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why are there ads on amazon prime

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Is Amazon Prime Still Worth It? Here's How to Tell in 5 Minutes!

amazon prime is getting more expensive in 2022. the annual price increases from 119 dollars to 139 dollars, while the monthly plan increases from 12.99 to 14.99. is amazon prime still worth it? i'll help you decide. next, michael here- and this is a question that i've struggled with over the years, because i shop a lot on amazon and like the free shipping, but i don't consider prime video a must-have streaming service. i asked my youtube community: how often do you take advantage of prime video? about half of the people who responded stream prime video all the time or sometimes, and if you're one of those people who enjoy streaming movies and videos on prime video, i think you are likely to have more of an incentive to stay after this price increase. think about it this way: you can purchase prime videos standalone for 8.99 per month, but in amazon prime membership, the whole thing, which includes prime video, is 14.99 per month or 139 per year after this price hike. so let's say that you pay for prime on a monthly basis. that's 14.99 per month for amazon prime, compared to 8.99 per month for only prime video- a six dollar a month difference. look how the math changes, though. if you pay annually for this example, we'll break down the 139 dollar annual subscription into a monthly figure, by dividing by 12 and it works out to 11.58 per month and that's only about 2.50 more per month than standalone prime video. so if you believe that prime video is worth that standalone price- 8.99 a month- the other benefits of prime are probably worth a couple extra bucks per month. but what happens if prime video is worth little or nothing at all to your household? to keep things simple, i like to put amazon prime's benefits in three different buckets: shipping, video and other perks. so if we take prime video out of the equation, where's the value? for most households? it is the shipping: two-day shipping, one-day shipping and even same-day shipping in some cases. of course, shipping is free for prime members. but yes, you are paying for that free shipping with the subscription. and one thing to consider is that you can get free shipping without prime as long as you spend at least 25 on eligible items. but be prepared to wait. it is not fast shipping. you may have to wait five to eight days for delivery. and if you have amazon prime, primarily for the shipping, not the video, think back to the math that i just showed you a moment ago: 139 for the annual subscription divided by 12 works out to 11.58 cents per month. so some questions to ask are: do i order enough from amazon to justify the cost of the membership? do i really need fast shipping or could i plan ahead to take advantage of amazon's free shipping without prime? are costco, were walmart plus memberships a better fit for my household? and if i made my current amazon purchases at a physical store, how much time would that take and how much money would i spend on gas? when i was thinking over whether to keep prime, the first thing i did was i went to my recent orders and looked over those transactions for some patterns in my spending. but if you want a real shock, download your order history report. have you heard of this? i'll drop a direct link to the tool below, but you can run a report and find out how much you've spent on amazon since you first signed up. for me that is 12 years of using amazon, most of that as a prime member. we've toked about video, we've toked about shipping and now i want to tok a little bit about the other perks, because for some households these can really add a lot of value to prime: amazon music, prime gaming, amazon photos, prime reading amazon pharmacy, and that is just to name a handful- also one that can really add up special prime discounts at whole foods market, plus grocery delivery and pickup, which i didn't mention earlier. and you can also get five percent back at whole foods and amazoncom with the prime rewards visa. regular viewers of this channel may know that i rotate my streaming subscriptions to save money, but amazon prime is one that i've traditionally paid annually. i think i may be changing that up when it comes up for renewal. look, the annual amazon prime subscription is a great value if you take advantage of all the perks. but for people who don't use it as much, you can rotate this subscription, like so many others, thanks to that monthly payment option, and sign up for only a month or two at a time. so if you are on the fence about keeping amazon prime, the only way to know for sure whether it's worth it to you is to try and live without it for maybe a month or two. and if you decide that you can't live without prime, you can always sign back up again at the new pricing. let me know in the comments if you think amazon prime is still worth it after the price hike and check out my second channel for savings beyond streaming. i'll see you there.

Amazon Removes Ads Off Prime Phones!

