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why is presidential seal blurred in ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

In a recent conversation between Joe Rogan and Bill Burr, they discussed the outrage over unattainable beauty standards. They shared personal stories and observations about the issue.

Main Points:

- People complain about unattainable beauty standards, but it's often because they don't want to put in the effort to look their best.

- Joe Rogan's friend got a lighter sentence because he was good looking, showing that looks can play a role in how people are treated.

- Some jobs require people to work on their appearance, and it's not fair to complain about beauty standards if you're not willing to do the work.

- Society sets impossible beauty standards, but it's not just women who face this issue. Men like Jason Momoa are also held to high beauty standards.

- The UK recently banned advertisements featuring unobtainable bodies, but this doesn't mean people shouldn't aspire to be in great shape.

- Actors and actresses shouldn't complain about being asked to lose weight for a role, as it's part of the job to look the part.

- There's a lot of pressure on beautiful people to maintain their appearance, but it's often because they're seen as a product that needs to be marketed.

Unattainable beauty standards are a contentious issue, but it's important to recognize that looking good takes work. It's not fair to complain about beauty standards if you're not willing to put in the effort, and actors and actresses shouldn't be upset about being asked to look their best for a role. At the same time, it's important to recognize that society sets impossible standards that can be damaging to people's mental health.

RICH People Who Turned Themselves into PLASTIC!

We've all heard the saying love the skin you're in, but what happens when someone with too much money decides they want to change the way they look? In this article, we'll take a look at some filthy rich people who turned themselves into plastic.

Jocelyn Wildenstein:

- American socialite who received a 2.5 billion dollar settlement and over 100 million dollars a year in maintenance from her high-profile divorce.

- Invested her money in expensive surgeries, including upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift, facelift, lip plumping injections, chin augmentation, fat grafting, and cheek implants.

- Claims she hasn't had a single surgery and says her looks are all down to her Swiss heritage.

- Resided in a 13 million dollar apartment on the 51st floor of the Trump Towers until she filed for bankruptcy in 2018.


- World-famous drag queen who has undergone numerous plastic surgeries, including gallons of silicone injected into his body, creating an uneven and lumpy six-pack.

- Appeared on the TV show Botched to have his abs fixed.

- Discovered plastic surgery at the age of 17 after attending his first drag show.


- An incredible subscription service that offers generic versions of FDA-approved hair loss medications delivered right to your door.

- Puts you in direct contact with doctors through online consultation and 24/7 messaging to receive a carefully curated treatment plan designed specifically for you.

- Keeps treatments typically take between four to six months to start showing results.

Nanette Hammond:

- Mother of five who spends nearly a thousand dollars on her transformation to look like Barbie.

- Has received numerous plastic surgeries, including chest augmentation, regular botox injections, collagen filler for her lips, and dental veneers.

- Gets custom-tailored clothes made because of her impossibly small frame.

- Has three custom-made Barbie cars totaling 247,000 dollars.

While plastic surgery is still a controversial subject, the examples in this article show how far some people will go to change their appearance. Whether it's through expensive surgeries or subscription services like Keeps, there are many ways to alter your appearance these days. However, it's important to remember to love the skin you're in and be happy with yourself, no matter what.


Have you ever seen something so unbelievable that you wouldn't believe it if it wasn't filmed? Well, we have compiled a list of 20 such moments that will leave you in awe. But before we dive into the list, don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel with notifications on so you never miss out on our future videos.

List of Unbelievable Moments:

- Contortionist Sophie Dossie's incredible performance at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

- An Irish weather woman reporting about a dramatic storm warning in a singing voice due to high winds.

- Alpine ibex scaling a near vertical wall of an Italian dam with ease.

- Mesmerizing point of view of a skilled pilot landing an F/A-18 fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.

- Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani hitting the ball so perfectly that it creates an explosion.

- A college basketball cleaner getting the fright of his life when the ball possession changed in an instant.

- CCTV footage of a girl trying to walk on an icy sidewalk and failing hilariously.

- A wooden instrument built in a lush forest in Japan that plays a Bach masterpiece.

- A couple's backyard pool turning into a tsunami during a 7.1 scale earthquake.

- Mind-boggling pool trick shots by Florian Kohler, also known as Venom Trick Shots.

