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Why You Should Start DropShipping With $0 From Scratch (DONT USE SHOPIFY / DONT PAY FOR ADS!)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

Why You Should Start DropShipping With $0 From Scratch (DONT USE SHOPIFY / DONT PAY FOR ADS!)

Why You Should Start DropShipping With $0 From Scratch (DONT USE SHOPIFY / DONT PAY FOR ADS!)

what is up you guys my name is isabella
i own two six figure ecommerce
businesses and i'm going to be telling
you guys
exactly what these goobers are not
telling you
i have personal history with drop
shipping i used to dropship that's how i
started making money online originally
when i was 17 years old
and i have seen so many misconceptions
about drop shipping
not only on youtube but on tiktok and
just basically everywhere
that i go and i see other people
teaching drop shipping
for me it's just the complete opposite
approach of what i would teach you if i
were telling you to start drop shipping
that is why i made this video
to let you guys know what i feel is the
best approach to drop shipping and how
you can start drop shipping with a great
long-term business model drop shipping
is an extremely easy topic
to teach others about because the
business model itself
is very simple and very easy to explain
for all my beginners that are watching
drop shipping is basically when you set
up a website
and then you showcase a product that you
have found on a wholesaling website
then the buyer will buy that product
from your website and instead of you
having an inventory or shipping it from
your house
or you having to package and ship it
they just take that address and
information that the buyer gave them
and they plug it into another website
and they ship it from the other website
straight to the buyer
you are essentially the middleman just
by plugging this customer to them with
your own storefront
of a website so the first step that
you're going to take if you want to
start drop shipping is finding a winning
and trying to figure out what kind of
product you want to sell and what kind
of niche you want to get into
i have a whole video dedicated just to
this on my youtube channel
that will physically show you step by
step how to find the product not just me
telling you to go do this and that
so if you want to see this step-by-step
tutorial i'll have that on my youtube
channel throughout that video i tell you
that you want to make sure that you are
using a product
to sell or getting into a niche that you
can incorporate into your everyday life
for example i have seen people get into
the dog
niche or the pat niche and they don't
have pets
so how can you possibly market that
yourself if you don't have pets
we will tok more about marketing in
this video coming up another huge thing
that i don't see enough gurus toking
is that they are just telling you to
drop ship products and they're not even
at the date of how long it's gonna take
for that shop
or that wholesaler to ship it to your
because remember your customers relying
on you to deliver their product fast
the way that amazon has made it nowadays
is not easy to dropship
as much as it was five years ago only
because amazon has been on such a rise
since then
and people are expecting their packages
quick or at least some type of
correspondence to see where their
package is or just an email that says
their product has been shipped
you want to make sure that you're
choosing a product that has a fast
shipping time which i show you step by
step how to find those in that video
that i explained earlier
number two now that you've found your
product now it's time to build a website
almost every single guru that i have
on youtube and tiktok say to use
and i entirely disagree with this
and here's why they say oh well you can
start for free
as in you can start your free trial
shopify will bill you after a certain
amount of time
i believe it's one to two months and
then you have to start paying
for your shop so if you are at the point
yet where you're not ready or you're not
generating income
that time clock is still tiking and
they are going to charge you if you
don't start
selling it doesn't matter if you start
selling your products or not that charge
is still coming every single month
i promise you shopify is not the only
option out there
and another thing that's really crazy is
that a lot of people that
use shopify and a lot of these gurus it
is so easy to
fake the analytiks for shopify i will
show you guys a video right here of
someone i found on tiktok that shows
how easy it is to actually fake the
exposing tiktok gurus part four all
right as you can see
zero dollars in sales right all i have
to do is come to orders click on create
now i just choose a product of mine to
the order
let's do 11 and mark as paid now as you
can see it says i have eleven hundred
dollars in sales today and even if i
refresh it
it still comes up again eleven hundred
i'm telling you there's so many gurus
right now on tiktok
doing this exact trick shout out to this
user for exposing that and showing
people that because that to me
just shows you guys too that you cannot
everything you see so you want to make
sure that the website host that you are
using is going to be
free and you probably say oh well
there's no such thing as that
there is there's a website host that i
use when i was 17 and whenever i'm
thinking about starting a new business
i always always start with this platform
it's called big cartel and i have a
step-by-step tutorial
on my youtube channel was actually the
first video that i ever made on this
to show you guys that you can create a
website for free zero dollars a monthly
for up to five products
and there's no extra charge like it's
not like okay they're gonna charge you
more in fees
it's exactly the same as shopify fees or
because you have to realize every time
a person buys things from you they
charge like a payment processing fee
