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Why Pop-up Ads on Android?

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone without any application or software. Before we get started, I have a request for you. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button. It's totally free. Okay, let's move to the video.

Types of pop-up ads:

- Interstitial ads

- Overlay ads

- Banner ads

Steps to remove pop-up ads:

1. Open settings and go to Google settings.

2. In old mobiles, you need to go to the accounts and then click on the Google accounts. In the latest mobiles, go to the settings and click on the Google.

3. Click on the add section and turn off the option opt-out of ads personalization. Also, turn off the option enable debug logging ads.

4. Go back to the Google account settings and click on the manage your Google account. Open data and personalization options.

5. Scroll down and in the option ads personalization, go to ads settings. Untick this option and turn off add personalization option in this window.

6. Click add and visit your online choices. If it gives you an error, just press the try again button.

7. After that, it will start scanning all the companies which are showing ads on your mobile phone. Now scroll down and press continue. We got a list.

8. At the top right side, you have an option select all. Click on it and all the company selector tools.

9. Now go to the end of the page and click on the opt-out of all button and wait for the completion.

10. After that, go to the home page and open the Chrome browser. In the site settings, click on the pop-up and redirects. Turn this option off.

11. Now go back and click on the ads option and turn this also off.

12. Now you cannot get a lot of ads, but sometimes you can get one or two ads because you cannot upload from all the companies because Google cannot allow you for some.

By following these steps, you can easily remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone. Hope you like this video, and also subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!

Stop Pop-Up ads on Android phones

In this article, we will be discussing various topics ranging from technology to pop culture. We will be using a variety of writing techniques, such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to make the article more interesting and engaging. Let's dive in!

Topics Covered:

1. The latest technology trends

- Samsung Galaxy phones

- Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

2. Pop culture references

- The Game Awards

- Whitey Ford

- Warcraft

3. Marketing and Advertising

- Gary Notification

- Marketing Information

4. Miscellaneous topics

- Schering and Golf

- The News

Bullet Points:

- Samsung Galaxy phones offer various settings for customization

- Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity is essential in today's world

- The Game Awards is a popular event among gaming enthusiasts

- Whitey Ford is a famous baseball player

- Warcraft is a popular video game

- Gary Notification is a marketing technique used by companies

- Marketing Information is used to gather data on consumers

- Schering and Golf are unrelated topics

- The News covers various topics from politics to entertainment

In conclusion, this article covered a variety of topics from technology to pop culture. We used different writing techniques to make the article more engaging and interesting. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new. Remember to stay connected and keep up with the latest trends!

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

In today's video, we will discuss how to remove pop-up ads from your Android phone, which can cause trouble for you. These types of ads are really annoying and can be skipped by pressing the cross button at the top of the ad bar, but they keep appearing. Let's see how we can remove them permanently.

Sources of Pop-up Ads:

There are two sources of these ads: Google and some kind of virus that you accidentally installed on your mobile phone. We will provide solutions for both in this video.

Removing Google Ads:

1. Open your mobile settings and find the Google option.

2. Open the ad section and turn off the option for opt-out personalization or reset your advertising ID.

3. Go to data and privacy in your Google account and find ad personalization settings.

4. Remove the categories of ads that appear on your screen.

5. Turn off the ad personalization option.

6. Open your Chrome browser, go to settings, and block third-party cookies.

Removing Virus-Related Pop-up Ads:

1. Go to settings and find the apps section.

2. Find the app without a name or logo and uninstall it.

If the pop-up ads still appear, reset your mobile phone or try the DNS trick.

Pop-up ads on your Android phone can be removed permanently by following the steps mentioned in this video. Remove Google ads and virus-related pop-up ads using the solutions we provided. Don't forget to create a backup of your data before resetting your phone. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up.

How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

Title: How to Stop Pop-Up Ads in Any Android Device

Pop-up ads can be very annoying and frustrating while using any kind of apps on an Android device. In this article, we will discuss how to stop getting any kind of ads, including pop-up ads, on any Android device.

