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Why YOU Should Start An Online Business

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

Why YOU Should Start An Online Business

Why YOU Should Start An Online Business

hey everybody welcome to the lux
business Channel I'm Tatiana and this is
the very first video I have up on this
channel so I'm very excited and as
promised I am going to be releasing
these videos in sequential order so I
hope that this channel provides you with
all the knowledge that you need to start
your online business I will always
advocate taking an in-depth course but
as far as YouTube videos go I want to go
as in-depth as I can with you and a
sequential order so that we go from
novice to intermediate to expert so
let's start with the first video and I
felt it was appropriate to address the
topic of why you should start an online
business so there's a lot of people who
are still iffy about it contemplating
should I should I not and I hope to
provide you with some a few reasons why
you might be interested in starting
online so I do get a lot of people who
email me or message me on social media
about them being interested in starting
an online business and the number one
reason that I get is because they want
freedom with their time and I agree I
think that freedom of time is one of the
number one values of starting your
online business being able to wake up on
your own clock not having to wake up to
an alarm clock because you have to be at
work at a certain time you determine
what hours you want to work in the day
you determine when you want to go to bed
you determine when you want to start
your work it's just such a nice feeling
to have and to decide what you want to
do with your day so for example if I
know that in LA the traffic in the
weekdays is crazy during work hours
guess what I don't have to commute to
work at that time if I need to go into
the city then I can go on the non you
know traffic hours because I have that
flexibility and that freedom or for
example if I want to you know take off
Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and work
Saturday Sunday and Friday then I can do
that as well so just to be able to
manipulate your own time decide what you
want to do is extremely valuable so
number two is a mobility and it's hard
to say whether or not freedom of time
comes before mobility because they're
both so valuable mobility means that you
can basically pick up your computer
because your business is on your
computer take it wherever you want to go
and work from there so as long as
wherever you want to go has
an internet connection you can run your
business from there so that includes
traveling if you love to travel this
business is the right thing for you
because you can literally go all of the
world and work from wherever you wish to
do so so last year my boyfriend and I we
spent four months traveling Southeast
Asia we took our laptops and we made it
work and we actually got a lot of work
done while we were traveling I'm
currently in beautiful Malibu have been
here for about a month now previously
was in Miami and working there as well
and it just gives you that freedom to
really be wherever you want to be and
still be productive
number three is independence so I'm
toking about independence with your own
business so you own your business and
you are employed by yourself you're not
relying on an employer to pay you or
you're not relying on their paycheck if
god forbid you're laid off you don't
have to go and seek out another job you
are employed by yourself so there is a
lot of uncertainty with being employed
by yourself because you have to make it
work but at the same time you're not
depending on someone else something that
you can't control
for example tiknology is just huge now
and we see it you know developing so
rapidly if we look at the airports a lot
of these self check-ins are now kiosks
they used to be people that were
checking you in and I think they've cut
that number down and a lot of people
lost their jobs or had to switch their
roles because computers and tiknology
are taking over so by having this online
business you're kind of you're in with
what's happening you're in with the new
developments that are arising tiknology
is not going out of style it's just
going to improve and become more
popularized so by starting your business
now you will not have to worry about
your future job security number four is
opportunity a lot of people don't even
know what they're starting when they
start an online business you know you
might be starting it just to replace
your income from your regular
nine-to-five job maybe it's a couple
thousand month maybe it's five thousand
a month but what happens is when you
really put in the work and you really
grow your business all of a sudden your
goals increase as well because you
realize the opportunity is there to grow
your business and in turn make more
income with your regular job you might
be waiting all your
for that raise and that might only be
five dollars so it's not even a
guarantee that you get a raise with your
own business you determine how much you
make you're literally in control of your
salary the harder that you work on your
business the more that your income can
increase and I feel like that is such an
opportunity because with your regular
job you are limited to what your
employer is able and willing to pay you
with your business how much you earn is
directly correlated by how much work you
put in and how smart you are about the
work that you're putting in
number five is passion I find a lot of
people who are working out their day
jobs and they really just don't enjoy it
but they're doing it because it earns
them a living it helps put bread on the
table but they kind of go in and out of
their job like a zombie just like get
the work done and then come home with a
business online you can kind of create
it as you want it to be if you're
passionate about health and fitness you
can create a business around health and
fitness and with that passion it's going
to incentivize you to work harder and to
work more because you're gonna be
excited about it I can personally relate
to this I used to work at a bank and I
did not really enjoy it and I would work
about eight hours a day and I would come
home and I was exhausted actually
toking to people all the time and it's
just it wasn't something that I really
enjoyed versus now with my business I
work more hours some days I have 15 hour
days and it goes by faster than the
eight-hour days I kid you not fifteen
hours goes by faster than eight hours
with a business that I'm passionate
that's huge because you can get more
work done in that amount of time and
just really improve your business and
it's something that you enjoy you don't
feel like you're tied down to it and
being able to work from anywhere also
enhances your experience because you
know even now in Malibu I'm here working
and being able to be in the Sun verses
and not being in the cold in Canada it
really does make me more passionate
about the business because it makes me
want to work harder so I can enjoy this
more often
number six is impact as I mentioned
earlier your online business is
so you're not limited to your own zip
code a physical store is limited to the
number of people that pass by and may be
limited to you know the number of people
that see them on Yelp but they don't
really have as many opportunities to
maybe ship internationally reach more
people as an online business and of
course your online business can have a
physical store as well but I would
highly recommend starting online just
because it's less costly and you can
reach more people so if you do have a
business that truly is helping people
it's going to benefit their lives
imagine how many people you can breach
it's really a fulfilling experience for
example I know this hair company that
they really do help people grow their
hair restore their hair growth you know
a lot of people suffer with balding and
alopecia and all that but they're just a
physical store I ran into them out of a
fluke you know out of luck and I saw wow
you know if you really took this
business online you could reach so many
more people and help them and yeah
you're selling products you're making
more profits but more than that you're
helping more people and it's unfortunate
that they aren't online because I know
that they could help so many people with
that business number seven is passive
income so passive income is income that
is generated without your work so for
example when you're sleeping and
somebody on the other side of the world
in a different time zone is shopping and
they buy your product well you were
sleeping you weren't physically doing
any work you weren't putting in the
hours you were just sleeping and they
bought your product and you earned your
money from that and you can do that with
an online business and I think that's
huge for example if you create a course
say your fitness expert and you are the
booty queen and you create an online
boutique course to teach people how to
get a round plump but yeah you're gonna
put in the time to create the course
you're gonna put in a little bit of
money to set it up and create the PDFs
and the videos and all that but after
you put in that work you put it online
and then every person that buys that
course minus your initial investment is
gonna be pure profit so people around
the world will buy your course while
you're sleeping while you're walking
your dog while you're grocery shopping
and this is pure profit and that is
passive income so you have that
opportunity with an online business
which you would not have with a regular
job I think it's wonderful I think more
people should take advantage of it and
these are my seven reasons why I think
that you might be interested in starting
an online business if you liked this
video hit the thumbs up comment below
what type of business you would like to
start if you could choose any business
in the world right now just start online
what would you choose and why I would
love to know I'll see you later guys bye

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