usually one or two dollars
with shopify it's exactly the same as
big cartel so both of these
websites are the same fees except
shopify you have that taking
time bomb that you're going to start
being charged very soon where with big
cartel if you are just
getting your website ready and you know
it takes a couple months to really like
grow your you know brand and everything
you're going to want to use something
that you don't have to feel like you
have to hurry up and rush and do all
these things to make sales but that's
another thing that i have seen extremely
it's almost like you're if you're
scrolling down youtube all you see are
these videos of shopify
are people using shopify for their
dropshipping business and i just don't
agree with it so once you have built
your website
now it is time to market your product so
one thing
that a lot of these gurus tell you to
is to just take the videos from these um
chinese suppliers like sites
a lot of them will show you actual like
videos from the chinese
sites that you can like kind of reuse or
they like show you other websites that
you can like go and get the video on
that other people are using
i a thousand percent disagree with this
and here's why these videos usually are
horizontal because they're tiknically
made for facebook ads which we will tok
about next
um and they don't really
look to me they don't look legitimate
another thing is that these gurus tell
you to do
is start buying facebook ads this is a
big problem for me because look at all
the money that you've already invested
because you're trying to make this quick
but look at all the money that you've
already invested in and
you're now buying facebook ads so you
have to think about it like this like
you started this to make money you
didn't start this to start dumping money
into this project i have known so many
people that followed these instructions
by these gurus making it so simple
and they have not had good results and
the reason being is that there's
you cannot rely on just paying for ads
or paying youtubers or paying
influencers for ads
i'm gonna be really honest we had so you
guys know we have a youtube channel for
my dog
so we do content for people when they
request it and we do ads for people when
they request it
and i have gotten quite a few drop
that i can tell it's through shopify
like they're trying to do all these
things that these other people are
telling them to do
and they wind up emailing us you know
and i usually charge like
i charge them around like two thousand
dollars you know for a youtube video or
for a tiktok post on my dog's channel
um but the thing is is that they're like
i always ask i'm like what's your
instagram what's your take tok what's
your youtube
they're like oh well we don't have it so
what they're asking me to do
is just to promote their link in the
description so they're not even like
growing a brand they're just trying to
make money off of investing in
influencer which is not guaranteed
them to sell anything it would be so
much more valuable
if instead of telling somebody to just
share the link
to just tell us what's your instagram
what you have to be growing some kind of
social media presence you have to be
growing a brand
to have a successful drop shipping store
long term
social proof is so important but it has
to be through social proof through your
own account not social proof through
other people's accounts
and again facebook ads can be so costly
with the power of tiktok you do not
need to pay for ads
period i see a lot of businesses paying
for instagram ads too and facebook ads
and just
and even tiktok ads and it's just so
so as i show in my how to find a product
video in that video i show you guys
you know how you're going to market your
product because what you're going to
want to essentially do is once you find
your niche once you find your products
once you have your website ready you
want to order a sample of that product
so then you can use that product and you
know show it off
and you know tell a story why are you
selling this product and you're going to
do this through tiktok tiktok
should be your main priority right now
instagram is probably going to die
within the next year um youtube
is never going away but youtube is
definitely harder to grow on without
another outside source
if it was not for tiktok i would not
be sitting here right now doing these
i would literally still be dental
assisting and being a dental hygienist
right now if it was not for tiktok
my businesses not only that but tik
tok is now proven to be the most
watched social media site right now
people are now spending more time on
tiktok than on youtube
and if you can go viral with just a
single video you've now got the most
captive audience
in the world and it's not going anywhere
anytime soon
i have a separate video of course of how
i started to market my business on tik
tok i'll leave the link also right here
so if you guys want to see how we made
our businesses tiktok viral
i have a video about that right here but
we're going to stik for drop shipping
for right now and just tok about the
fact of
how you are going to market on tiktok
through drop shipping so once you get
that product you're going to want to
make sure you have
nice lighting you do nice videos you
could go outside doesn't mean you have
to buy a ring light or anything you can
go outside
um but again you're going to pick a
product that is going to match with your
what do you feel like you use in your
life that's also online that you could
also sell
us we actually were drop shipping a
product for a while of the um
i'll leave the product right here it was
like an actual bottle that we used with
our dog took
our dog out or whenever we were outside
with our dog we took so many videos of
the bottle with um our dog mika
and we were dropshipping those products
as well i wound up just kind of taking
it off the website
because for me it wasn't worth the
