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wix dropshipping cost

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Dropship From AliExpress To Wix | A Beginners Guide 🚚

how to drop ship from aliexpress to wix- a full step-by-step beginner's guide coming right up. so if you wanted to start a drop shipping business and which is a selling channel that you have been thinking of, do not miss this video, because i will take you step by step and show you how to do it the right way so that you will see success. wix to aliexpress: dropshipping- quick intro and let's go. [Music]. welcome back. for those of you who do not know me, i am iran, from auto ds, and in this video, you're going to learn how to start a drop shipping business on wix, as you're selling channel, using aliexpress as your supplier. so if you're a beginner, you haven't started drop shipping yet and you need to learn the ropes and do it the right way. don't miss this video and everything that i'm going over in this video. you can also read about it in the full blog artikle version, which i will leave a link to right below this video. now, that being said, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated and learn how to take the next step in your ecommerce business. having said that, like and share this video if you appreciate the value. and now let's jump straight into the action: how to drop ship from aliexpress to wix. so for those of you who are really at your first steps, how does aliexpress to wix drop shipping work and how does drop shipping work in the first place? so first you have your drop shipping store- in this case, we are creating a store on wix- then you have your supplier, and your supplier is where you're actually getting the products from to list on your wix store. you don't have to hold any of these products in stok and you don't have any upfront investment, since creating an account on wix is free and creating a buyer account on aliexpress is also free. so you're starting off with no expenses and they'll only start to come later on, especially once you start to make sales and profit, which makes drop shipping a low risk and high reward business model to acquire. so you have your drop shipping store on wix, you have your supplier, where you're drop shipping their items and selling them on your store, and then you have the customer. so what happens first is the customer makes an order on your store on one of the products that you listed from your supplier, from aliexpress, and then what you do as the seller, as the drop shipper, is: you go to aliexpress, you purchase that product and you ship it directly to the customer's address without seeing the product yourself. that is the dropshipping business model. it's been working for a long time now and it's only growing every year. it's not going anywhere and it is definitely not too late to take a piece of this cake now. let's tok a minute about aliexpress. aliexpress is a huge, huge chinese marketplace with warehouses not only in china, but also in different countries around the world. they now have warehouses and they're expanding more and more every year. the reason that you want to have warehouses in more than one location is because you want to be able to ship your products quickly, and for those of you who have experience dropshipping from china, you know that it can take anywhere between two to four weeks, and even more in some cases, for the product to reach its customer from the supplier, and that is not a good thing. we don't want our customers to wait two weeks, three weeks, one month to get their items. they're not going to be very happy with the purchase and they most likely will not return to purchase from your store again. however, if you were able to ship it within a week, your buyers will be happy, and this is a reason why you want to have warehouses in more than one region in the world. so, for example, if you know that aliexpress has warehouses in the united kingdom and you're also targeting the united kingdom, you're trying to sell to them, then you will be able to ship quickly from into the uk and keep it domestik. so aliexpress has warehouses all over the world, even though most of them are still in china. and aliexpress is not just one store. it is a marketplace, just like ebay, where you have thousands of sellers who are selling their products on that marketplace, on that platform, and you can either see one product listing that they have when you're searching for something, or you can go inside their whole store and see everything that they have to offer. so that is aliexpress, and most of the products there are simply being dropshipped to you from other chinese stores that you don't have access to. so you have the chinese agent in the middle who knows english, created a store in aliexpress and he is just dropshipping those items to you, just as you are drop shipping your items to your buyer, and that is completely fine. the prices there are still significantly low. everything there is still very cheap because it is being manufactured in china and there's a lot of competition there, and we all know that products from china are cheaper than most other places around the world like japan, taiwan, the united states, europe and other manufacturers around the world. so, with a vast product catalog, millions of products for you to resell and a very dropshipping friendly supplier, it is easy to start with suppliers like aliexpress. you can reach out to the seller. you can see who they are. aliexpress offers buyer and seller protection, so if anything goes wrong with your order, you know that aliexpress has your back. you can also easily analyze their sellers and see how well they are doing, if they are selling high quality products, so that you will be able to import high quality products to your store and not have too many replaces or returns. and you can reach out to the sellers, communicate with them, get great customer service that you will also be able to pass on to your customers. so there's many advantages of why you want to start drop shipping from aliexpress and learn