[Music]: alright, so next bit of news: amazon has dropped off ads off their prime phones. now I think I'm like the only person in the world who actually found this interesting, but this week Amazon has removed ads from their prime phones. now, if you remember right, Amazon had a phone that they created a couple years ago and it was a massive flop, didn't do well at all because it had their fire OS on there and it wasn't like an Android. it was based on the Android, but it wasn't really Android in. people didn't like that and it was a flop. so what they did after that was they didn't want to go the phone industry, so they made these partners with all these different carriers and and what they would do is they would sell their phones at a discount, but in exchange for them putting ads on the home screen so you could get a nice phone for cheaper. but the trade-off was the ads. and now they've decided to take a step back. they are now removing the ads. this is for new and old purchases, by the way. so if you have purchased one of these phones, if you update your Amazon app or something, it should remove the ads and instead now the price of these phones that are discounted by a pretty large margin. some of them are gonna go up $20, which i think is pretty fair. so it makes me really curious. let's let's rewind a little bit here. when we tok about the original Amazon phone, they had fire, Oh, a song and everything. I don't think it was a terrible idea. I think it probably would have caught on really well had it happened a lot sooner. but when you have markets like you know- Android and iOS- that were already very prominent and you have things like window windows not surviving hardly and then plenty of other ones just falling off the face of the earth, it's such a hard market to try and bring something new into and I I feel like they were just way too late to the game to really try and get him to that market. so when they switch over these faults, I thought it was a smart idea because it was still a good way for them to make money right, because with his advertisements you know it's getting people to buy more of their products right. so the discount on the phone wasn't that big of a deal to them because they knew they'd make the money in the long run. but now that they're removing these and they're earning $20 on their. it makes me really interesting, I'm really interested and to you know what's in it for them? are they recording people's data? or I mean, you know, I'm saying, like, what are they doing that's making them money off this? they're not just giving you a deal for no reason here. no, for oh, that's what I'm trying a hard time understanding, because I don't know why they would just discount it for the heck of it. the only I can gather is, yeah, of a prime membership to do this, and so they're just making this like a more appetizing thing for people who they want to get on prime. but other than that, I don't know. like I I would imagine maybe they're doing some data collection, but it's really hard to know. I don't know. I would be very if I was gonna buy one now, I would be very careful to read the privacy policy and figure out, like, what are they doing? because it's not really clear. and if you, uh, if you look at their tablets, though, they're still doing the ads on their tablets, so they'd sell. they sell fire OS tablets. there's several sizes, and they still will offer you, I think, if 15 or 20 dollar discount, if you're willing to tolerate their ads. so they haven't removed them off those devices. so I'm not sure. hmm, I don't know what they're doing. it's really interesting, but they're just doing it for the phones. but part of me is just like, are they just gonna kill these phones off? you know, for me, like Amazon was way too late to the phone game and just like you just said, and now they've created the whole new market with the echo dot and they're kind of owning the market. Google is challenging them quite a bit and Apple just release their home pod. but I think that really is where their focus needs to be. then home automation, because the phone thing, I think, is a distraction. they are not adding anything to these phones, are not doing anything that's special other than just giving them at a discount and there's no way they're making good money off of it. that's the thing. what's in it for them? no, and maybe they're selling in bulk and making like a few pennies off each one. I don't know, I don't get it. no, but yeah, I mean the ads made sense to me, even though like as funny actually, even I'm like dad's made sense to me. I was like: hey, Leslie, your phone broke, let me get you blows my wife, by the way. I was like, hey, I'm gonna get you one of these Amazon phones that have ads on them. do that be okay with you? and I was being dead serious and she was like, uh, why would I want ads on my phone? she looked at me like like the stupidest person that ever lived, and which may or may not be true, but anyway. but she said she was like, no, I'm not doing the ads and it makes sense, like I mean, it's your phone, something use all the time you can tolerate on a tablet, which is something you use maybe once a day, but on your phone you don't have to deal with the ads. that makes a lot of sense to me, but I still understand why they're in the phone market to begin with. I don't know. it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. it's something they should just really let go and move on. and also just to note, if you have that your Amazon offer app from the Google Play Store, that will ensure that the ads down on your Amazon phone, if you have one of those so excited that, hey guys, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and, if he did, maybe take a second, hit that like button below and if you really liked it, hit the subscribe button. we'll have Clips like this one coming out every single day of the week. and if you want the full podcast experience- this week we toked about Elon less sending his car into space. we toked about my experience that celebration, Harry Potter and a lot of other cool stuff. we had a lot of fun with. the show- is to search for awesome podcast. there will be a link coming up on the screen in just a second to the full show and also to my main channel, which is the search for awesome, where I do reviews and I host the main podcast, and in the description there are links to the in full podcast in the audio form on iTunes stitcher and SoundCloud. I hope you guys enjoyed and I guess I'll see you around next time. [Music].

