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Why I Work From 5pm to 9am Instead of 9 to 5 (Life HACK)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Why I Work From 5pm to 9am Instead of 9 to 5 (Life HACK)

The above is a brief introduction to Why I Work From 5pm to 9am Instead of 9 to 5 (Life HACK).

Let's move on to the first section of Why I Work From 5pm to 9am Instead of 9 to 5 (Life HACK)!

Why I Work From 5pm to 9am Instead of 9 to 5 (Life HACK)

all right as I record this it is 625
a.m. I'm probably gonna be heading to
bed in about an hour and a half or so
about to go get a bagel I just finished
up doing some work listening a little
bit of Grant Cardone
you just missed an amazing amazing
sunrise I'll throw in a little clip I
filmed part of it
take a look at this though the day is
coming out it's getting nice and bright
absolutely gorgeous day you guys I want
to make sure I'm not showing too much of
the background I've been mapping out
everything on the whiteboard I want to
go and explain a little bit why this
would be an interesting video why now I
actually work all night so I go to bed
at about 8 a.m. and this is a really
interesting schedule contrary to what I
was doing when I lived in Thailand as
well as Bali and a little bit in Prague
just while I was traveling for those who
don't know I wouldn't travel for about
four months to eight different countries
while I was doing that it was kind of
funny because I was actually sleeping in
a different schedule from that location
timezone you know normally people would
switch it get jetlag it would take a few
days or whatever sorry for my hair I
need a haircut pretty bad you know I
would do that because I wanted to be in
the correct California time to deal with
clients as well as launching my facebook
ads for my e-commerce stores which
actually one thing I'm working on right
now so it's kind of interesting because
now that I'm back here I'm flipping the
time zone to the time zone that would
have been correct in a different
location for example so it's a little
bit interesting but I'm gonna explain
why this is something I realized myself
and if you guys looked at the video I
made from when you're watching this not
quite a week ago in Las Vegas
I wouldn't got this beautiful place
really nice place wasn't anything too
crazy but the view just like I'm not
even toked about you got a view like
this but thousands of little city lights
and it wasn't just a view of the city
you would go for take tens of miles
because there's flat land you know
inside of this like valley ravine just
tens of miles in every direction and I'm
explaining about the psychology behind
this why I think it's effective for me
and something you should test so and
then this relates into everything with
business more than just business being
productive I understand that if you're
working a job where you have to go to
school this is completely out the window
but there's things you can test this is
something ominous I've tested a little
bit I'm kind of doing where you actually
don't sleep you know normally people
just just trying to rewire everything
you do think about this you know write
it down what do you do every day you
wake up what do you do every day you go
to sleep you spend time awake you spend
time asleep
just on that sleeping piece on the piece
most people end up sleeping just for
like an eight-hour chunk you know 7
hours 8 hours 9 hours depending on the
person and did you sleep once every day
whatever you know a normal cycle why you
know there's definitely science our body
behind that but there's things you can
do to supplement sleep you can't
completely get rid of it obvious that's
a bad thing
there's things I do that allowed me to
sleep a little bit less and one thing
I'm testing right now is sleeping in two
different shifts of three and a half
hours and it's kind of interesting
usually the first one ends up being like
three hours three to three-and-a-half
and the next one's like four I set an
alarm like a sequence where it's every
10 minutes for like 40 minutes and on
that last one I notiked I'm waking up at
the very end of that because I know it's
the last one it's like alright so
for me this is the reason I'm now
switching my schedule about actually
just six months ago now which is crazy I
was in Beverly Hills kind of the
Hollywood area here in Los Angeles and
it's before I wouldn't travel I was at
some like kind of party up in the hills
you know a lot of different people
entrepreneurs youtubers all sorts of
things and I was with one of my really
good buddies Abdul you guys have seen
him on the channel we had both the gold
BMW m4 so you know you guys know I have
my my m4 it's actually Austin yellow for
all those car people we had two of them
you know it's really fun and that that's
part of the story because we love cars
you know him and I have very big car
people you know we love our stuff we
drive a little bit I don't say crazy but
we like to have fun for sure and so we
stayed up and I've never done this we
stayed up driving around working and
toking to people meaning we wouldn't
got breakfast like 5:00 a.m. at this
all-night diner and we didn't go to bed
till about 8:00 a.m. and it was funny
