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Why I Quit Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Why I Quit Shopify Dropshipping

Why I Quit Shopify Dropshipping

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanasay here so it is true i officially
quit shopify drop shipping now hold on
before you go absolutely crazy hear me
out because it's not exactly what you
think i have been dropshipping for quite
some time now since 2017 if you have
been following from the beginning but
recently with all of the changes coming
about with selling online with the basic
trend of how shipments are getting
consistently delayed how a lot of
packages are basically getting lost out
in the sea i have officially decided to
stop shopify drop shipping but there's a
small twist to this and that's exactly
what we're gonna cover in this video so
if you are somebody who's already
shopify drop shipping or you might be
just looking into shopify dropshipping
you want to start shopify drop shipping
this video can really help you decide if
that is the way that you want to go or
if you want to go with the new route
which i'm currently taking which i cover
more towards the later portion of this
video but stik till the end and let's
jump right into it first thing you'll
have to do in order to find any type of
success with this video however is to
destroy that like button down below
until it turns blue i promise not gonna
take more than two quick seconds okay
hopefully you have destroyed the like
button down below but i did quit shopify
dropshipping now exactly what did i quit
so when i say i quit shopify drop
shipping i'm referring to aliexpress
drop shipping the traditional standard
drop shipping method where you go on
aliexpress find winning products you
sell those products if something sells
you go and purchase that product on
aliexpress and then you have that
aliexpress supplier ship that product to
your customer this is exactly what i
have quit officially that means zero of
my products currently do get shipped
from china and i do not do china drop
shipping anymore i'll express drop
shipping in my opinion is officially
dead in 2022 and onwards but here are
some reasons why i'm going to be
covering a few reasons why i personally
believe this first reason ease of entry
now literally everybody and their dog
can go on their computer type in how to
earn money online and the first result
that they're bombarded with is drop
shipping that too specifically
aliexpress dropshipping or dropshipping
from china it has become the most common
go-to business model and not only
because it's so easy to do online but
also because you can probably start
shopify drop shipping with about a
hundred dollars two hundred dollars five
hundred dollars nowadays a thousand
dollars and more but still not a lot of
money considering that this is a real
business that you are wanting to start
so ease of entry it's extremely easy to
start drop shipping and as a result
literally everybody starts dropshipping
who wants to earn money online that is
their first entryway into the online
business world and because of this
there's a lot of additional competitors
you have to deal with there is no kind
of security or stability when it comes
to drop shipping from china but that is
not the end because another problem adds
to this if it wasn't enough that now
you're competing with 100 other people
trying to sell that same exact product
for small pieces of profits now a lot of
the packages which you actually ship to
your customers get stuck out in the
ocean so that means they're stuck out
while in transit they're not getting
delivered to your customers or if they
are getting delivered they're getting
delivered with a long period of waiting
time even up to 30 days 60 days 90 days
especially now it's much more than the
14 day to 30 day time period and with
the evolution of amazon and a lot of the
faster shipping options literally this
is out of the ballpark now you have no
chance of finding good success if you
want your customer to wait 14 30 60
business days for their product to
arrive i mean by that point you can just
start expecting a lot of charge rack
which is what i had to deal with when i
was doing aliexpress drop shipping
majority of my chargebacks came from
aliexpress orders i have other ways of
doing drop shipping now and this new
method which i do currently has very
little risk and very little charge rate
simply because it is a much faster
option to dropship in fact this is one
of the methods a lot of my clients are
currently using as well and i'm
referring to those clients which i work
with under my google ads marketing
agency euro marketing so if you're an
e-com store owner doing over 30 000 in
sales or if you know somebody who's
doing over 30 000 a month in sales go on
over to my website at euromarketing.com
and book a call to see if i can
personally handle your google ads for
you but a lot of ships containing
packages especially coming from china
getting stuck out in the ocean and you
can read about a lot of horror stories
that are resulting as a result because
of this so you definitely don't want to
be one of the people that has a thousand
packages getting stuck out in the ocean
because this is also happening to those
people that are doing bulk orders from
china in the hopes that they can start
shipping the product from their own
house or from a fulfillment center
they're just simply getting stuck and
it's really not a good option to go
especially during 2022 and onwards but
that's not the only reason why there's a
lot of customer complaints piling up
with those stores doing drop shipping in
fact if you haven't notiked already
advertising platforms are also coming
down hard on drop shippers simply
because of the low quality store and low
quality service these stores often
provide to their customers and these
advertising platforms only know about
this because of the customer complaint
so there's a lot of different types of
customer complaints coming in some
include product quality issues so of
course something coming in from china
might not be really quality checked it
might not be what a customer is
expecting here in the u.s in addition to
that lost shipments again referring back
to the ship containing packages stuck in
the ocean a lot of the times are stuck
for so long that by the time the package
does come into the actual country to get
shipped out it's already too delayed and
in transit often lost in addition
delivery times as i mentioned a long
delivery time chargebacks refunds as a
result of all of these three things
combined this is enough to literally
destroy your business overnight and this
is exactly what happened to me
personally when i was doing alexa's
dropshipping there's a just a lot of
hassle that you have to deal with in
addition to just these customer
complaints or dealing with the package
getting lost in transit when you are
