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Why Free + Shipping For Shopify Dropshipping Is DEAD

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Why Free + Shipping For Shopify Dropshipping Is DEAD

Why Free + Shipping For Shopify Dropshipping Is DEAD

free plus shipping with shop buy drop
shipping is dead well maybe not quite
this might be a little bit click bit but
definitely pay attention for the next
few minutes because I'm gonna explain a
few interesting things that I've been
testing out so I'm sure a lot of you
especially for doing Shopify drop
shipping have 100% heard seen and are
probably doing free plus shipping offers
now this is great that work well always
have always will but let me tell you why
you want to experiment with other things
and don't just always be doing that you
want to have that mindset where you're
trying new things I'm gonna dive in
depth on a few things I've been testing
out that based on my results for my
products from my store again everybody's
different every stores different I
always preach that the results have been
better for this over actually doing a
free plus shipping offer
now before I fully dive into that I
would like to say that every single
product is different and you definitely
want to test different offers what I
mean by that is you know I'm gonna jump
in and tok about a BOGO buy one get one
free buy two get one free buy one get
one half off over a free plus shipping
different things like that different
offers giveaway stuff you can do like
that but you do want to test out let's
say you have a hat for sale try a buy
one get one free versus a free plus
shipping target the same audience if
you're doing instagram shadows do the
same page just a different type of offer
and see how people respond to it because
there's really no other way except to
test and fail and invest that money into
it there's no better way than that to
actually figure out what works for that
product so first thing I'd like to point
out is that free plus shipping is
nothing new all your consumers know
about it the audience people you're
targeting everybody's seen that they buy
it they know it's not really a sly
marketing way that really surprises them
so they're definitely used to it again
that's not a bad thing that doesn't mean
there's negative light on it but some
people get upset by it but most people
are very aware of it so it's not as
effective as it used to be so that's why
I branched into other things you know
like I said to begin this video buy one
get one free about you and half off buy
two get one all those different things
those are stuff I've been testing out
and specifically the buy one get one
free offer has been really interesting
to test out for a few my products
surprisingly I've actually had some
really good results with it through a
Facebook ad as well as on an Instagram
story I know I've made videos toking
about influence with shoutouts how I'll
pay influencers to post on their story
on their page Lincoln bio but recently
I've actually been testing out Facebook
ads on Instagram stories only and doing
a free plus shipping versus a buy one
get one free and the results have been
really interesting some products do
better with free plus shipping some do
better with not one get one free so like
I said definitely test that out but this
is just my
I wanted to jump on here and tok about
it because I feel like everybody getting
into this dropshipping space is always
trying to do free plus shipping offers
and stuff like that when they don't
really have the expansive mindset and
know that there's other things out there
that they can be trying and since
everybody's doing that how effective can
it really be no there's already people
doing your exact products with a very
similar store in the same exact niche
targeting the same exact audience so you
have to be different and do things
differently if you want to get different
results but again like I said it's just
based off my experience for my products
on my stores with my results so take it
with a grain of salt or take it as you
will but that's my opinion that's my
view on it test out buy one get one free
test out buy two get one free buy one
get one half off test that with
targeting the same exact audience doing
the same exact everything same products
in color just a different offer and let
me know how it goes drop your comments
below if you've done this if you've done
tests like this or maybe things that
you've tried you think I could add on in
videos or tok about or at least try out
myself always curious to see what you
guys are doing especially if it's
working so drop comment below if you
have anything interesting to share I'm
actually gonna try and make some videos
over the next coming days I'm headed
back to LA really early tomorrow morning
I'm going to the mansion party Friday at
night I will be at the Internet owners
summit all day Saturday so hopefully
gonna put on some content like that be
sure to follow me on Instagram if you
haven't already I'm gonna put that in
the description but that's gonna be some
cool content hopefully I'll make a few
videos about that I don't know if I'm
gonna do a sit-down video with a few
people or maybe a vlog style of the day
we'll see what happens but this camera's
small so I'm gonna put in my pocket and
see where it goes be sure to LIKE the
video and subscribe if you haven't
already and I'll see you guys in the
next one peace

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