because were like literally a week
before or less do you know less than a
week before we went to travel and we
said hey we got to test this when we get
back and he's actually still traveling I
know a lot of people are asking about
the he's still traveling I came back I
just love California too much he grew up
here so it's not that special to him
but I wanted to test it and so the
reason for me that it's been so
productive is waking up right now while
I watch it go from light to dark and
then dark to light in one period while
I'm awake that that helps me be really
productive I don't know exactly how to
explain it but the feeling I get the
productivity as well as no distractions
you know what I notiked like my phone
starting to buzz right now it's probably
most five times during this video just
five times look at that what is all this
I don't want you to show names anymore
snapchat snapchat snapchat Skype Skype
okay and there's one more snapshot in
there yeah people are brought here to
call okay you know you see so during the
middle of the night
guess what I'm not really giving
anything okay and you know I put my
phone off to the side but at the end of
the day you can use apps to track how
much you pick up your phone and you'd be
very surprised so for me I pick it up
way less than middle tonight and I'm
working so I get in my zone I'm kind of
a night person and a right away in the
morning person so a lot of people
associate that that's what I did too for
many months I was like okay so right
when I you know right before I go to bed
you know for a few hours late at night
that's to be dark out and then I'm also
very productive in the rain which is
another conversation we'll tok about in
the morning then I figured that was
where I wake up but I realized now by
testing this it's light out right now
I'm being crazy productive and it's it's
kind of interesting because it doesn't
have anything to do with if I slept or
not it has to do with the environment
like now that it's light out so it's not
relevant to the sleep so I switched it
and it's kind of weird because most
people like what do you know I'm
literally sleeping while people at work
I go to bed at about 8:30 to 9:00 a.m.
and I wake up at like 3 to 4 p.m.
like it's literally the most interesting
schedule and I was testing it right now
I'm not on currently as I film this I'm
not currently on a split test with two
different sleeps it was right now it's
just you know like a seven-hour block in
the middle of the day cuz I don't want
it to be where I sleep for three hours
work for a few hours then I you know
sleep because I do calls with people at
night so I can still at least hit the
time zone here in the US to deal with
clients and different people so it's
kind of funny like this morning for
example I had to rush to the bank like
right before they closed I just woke up
and it was super funny guys I was
literally wearing like slippers and a
freaking you know random shirt and my
sweats and the guy at the bank I know I
mean I'm there all the time they they
know me really well there and the guys
really cool he's another car guy so
we're always hitting off toking 1-9
he's like dude you look like you just
woke upmy yeah bro literally
five minutes ago I just jumped in the
car and came over here because II was
about to close he's like what he was
like I was joking I'm like I'm not so
it's really interesting to see then I
just switched it up because this is
something people you probably haven't
even thought of testing this let alone
never seen a purpose and that's exactly
why I did I trying to rewire everything
you know I want to test to see what
makes me more productive and back to the
whole thing of why I went to Las Vegas
it was literally I'm sitting here you
know this place is a view that's kind of
why I got is it really
view beach 5 like the apartment itself
so nice two-bedroom apartment it's
nothing crazy for what I'm paying if you
did not know the view existed you
couldn't see this it would be stupid but
it's the location as well as the view so
the reason for me going to Vegas I was
sitting here I'm like man I need to have
what I had somewhat back in LA when I
had this house in the Hills this is like
10 million dollar house you know that we
were staying out with all these friends
and like crazy views just everywhere I
had the same thing in Miami I've been in
Miami a lot I actually almost moved
there I spent like a month and a half
there and in Miami you could just be
crazy views but not so much here not
really in LA so I'm like where can I get
crazy views for not that expensive
I don't like Las Vegas and that's
within driving distance because I have a
lot of these flip charts right here that
you see these big whiteboard kind of
there's whiteboards underneath it and
these diagram charts you can you know
draw on and stuff or it's these
flippable pieces of paper and so I put
it in the trunk and I just drove like I
booked it a few days before like two
days before I went and I just road trip
to Vegas and I hadn't been there I've
been there once in my life by myself
when I was 15 for a marketing conference
and my whole thought process behind it
was let me sit and work at night all
