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Why I Do Shopify Over Amazon FBA (Which Is Better?!)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Why I Do Shopify Over Amazon FBA (Which Is Better?!)

Why I Do Shopify Over Amazon FBA (Which Is Better?!)

what's going on everyone hating here
coming back at you with the brand new
video and I'm shut the bank waiting on
Kiran who she's grabbing some cash and
stuff but I want to tok to you guys
about something real quick and that's
why I do Shopify dropshipping over
Amazon FBA even eBay a little bit you
know a lot of people been asking me
which one they should get into which i
think is best I'm gonna kind of run down
and break down each just as a disclaimer
I have not done Amazon FBA at all I've
not done eBay of course I've sold things
here and there on it but not any sort of
business related around that I'm gonna
have Karen jump on a little bit and kind
of give you his opinion he does a little
bit of dropshipping but mostly as a
social media marketing agency we'll kind
of get his take on it as well in a
little bit but the reason I personally
picked shot by dropshipping over Amazon
FBA or even event 3 simple reasons not
to three number one it kind of the
biggest I knew a lot of people doing
well with it so I knew I'd be able to
get that guidance that helped and at
least you know have them tell me what
doesn't work because then I can figure
out what does work and not make those
mistakes on the simple and stupid things
number two there was no startup cost
obviously I have the money but I don't
want to use the money if I don't have to
as you probably know Amazon FBA you're
buying the products out the front
whereas Shopify dropshipping you don't
you're just fulfilling each order as
they come in plus with Amazon you have
the risk of those products not actually
selling so I didn't want to risk that I
wanted the potential to do well but not
really any risk or back-end you know
attachment to it number three and kind
of the most important is you're more in
control like I make an ad campaign it is
a hundred percent based on me like I
make the campaign I pick the targeting I
do the image I do everything all the
copy the account the post whatever
whatever you can think of it's on me
whereas on Amazon for example at least
to my knowledge Amazon is the one doing
the promoting but you got to do certain
things I don't really know exactly what
but to get it ranked higher on Amazon
and they kind of do their marketing for
you I'm not wearing my jag ROG so right
now they gave me but caring if you guys
don't know is involved in a YouTube
channel J garage with 700,000 subs now
Jeff from junior garage actually does a
lot on eBay and eBay just sells a form
like I asked him like you know how are
you getting your traffic are you running
Facebook Ads
and he's like no we're not because eBay
does that for you they kind of they
boost your products up they put it on
the homepage they put on the top results
for whatever reason if it's doing well
under certain categories so you're
getting that organic really organic
traffic to your product without actually
doing much of a marketing effort on your
end so all three obviously have their
pros and cons it's like any other
business model but I personally pick
shop five for those three reasons I
think and I know it has a lot of
potential and I'm starting to see that
as the result
start coming in which is really cool to
see I'm making this video right now
because I was trying to edit a vlog that
I made yesterday and kind of the day
before as I'm out here in DC right now
if you guys didn't already know but my
laptop's having issues right here
someone go pick up another one and
hopefully that'll solve the problem I'll
start editing these vlogs because I
don't know just wasn't working for
whatever reason but these ones easy to
make they get more views you guys enjoy
more it's more oriented around one
specific topic you know for this one
things for example why I chose Shopify
over Amazon FBA and eBay so my take on
it in my opinion for you especially if
you're trying to get started you have
ideas you want to do maybe Amazon maybe
you want to do shop but maybe you want
to do even maybe you don't want to do
anything let me tell you why I think
Shopify is a good idea for you low
startup cost low to none everything has
to trial the advertising and everything
is controlled by you which is both a
good and bad thing and that ad spent is
not very much you can start getting
results immediately if you want to
that's on you though so you have to be
able to take responsibility for your
actions both good and bad I think it's a
great business model and to be honest
it's a lot of fun it's one of the most
enjoyable businesses I've ever had which
I can't really say too much about a few
other things like because they're cool
they make money or whatever but they're
not a passion we've got Kirin coming
back right here hey your cars locked
but yeah that's my take on that we just
got food some out of the car but I do
want to leave you guys with this thought
I've said it another video I'm gonna say
it again nothing absolutely nothing I
don't care if you're doing eBay Amazon
Shopify a social media marketing agency
trying to build some nano robot company
it does not matter nothing is as simple
as it looks it doesn't matter what
people say about it what you're
perceived opinion on it is or how easy
or hard people say it is it's gonna be
none of that because for you it's gonna
be different than everyone else but I
guarantee you if you think something is
easy and you're just gonna make money
like that you're probably not of course
some people do there are the rare
exceptions I actually don't hope that's
you to be honest because then you
probably didn't build the real skill and
it's not gonna last
alright but now we are with the man
Kieran putting in some work no but he
does do a little bit of shop buy drop
shipping mostly agency but I my product
is actually right there yes he showed me
he's got a couple sample products but
I'm not gonna reveal that for you maybe
in another video if this gets you know
what a hundred likes hundred likes maybe
I'll show his product but no he's not
making a lot of money with it he's just
all the tell it
make a lot of money bro just not like
that no big deal
nah man I mean I mean I got it I got you
all it so like fake I thought you all I
wanted to say on this video is that it
yeah that's a no but I'll tok to you
guys but are you paying for this because
I don't like give outs about Virginia
but we'll deal with that after we tok
about that my for yeah okay okay yeah I
mean I'd do a little bit of shopping
fine I got used to flip stuff on eBay a
little bit here and there
I think Shopify is probably the it's
obviously it's the best platform for
dropshipping right now and I just think
drop shipping as a concept for me is
better than Amazon because of the
start-up costs I think Amazon takes the
the right type of person to really be
good at it just because you've got to
find the right product that you know
you're you're able to do some good at
Amazon SEO with and that's that's kind
of a thing like you have so much more
control over a Shopify store because it
all comes down to you making the ads but
like on Amazon and eBay you can't really
make ads to it per se you have to just
rely on the algorithm of the platform to
boost your stuff up so people buy it so
for me I am I'm good at Facebook Ads I'm
much more comfortable with those so I
would rather have my success hinge on
Facebook ads rather than an algorithm
for a platform exactly tell them about
your current Shopify store the one where
we can't show the products for obviously
but yeah it's doing well I bought it
from somebody else and it's just been on
autopilot since then so I have it it's a
thing but it's no time to scale it is
focused on his agency buy stuff dude I
just don't have time for anything man I
just I just like women and too much and
women and Gucci wallets and kids take an
example that is what success looks like
right there that success right there
it is you heard it from the man himself
I do 100% recommend shop why just cuz
everything has a trial like if you click
the link down below and you can get the
14-day free trial I'll be absolutely
more than happy to answer any questions
on Instagram in the YouTube comments
I try to respond to everyone I'm getting
like 40 50 sometimes a hundred comments
on YouTube now so it's becoming a little
harder but I do try and take time out of
my day to respond to every single one
unless there
why can a people legitimate question
you're trying to add value to either
other people or try and get a question
answer I'd be more than happy to help
you out
we passed two thousand subscribers we've
been blowing up in the last few days I
appreciate the support I promise a vlog
is coming soon from being out here in DC
you know I'm a junior are all these cool
cars and stuff if you follow me on
Instagram you've been seeing that over
the last few days so there is a video
come and just know that but if you
haven't already be sure to join the
family hit that nice-looking subscribe
button down below and drop a like come
and keep doing these every single day
and I'm going to see you guys tomorrow

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