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Why You Should Lower Your Facebook Marketplace Prices

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

Why You Should Lower Your Facebook Marketplace Prices

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Why You Should Lower Your Facebook Marketplace Prices

in this video i'm going to explain to
you why having low drop shipping prices
can be beneficial all right now first
and foremost i want to hit home what i'm
not saying right i want to hit the home
right off the bat so that you understand
the concept here i'm not saying list
lower i'm not saying undercut all your
competitors i'm not even saying you
should intentionally go after low profit
margins of course all right now what i
am saying on the other hand is that a
lot of drop shippers probably you i know
i do this from time to time and i need
to remind myself of these facts a lot of
drop shippers raise prices on low profit
margins on low profit margin products or
maybe even stop selling them entirely
because selling them in that price point
isn't worth the time to fulfill the
order right and that may be 100 true on
a case-by-case basis right but there's
some key reasons why you might not
necessarily want to do that all right
those types of sales they can be super
valuable to your store it doesn't matter
where you're selling i know a lot of my
my videos recently have been on like
facebook marketplace and facebook shops
but this is also true on ebay it's also
true on amazon it's also terrell mercari
poshmark and etsy or literally wherever
you're selling right because these sales
can provide valuable reviews to help you
scale and build social proof depending
on the actual site and nobody really
specifically knows like the facebook
marketplace algorithm yet but i would
argue that a lot like ebay a lot like
amazon a lot like etsy specifically like
and probably mercari and poshmark again
facebook marketplace probably just the
same like the amount of reviews that you
have the amount of sales that you have
has to play into a factor of how you
rank on the platform right it just makes
sense because you're a trusted seller
now i know going back to go off on a
tangent like when i used to run a lot of
ads on facebook
there's a there's an inherent bias of
the facebook algorithm when you run ads
right so for example like if you were
running a very similar ad to somebody
else but you spend more money on the
platform more consistently and you have
a higher trust rating
on the platform more consistently and
you have a higher click-through rate on
the platform more consistently then
facebook is going to reward you the
better traffic and you the like compared
to the other
not the other seller excuse me compared
to the other person running advertising
right so they have an inherent bias and
they have rankings in these things now
if they have that running advertising it
would make 1 000 sense that they would
also have that on marketplace if it's
set up by the same company right so this
is not this is like speculation right
this is not this is conjecture this is
not like proven but it would just make
sense that there would be a bias on
those things right and so social proof
the amount of sales that you make
obviously the amount of you know reviews
that you have on your profile does play
into a you know into it's a major factor
is what i'm trying to say long term to
get you more sales all right
these sales are super crucial and most
importantly on top of that not just to
play into like the the bias of it or the
ranking factor or the social proof or
anything we all know that right most
importantly it can help your metrics by
increasing the overall sales that you
have right so like if you mess up a few
orders here and there or you have to
cancel an order here and there this
happens to all of us maybe the price
went you know significantly up and
you're no longer profitable not by like
five dollars but maybe like 20 bucks or
30 bucks happens to me from time to time
right or maybe the items out of stok
and you didn't have a stok monitoring
system or whatever the case is there's a
bunch of different problems that can
arise from time to time this is going to
allow you that built-in cushion so that
you're able to cancel those orders
guilt-free risk-free because you know
your other metrics make up for it i'm
toking broadly because this can factor
in a number of different ways depending
on the specific platform but this plays
a part no matter what platform okay
so keep this in mind you know you're you
need this cushion so that you can afford
to you know cancel orders you can afford
to mess orders up it makes a lot of
sense all right so remember the key
takeaways here the key things to
remember about this video the purpose of
this video is not to you know purposely
say go after lower profit margins all
right that would be idiotik of me to say
okay it's to simply remind you that all
sales obviously all profitable sales
right are beneficial when you're drop
shipping and you shouldn't delete or
necessarily raise prices of any items
that are selling even if they aren't
really putting a lot of money in your
pocket all right those hit those sales
they have their place too

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