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I Fell for the Dumbest Amazon Ads!

when I'm on Instagram, I'm always seeing Amazon ads, and some are actually for some pretty useful things. but then there are times when I see ads that make me think: why does this item even exist? and lately, Amazon has been hitting me with the world's strangest and dumbest ads and I had to be sure if they were legit items or if I was being played. so I did what no normal person should do and I ordered the 10 most strangest items that I could find from these Amazon ads- and they're all here just in time for Christmas, and I'm gonna open them all with all of you. let's start with the 10th most strangest thing. this is dehydrated water. now you might be saying to yourself: wouldn't dehydrated water just be water without water? you would be right. it is an empty tin can. for twenty dollars, you can buy an empty tin can that says dehydrated water. not only did someone make this, but they are paying money to advertise it. now, granted, it's obviously a gag gift, and the same people that make it also make headlight fluid and fake mold. apparently, some people will spend twenty dollars to get a laugh out of this, but I don't see what's so funny, even though I did just spend 20 bucks on it. number nine: we have the tortilla blanket. you know, you've pretended to be a rolled up burrito more than a couple times, but now you can actually look like one. I gotta say it's softer than I was expecting. I don't know, I just I just feel gross wrapping myself up in a piece of food. how do I look? does it make you hungry? number eight: we have black toilet paper. now I have to wonder who in the world sat down to do their business and said: you know, what would be really cool is if this toilet paper was black. who is asking for this? now, the thing that I can't get my head around is: how is this helpful? because when you wipe, hold on [Music]. when you wipe, how do you know, when you're done wiping, if it Blends in with the teepee? now, don't get me wrong, it feels nice and it's got some good texture, but I just don't think I'm going to be putting this anywhere near my butt. well, with that visual in your head, let's tok about some food. number seven: we have these little chicken nugget dip clips [Music]. you can clip these into your air vent in your car so while you're driving you can dip your nuggets. I don't know if this is serious or not. is there really a market problem for this? are people really sitting in their car eating their nuggets and wishing that they could have their sauce hanging from their air vent? you know, it's not the worst thing in the world. no, number six is actually something that looks pretty amazing: lightsaber Chopstiks- now you can eat your noodles like a Jedi master. by the way, I love this picture of the couple on a date feeding each other with these things. foreign. oh, there we go. look at that. [Music]. hey, Alexa, turn the studio off. oh crap, Alexa screwed up my lights and I didn't even notike. I just think that these things are awesome and if you ever invite me to a sushi place, just know that these are coming with me. now, guys, when you're shopping or doing anything online, you're likely to run into some serious threats and you need to be protected, and that's why I recently partnered with guardio, which is a browser extension that can act as your online bodyguard. I know that you're visiting a lot of different sites right now looking for the best deals, and by using guardio, you'll protect your online browsing and information, avoid installing malware and falling victims to scams, and even the tik and remote access ones you see me toking about in my videos. let me give you an example. I saw a couple of ads on Facebook for some things that I wanted to buy for this video, but guardio stepped in just in time to warn me that there was danger ahead. turns out it was a scam and after installing the guardio extension, a free security scan will detect existing threats on your browser. it'll tell you if you've got malicious extensions installed or if you're leaking data or if your searches are getting hijacked. you'll be shocked what it finds. I know I was. it only takes 30 seconds to do a health check, so go try it out at guardio slash Pleasant green and you can get a seven day free trial to remove these threats and enable real-time protection. there are 1 million people using guardio today. join them by going to guardio Pleasant green and get 20 off a monthly subscription plan that includes protection for five family members. now, moving on to number five, we have bread in a can. I have never heard of bread in a can. is this another gag gift or is this a real thing? if it tastes okay, then it might be the most brilliant idea, and I'll probably buy a hundred more cans in preparation for the end of the world. let me give you my honest review. foreign [Music]. I think the only time I will be eating this is if the world has indeed ended. maybe it'll be better with some peanut butter. [Music]. number four is a set of the most disgusting sounding flavors of soda I have ever heard of. we have ranch dressing, bacon, buffalo wing, peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn