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Why Big Stopped Ads?

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Digital Advertising: Is It Really Effective?

- Big brands turning off millions of dollars of digital ad spending without any change in business outcomes

- Small businesses reducing the number of ad impressions, clicks, and traffic, but seeing an increase in business activity

- Does this mean digital advertising doesn't work? Or is there something else going on?


1. P&G, Chase, and Uber turned off millions of dollars of digital ad spending but saw no change in business outcomes

2. A small business owner turned off Facebook audience network and saw a 90% drop in ad impressions, a decrease in clicks, but an increase in sales

3. A small business owner turned on Google AdWords and saw a dramatic increase in traffic, but most of it was from bots and not converting into sales

The Problem:

- Marketers are obsessed with big numbers of ad impressions and clicks

- Big numbers do not always translate into more business activity and sales

- The majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity

The Solution:

- Marketers should focus on getting the same levels of business outcomes with fewer dollars spent

- Spending the dollars more smartly in digital can lead to even more business outcomes

- Instead of focusing on big numbers, marketers should focus on getting the right people to see their ads

- Digital advertising is effective, but marketers need to be smarter in their approach

- Focusing on big numbers does not always lead to more business outcomes and sales

- By getting the right people to see their ads and spending the dollars more smartly, businesses can see even more success in their digital advertising efforts.

Should Crypto.com Stop Spending Big Money On Advertising | Fifa World Cup

- Crypto.com's involvement in the FIFA World Cup and its marketing efforts

- Debate on the impact of marketing and sponsorship on the price of Crypto.com's Chronos

Impact of Marketing and Sponsorship:

- Good marketing and sponsorship can help increase a company's visibility and brand awareness

- Crypto.com's involvement in the World Cup was a great moment for the company

- However, the volume of Crypto.com has decreased significantly, which is a cause for concern

- Cash is currently king and holding onto cash may be the best option during times of market volatility

- Building infrastructure and making it more adoptable for people to use is important for the long-term success of Crypto.com

- While marketing and sponsorship can be beneficial for a company, it is important to focus on building a strong infrastructure and keeping customers satisfied

- Cash is currently a safer option during times of market volatility

- Crypto.com should focus on building a solid foundation and staying transparent in order to remain one of the top platforms for buying cryptocurrencies.

Target CPA Campaign Stopped Spending - Here's What You Can Do About It

Target CPA campaigns can stop spending when the cost per conversion increases. This can happen due to various reasons such as increased CPC, decreased click-through rates, or changes in the landing page or offer.

Short-term Solution:

To fix this issue in the short term, you can increase the target CPA bid by a small amount and monitor the campaign for 24 hours. If it doesn't spend the full budget, increase the bid again.

Long-term Solution:

The long-term solution is to diagnose everything, including your ad, offer, and landing page. If your ad is costing less than before, look at your offer and landing page. Make necessary fixes to ensure that your offer and funnel are working well.

To ensure the success of your target CPA campaigns, it is crucial to adapt and adjust as campaigns do not last forever. Continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to improve conversion rates. If you want to learn more about YouTube ads, check out our YouTube ads course.

Why I Stopped Spending Money

Why Wealthy People are Often the Cheapest

- Personal experience of being frugal

- Research and studies of millionaires' attitudes towards money

Reasons why wealthy people are often the cheapest:

1. Frugal characteristics helped them become wealthy in the first place

2. Every little bit counts for most millionaires

3. People's spending habits are dependent on how quickly they obtain their money

4. Wealth is not permanent and most self-made millionaires plan for a time where they're not making as much money

5. Saving money becomes a hard habit to break

Personal philosophy towards money:

- Started in high school

- Every penny counts and every dollar matters

- Invest to sustainably increase lifestyle

- Buying back time to focus on high-yielding ventures

- Money's purpose is to provide security and options

- Wealthy people prioritize saving and value their money

- It's important to save and invest while you can

- Money's purpose is to provide security and options, not just material possessions.

