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Why You Get NO Sales With Google Ads (Shopify Tutorial)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Why You Get NO Sales With Google Ads (Shopify Tutorial)

Why You Get NO Sales With Google Ads (Shopify Tutorial)

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanase here so have you ever banged your
head on the table running google ads
just wondering why are you not getting
the results that you want if everybody
is saying it's so easy and doable with
google ads compared to other advertising
platforms where are your sales and that
too profitable sales well let me tell
you you are not alone there's a lot of
drop shippers or just ecom store owners
who fail to find any kind of success
with google ads time after time again
regardless of what youtuber they follow
maybe you have watched my videos you've
tried implementing those things to no
avail or maybe you have betrayed me and
watched somebody else's youtube videos
on google ads just kidding by the way
but you still find no good results or no
profitable results with google here is
exactly how you can go about fixing it
and finding the profitable results that
you want now i've only come with these
few things after doing tons of research
tons of money and tons of experience
myself because i've been running google
ads for so long so don't make the same
mistakes that i've made in the past
because i've spent over six figures just
testing different stuff out just trying
to figure out exactly what makes google
ads work but let's just get right into
it first thing you'll have to do in
order to find any type of success with
google ads however is to destroy that
like button down below until it turns
blue and subscribe if this is the first
time you're watching one of my videos
okay hopefully you have done that but
exactly why you aren't getting sales
with google ads the real truth that you
need to hear now we're going to start
off with the back end because one thing
a lot of people fail to realize is that
your sales really don't come from google
ads or the campaigns that you run they
are actually established and even
determined based on your backend now
what do i mean by this exactly well the
back end with google ads is literally
one of the most important things because
if you have even one small thing off or
improperly configured with your back end
that could be the entire reason why you
don't get sales or results with google
ads one of the most common issues i've
seen time and time again that becomes
the main reason why people don't find
success with google is conversion
tracking issues believe it or not people
don't have their tags configured
correctly it's not firing the google tag
manager it shows all these kinds of red
errors all over the screen that is a
very bad sign because you want to
understand unlike facebook google ads is
a database platform it needs data to
work properly because you are not
forcing your ad in front of anybody
everybody has to literally search for
the product you're selling to even see
your ad so that becomes 10 times more
important for you to have your tags
configured correctly this is one of the
most common issues i've seen and people
just wonder why they're not getting
sales well the reason is because google
doesn't know who the hell your customer
really is what their demographics is
what kind of pages they like or what
they should even be showing your
products so as a result you get shown
for all these bad keywords all these
irrelevant search terms and you just end
up wasting a lot of money you don't get
the result that you want so make sure
number one that your tags are properly
configured but what if your tags are
properly configured and you're still not
getting results what is the main issue
then in that case the next most
important issue is actually on the
checkout side so you want to make sure
that you go on your website from start
to finish add a product to cart go to
the cart page go to the checkout page
and actually try to buy something create
a coupon code that gives you 99 off and
actually try to buy something and see if
it's working a lot of the times what
happens is that people enter their
credit card info and for some reason
maybe your stripe account is not set up
properly maybe your paypal is not
accepting payments the payments just get
denied or declined and they do not go
through this is another common reason
why you don't get results with google
ads because you won't really know this
on the google ad side google ads won't
tell you that there's an issue with
checkout so you need to manually go in
and check that out yourself but one
issue that is available on the google ad
side that you can actually see and
configure are the gmc issues so the
google merchant center issues some of
those issues could be the products not
getting approved maybe you're selling
some products which go against google's
policies so they're ending up
disapproved or maybe all of your
products are branded products and every
single one of them require gtins so if
that is the case then of course you're
gonna have limited performance or barely
any performance at all in that case but
if you have too many errors on your
major products meaning the products on
your website which have the largest
search term volume then that could also
be the reason why your ads are not shown
why you're not getting the sales that
you would like so you really want to
make sure that you check the gmc to make
sure that there are no kinds of issues
going on on the back end but coming now
to the website side you want to make
sure your website is properly configured
if you have a very bad layout if your
website load speed is very very slow and
by slow i mean anything above three
seconds if your product page is funky
and has all these different timers
stress badges your description has too
much images and the proportion of text
words to the images is not equivalent
then you're going to have a lot of
issues you're not going to find the
results that you want these are just
small things which a lot of people think
are just a waste of time but trust me
with google ads every small thing
matters this is not facebook where
you're forcing your product or your
video ad in front of somebody these
people are coming to you so you want to
make sure that you treat your guests
right i mean if somebody came to your
home as a guest of course you would want
to make sure your home is neat and tidy