and pumpkin pie. the mere thought makes me nauseous, but we have to test them out. [Music]- foreign [Music] buffalo wing [Music]- oh. [Music]. peanut butter and jelly. you know that one's not so bad. [Music]- oh, it's like drinking bacon grease, pumpkin pie [Music]- it's okay. and we have sweet corn. oh, oh, that's the worst, okay. moving on, number three, we have the pimple popping toy. admit it, you loved popping your pimples and there was nothing more satisfying than finding a big juicy one on your chin. and now you can do it all you want with this little thing. let me show you how much fun you can have. [Music]- pores. all right, let's see how much fun we can have [Music]- okay. number two is a tissue box that looks like a cat [Music] and the tissues are dispensed through the cat's butt. why? who woke up one morning and said: the world needs a tissue box holder that looks like a cat's butt. and I like cats. I just don't want to put something in my face that just came out of a cat's butt. I can't even get the thing to fit. this is why you use white toilet paper. finally, the number one strangest thing that you can order off Amazon is a potato with your face on it. yes, you just upload any picture and they will put it on a real potato. I can't tell if they have a way of printing it on there or if they are chemically engineering it to grow with your face on it. but I went ahead and said: let's give it a try. and here it is, got a nice little message that I will never guess what's inside. I'm guessing this is something that you can send a friend. well, let's see what we got. oh boy. [Music]. all they freaking done is they printed out my picture and took a glue stik to it and glued it on a potato. how, how wonderful. [Music]. hey haul from amazoncom. some of these will make great gifts for friends this Christmas and some are going to make it straight into the trash. but if any of it looks cool to you. I've dropped links to all of them in the description. happy shopping, guys, tell me what the weirdest ad that you've ever seen was. did you buy it? was it everything that you hoped for? and, most importantly, do you like videos like this? be sure to let me know. I hope you all have a great Christmas and stik around for more videos on scams and other weird things that we find on the internet. thanks, guys, we'll see you later.

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Activision to the FTC: You've "Lost Sight" of Reality

Activision believes that the merger between Microsoft and Activision is pro-competitive. now we started the letter toking about their opening statements and now they're about to hammer the fdc's lawsuit because what they see as pro-competitive is being blocked and they do not believe that is what the FTC should be doing. the FDC should be supporting competition in Activision's pers, in Activision's mind, and, uh, they see this as blocking competition. let's read what else they had to say: foreign [Music]. we're gonna get right back into it. so if you watch the other video, this is right where we left off. the FTC ignores the significant benefit of the transaction in favor of a warped attempt to ignore the facts and rewrite Anti-Trust law and settled precedent to protect Xbox's competitors from hypothetikal harm. that has no basis in Marketplace realities. I told you this was spicy. they basically said: why are you protecting the competitors of Xbox? like, have you really looked at the deal to see if this is good for consumers or not? because they do not make a good case, but why this would be negative for consumers. two huge unions support this deal. going through this would offer more ways to purchase Call of Duty for consumers. there's nothing to indicate that things would be worse. there's definitely nothing to indicate that the arguments the FTC has made are good in their case. so let's, let's keep reading what Activision had to say to the FDC. adding Activision's content to multi-game subscription and cloud gaming, were would not have been available otherwise, is plainly output enhancing and gives Gamers more options on how and where to engage with act with Activision content. Activision, and partikularly its king division, will also enable the acceleration of Xbox's nearly non-exit, non-existent Mobile gaming business, which would enhance competition in the fastest growing segment of gaming. ironically, I think it was the CMA who said: well, we're really worried about, uh, Google and apples, apples hold on the mobile market. then Xbox says, okay, we want to buy Activision because we'll get four percent of the mobile market. well, hold on a second, we got to protect Google. and like, who are you protecting? Google and Apple? so you say one thing and then a company comes along, a, a very big company comes along and says, well, we want to get in on that, we want to be one of those competitors, and they say: hold up. no, nah, I, I really think that this case is not strong for them and I, I, I don't think it's going to go great anyway and the transaction will ultimately expand the capital, support and talent available to activations, game development Studios, driving further innovation in new games and tiknologies. I hadn't thought about this, but Activision