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Winston Ads: Smoking Satisfaction at its Best.

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing the various advertisements for Winston cigarettes that have been aired on television over the years. These advertisements showcase how Winston cigarettes are the best tasting and best-selling filter cigarettes in America.

- Applause advertisement

- The Flintstones advertisement

- The Beverly Hillbillies advertisement

- The Stewart Family advertisement

- Capital Airlines advertisement

- Gary Moore Show advertisement

- Diner advertisement

Applause advertisement:

- Winston cigarettes give you a real flavor for rich tobacco flavor.

- Winston's easy-growing tobacco allows the flavor to come right through to you.

- Winston steps ahead of the crowd with their exclusive filter blend and choice golden tobaccos.

The Flintstones advertisement:

- Winston cigarettes are for people who really enjoy smoking.

- Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

- Winston's filter blend is specially selected and processed for the best taste in filter smoking.

The Beverly Hillbillies advertisement:

- Granny thinks Winston cigarettes have a special mixture of tobacco that makes them taste so good.

- Winston tastes mighty good like a cigarette should.

- Winston is America's best selling and best-tasting filter cigarette.

The Stewart Family advertisement:

- Winston's filter blend brings you real tobacco flavor that is rich and full.

- Winston's exclusive filter works so effectively that the flavor comes right through to you.

- Winston is America's most popular filter cigarette.

Capital Airlines advertisement:

- Winston cigarettes are served on these planes because they are America's best-selling filter cigarette.

- Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

- Winston brings you real tobacco flavor that is rich and full.

Gary Moore Show advertisement:

- Winston's filter blend is rich golden tobaccos that are specially selected and processed for the best taste in filter smoking.

- Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

- Winston's pure white modern filter works so effectively that the flavor comes right through to you.

Diner advertisement:

- Winston is the cigarette that changed America's mind about filter smoking.

- Winston's filter really works and lets you draw so easily.

- Winston gives you finer flavor in a filter cigarette that is easy drawing.

In conclusion, Winston cigarettes have been marketed as America's best-selling and best-tasting filter cigarette. These advertisements showcase the various ways in which Winston's exclusive filter blend and choice golden tobaccos bring you real tobacco flavor that is rich and full. Winston's pure white modern filter works so effectively that the flavor comes right through to you. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should and is easy drawing, making it the perfect choice for smokers who really enjoy smoking.


The Danger of Cigarette Advertising: How It Shaped the Perception of Smoking

- Punk rock music, cigarette ads, and how they influenced people's perception of smoking

- Cigarette ads made smoking seem fun, tasty, and cool

- The rise of e-cigarettes and their potential impact on teens

Cigarette Ads and Their Impact:

- Cigarette ads made smoking seem like a godly product

- False advertising and lies in cigarette commercials

- The US Government banned cigarette commercials in the 1970s

- The rise of e-cigarettes and the possibility of history repeating itself

Teens' Perception of Smoking:

- Teens today are aware of the dangers of smoking

- Some teens view smoking as a way to rebel or appear cool

- The popularity of e-cigarettes among teens

- The importance of educating teens about the dangers of smoking

- There is no one right way to educate teens about smoking

- It is important to be brutally honest about the dangers of smoking

- Celebrity endorsements and stricter regulations on cigarette sales could help reduce smoking rates among teens.

January 1, 1971: The Last Cigarette Ads Appear on TV - ABC News

The Philip Morris Company has bought all commercial time on the first half hour of all network talk shows tonight, marking the end of an era as it is the last half hour on which it is legal to sell cigarettes on radio or television in the United States. The history of sophisticated advertising for cigarettes dates back to George Washington Hill's attempt to start women on the habit without facing criticism, and since then, various settings and themes have been used to promote smoking.

Sub-headings and bullet points:

- The evolution of cigarette advertising:

- From porch swings to horses and waterfalls

- Use of celebrities like Lee Marvin to promote smoking

- Different brands using catchy slogans and jingles, like Travel refreshes you for Newport or LSMFT for Camel

- The impact of cigarette advertising on society:

- Normalization of smoking as a social activity

- Perception of cigarettes as a symbol of sophistication and glamour

- Contributing factor to the rise of smoking-related health issues

- The end of cigarette advertising on television and radio:

- Legal restrictions and regulations placed on tobacco advertising

- Shifting public attitudes towards smoking and health

- The future of cigarette advertising in the age of social media and influencer marketing

While the era of cigarette advertising on television and radio has come to an end, the impact of decades of promotion and normalization of smoking cannot be overlooked. As society continues to grapple with the health effects of tobacco use, it is important to reflect on the role that advertising has played in shaping our attitudes towards smoking. As we move forward, it remains to be seen how cigarette companies will adapt to new forms of media and marketing, and how public perception of smoking will continue to evolve.

Walter Cronkite on his first and only commercial for Winston cigarettes - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

In this article, we will be discussing the experience of Walter Cronkite as an anchor person and doing commercials during the early years of television.

Anchor Person and Doing Commercials:

- Walter Cronkite was nominated by the news department to be the anchor person for a three-hour broadcast every morning.

- Part of his role included doing commercials, like Dave Garroway and Arthur Godfrey.

- Cronkite added humor to his commercials and aimed to poke fun at the advertiser's desire to emulate Garroway or Godfrey.

- He only did one commercial for Winston cigarettes, which was part of a test marketing campaign.

- The ad agency had several meetings with Cronkite about how to treat the subject, and he ad-libbed around the topic.

- When he corrected the slogan, Winston tastes good like a cigarette should, the control room was alarmed, and they called him in for a meeting.