everything is in place everything looks
clean and so forth you want to be doing
the same exact thing on your website
side on the gmc side as well as the tags
and the configurations but make sure all
of these back-end things are properly
configured but let's say you've done all
of these things and you're still not
getting the results that you want what
do you do exactly in that case this
brings me now to the ad strategy side
because now things might be a little bit
more deeper there might be problems
going on with the actual ads which you
are running first thing that comes to
mind is the campaign type what kind of
campaign are you running are you running
a general testing campaign following my
strategies on my youtube channel or in
my google ads mastery course that runs
on maximize clicks or are you running
like a manual cpc campaign with enhanced
cpc or you might be feeling a little bit
more courageous and now you're just
running a target robust campaign in that
case you really want to make sure you're
choosing the right campaign type of
course me personally in my google ads
master course and my youtube channel as
well as the google ads clients which i
personally handle for my agency euro
marketing if you're doing over 30k in
sales and you want somebody to run your
ads just go onto my website at
euromarketing.com and book a call with
me to see if we're a good fit but for
these clients and everybody else in
between i always like to start with a
maximize clicks campaign especially if
i'm running a standard shopping and if
it's a brand new ad account but nowadays
i'm finding a lot more success just from
the get go starting with the smart
shopping cabin especially if this ad
account or the store has been running
ads and finding success with ads on
facebook tiktok pinterest or whatever
other advertising platform they may be
using in that case smart shopping might
be a more ideal way to go but otherwise
always start with maximize clicks now
for the actual settings and the back end
stuff you want to be focusing a bit more
on your bits because just because you
start a maximize clicks campaign does
not mean you're going to find the
success you got to make sure your bid is
not too low meaning 10 cents 12 cents 5
cents or not too high meaning anything
above 50 cents in most cases a dollar
that's way too high because get your bid
wrong make it on either end of the
spectrum and you risk yourself of being
unprofitable for a very very long time
of course if it's a very very low bid
first of all you might be unprofitable
but second you might not even end up
with spending a lot of your budget so
you really have to get this right start
right in the middle watch all my other
videos if you're not sure what i'm even
toking about but also countries
targeted are you targeting a specific
country with a very low search volume
overall or are you targeting countries
that are multiple countries and now your
eyes are kind of all over the place a
lot of the times people forget to just
check the country's target section and
just target the united states instead
they target all countries which is not
the thing you should be doing always
target one country per campaign but that
is not the only issue you might also
have issues with your keywords meaning
you excluded too many keywords and now
because there's only a limited number of
products on your website since your
keywords are all excluded the major ones
at least your campaign really is unable
to find more keywords to rank for so
it's spending very very little budget or
if it is spending your entire budget or
even overspending it might be spending
the money on the wrong kind of keywords
because at the end of the day google is
a business it wants as much money as it
can extract from you regardless of how
it achieves that so of course you want
to make sure that it achieves it in a
positive way that influences you in a
positive way as well otherwise google
will end up showing your products to
even the keywords that are barely
similar to each other for example from
my own store i used to sell dog
necklaces cat necklaces and often i
would see the keyword dog or the keyword
cat getting ranked spending a lot of
money in my campaigns of course google
is the algorithm it doesn't really know
that that is a bad keyword to be
targeting but nonetheless that was what
was getting shown and i was wasting a
lot of money on that so of course you
want to make sure that you exclude the
right amount of keywords but don't
overdo this same thing with audiences
you only want to be remarketing with
your audiences but don't overdo it with
the kinds of audiences you have meaning
don't have like 50 different audiences
just have 5 or 10 different ones
retargeting mostly using the observation
checkbox always choose observation for
the audiences but if you're doing all of
this and you are still finding no good
success with your campaigns then your
campaign results could definitely be
influenced by your overall quality score
meaning if you have a low quality score
you might be bidding high and you might
not be really getting the desired sales
as a result or if you have a high
quality score you might be getting very
low and still getting a very good return
amount of sales a very good roast and so
forth but you want to understand quality
score is determined by the landing page
experience meaning are people coming on
to your website and just bouncing off or
are they staying there for a long period
of time
is the ctr for your ads very high
meaning one percent and above or is it
very very low at the bare minimum or is
your cpc very high are you bidding
competitively or is your bid too low or
is your bid way too high all these
things influence your quality score so
you always want to make sure that you
are bidding just the right amount your
ctrs are very good you're choosing the
right images and your website is
properly laid out because as i said a
lot all these things influence your
quality score which then influences the
results of your ad but of course ad
strategy is only part of the equation
the next part of the equation are the
actual products so what kind of products
are you selling because trust me have a
bad product and it doesn't matter if you
spend a million dollars a day on ads
you're not going to get results period
so there are some kinds of products
which are just products you want to stay
away from number one type is the
saturated product if a product has over