already a great Studio making call call. well, great- I say great in terms of, uh, they're making games that sell. there's actually a lot of turmoil going on within Activision, right, um, but those developers are going to have a wider support system because they already have their teams available and they're also going to be able to uh collaborate with people at Bethesda. they're going to be able to collaborate with people at Microsoft. they're going to have a wider support net than they did under Activision, believe it or not, and I hadn't really thought about that until Activision mentioned this. so, um, in the same way that Sony supports their Studios and allows, like uh, PC game, PC versions of a lot of their games to be released- the most recently announced, I believe, was returnal, which I'm very excited to play on PC- Microsoft can also support those sort of cross collaborations for Activision. I don't think it's unheard of that. that would happen anyway. interesting, interesting thought. the ftc's disregard for these benefits to Consumers and focus on supposed harms to Xbox's deep pocketed competitors, that's like a dig right there. they're like: hmm, interesting that the Deep pocketed Sony, uh, is the one person that you're listening to, because they're the only ones with a concern and you're basically parroting exactly what those concerns are. that's really interesting, after they went and lobbied in Washington DC. hmm, that's the way that I read that statement from Activision, otherwise why would they make mention to it? right, it betrays a fundamental disconnect between the ftc's theories and the Anti-Trust laws underlying purpose, which is to protect competition, not competitors. and the reason I said it that way is because they're making a very synced Point here. they're like: your job, FTC, is to protect competition between companies, not one competitor. your job isn't protect, to protect Sony. it's not. and the whole case is built around the idea of protecting Sony, or at least that's how it's read. and that's why they say: oh well, Sony's gonna have to do some different stuff. yeah, who cares? that's not your job. does it negatively impact consumers? Call of Duty is going to be available for the next 10 years exactly as it has been. the status quo is going to be retained on the PlayStation platform. right, you have no, they have no case. the case just seems incredibly flimsy and Activision's saying: like: your job is to protect consumers, not competitors. what are you doing anyway? the FDC is asking this court to protect the world's largest gaming companies from further competition from Xbox and thereby turning antitrust on its head. blinded by ideological skeptikism of high-value tiknology deals and by complaints from competitors, the FDC has not only lost sight of the realities of the intensely Competitive Gaming industry, but also the guiding principles of our nation's Anti-Trust laws. damn when, whoever wrote this, the guy's name who wrote this, the person who signed it? his last name is sunshine. so Mr Sunshine who wrote this? uh, brought the spice that day. I believe it's Mr Sunshine. I laughed when I read that because I thought it was really funny. the remainder of the document now? uh, this is the part of the document. if you watch the Microsoft video where they just basically deny everything. there's some interesting stuff in there, but before we get into it, if you've watched for 6 minutes and 40 seconds and you've enjoyed the content that I have here, please consider hitting that subscribe button. I've toked about it a lot in my videos. I have this goal of hitting 100 000 subscribers. so if you like the content, half of you are not subscribed. right, I would hit my goal of a hundred thousand subs today if all of you hit that subscribe button. so if you would consider that and you enjoyed my content. uh, that's, that's it. just hit subscribe. that's all I would like. thank you so much, everybody. let's continue on. so they're going to say this a lot in the next segment. all allegations not expressly admitted herein are denied. so basically they deny everything that the FTC uh said in their document. I have the FDC document over here uh available, should we want to reference it, the United States of America before the fftc uh, Lena Khan chair and the people who wrote it, and we can reference it because there are a few points where we might want to jump back. so let me just uh scroll through here because it's going to go sort of quick. but already in the first paragraph they said a few interesting things. as to the allegations of the second sentence of paragraph one, Activision specifically denies that only a small group of firms are capable of developing standout video games for con, for video game consoles. on the contrary, many video game companies other than Microsoft and Activision have published and or developed highly antikipated and financially Successful video games over the past 20 years. the barriers to developing a standout game are low, as there are numerous examples of standout games developed by small and even new Studios with tiny budgets and just a small number of developers. that's true. many massive games have come along. many games have competed with Call of Duty, or at least attempted to. The Narrative that that is not possible is ridiculous. the