Steps to Stop Pop-Up Ads:

1. Use a frequent app that you regularly use, for example, WhatsApp.

2. If any app comes in between while using the app, press the home button and wait for a few seconds.

3. Go to the Play Store and click on the hamburger button on the top left.

4. Select My apps and games and go to the Install option.

5. Sort the apps alphabetically and select the app that comes after the app you were using when the pop-up ad came up.

6. Uninstall the app and say goodbye to pop-up ads.

By following these simple steps, you can completely stop getting any kind of ads on your Android device. It's important to use a frequent app and sort the apps alphabetically to identify the app that causes pop-up ads. Don't let annoying pop-up ads ruin your experience while using your Android device.

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

How to Easily Remove Malware or Adware from Your Android Phone

Do you get irritated by pop-up ads on your Android phone while browsing Facebook or YouTube? In this video, Abhishek from Tech Matters will show you how to remove these annoying ads without any software or antivirus.


1. Go to settings

2. Under accounts, go to Google

3. Inside Google, go to personal info and privacy

4. Click on ad settings

5. Switch off add personalization

6. Click on turn off in the pop-up

7. Visit ad choices

8. Uncheck all the ad websites

9. Click on continue

10. Click on make your choices

11. Request opt-out for all companies

12. Click on continue

13. Restart your phone

By following these simple steps, you can easily remove malware or adware from your Android phone and get rid of annoying pop-up ads. Thank you to all the viewers and subscribers for making this channel a success. Don't forget to check out the Facebook page for details on upcoming giveaways.

How to stop Pop Up Ads on Android / Samsung A10, A20, A30, A50, A51, A70

In this article, we will discuss various topics ranging from fixing technical issues to exploring different apps and devices. We will cover a wide range of topics, including Android boosters, Samsung Galaxy S III, and the use of different apps.

What to do to fix technical issues:

- Check for updates and install them if available

- Use apps like Auto Hemodos Ratos Body to fix issues

- Look for troubleshooting options in settings

- Try using different apps to see if they can fix the problem

- Consider seeking professional help if the issue persists

Exploring different apps:

- YouTube Morto Fixa for video playback issues

- Samsung and Android brand apps for device optimization

- Booster Masterclin for boosting device speed

- Wiiremote apps for controlling devices remotely

- Social media apps like Jornal and Giovana Cidades Fundo Conectado for staying connected

Devices to consider:

- Samsung Galaxy S III for its unique features and specifications

- Nuvema High Lancia Nova for its affordability and reliability

- ABC Clean da Samana for its effectiveness in cleaning devices

- Different models of autocarros for their versatility and convenience

Whether you're looking to fix technical issues or explore new devices and apps, this article has covered a range of topics to help you get started. By staying up to date with the latest updates and using different apps and devices, you can optimize your device and stay connected with the world around you.

How to find out which App is causing pop up ads and stop ads on android

In this video, the presenter teaches viewers how to find the app causing pop up ads on their Android phones. There are several reasons why pop ups may appear, and one of them is due to an application. If users cannot find the app causing the pop ups, the issue may be caused by something else, which the presenter also addresses in another video.


1. Remember the last three apps used that do not include advertisements like Instagram, Facebook, and ADC.

2. Open these apps one by one and use them for one minute. If pop ups appear during this time, proceed to step 3.

3. Open the Play Store and click on the profile option, then go to My apps and games and select the Installed section.

4. Change the app order from alphabetical to last used.

5. If any app appears between the top three apps that was not used during that period, uninstall it. This is the app causing the pop ups.

6. If users do not want to uninstall the app, they can turn off all notifications in the app settings.

7. If the above methods do not work, watch the video provided in the description to address other potential causes.

Finding the app causing pop up ads on Android phones can be frustrating, but by following these steps, users can identify and remove the app responsible for the issue. Alternatively, they can turn off notifications in the app settings or explore other potential causes with the help of the presenter's video. Don't forget to like and share the video and subscribe to the presenter's channel for more helpful tips.

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