- A woman in the Ellen audience caught taking multiple items from the free merchandise table and ridiculed by Ellen.

- Limbo dancer Shamika Charles setting a new world record by successfully limboing under a car.

- A ball boy paying back a goalkeeper who refused to give him the ball by nutmegging him.

- Over 300 drones lighting up the night sky with colorful pictograms and messages of hope at the Seoul Olympic Park.

- A ball boy getting picked up by a celebrating team after they scored a goal.

- A fighter appearing to drop his opponent off in the corner, which counts as a clinch and is not penalized as a foul.

- Hyper-realistic robotic dolphins built by a company that makes Hollywood props to replace captive animals at marine parks.

- A pitch being invaded by three dogs, with one player trying to pick a fight with a dog.

- A ball boy slipping while trying to return the ball and compensating by nutmegging the goalkeeper.

- A list of moments you wouldn't believe if not filmed.

Which moment do you think was the best? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Also, make sure to subscribe to our channel with notifications on so you never miss out on our future videos. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you in the next one.

Wing Chun Master vs Bullies | Wing Chun in the Street

- Wing Chun is a concept-based martial art that originated in southern China.

- Its origins are unclear, but legend says it was created by a Shaolin Kung Fu master, Nigmui.

- It became widespread after Wing Chun master, Ip Man, started teaching it throughout mainland China and Hong Kong.

- Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan drew on the concepts of Wing Chun in their practice.

- Is Wing Chun useful in a street fight? Let's find out.

What is Wing Chun?

- Wing Chun is a traditional southern Chinese Kung Fu style.

- It specializes in close contact combat and quick punches and kicks.

- It is a highly fluid style of self-defense designed to immediately shut down explosive and high-powered attacks.

- Basic Wing Chun concepts include simultaneous attack and defense, center line control, and constant forward pressure.

- Techniques are designed to be performed in a relaxed manner with reflexive responses being used to off-balance attackers and turn their own attacks against them.

- Common striking targets include vulnerable soft tissue areas like the groin and throat.

How effective is Wing Chun in a street fight?

- Street fights usually start from a distance but get closer as the attacker gets aggressive verbally and gets close enough to push and punch.

- Wing Chun is a close combat form of martial art, making it ideal for self-defense in this scenario.

- There are several aspects to Wing Chun that make it an effective form of self-defense.

- Balance, energy, and directness are essential in a fight where you need to physically stand your ground or avoid falling when struck or pushed.

- Wing Chun's main objective is to attack the center of your opponent while using as little energy and motion as possible.

- This martial art is designed to include strategic defensive blocking and trapping, relying on the body's bone alignment and not on sheer muscular strength alone.

- Wing Chun has been developed to be an empty hands self-defense system, meaning you can defend yourself without a weapon.

- Wing Chun is especially effective in combat against stronger opponents because it is a combat system based on tactile reflexes.

- Mental focus plays a big part, especially focusing on internal strength as opposed to physical strength.

- There are no rules in a street fight, and Wing Chun's primary striking targets include the back of the head, fingers, throat, and groin.

- Wing Chun hand strikes are designed to cause eye and throat damage, and the kicks aim to tear through tendons and ligaments usually in the knees and ankles.

- Wing Chun is definitely useful in a street fight, both from the self-defense and attack aspects.

- Anyone of any age, size, and gender can learn this system of self-defense.

- If you wish to use Wing Chun effectively in a real fight, practice and learn the art with self-defense in mind.

"We need help": Current and former Navy SEALs say fame has undercut their mission

CBS News Investigates Troubling Evidence of Drug Use and Criminality Among Navy SEALs

CBS News has been investigating evidence of drug use and criminal activity within the ranks of the US Navy SEALs. In part two of our investigation, we explore how some SEALs capitalized on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden ten years ago. Former and active-duty SEALs spoke to CBS News on the condition of anonymity, revealing how a select few cashed in on the SEAL brand.