your way up from there. so those are some of the reasons why aliexpress is a great supplier to start off with. now let's tok for a minute about wix. there are many selling channels out there, and you can have a store on shopify. you can have a store on ebay. you can have a store on facebook marketplace if you live in the us, you can have a store on woocommerce. you can have a store in many, many places, and each one has their pros and their cons. wix is a great platform that comes at a very, very low cost. it's free to start with in the beginning, but once you want to start doing more premium things, like having your own domain name, which costs an average of 20 a month, which isn't so expensive. what i love about wix is that it is a completely customizable website that you can build from the ground up. even if you don't have any tiknical skills, even if you've never quoted a website before, or even design one at that, you can still create a very professional looking store, a very good looking website, and start selling your products from there. whatever you're getting from aliexpress- and we'll also go over product research soon- so you'll know how to get the right products to sell on your store and be able to target the right audience so that you will make sales and profit. so, once again, wix is a fully customizable website. they have easy to use templates, so once again, you do not need to have any coding skills. they have a very accessible and user friendly interface. i will show you everything soon. and once again, they are very dropshipping friendly. just like aliexpress, they're looking for dropshippers. they love the dropshipping business model. they see that it works and there is always room for more. so, with a minimum initial investment, no selling limits, meaning you can sell thousands of products on your store on day one. list them all, and no one is going to tell you: hey, you're, you're selling way too many products from the start. and for those of you who have drop shipped on ebay and try to create a new account today on ebay, you know that it is very difficult because they want to get to know you first. they'll only allow you t.

Shopify Vs Wix – Which Platform Is A Better Bang For The Buck?

this video will compare shopify versus wix in the context of creating an online store that sells physical products online. now, both platforms have their pros and cons, which i will clearly illustrate in this comparison. if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and be sure to hit the bell button to be notified when new videos come out. so, first off, shopify is well regarded as the industry leader in the e-commerce space. however, i'm often asked whether wix is a viable ecommerce alternative. why? because right now, wix has over 190 million users worldwide. 190 million, that's actually more than half the population of the united states. meanwhile, shopify is substantially smaller, with only about 500 000 storefronts. now, both platforms have e-commerce features. so i took the time to dig down into wix and shopify's pricing, ecommerce features and usability in great depth for your review. now, if you guys aren't familiar with wix, wix is actually a content management system that is similar to wordpress. however, wix is fully hosted, which means that they handle all the tiknical and server related aspects of running a website. now, wix was originally designed as a solution for building content-based websites, so, as a result, wix is actually ideal if you want to create a blog, create a brochure site, create a design portfolio or, if you want, to just create a basic company or business website. so, bottom line, wix actually became popular for its extremely user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for displaying content online. not only that, but it's attractively priced as well. so, overall, you can think of wix like an easy to use website builder with limitless power. there are tons of themes to choose from, and any non-tiknical person can get up and running at an attractive price. now, unlike wix, shopify was designed from the ground up to be an e-commerce platform. in fact, shopify allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products online without any tiknical knowledge. in addition, they offer a point of sale option, so you can accept credit cards in person at trade shows or a booth, and today shopify is actually one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, catering to business of all sizes. they also have a huge third party development ecosystem, which results in new e-commerce features reaching shopify first, before any other platform. shopify also has a huge library of themes to choose from, and any tiknical challenge individual can design an attractive storefront with their built-in tools. so, bottom line, you can use shopify to sell practikally anything, including subscriptions, digital products and physical products online. so, based on this, let's do a comparison and, as you can see, both shopify and wix have overlapping features. wix offers ecommerce features that allow you to sell physical products online. meanwhile, shopify also offers an intuitive way to design content pages in addition to e-commerce. but which one is better for selling online? in this video, both platforms will be compared based on the following feature set: ease of use, themes and flexibility, third-party ecommerce apps, shopping cart features, pricing and blogging and content creation. now, wix's e-commerce offering is designed for beginners, whereas shopify's platform allows you to create an e-commerce store that scales well into the nine-figure range. in fact, there are many nine-figure ecommerce stores running on the shopify plus platform. meanwhile, i looked all over the place, but i could not find any larger stores using wix. so, when it comes to choosing between these two platforms, your decision will depend on your budget and how serious you are about growing your ecommerce store, and you have to choose wisely, because it is extremely difficult to switch platforms once you've made your