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Why You Aren't Making Sales With Your Shopify Store (Dropshipping)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Why You Aren't Making Sales With Your Shopify Store (Dropshipping)

Why You Aren't Making Sales With Your Shopify Store (Dropshipping)

- in my face I got four months with no
success but doing Facebook ads and now
just getting started with influencers
great video brah my store has been up
for two weeks and I've ran five
Instagram ads and I've had zero success
but it's all part of the game I started
at the beginning of September and I'm
down 75 bucks
okay I just wanted to start out this
video by saying I get these comments all
the time and i 100% feel your pain a lot
of people don't start seeing sales
momentum or any sort of actual results
for a long time so in this video we're
gonna be toking specifically about why
you're not making sales or at least as
many as you want
I know that kind of encompasses
everything that we've ever toked about
on this channel so if you are struggling
you should definitely spend the time and
I'd recommend watching every single
video on the channel about EECOM because
all these different principles and ideas
relate to how you're actually gonna be
doing but I'm gonna try and sum
everything up and put it in one place
for you guys and kind of give you a
surface level understanding of exactly
what I think on all these different
principles and what I'd actually
recommend you guys to start making some
sales if you haven't made any already to
actually start getting that momentum and
those results coming in personally I
just want to say this real quick like I
think there's a lot of people who
they'll start you know do it for a week
even on the trial and they'll quit right
before the trials over because they made
no sales I'm not gonna put a comment up
to put this person on blast at all I've
gotten a couple from a few different
people saying like you know they didn't
make sales in the trial so they
completely stopped and that to me
doesn't quite make sense why are you
gonna stop before you tiknically even
start just because you didn't make sales
in a perfect timeframe you know this
person specifically the comment that I'm
looking at says that they've made no
sales and had very little traffic well
there's your problem that's why you
didn't make sales
you had little to no traffic your
products probably suck you don't know
how to set up a website and all these
other things that's not being rude that
should be brutally honest there are so
many different factors that go into this
and again you know that's what we're
going to tok about here in a second but
don't give up nothing comes easy I'm
sure you know that if you play sports or
do anything like nothing in life comes
easy if it's worth having so if you want
to build a business especially right
ecommerce in this digital age it's gonna
take work and probably a lot more than
you think I've said it before and I'll
say it again I got an econ because I saw
that there was a lot of money to be made
it was a way that I could ride and catch
it early make a lot of money with that
and have some fun because ecommerce has
actually been really fun 3 and most
important I had a lot of friends that
were doing really really well with it
and from my surface-level point of view
and my understanding of them it was
pretty simple and it is simple it's
simple concepts but it does take work I
didn't really see those late nights and
all the work
they're actually put it in to get to
where they are so definitely lot harder
than I thought it was getting in I
figured that out pretty quickly and you
probably will as well so you just have
to keep going there's no reason why you
should be quitting or even thinking of
stopping oh my god especially if you're
still on the trial I mean come on you
need to be spending months and months
you're studying this stuff diving
testing investing money if you don't
have money go get a job go mow a yard
I'll hire you to mow my ear don't really
care go find a way to make money there's
so many different ways there's creative
stuff you can literally go google it
they'll give you ten good ideas you can
actually practikally go use today to
make some more money use that to fund
your business your ads than whatever you
need and start testing get going as fast
as possible start getting those results
coming in but as for the practikal and
you know a couple main points of the
reasons why you're not making sales
number one is traffic you and these
aren't really in any partikular order
but traffic if your traffic sucks you're
not going to make sales if you're in the
u.s. new english products and write it
on your store and you're driving traffic
from some crazy forward country that
doesn't speak english that doesn't
really make sense why are you toking to
those people they're not even gonna
understand your ass off if your product
sucks and nobody wants it and obviously
nobody's gonna be buying and to put
those two together if those aren't
congruent you know if the product
doesn't align with the traffic and the
interest of the people that you're
actually targeting or putting that ad in
front of again it's gonna show no
results even if it's a great product so
you have to isolate those variables and
test them individually because the
traffic could be really really good but
they're just not interested in that
specific product that you're putting in
front of them so you have to give them a
different offer also vice versa if you
flip the two if the products really good
with the traffic sucks then you have a
winning product but you need to go find
a traffic source for that and you don't
want to end up ditching a product or a
traffic source just because one or the
other of those variables isn't working
for you now what actually makes it the
important piece for both the traffic and
the product you know is all the little
variables that we've toked about on
this channel on all the other videos
like I said go back through and watches
if you need help or if you haven't been
making sales things like your product
description how you're setting up the
pictures on your store even the products
that are on your store I think I've done
two videos now and actually picking
products right literally go inside of my
computer and show you guys how I'm
thinking stuff from Aliexpress no
obvious there's so many different
variables that go into it I can't stress
that enough you have to test figure out
what work because every store is
different every products different every
audience is gonna react to those
products differently but that main to
Riis there's focus on these two for
right now if you're not making any sales
or you're starting to make a little bit
but you really you're not seeing great
results your breakeven or even a small
loss focus on the two things traffic and
your products I don't necessarily mean
switching to a different product that
could mean you know switching the
pictures around
maybe removing the watermark if there's
one on there taking higher-quality
pictures actually I have a product right
here I'm not going to show it to you
obviously but I just ordered it it's on
my Express store the pictures were
to be honest so I bought the product
what I'm gonna do is take my own
high-quality pictures of it and put
those on my actual store nobody toks
about that I've literally only heard one
person that's where I got the idea from
so shout out to youth adieus for that if
you guys don't know if that is his
absolute savage with this stuff but I
got that idea from him and it works you
have products that are terrible pictures
why can't you buy the product and take
them yourself it's being creative like
that it's all the different variables
that go into the product I think that's
gonna be the biggest piece and then just
testing different products that have you
know good pictures good descriptions
good colors all these different factors
with the quality traffic source because
eventually you're gonna run through and
find a product that really hits center
I'm a very profitable campaign but I
want you guys to do right now so I know
what videos to make in exactly what
topics I should dive in on drop comment
down below and let me know some things
that you've been struggling with if
you're not making sales try and figure
out why you know what issues you're
running into in your opinion or if you
are making sales what trouble are you
having scaling or why are you making
more sales or maybe you started making
some sales but it died off that happens
to a lot of people so let me know what
your struggles are I'm gonna make videos
on all these different subjects but with
that being said if you haven't already
be sure to join the family hit that
nice-looking subscribe button down below
and drop like drama to keep doing these
every single day and I will see you guys
in the next one peace

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