three to seven drop are selling that
same exact product you do not want to be
selling that product period they're just
way too many drop shippers way too
competitive you're going to be bidding
way too high your ctrs are going to be
low which is then going to influence
your entire campaign which you don't
want to happen so if it's too saturated
just forget about it there's a million
different products which are unsaturated
that people have yet to find so just go
out and find those follow my strategies
both on my youtube channel as well as my
google ads master course but in addition
is there enough keyword search volume if
you're barely getting 500 searches a
month just forget about getting sales
for that product or forget about even
having a decent amount of search volume
that's just the reality with google ads
again people come to you you don't force
the ads to people so if people are
coming to you there needs to be a decent
amount of searches done monthly for that
product ideally 20 000 to 25 000 monthly
searches for all of the keywords
combined but another major thing that
influences this is the overall season if
you try to sell an air conditioner in
the winter months you are not going to
find much success period likewise if
you're trying to sell a heater during
the hot summer months you're not going
to find a lot of success so season plays
a big role with the kind of results you
get with your ads with your products in
general so make sure to keep this in
mind and just ask yourself is the
product i'm trying to sell is it
seasonal or should it be selling it
every single month and a quick search on
the google ass keyword planner tool will
let you know exactly what the kind of
product that is but your ad is directly
influenced by your product because of
the landing page experience so with
landing page experience i like to think
of landing page experience mostly like a
ctr because your ctr if people are not
clicking on your products your overall
quality score is going to diminish and
as a result your results are also going
to go down the hill very very quickly so
if you get one thing right forget about
bidding very high forget about having an
amazing landing page experience of
course your landing page want has to be
decent but one thing that i always
recommend you focus on is the ctr if you
have a low ctr meaning below one percent
it's very easy to get that up just
change your images try to change your
pricing even try to change the main
keywords you're using in the titles and
that should definitely help but the kind
of ctr you get with your product
directly influences your ad which
directly influences the results that you
get but believe it or not with the
campaign as a whole the right product in
a wrong campaign is not the way to go
and the wrong product and the right
campaign is also not the way to go so
what that means is
a product and the campaign go hand in
hand you need to have a decent product
the right product going along with the
right campaign meaning the right
settings and all of that stuff otherwise
you're just wasting your time you might
as well send your money to me because
you're gonna end up burning that money
anyways so really trying to make sure
that whatever setting you have within
the campaign is the right setting this
is gonna come based on experience also
based on watching other people who have
done it like me on my youtube channel or
my videos but again really try to make
sure you put the right product in the
right campaign and this is not rocket
science you want to have one general bid
with a very good landing page with a
very good ctr and that should really
help you start getting those sales but
now moving on to the final thing which
is the key word i believe keywords have
a section of their own just because of
how important they are so again as i
mentioned earlier irrelevant keywords
could be one of the main reasons why
you're not getting the desired success
lack of keywords meaning having too many
exclusions could be another reason or on
the opposite end of the spectrum having
too many keywords within your
descriptions and within your titles will
also cause you to rank for too many
keywords within your ads which can lead
to a downfall in your results overall
and you don't want to do something
called keyword stuffing which is very
common where you just put each keyword
more than three times so if you have a
keyword 3d printer for example you don't
want to put that keyword more than three
times within your description if you put
it like five times 10 times even that is
called keyword stuffing that will lower
your quality score and that is known as
black hat seo which can get your entire
ad account suspended which you never
want to do so for proper seo tikniques
just make sure that you only put it a
maximum of three times but another main
reason why so many people fail to find
good results is you just let
unprofitable keywords run for too long
and i have found a very simple formula
which works 99 of the time if your
profit margin is less than 30 dollars
just let it run until ten dollars spent
if it passes ten dollars spent with zero
sales kill it just let it die because
you're gonna find that whatever product
you're selling you have probably 500 to
a thousand keywords that you're ranking
for just for that product you definitely
don't want to let every single keyword
run for that profit margin because
you're going to end up spending a lot of
money so
keep it simple ten dollars by for a
product with less than 30 profit margins
for anything above 30 profit margins
wait until about 20 dollars spent if no
sales then just get rid of that keyword
immediately and these things alone can
really help you improve the results that
you're getting but you want to combine
everything i've mentioned in this video
again go back watch this video again and
really look at it word for word and try
to implement every single tip i've
mentioned in this video but if you're
somebody who's kind of more on the level
where you're already established doing
30k or more per month in sales and you
want to kind of outsource google ads let
somebody run it for you go onto my
website at euromarketing.com and book a
call with my team to see if i can
personally handle your ads for you but
if you find any type of value in this
video destroy that like button and
destroy that subscribe button and i'll
see you guys next time

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