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Why We're Closing Down + Major Changes To DSL v6.0

Published on: December 13 2022 by Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

In this article, we will discuss the major changes to DSL v6.0 and why we are closing it down. These changes have been implemented to improve the overall performance and user experience. However, due to various reasons, we have decided to discontinue this version.

Changes to DSL v6.0:

1. Faster connection speed: With the implementation of new technology, DSL v6.0 offers faster connection speeds than its previous versions.

2. Improved stability: The new version is more stable and offers better connectivity even in areas with poor network coverage.

3. Enhanced security: To ensure the safety of user data, DSL v6.0 offers improved security features, including better encryption and authentication protocols.

4. Better user interface: The new version offers a more user-friendly interface that is easier to navigate and understand.

Why we are closing down DSL v6.0:

1. Lack of adoption: Despite the improvements, DSL v6.0 has not been widely adopted by users. This lack of adoption has made it difficult for us to justify its continued development.

2. High maintenance costs: Maintaining DSL v6.0 has become increasingly expensive, and we can no longer justify the costs associated with it.

3. Limited resources: We have limited resources, and we need to focus on other areas of development that have a higher priority.

In conclusion, the major changes to DSL v6.0 have been implemented to enhance its performance and user experience. However, due to various reasons, we have decided to discontinue this version. We appreciate the support of our users and hope that they will continue to use our services.

Why We're Closing Down + Major Changes To DSL v6.0

Anton from Dropship Lifestyle discusses the new updates and changes that will be implemented in version 6 of Dropship Lifestyle. The updates include a new Shopify theme, an updated Shopify video course, new niche training, a brand new paid traffic section, a six-figure coaching club, an elevated Facebook group, and new certifications.


1. New Shopify theme: The new theme is designed to load faster and is highly customizable.

2. Updated Shopify video course: The course is updated to reflect the latest Shopify updates and is included in version 6.

3. New niche training: The new training provides more guidelines on how to pick a profitable niche.

4. Brand new paid traffic section: The new section provides updated information on Google product listing ads, search text ads, SEO, influencer marketing, and Facebook.

5. Six-figure coaching club: The goal of the coaching club is to help every member make six figures or more in sales.

6. Elevated Facebook group: The new Facebook group is exclusively for premium and members-only to discuss advanced topics.

7. New certifications: The certifications will help retailers present themselves to top-tier suppliers and get access to the best products.

The new updates and changes in version 6 of Dropship Lifestyle will provide members with more resources and tools to grow their businesses. Those who join now will have access to all of the previous versions of Dropship Lifestyle and will be among the first to get access to version 6.

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