Galaxy device, try out this easy trick to remove those annoying ads. You'll be able to focus on the game and enjoy it to the fullest. Don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more helpful tips and tricks!

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