- Cronkite argued that the slogan was ungrammatical and refused to do it again.

- The ad agency asked him to learn to inhale and look like he smoked, but Cronkite refused and never did another commercial.

Walter Cronkite's experience as an anchor person and doing commercials for television offers insight into the early days of broadcasting and the relationship between advertisers and news programs. Cronkite's refusal to compromise his integrity and values is a testament to his character and professionalism.

Old TV Commercial of Winston, Salem and Camel Cigarettes

In this article, we will explore the advertising strategies used by various cigarette brands in the past. We will examine how they used language to sell their products and appeal to potential customers.


- Find folks with a knack for having fun, and you'll find Winston

- Change to Winston, change for good

- Good taste of Winston's filter blend tobacco

- More people smoke Winston than any other filter cigarette

- Winston tastes good like a cigarette should

- Winston: a real good thing, a real good taste


- Springtime fresh smoke

- Salem refreshes your taste for a change

- Salem gently airs softens every puff for the smoothest most refreshing taste

- Salem: America's largest selling menthol cigarette

- Salem cigarettes: a taste of springtime

- Salem: the taste that springtime


- Camel's real taste satisfies longer

- I'd walk a mile for a Camel

- Camel: the real taste

- Millions of men know it

- This little demonstration was strictly for smokers who never tasted a Camel cigarette

- Camel: for cattle smokers, you know what we mean

Cigarette companies have long used language to sell their products, appealing to potential customers through slogans, catchphrases, and clever marketing tactics. However, it is important to remember the negative health effects of smoking and the dangers it poses to both smokers and those around them.

How Marlboro Became the #1 Cigarette Brand

Marlboro cigarettes were once seen as an inferior product to other brands like Camel and had less than 1% of the cigarette market in the 1950s. However, through a famous marketing campaign, Marlboro completely changed the world's perspective and became the most valuable cigarette brand to ever exist. But how did they do it?

The Problems Marlboro Faced:

Marlboro cigarettes were first marketed as America's luxury cigarette in 1924. However, one major event in American history would change their marketing strategy drastically. In the 1920s, Congress proposed a bill that would ban women from smoking in public, forcing them to smoke in their homes. This gave Marlboro the perfect marketing opportunity, and they began marketing their cigarettes as glamorous rather than unladylike. But even with this shift, Marlboro still failed to grow its brand for one primary reason - at the time, there was an attitude that only women smoked filtered cigarettes.

The Marlboro Man:

In the 1950s, studies started to arise concerning the health risks of cigarette smoking. Men became more concerned about their health and began considering smoking cigarettes with filters because they were considered safer than those without. However, they were concerned about being seen smoking a cigarette marketed to women. This problem led to Marlboro creating one of the most famous marketing campaigns of all time - the Marlboro Man. The Marlboro Man was essentially a mascot for Marlboro cigarettes, and the ads would feature manly cowboys smoking Marlboros in wild terrain. The ads focused on a lifestyle rather than a product and connected emotionally with the viewer.

The Genius of the Marlboro Man:

The Marlboro Man was more than a mascot - he became an American hero. Despite what research suggested about smoking and lung cancer, he showed that not only were Marlboro smokers rugged and masculine, but they were also in control of their bodies. He gave off the vibe that nobody could tell a Marlboro smoker what to do, and they didn't have to listen to doctors or public health people. The cowboy image was also genius for another huge reason - cowboys were huge in pop culture at the time, and Americans saw them as heroes.

The Results of the Marlboro Man:

Within a year, Marlboro's market share rose from less than 1% to the fourth best-selling cigarette brand. Within four years after the campaign, it became the number one best-selling cigarette in the world. However, Marlboro's success would come to an abrupt end with one significant change in United States law.

The End of Marlboro's Success:

More and more studies started to surface in the 60s regarding the hazardous effects cigarettes had on people's health. This led to the FTC punishing advertisers that didn't warn the public of the health hazards of cigarette smoking. New legislation was signed in 1969 that required cigarette companies to put warning labels on cigarette boxes. But that wasn't the worst of it for Marlboro - on April 1, 1970, President Richard Nixon would sign legislation officially banning cigarette ads on television and radio. The ban took effect at midnight on January 2nd, 1971, thereby banning televised and print ads of the Marlboro Man from that day on.

Marlboro's success is undoubtedly one of the first and best success stories in the history of marketing. Marlboro's marketing strategies remain relevant today - people still crave feelings and connections rather than just being sold a product. The Marlboro Man will forever be known as one of the most revolutionary marketing campaigns of all time, and even though Marlboro's success came to an end, their legacy remains.

I Love Lucy cigarette commercials

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of smoking Philip Morris cigarettes and why they are the most enjoyable cigarette in America today.

Benefits of Smoking Philip Morris Cigarettes:

- King size cigarettes are smooth, mild and easy on your throat

- No cigarette hangover when you smoke Philip Morris

- Entirely free of a source of irritation used in all other leading cigarettes

- Taste good and are considered precious

- No need to keep them in a safe, but they are still valuable

- Passing them along to friends is a great way to share a good thing

Why Choose Philip Morris:

- America's most enjoyable cigarette

- Finest king-sized cigarette in America today

- Available in regular and king size

- Smooth, mild and mellow flavor

- No cigarette hangover

If you are looking for a cigarette that is smooth, mild and easy on your throat, then Philip Morris is the best choice for you. Not only do they taste great, but they are also entirely free of a source of irritation used in all other leading cigarettes. So why not try them yourself and see why they are America's most enjoyable cigarette?

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