choice, so which one is easier to use? well, having used both platforms hands-on, wix's ecommerce platform is easier to use and set up, but the reason is not for what you might expect now. what's unique about wix is their adi mode, or artificial design intelligence option. basically, wix can create a customizable site for you, complete with images, video and text, after you take a simple survey of what you're trying to achieve with their site. now how does this work? well, basically, wix scours the web for information about your business and pre-populates your site for you, which may save you time. meanwhile, the basic wix editor allows you to pick from a variety of beautiful templates for your site and populate it with any content of your choice. editing your site is entirely drag and drop, and anyone proficient with microsoft word should be able to design a beautiful website. now, shopify also offers a similar web design experience, which is almost equally as easy to use as wix. however, there is one main difference which is important to point out. with wix, you are modifying the look and feel of your website exactly how it is displayed online. this means that you can see your edits in real time as you make them on the screen, but with shopify, you have to make your changes, hit save, then refresh your browser to see your edits to your ecommerce store. so, needless to say, getting visual feedback regarding your changes can save you a lot of time during the design phase of your site. wix also allows you to edit the look and feel of your site on desktop and mobile completely separately, and this allows you to create a mobile first experience with your website that could be drastikally different from desktop, depending on the device. so, overall, setting up a website on wix will be quicker and easier because of their drag and drop ui. but keep in mind that wix's e-commerce solution doesn't do as much as shopify, so there's less setup as well. now because shopify has more features and more options to configure these features. it can take a bit longer to get up and running on shopify, but shopify is about as easy as it gets when it comes to creating a powerful ecommerce platform. but in terms of design, i have to say that wix is the winner now. which platform has better themes and flexibility now when it comes to e-commerce? unlike wix, shopify was built specifically for e-commerce and has a lot more features to choose from. every theme in shopify store looks beautiful and is guaranteed to be responsive and looks great on desktop and mobile. now the only downside is that shopify only offers 10 free themes and if you want a premium theme, it will actually set you back a couple hundred bucks. but aside from the theme selection and cost, there's actually one huge factor that makes shopify so much better than wix. wix was designed from the ground up to have an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to design your site, and that comes at a price. once you've designed the look and feel of your website, it's actually extremely manual to make major changes. now, unlike shopify, you can just pop in a new theme and you have a brand new store. however, with wix, you basically have to rebuild your entire website if you want to make a drastik change to your site. in addition, you don't have access to the html and css, which is something that's important to any developer. now, as an aside, i've redesigned my ecommerce store over three times already and it's never been from complete scratch. templates and themes make the process so much easier. so over the course of your ecommerce stores life, you will make template changes more than once, so just keep this in mind. so, bottom line, when it comes to templates and changing styles, shopify is the hands down winner for flexibility. now, which platform- shopify, wix- has better third-party apps? now, specifically when it comes to e-commerce features, it's not even a contest because shopify is so popular. every new plugin and feature always gets developed for shopify first, and if you look at wix's app store, it's the complete opposite of shopify. there are far less ecommerce developers creating apps for the wix platform. in any case, i'm often asked what the show stoppers are for me personally.

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Wix Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step-by-step guide to wix drop shipping: what it is and how. complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience. more than after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. check it out in the free workshop below. so for you guys understand the opportunity that comes with wix drop shipping, you need to first understand what drop shipping is. now, i first got into drop shipping back like years ago, when i was struggling to find a way to make money online. you know, i had no time, no money and no experience whatsoever, and everything else that seemed to make money online seemed way too complicated for someone like me. but i wanted to make my first hundred dollars a day. i wanted to make my first five thousand dollars a day. if i was able to do that, i'd able to, you know, pay off my student loan debt and- and you know, credit card bills and help my mom and dad, but i just did not know where to start, and that's where i literally found the concept of drop shipping. now you're probably wondering what drop shipping is, and it's really simple. i'll use ebay, for example. even though this is a wix drop shipping tutorial, all dropshipping is: i post something on sale on my own website, right, you can see? this is 242. i would wait for a sale. when i get a sale, cha-ching and get the money in my bank account. that's when i take this money and literally buy it from a supplier at a lower cost. you could see this is the exact same product on walmart: 199, 242. so that's a little. drop shipping is wait for a sale. once you get a sale, take the money and then buy it somewhere else at a lower cost, and that person will buy from ships it directly to your customer. which leads me to the second