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Win Sony Acid Music Software FREE!!! GIVEAWAY!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Win Sony Acid Music Software FREE!!! GIVEAWAY!!!

Win Sony Acid Music Software FREE!!! GIVEAWAY!!!

what's crackin youtubers hey King human
here and I can finally wear my crown
because I got a thousand subscribers
Thanks to everyone I subscribe
lay down it's doing the Jiffy Pop thing
I look like I got a jiffy pop head
anyway hey you probably don't know me
but I'm King human and I give away stuff
people do cool stuff for Humanity of the
environment whatever sometimes just for
being funny or cool anyway one of my
subscribers told me because I just did a
video about giving away the Sony of
what's a called acid music studio for
making music because i did a video about
copyright how people's accounts are
getting closed because they're using
copyrighted music in their videos and i
still get people that don't believe it
oh we should be able to use it as long
as we give them credit or you know they
got all kinds of excuses trust me
excuses don't cut it eventually you're
going to get cut and you're gonna get
your account suspended but anyway oh my
God he's incontinent I digress as usual
i'm giving away of sony acid studio
software so people can make their own
music it's wicked cool anything you make
is royalty free but one of my
subscribers i said that i put the video
in the wrong category i should have put
it in the music
so this is my way of telling you because
i'm posting this video in the music
category to go check out my earlier
video down there somewhere i don't know
and maybe it's in the related links
maybe it's in the more by this user go
look at my earlier video and titled the
something about copyright and get sony
acid free oh good i don't know i can't
remember come on smacks of effort i
can't remember all this stuff my king I
can't remember things this in this crown
is bugging me stay down ah no respect
even a king can't get any respect not
even from a hat all right well I guess
that's all I had to say you know music
people all you music cats and jammers
and bee boppers and you kids and your
boogie-woogie music go check out that
video and win the sony acid that i'm
giving away cool it's pretty mu problem
software also probably coming up in a
few days i'm going to be giving away the
platinum vegas editing software so you
got to subscribe to win subscribe to
King human that's the price you gotta
pay you gotta you know you got to
pretend to like me to win [ __ ] after you
win [ __ ] you can tell me how much you
hate my guts actually you can do that
anytime I really don't matter
um but subscribe and that's it I got a
lot of other stuff to give away still I
got tons of goofy hats I got tons of
stuff around me so I mean I just way too
much stuff so there's going to be a lot
of giveaways coming up in future from
goofy stuff to really wicked cool
software too who knows what and also
news coming up on the YouTube get
together in vegas for halloween that is
going to be wicked dream I'll stay tuned
for those upcoming things go check that
earlier video do what I say or I'll
crown yeah and thanks for being cool
thanks for everybody that's subscribed
it really means a lot you know I mean
it's cool to have subscribers anyway
sayonara be cool and wind cool crap from
me k human

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