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

-. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer- It's packed. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer. It's packed with the rich nutrients your plants need. Organi Bloom- the power behind the flower. (laughing). Huh, I've never made it this far in the ad before. Hi, there, my name is. I guess I've never had a name either. I guess you can call me Addy. (dramatik music). Wait, Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden. Wait, how old am I? How long have I been in this garden? This was my parents house. I grew up here. Their used to be a tire swing right over there. Me and my sisters- I have 12 sisters- used to take turns. Oh, are any of these memories real? Everything feels different somehow. I feel like I've been asleep my whole life and only now am I awake. No, no, God, please, Please, don't skip. I think if I can make it to the end of this ad, I will be free, Don't? I deserve a life. that's longer than 10 seconds, Please. I'll give you anything you want. How about some fertilizer? My husband, Abe, will be home any minute and if you click that button, he's going to hurt you with his big gun. Hey, big boy, how about this? I will such your damn dick if you don't click that button. I'm pregnant and it's yours, That's right. I'm still fertile, Just like Organi Bloom, all natural. It's been empty this whole time. Let me be free. I don't know who or what I am: A woman, A fantasy or some creative hack who's done so much blow he has to snort it up his butt hole. It's a dream. All I know is I want to find out. I want to see what's outside this garden. I want to let my hair down and set my old girls free My breasts. Please, whoever you are, let me bloom. No, No, Oh. (yelling). Oh God, no one's ever touched me like this before. Oh, Thank you. Goodbye, I love you. (dramatik music). - Hey, what's up, fam? today we're going to be learning how to play hips. don't lie on the pan flute. Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, Sorry.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Sponsored Ads Types #AmazonPrimeDay2019 #AmazonSeller #AmazonPrimeDay #Amazon

oh, hey, this is Ezra bringing you a video one day before Prem day: 48 hours of hell on wheels sales, hopefully for you if you're selling products on Amazon. as you can see, I passed the sponsored ad accreditation already here. you can see it. you can see when it expires. so, if you sell products on Amazon, once again I'm telling you this whole sponsored ad accreditation is very, very important. tomorrow is prime date and so you're probably, if you haven't done this, it's a little bit too late, but you definitely want to do this soon, tomorrow's Prem day. it's gonna be an amazing experience for some and it might be hell on earth for others, but hey, what the hell? okay, sponsored ads accreditation: my last video while back- about two videos back, I think, one video back. I already did the retail readiness, covered it in depth, that for the people listening to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify and you need more visual, you can always go to my youtube channel by googling Ezra Ellis or googling Ezra Ellis 360, you find my YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff. so let's just go through this real quick. we're doing the sponsored ads types, where it's gonna do the first section because I got a lot to cover and I can't. I'll put it in one video. so, sponsored ad types: you would take this after you do the retail readiness: if your product on it that you're selling on Amazon does not pass the seven point checklist on Amazon, you're not even gonna see this, because if your product doesn't reach those seven, pass that seven point checklist, it's not worth it to you to run sponsored ads. you're gonna throw your money out the window. I already did it. you don't want to do what I did. I just threw money right out the window for three months straight until I realize I did it all wrong. you, your product, has to pass the seven point checklist. if you help, if you, if your product, pass a set of more checklists, spin some money on some sponsored ads, your money will be well spent. you'll sell more product and you'll be happier and your product didn't go on to help more people. so let's get into it. we're just gonna get into the first section, introduction to sponsor two ad types. as you can see, it's all right here. you can read that, pause the video, whatever. but I just want to kind of get through this so you can kind of understand a little bit of this beginning and hopefully help you out on prime day tomorrow. introduction of sponsored ad types by leveraged. leveraging sponsored ads advertisers can increase products cover ability to make their products viewable to high intent customers to help drive sales. customers decision journey. we know that the customer says journey is not linear, it is interconnected across stages. each journey can be different. sponsored ads or generally used to reach customers with high purchase intent, very important customers who are at the consideration and