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Win This DVD Recorder!!! Forbidden Zone Contest 3 of 4!!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Are you a movie buff looking for the ultimate cinematic experience? Look no further than the Forbidden Zone Contest! In this article, we will discuss how you can win a DVD recorder by participating in the third round of the contest.

Sub-heading 1: What is the Forbidden Zone Contest?

- Brief explanation of the contest

- Previous winners and prizes

Sub-heading 2: How to participate in Round 3?

- Eligibility criteria

- Steps to participate

- Deadline for submission

Sub-heading 3: Tips to increase your chances of winning

- Importance of creativity and originality

- Emphasize on quality rather than quantity

- Use of multimedia elements to enhance presentation

Sub-heading 4: Frequently asked questions

- Common doubts regarding the contest

- Clearing up misconceptions

- Contact information for further queries

Sub-heading 5: Conclusion

- Recap of the article

- Encouragement to participate in the contest

- Closing remarks

Bullet points/Numbered list:

- The Forbidden Zone Contest is a movie-based competition

- Participants are required to submit a creative and original entry

- The prize for Round 3 is a DVD recorder

- The contest has been running for several rounds, with previous prizes including cinema tickets and DVDs

- Participants must meet eligibility criteria and submit their entry before the deadline

- Quality is valued over quantity in the contest

- Multimedia elements such as videos and images can enhance the presentation of the entry


- The Forbidden Zone Contest is a popular movie-based competition

- It has been running for several rounds, with each round offering a different prize

- Participants must meet certain eligibility criteria to participate

- Creativity and originality are highly valued in the contest

- The deadline for Round 3 submissions is approaching soon

The Forbidden Zone Contest offers movie buffs the chance to win exciting prizes by showcasing their creativity and originality. By following the eligibility criteria and tips mentioned in this article, participants can increase their chances of winning the DVD recorder in Round 3. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and start creating!

Win This DVD Recorder!!! Forbidden Zone Contest 3 of 4!!!!

King Human, a YouTuber, announces a contest related to his video The Forbidden Zone. He has hidden certain words and phrases in each of the four videos he will post in the next four weeks. Collecting all of them will reveal an entire phrase that can be used to win a grand prize. King Human also encourages viewers to share the video and participate in the contest for a chance to win other random prizes.

Key Points:

- Over the next four weeks, King Human will post four videos related to The Forbidden Zone.

- Each video will have hidden words and phrases that, when collected, will reveal an entire phrase.

- The grand prize is a DVD recorder deck, and other cool prizes may be added depending on the number of participants.

- Viewers can win random prizes every week by making creative comments or videos related to the contest.

- Sharing the video and encouraging participation will increase the chances of winning.

King Human's contest related to The Forbidden Zone offers viewers a chance to win cool prizes by collecting hidden words and phrases over four weeks. The grand prize is a DVD recorder deck, and other random prizes will be given out every week. Sharing the video and participating in the contest will increase the chances of winning.

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