doing drop shipping from alex present
personally i would rather spend more
time earning my profits and spending
that money trying to grow my business
instead of trying to pay for those
chargeback dispute fees or try to offer
a partial refunds to my customers
because that is exactly what you have to
do what do you have a poor quality
business that drop ships from china
because when you are dealing with these
issues the only thing you are left with
is a very very small scraps of the
profit so that means your entire profit
margin or just overall your business
model is affected during this process
and personally for me i had my profit
margins become very very slim sometimes
ten percent even five percent after
paying all of my expenses and this was
mostly due to me refunding a lot of my
customers a lot of my customers charging
back those dispute rates adding up and
this really cuts into your profit
margins so this is one of the biggest
reasons why so many people stop doing
drop shipping from aliexpress and also
me personally why i stopped doing drop
shipping from aliexpress whatever profit
margin you do end up earning from that
measly amount that you have left at the
end now goes back into testing product
after product after product that is the
reality of aliexpress drop shipping you
cannot really ever find stability
because when you're testing one product
you find one winner it goes well for a
few days and then a few days later you
start to notike that your sales are
starting to come down faster than ever
before by that time you're in a scramble
to find another winning product and
whatever profit margins you have earned
from that first initial winner now goes
into finding the second winning product
and this process repeats over and over
and over again and i don't know about
you but for me personally i had grown
extremely tired of testing product after
product after product because it just
always felt like i was chasing something
i was never able to feel that security
or stability when it came to drop
sharing from aliexpress plus all these
issues piling up really caused my
profits to be barely enough for me to
even pay myself a small salary at the
end so all these issues really caused me
to just decide against alex rush drop
shipping because it is much better to
find another business model completely
than to continue doing something that's
getting you very little profits and more
headaches in the process because in 2022
and onwards yes it is extremely
difficult to find good amount of profits
doing aliexpress dropshipping that's
just a reality from a lot of different
encounters i've had with other
e-commerce store owners as well as my
own experience but enough of the crying
now exactly what am i doing personally
in 2022 and onwards and exactly what
should you be doing in order to stay
consistent with your business in order
to build something that can last you for
a longer period of time than compared to
what drop shipping would last you so
i'm doing something called the branded
drop shipping now this is not exactly
what you might be thinking branded drop
shipping has two different methods to it
method number one is ebay and amazon
when you do branded drop shipping from
ebay and amazon what that is referring
to is basically finding ebay drop
shipping products or amazon drop
shipping products which you can then go
on your website and resell for instance
you can resell anything on your own
website doesn't really have to be
anything specific as long as it is not a
big branded product like a sony tv or a
samsung tv and so forth besides that
everything else is up for grabs and this
method is something i really like the
best simply because it works and it's
extremely easy to do and i have tons of
videos on this on my youtube channel as
well as my google ads mastery course g
as mastery.com but ebay and amazon
dropshipping you're simply going on ebay
and amazon finding a good drop shipping
product that you can resell for a good
profit on your store now you can be
advertising on google as or you can be
advertising on facebook it doesn't
matter what matters is that you're able
to maintain a good amount of profit
margin at the end but of course you need
to be doing a little bit of research
first before you actually decide to sell
that product but along with that ebay
and amazon drop shipping method there's
another kind of strategy which i am
personally using and that is reaching
out to main suppliers to get permission
to sell their product and this is the
main strategy i am focusing on in 2022
and onwards and also the main strategy i
recommend that you focus on simply
because like aliexpress drop shipping
ebay and amazon products it's a very
easy way to enter this space not very
difficult so that means a lot of people
will be entering a lot of people will be
using this method but a more difficult
way to go for you and really it's not
even that difficult is to reach out to
the main suppliers out there to then get
their permission to sell their product
and this is extremely beneficial because
one thing you want to understand is that
majority of the products that these
suppliers sell it's getting sold to
other businesses not to a normal
customer also known as a consumer so
these are b2b businesses that means
business to business and these people
have no interest in targeting or
advertising their products to actual
customers because they're finding a lot
of success selling their products to
real businesses so what you can do is
you can go reach out to them just give
them a call or just send them an email
and let them know that you're interested
in selling their products a lot of these
people are more than happy to let you
sell their products and they're able to
give you discounted prices so that you
can go ahead and sell this for a higher
price on your store so this is the new
way to do drop shipping especially in
2022 and onwards because number one ease
of entry not really that easy to enter
because it requires actual work number
two you can find a lot of good sellers
that have good amount of success selling
to other businesses but no success
selling to actual consumers so that's
where you come in you take their product
sell it on your store and then you do
the advertising and of course if you
watch my other videos you're already an
expert in advertising but these are the
two main methods i'm using in 2022 and
onwards to really find success and this
is exactly why i quit shopify dropping
but again if you're an e-commerce store
owner doing over 30 thousand dollars in
sales go ahead and go on to my website
at euromarketing.com book a quick call
to see if i can personally work with you
or just get my google ass master course
at g as mastery.com but if you found any
type of value in this video smash that
like button and smash that subscribe
button and i'll see you guys next time

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