profit i rather um kind of just focus on
products that we were shipping ourselves
but that's just my personal opinion i
really love the control of having
inventory but i understand not
everybody's ready to order
all these things in inventory and
manufacture your own products i
understand you want to start with drop
shipping because i do feel like that's
the best way to start as well
as a beginner it teaches you business
but it also teaches you how to work with
these sellers and how to negotiate as
but moral of the story you want to make
sure you pick a product and market it
through your everyday life and build
your brand so you need to make an
tiktok especially a tiktok you
need to promote it on tiktok almost
every single day you need to be thinking
about what tiktok can i make
with this what can i do but people can
when it's not your video and people can
tell when it's your real
genuine video and i mean and even if you
want to do videos of yourself
you know packaging it or things like
that you can still do that too to help
build trust i mean you're not scamming
anyone you know that product is gonna
go to them from this seller so you could
do that as well
as i also explained in my how to find a
product video i have also said that the
main goal with drop shipping is you want
to make sure you have a long-term
business model this is not a get rich
money scheme you want to make sure that
everything you're doing is going to be
long term and you are starting to brand
your product
if in any case your this product starts
to pop off for you
you need to contact that seller you need
to find a cheaper seller on alibaba
and you need to figure out how you can
incorporate this into your own brand you
want to make sure that you're treating
this business as you would if you had
the inventory
um but i wanted to make this video
specifically to point out things that i
see goobers telling you
that i don't recommend for you if you're
just starting out
even right now if i was to start a new
business right now i would still go with
the big hotel free plan zero
dollars monthly so i don't get my
panties in a bunch worrying about all
right well this site is charging me soon
and maybe you're not the type to worry
about money but even for me and the
money that we make every month i don't
want to ever lose money who wants to
lose money
so i really just want to make sure you
know that's emphasized that i don't
agree with a lot of these gurus of how
they're directing you because i see
these people that even we are working
they have this thing in their mind like
if they pay us two thousand dollars for
a video
they're gonna make like ten thousand
dollars off this and that's just not
going to be the case
if especially if you don't have it
branded you don't have an instagram you
don't have a tiktok you have nothing
to keep connect with these customers
other than a link in our bio or our
description of the videos
so i hope this video helped you expose
some of these things that these gurus
are saying and just make you think a
little bit i mean if you don't agree
with me just watch another youtuber's
videos and then you can decide for
yourself what you want to do
but it's good to have two different
mindsets in mind before you jump into
even if there's a free trial you have to
remember that they are going to charge
you but with websites like the ones that
i use and this is not sponsored at all
like this is just what i've always used
with websites like that you have the
ability to kind of just kind of like you
know ease into it you're not being
rushed you're not trying to like get
these ads out you're not trying to do
these things
and that's really just what's going to
set you apart from other people
and shopify i know has this whole fancy
website they have all these features
and these drop shipping gurus show you
all these features that shopify has
which they do and that's great for
businesses but if you are just starting
out i just don't recommend
that because at the end of the day if
someone sees you marketing something
and they see your link they're going to
click on your link and they're going to
buy it they're not going to like be like
oh well there's not this many pictures
there's not
this many features they don't show the
video because you're they're going to
see the video on the marketing platform
that you're using
and with tit tok i don't know how long
this tiktok thing is going to be
viral for because you have to remember
also tiktok it's not new but it's not
old either
so i remember when instagram got very
over saturated
but with tiktok because it's the most
viewed um social media right now
now is the time to start your business
and jump into this
um only because it's just it's just so
worth it to try it
and if i didn't try doing this on tik
tok you know like
a year ago i would not be here sitting
here making 35 000 a month from tik
tok from making tiktoks
i literally wake up i make tiktoks
and then i chill and like my life has
never been
i've never been more thankful for this
life and i'm not just trying to be one
of those people like oh quit your nine
to five like do all this stuff like i
i worked even like while i started to do
this but then i started to see the
potential and i started to see that i
was making way more
than i could ever make working for
someone that
i quickly changed my mind and with the
power of tiktok this can happen for
you too if you play your cards right
so if you have any questions regarding
this video comment down below i will be
answering all of your questions if you
have any that i can answer i will let
you know
if i can't answer them i will tell you
to who to go to to answer them
thank you guys so much for watching make
sure you guys hit that subscribe button
and like button so i can continue making
videos like this for you guys
and i'll see you guys in my next video
bye you guys

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