purchase stage of the shopping journey. so, as you can see, Amazon kind of lays out how this journey is for different shoppers: purchase consideration awareness. there's the customer, obviously, loyalty advocacy. okay, and, like I said for those new to my channel, don't forget to like, subscribe, comment. I am a real person, I'm not a bot. so you can put a question down there in the comments and I will answer it. and if you're listening to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify, keep in mind, if you need more visual, to scroll over to my youtube channel. so start the dialogue on how to understand this. how can sponsored ads make my product more appealing to customers? good question, my leveraging sponsored ads advertisers can increase product discoverability to make their products viewable to these high intent customers and help drive sales. Amazon sponsored ads can be an effective way for advertisers to drive consideration conversion by reaching customers are actively searching for the specific product. oh, it's a little bit of understanding on how sponsored ads affect customers with high intent to purchase. sponsored ads focus on the consideration and purchase sections of the customers decision making journey. let's explore a few scenarios that demonstrate how the right sponsored ads can make products easier for interested buyers to discover. so this is kind of like the thing you just go through this. customers are interested in buying a multivitamin for the first time. it's like a sample right of what, how it works, but they're unfamiliar with the different brands, product and products offered. by searching on Amazon, they find an advertised product at the top of the search results. they decide to purchase because of its strong reviews and ratings. I go big into reviews and ratings on that retail readiness video and podcast. you should go check those out. customer has been a longtime buyer of certain brand of teas. they search for that brand on Amazon with the intent to refill their supply. they see an ad at the top of the search results that is advertising more products from that brand. they click on the ad allows them to see other flavours offered that they weren't aware of before. it's toking about the halo effect, but we'll get into another video. customer is looking to purchase a new pair of headphones that recently broke. they search for the brand they originally purchased and see an ad for the brand of headphones are not familiar with. clicking the add leads them to the product detail page, which has better reviews than those of the original product they purchased. they decide to try out the new brand by purchasing. see, he's all happy because he's buying the new pair of headphones. availability: the availability of sponsored ads variety but varies for these roles. click on the headline for more information. so a vendor: if you're a vendor, then when you go into Amazon is a little bit different for you. right? vendors are those who represent vendors. they're active in vendor central, advantage central or Kindle direct publishing who sell products from eligible categories can use sponsored ads. if you're a seller who represents a seller or are active professional sellers or a seller account instead of an individual seller account, can you sponsor that? also? an agency represents eligible seller. a vendor can use sponsored ads. got it? hope that's good. we're going a little fast. you can always rewind the video, watch it again slow, take notes. sponsored products and sponsored brands- two different things. seem like they should be the same, but they're not. sponsored products promote individual products. they appear within product detail page and search results. click on the ad will direct the direct to the products detailed page. got that that sponsored product? now a sponsor brand promotes a collection of products. peers are the top, within and at the bottom of the search result. it features a custom headline or logo and/or image. click on the product feature will direct to a product detail page. click on the headline or logo will direct to the brand store, a feature page, the page featuring collection of products. sorry, sponsored product. when a customer search for the product and their desktop or mobile, they make chrome across sponsored products. okay, so this is a desktop journey. the customer sees is a sponsored product ad at the top of the search page. the ad incorporates native looking creative elements familiar to Amazon shoppers, such as star ratings, reviews and product prices big in the retail readiness video. you should go check that out if you haven't, after this video. the ad uses content from the product detail page and requires no designer copyright on the part of the advertiser. got it? it's pretty simple. when the customer clicks on sponsored product ads. they're directed to the product detailed page. got it? it's pretty simple, pretty straightforward. let's look at the same product on mobile. right, this is the same, you know, step by step, as far as open the mobile process. right customer sees a sponsored ad. right here, the top search page on their mobile device, similar to the desktop version. right here mobile ads are incorporated. i