STOP Spending $$ on Ads if You're Doing This (Super important for eCom Brands)

- James, co-founder of Clicked, fastest scaling email marketing agency

- Goal: provide data and information on e-commerce email marketing to prevent leaving money on the table

Why Spending Money on Ads Alone is Inefficient:

- Landing page and ad spend

- Good conversion rate only leads to 3-5% purchases

- 95% of traffic is wasted money

- Need another method to scale business

- Solution: multiple touchpoints with email marketing

How to Utilize Email Marketing:

- Pop-up form for email list

- Convert 5-15% of page visitors to email list

- Flows and automation to nurture customers

- Campaigns for revenue generation

- Relevant promotions and exclusive clubs

- Email marketing crucial for maximizing ad spend

- Take customers from not purchasing to purchasing side

- Book a call with Clicked for help with email marketing


Why is Ad Spend Important?

- Spending money to make money is the job of a business and entrepreneur.

- Most businesses require significant investments in equipment, websites, and other tools to get started.

- Marketing spend is a crucial component of starting a business, but many entrepreneurs overlook it.

- Organic growth is challenging, and with many competitors in the market, spending money on ads can put you ahead of the game.

Benefits of Ads:

- Ads put your business at the top of Google and on social media feeds.

- Proper marketing can yield up to three to five dollars for every dollar spent.

- Spending money on ads can increase your income and help you grow your business.

- Ads build brand awareness, which is essential for businesses in the automotive industry.

How to Invest in Ad Spend:

- Reevaluate your finances and cut unnecessary expenses.

- Even a small budget for ad spend can make a significant difference.

- Google Ads is the most important investment for detailers.

- Hiring a specialist can help you target the right audience and improve your sales techniques.

Don't be afraid to invest in ad spend for your business. Spending money on ads can increase your income, build brand awareness, and help you grow your business. Evaluate your finances, cut unnecessary expenses, and invest in Google Ads or hire a specialist to help you target the right audience. Remember, spending money to make money is the job of a business and entrepreneur.

Stop spending our money on politically partisan ads

Ontario Taxpayers Footing the Bill for Partisan Government Ads

Ontario taxpayers deserve to have their tax dollars spent on public services, not partisan politics. However, since the former Premier Kathleen Wynne watered down the government advertising act in 2015, it has been easier than ever to do just that.

Changes to the Government Advertising Act:

Among other changes to the GAA, the former Wynne government stripped Ontario's Auditor General of its veto power over government-sponsored advertising that contained factual inaccuracies. As a result, the Auditor General lost the ability to block partisan government ads, which may skew or misrepresent facts to suit the government's party's interest. The government's spending on advertising then grew from 30 million to nearly 50 million the year following the change. Most of the additional spend was used to promote Liberal Party policies like the Ontario retirement pension plan. The Auditor General says that these ads would have been rejected under the old rules.

Current Situation:

The sitting Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, has stated that her office would now approve an ad even if it's factually inaccurate. Ontario families are footing the bill for the millions being spent on ads that are providing them with biased or inaccurate information.

PCs' Response:

The PCs are in no rush to make things right and are instead using the policy to their advantage. The party's former leader, Patrick Brown, pledged to restore the Auditor General's veto of partisan government ads. However, when asked about the progress of restoring the veto last week, Ontario Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy would only say that the Tories are reviewing the advertising act. There's a lot to review, he said.

PCs' Anti-Carbon Tax Ads:

The latest example of the government's partisan ads is the Ford government's anti-carbon tax ads. The commercial funded by taxpayers failed to mention any of the federal tax rebates designed to offset higher fuel costs. According to the Auditor General, the commercial meets the criteria of factually inaccurate advertising. The reckless use of taxpayer dollars simply fuels cynicism in politics.

People should be able to trust that their government is telling them the truth and not confusing them more in an effort to get re-elected, especially when they're doing so on the public's dime. The danger is that the PCs, now that they're in office, will be tempted by the power of unlimited ad budgets just like the Liberals were. It's time for the PCs to make things right and restore the Auditor General's veto power over government-sponsored advertising.

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