thing, and that's: what are the benefits of drop shipping? well, the biggest one is: there's no inventory. now here's the most amazing thing. right, like in the traditional old ways of making money with e-commerce, you would literally have to go to a place like china and buy a bunch of product in bulk and hope and pray that this, this product that you literally bought would literally sell. you know, um, i remember back in the day when i would literally do that. i would buy thousands of dollars worth of products from china and then i would try selling them on amazon and guess what? no one wanted to buy them and just like that. it was like very, very risky. the beautiful thing about drop shipping is you don't need any inventory right, which leads me to another good benefit of drop shipping is there is very, very low risk because you're not tied to existing inventory model, right like. you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a product or unit a if unit a doesn't work, guess what? you could just literally like stop selling it right. another good thing is there's a global opportunity. so i literally live here in, uh, bali, indonesia, right, where i'm surrounded by all these successful people, like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million dollars per month profit. a lot of these people's businesses aren't stuck in one physical location, they're global. i have people from canada selling in germany. i people from germany selling in australia. i have people in australia selling in like new zealand. you know the fact that you could literally open up a shop, especially on wix, in like minutes and then you could go and start selling is ridiculous. another one is there's no shipping logistiks. so that's one of the hardest things when i get started in the online world, especially when you're dealing with products. there's a lot of logistiks at hand. you have to go sell the product and you have to go and find the product, and then you have to go buy the product and then you have to worry about, like fedex and ups and making sure it gets there on time. sometimes, when you do drop shipping, especially in the way that i'm gonna share with you all that is completely automated and done for you. now the third step is understanding why use wix. okay, i understand the opportunity with drop shipping, but why wix mic and, as you can see, you can literally create a website for free and get started. you create a website that you're proud of and you can see that they literally have so many different apps that plug into um wix itself. you could have either a personal blog or, in this case, like a business or an online store, and, the coolest thing about when you like, start up with wix. they have all these apps that already can import like thousands of different products for you, um, for very affordable or even like sometimes free, which the way i'm going to show you, where you can literally have like thousands of products on your store within the next like 10, 20 minutes, um, with some of the apps i'm going to show you. so that's why people like getting started with wix, um, and also it's a really good um- how do you say like price effectiveness- than you know other softwares that might be a little bit more expensive. and the coolest thing is, like i said, with all these done few themes, like within minutes you could already set it up and already have a website that looks really professional, where you're already good to go and start selling. now let's tok about exactly how to make money with this. okay, so step number one: you really need to go and sign up for a free account on wix. the next thing that you want to do is you want to go and pick a theme. now you want to go pick something that's related to an online store, because drop shipping is a form of e-commerce, right? so you want to make it look and feel as if it is like similar to the e-commerce stores. luckily for you, wix has so many different inbuilt themes that you could already pick, and it literally takes like a minute to customize it right. the moment you do that, the next step is: you want to go and import the thousands of products. you're probably going to mike. i don't have any experience. i don't know where to get products. i don't want to drop shipping from china. what are some possible opportunities? there are two really good wix plugins that you could already start right now and i'll really get started with that. the first one is modalist, so you can literally find millions of drop shipping products to sell on wix. all you got to do is install for free our wix app for drop shipping, add mobile list to your wix ecommerce store and start making money with wix, and you could see that you could find top training products to sell online. you know they've connected e-commerce products directly to drop shipping products and wholesale uh drop shipping suppliers. so this is like huge right, because i remember back in the day i would individually have to go to each one of these suppliers and be like, hey guys, can i literally sell some of your products? and some of these people are like, uh, who are you? and they wouldn't even give me the time of day, right, but literally with this app, you now have it all in built. you have bags, you have jump ropes, you have like makeup kits, you literally have like yoga pants and all these things and essential oils. there's so many things that you could already start selling with this, as well as like automated drop shipping. software includes the best features for wix online business. you can see single centralized platform inventory and pricing updates, and you only have to buy the products after you've already made the sale. so it's very, very low risk. it's not like the old way where you have to buy first and then sell. you sell it first and then, if you made a sale, great, you could buy it fast and free shipping. look at this- including usa drop shippers, so they could. they'll deliver it in four days, so it's super fast. uh sync tracking numbers, so you don't actually have to go ahead and upload the tracking yourself, which was comp.