night so I switched my schedule I didn't
sleep I went like 36 hours without
sleeping tried to reset it and it was
only on the last day I was in Vegas
where I was really good you know like
working all night until like 7:00 a.m.
and it's kind of bad because I actually
I worked until like 6:00 a.m.
went to sleep for three hours you have
three hours and I went to go race cars
on the track so I was definitely awake
while I was racing but I can tell that I
was pretty groggy
but then I was almost falling asleep on
the ride back to LA so the whole goal of
me going there I felt like I was getting
really productive at night and I wanted
to switch up my environment I'm doing
this thing where I'm switching up my
environment I'll probably share this
with you guys once I know some
conclusive results because I have to do
multiple times to prove this theory
where I'm switching my environment into
certain different situations in a
certain time frame so if that's what you
guys are curious about to like be
updated on that let me know I can
definitely make a video toking about
that little experiment later but um
that's the reason like I literally don't
even know I don't even know what I'm
gonna title this video right now it is
something to do I want to tok about why
I work all night you know why I don't
work a nine-to-five I work up five to
it's not something like that where it
really genuinely is an interesting thing
I tested it if you have the ability to
test it I don't know if I'd say do it
but if it makes sense like for me
there's less distractions and think
about this I don't know how old you are
when you're watching this maybe you're
14 maybe you're 7 maybe you're 40 maybe
you're 21 you know whatever yours I'm 18
I've gone the last 18 years of my life
pretty much you know there's a few
nights where you don't sleep you're
crazy with your friends or whatever when
you're a kid almost at like literally
every single night what do you like you
go to bed somewhere like where you're
sleeping in the night and then you wake
up the next day why like like I've done
18 years of that I got bored of it you
know it's really that simple I just
wanted to try something different like
why like that can't possibly hurt you so
it's been extremely beneficial I like
switching things up putting together
some really fun stuff
if you guys want like more stuff on me
you see my phones are dinging you I
don't even know where that phone
is it was like for its I'm just tired of
it someone come take my phones I don't
even need a phone anymore you know just
take the laptops too you know so that
for me has been huge so I'm just testing
a lot of different things if you guys
want to know more about like what I'm
doing productivity wise testing all this
stuff I can definitely share that I know
this is why I just picked up the camera
I'm about to head out get some bagels
freaking bruger's bagel if you're ever
just look it up right now if it's near
you trust just trust me on one thing
besides trusting me on subscribing to
this channel trust me on this go to
Brewers bagel I am in no way affiliated
with them I wish I was get a cinnamon
sugar bagel with egg bacon and sausage
that's double meat you're gonna have to
repeat that to them they're probably
gonna try to put cheese on it none of
that no no no egg bacon and sausage I
get two of them
okay perfect like kill it it's just so
good it's pretty expensive honestly for
two bagel it's like 18 bucks but you
know it's crude it's honestly so good
anyways that's besides the point this is
why look at this it's so it's literally
light out it got light out in like 20
it was crazy I'm gonna throw in the
snapchat here in a second right before
we you know roll the outro with like the
skies just crazy pink and like three
minutes later it's like an orange it
literally blew my mind like I was trying
to get this perfect snapchat and by the
time I was done I was like well now this
guy's orange it doesn't look as sick as
when it was all pink so I had to go back
and use the old snapchat but anyways you
know that's definitely something
interesting that I've been testing if
you guys
more stuff than me toking about you
know kind of creative little things like
that that's something for me that's
helped me be very productive definitely
helped with my e-commerce businesses I
can't show you what's on the whiteboard
at all but all the different stuff
hopefully I'll have to blur that out
because I was moving it but it's a lot
of effort a lot of different stuff
though like for real like everything
we're doing mapping all this stuff out
can't even show you exactly all the
stuff that's literally everywhere but
yeah honestly this stuff's fun so that's
kind of a quick little update on perfect
cameras flashing red so it's about a die
so that's a fun little update for you
guys if you want to know more stuff on
that let me know in the comments down
below once you're curious about and if
you enjoy the video be sure to drop a
like and join the family help me get to
100k subs by hitting that nice-looking
subscribe button and with that being
said take a look at the snapchat and
then enjoy the outro peace

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