- SEALs who served with honor and those who exploited the SEAL brand

- The raid on Osama bin Laden and its impact on the SEAL community

- Monetization of newfound SEAL fame, including autographed photos and unauthorized accounts of the raid

- Disciplinary actions taken against SEALs who served as paid consultants and exposed tactics and procedures

- The desire of most SEALs to stop the books, movies, and TV shows and serve without personal gain

- The desperation and need for help among SEALs who are speaking out

- The statement from the top SEAL commander and the need for outside entities to conduct a full review with integrity

- The emotional impact on former SEAL Eric Deming and his decision not to let his own son join the SEALs

- The ongoing evaluation by the Pentagon's inspector general into potential war crimes and whether the SEALs have done enough to prevent and report them on the battlefield

The investigation into the troubling evidence of drug use and criminality among Navy SEALs highlights the need for integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to serving and protecting the country. While most SEALs serve with honor, it only takes a select few to exploit the SEAL brand and tarnish its reputation. The SEAL community must come together to address these issues and ensure that the SEALs remain a symbol of excellence and dedication to duty.

EVERY Setting Explained! Advanced Photoshop Sky Replacement

In this article, we will be discussing various topics and ideas that have been expressed in a jumbled manner. We will try to make sense of the content and summarize it in a way that is understandable.


- The phrase anh em c c i i u Waltz is unclear and does not make sense.

- There is a mention of an event for Photoshop Wellness Copperfield, but it is not clear what the event is about.

- The article talks about adding something for each morning and mentions the store Pixels Scala Smash Avengers Guest Golden Hills.

- There is a mention of Friska face milk and playing all the couples in fan s day.

- The article talks about downloading abstract work and dirty work by Vina solution.

- There is a mention of a video vehicle and listening to their faults of samples.

- The article talks about signing the Atkins and a person named ph t ng b m c ng i kh c Lexus caravat wits.

- There is a mention of the police and a person who is struggling to make ends meet.

- The article talks about turning on the White Dragon and a special food.

- There is a mention of p Star ukas Hearts Power and principles of birth to travel and tours.

- The article talks about photo sites and health sites.

- There is a mention of working well and the saddle entitled the second.

- The article talks about collecting parents' comments and feeling like there is more to do.

- There is a mention of Galaxy ekip and first-person experiences.

- The article talks about the replacement of float away pass CellphoneS Adele slides and workers going to fall of computational.

- There is a mention of striving to use in Nashville posts and understanding the main attempted to learn Everest option.

- The article talks about the stars in the sky and how it is wonderful to watch them.

- There is a mention of Apple and its services.

- The article talks about speaking English and having a sustainable future.

- There is a mention of the Spirit of the Arena and the paintings on it.

- The article talks about the sky and how it can be a source of inspiration.

- There is a mention of Tears and how they can be a sign of progress.

- The article talks about being happy and finding purpose in life.

- There is a mention of adjusting to the sky and speaking the language of love.

- The article talks about the importance of kindness and being gentle with oneself.

- There is a mention of a problem and the need to learn.

- The article talks about staying up late and experiencing new things.

- There is a mention of the weather and its impact on our lives.

- The article talks about the importance of rewards and finding one's mission.

- There is a mention of Sunrise and Sunset and their beauty.

- The article talks about the need to be efficient and find solutions.

- There is a mention of art and its ability to inspire.

- The article ends abruptly without a proper conclusion.

In this article, we have discussed various topics and ideas that were expressed in a jumbled manner. We have tried to make sense of the content and summarize it in a way that is understandable. Although some of the phrases and sentences were unclear and nonsensical, we hope that this summary has shed some light on the intended meaning.

YouTubers getting Rick rolled compilation! (Read description)

In today's world, it's hard to trust anyone, even in music. Sometimes, things can be turned upside down, and we find ourselves lost. But, hey, that's where music comes in. However, even music can have its share of trolls and hate comments. In this article, we will explore some reactions and observations on music and its various aspects.

Observations and Reactions:

- Music can be unpredictable, and sometimes we don't know what to expect.

- Trolls and hate comments can ruin the experience of enjoying music.

- It's essential to use caution when indulging in violent music, as it can have consequences.

- Reacting to music videos can be a fun and engaging experience.

- Rickrolling is still prevalent, and we should be careful about accepting all the links.

- Sometimes, technology can be unpredictable, and glitches can occur during live streams.

Music is an integral part of our lives, and it's crucial to enjoy it in a safe and enjoyable environment. Whether we're reacting to music videos or listening to our favorite songs, we should always be cautious and mindful of our surroundings. So, let's groove to some great tunes and enjoy the experience!

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