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The Top 15 Wix Dropshipping Suppliers To Scale Your Online Store 📦

the e-commerce industry has been continuously growing and it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. hey everyone, I'm Laura, and welcome back to our YouTube channel, where we discuss everything Drop Shipping related, and in today's video, we're going to go through the top 15 Wix drop shipping supplies for your e-commerce store. so buckle up for the ride and let's get straight into this video. [Music]. so we know that anybody can become a drop shipper, and the most easiest and convenient way is through the styling platform, Wix. Wix allows you to create and customize your own online store, while enabling you to Target your preferred audience. and what is the main reason that we are able to run our week store successfully? while Wix drop shipping supplies, of course, wax drop shipping supplies allows you to ship these products from your online store to your customers both swiftly and efficiently, and that's why, today, we're going to go through the 15 best Wix drop shipping supplies that you can choose for your e-commerce store. so, without further Ado, here are the top suppliers that we'll be looking at today. so our very first suppliers: Amazon, and of course, we know that this supplier offers millions of products across all categories. they are one of the most successful companies in the US, and here are some of their pros and cons. they're offer an impressive two-day delivery standard for its Prime members. they have a massive amount of warehouses, with 110 fulfillment centers in the the US and 185 centers globally, and because of this exact reason, this is what makes them an excellent Drop Shipping supplier. as mentioned in the beginning, Amazon has a wide product Variety in all categories and they're having no questions asked free 30-day return policy. however, when it comes to their cons, Amazon experiences constant price fluctuations. this makes it harder to track your mock-ups or your markdowns in order to keep your present profit margin. also, keep in mind that, because Amazon is a Marketplace rather than a direct supplier, there is minimal quality control, and those are Amazon's pros and cons when it comes to choosing them as your Wix Drop Shipping supplier. our next Wix Drop Shipping Supply suggestion is Aliexpress. as we know, AliExpress is one of the most globally used marketplaces, housing over 100 million products across every category imaginable, and here are some of AliExpress's pros and cons. when it comes to their Pros, AliExpress has a very convenient Drop Shipping Center and, overall, this Drop Shipping Center can help you conduct relevant product research for your online store, as mentioned, to have endless product categories and even more subcategories to choose your products from. AliExpress also encourages competitive pricing, allowing you, as a drop shipper, to leverage its lower prices. however, when it comes to AliExpress's cons, they provide really poor customer support. customer support reps aren't available 24: 7 and they don't speak English really well, and this can become a major inconvenience, especially if we have to sort out a problem on behalf of our customers as soon as possible. also, keep in mind that AliExpress's products come from China at a very low cost, so high quality products aren't guaranteed. another recommended Wix Drop Shipping supplier is CJ Drop Shipping. it's no surprise that they are one of our go-to Wix Drop Shipping suppliers because of their multiple Dropship integration tools and its International warehouses. those are just some of their Pros, so let's further investigate the benefits and drawbacks. one of the most attractive traits about CJ Drop Shipping is their white label solution. this is when they allow for both their products and packaging to be available with a blank label, which in turn, provides you with the opportunity to Brand it. this is a huge Advantage when Drop Shipping, because you're able to customize these products with your own custom design and store branding, so customers will easily be able to identify that these products does in fact, come from your store. however, when it comes to CJ dropshipping strawbacks, they provide limited shipping options and only shipped to 18 countries. also, CJ Drop Shipping does not have a user-friendly interface. it is very cluttered and not easy to use. the next Infamous stok shipping supplier that we can utilize by Wix online store is eBay. eBay has an extensive product selection, reliable customer Supports. they offer express shipping options and their convenience. so let's start trading to eBay's both pros and cons. as mentioned, eBay has a variety of hot product options. they also offer buyers Seller Protection, which means that there's no stress when it comes to sourcing your products, and it's very easy to spine your competition and get the inside scoop on what are the Hot Products that you should be selling. you can do this by simply searching for a product or Niche, and then you'll easily be able to see how many sellers are selling this product and how many sales they've been making from selling this product. on the other hand, though, eBay does limit us from customizing or branding our products. this is because they have a lack of pod and wide label options. also, because eBay Is An Open Marketplace, there are thousands of sellers with various shipping and return policies that you should pay attention to. our first week's Drop Shipping supplier is Wayfair. wafer is the great Drop Shipping supplier in the home Niche, offering us a good amount of products to Source. they also have a Global Network of warehouses and because of this, they can offer a speedy two-day shipping solution. so let's have a look at some of their traits, both good and bad. when it comes to wayfares, because they offer a my way program. this program offers benefits such as free shipping on any order, member exclusive