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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



people King human here and I've got a
wicked cool contest this mountain is
gonna put your knickers in a twist it's
wicked cool listen up listen to the
whole thing even with me rambling and
going off on tangents and being that the
idiot that I am try and stik with this
because this is going to be cool I
promise if it works which I don't think
it will all right here's the deal I made
a video last week about span and I wore
the spam head everybody loved the spam
head King human send me a spam head I'm
with the spam head oh I could make such
a cool video with the spam head well
okay i will give you the spam head but
here's the twist you come up with a
concept of how you're going to use it in
a video and make a comment saying
exactly what you're going to do I'm
going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge
with the spam head and yell King human
rules all the way down I don't know
whatever your idea is sup to you but
make it a comment or make it in a video
reply and we'll pick a winner when I say
we it's gonna be me and all the king
humanoids that checked out this video
and want to vote on this thing and
whoever comes up with the coolest
concept is gonna I'm going to send them
the spam it but now here's where it gets
you've got to use it in your video I've
signed the back of it in the number one
position when you get it you sign the
back of it in the number two position
and you make your video after you make
your video that you said you were going
to make then you make a contest video
where you give the spam head away to the
next person you can run your contest any
way you want whatever you want to ask
people to do however you want to do it
you pass on the spam head to the winner
of your contest and they sign it in the
number three position they make their
video and they pass it on in their
contest and so on and so on and so on
until we get 1,000 spam head videos on
YouTube and 1,000 signatures on the back
of the spam head once it gets to a
thousand signatures in a thousand videos
the thousand person send the spam head
back to me King human and i will pick
somebody on the back of the spam head at
random to win a freaking cool prize and
when I say cool prize I mean cool it may
be an ipod it may be a home theater
system I don't know yet it depends
frankly I don't think you guys can do it
I don't have that much faith in you to
be able to keep the chain going I think
somebody's gonna scam it and steal the
spam head I don't think you guys can
live up to it
wrong it would be so cool to get this
head back with a thousand different
YouTube names on it thousand different
YouTube channels and if it does if it
comes back to me i'll donate the thing
to the smithsonian museum i'll donate it
to the youtube museum i don't know we'll
figure it out you and me but it will be
wicked wicked cool think of it this spam
head going all over the globe to
youtubers all over the world could be
you you get to sign it you get to put
your channel name on the back of it in
whatever position it is and eventually
the spam videos come out of youtube
you'll be famous your channel will be a
spam head channel cool I think it would
be wicked cool so anyway there you have
it there's the spam head challenge you
think you got the sack for it give it a
shot alright youtubers be cool and i'll
be toking at you

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