products and even free one-day shipping for eligible products. and don't worry if you are a non-member of this my way program. Wayfair does, in fact, guarantee fast shipping across different regions and, as mentioned in the beginning, dropshippers have a wide variety of products to choose from wayfair's product range. however, when it comes to weight-based cons, you can expect to pay higher prices when utilizing this Drop Shipping supplier. the reason for these high prices is directly related to the good quality of the products that they offer and because wayfair's product selection is solely focused on the Home Goods Market, you are limited to only picking products from the home Niche when using the stok shipping supplier. our next Wix Drop Shipping Supply suggestion is Costco and, as we know, Costco is well known for their competitive prices. here are some of the benefits and drawbacks if you can look forward to when utilizing this Drop Shipping supplier for your work online store. so, for us-based dropshippers, you can look forward to same-day shipping by Costco. Costco also has a fantastik customer service team, which swiftly deals with any issues in relation to cancellations, returns, tracking or any other issues you may encounter. they also offer affordable wholesale prices, which, in turn, means you'll remain affordable to your own customers. but, on the downside, Costco does not offer free shipping for every order. you'll only qualify for free shipping on orders that are 75 and above. they also have limited payment method options, such as your debit or credit card or their Costco shop card, but PayPal is not an option. up next on our Wix drop shipping supplies list is Etsy. as we know, it sees an American Marketplace that is home to a variety of one-of-a-kind items which is made by Independent Artists, crafters and collectors. so let's have a look at what this supplier has to offer us dropshippers. Ipsy has an extensive product range, where you have over 60 million and products to choose from. the main thing to take from Etsy is that all products are unique and you won't find them anywhere else, and because of this, this provides you with a great opportunity to increase your profit margins.

How to Create a Wix Dropshipping Website - Wix Dropshipping Tutorial 2022 (EP 1)

hey, what's up everyone and welcome back to a new video on the channel. so in today's video, we're gonna check out how we can start our very own drop shipping website using wix. so this will be a beginner tutorial. so if you've never done drop shipping in the past, or if you've never done your own website in the past, this is gonna be the perfect tutorial for you to get started with your drop shipping. either drop shipping, maybe using tik tok, or maybe just using social media ads. whatever you're doing to market your products, this will be the basics of setting up your store and making sure that your customers coming into your website have a good experience and find your products easily, and in this video, i'll also show some tips and tricks on how to find winning products. so find products that actually sell very well and have potential to grow exponentially. all that being said, let's just jump into this tutorial. hopefully you enjoy. so the first thing you should do to get started is just click on the top link in the description. this will take you to the page that i am currently on and, depending on when you watch this video, it might look a bit different, but the steps will still be fairly similar. so, getting started with the tutorial, the first thing you want to do is just go ahead and click on start selling now. once we click on start selling now, we'll come to this page right here, and on this page you want to make sure we click on sign up in order to create a new account. once we click on sign up, we have the option to either create an account using our email address or you can log in using facebook or google. if you log in using facebook or google, most likely will be your personal account and in most cases, if you are a business, you don't want to use your personal facebook or personal google to your business account. but if you are just creating this for fun, let's say, then sure, just go ahead and use your facebook. but i would recommend you to use an email address. maybe create an email address for your new store, maybe super glasses, hotmailcom or whatever it is. just create an email for that specific store just makes it so much easier to manage everything from one place. but, with that being said, i'm gonna go ahead and create an account right now. once you've signed up for an account, you'll see something similar to this, which will say what kind of website you want to create. so here it's essentially just up to what we want to create here, and we already know that we want to create an e-commerce websites. we want to sell products to people. so what we can go ahead and do is just go ahead and click on the online store option. and once we have clicked on the online store option, you'll have the option to choose between a wix adi, which will create the website automatikally for you. in this case, we want to create our website from scratch, which is going to be choose a template. but if you want to create a wix website from scratch, just answering some questions, the vix adis descent is decent enough, but if you want more creativity behind your website, i would definitely go with choosing a template. so that's what i'm going to click right now. so i'm going to click on choose a template right here. once we are under template options, you'll see that we have a bunch of different templates right here. we'll also have some categories at the top, so we'll have our e-commerce website templates. but you can also go ahead and switch back if you want to check out some of the other themes as well. but what i want to do right now is just go ahead and choose from the ecommerce website templates, as what we have is that we do have some at the top. so which is one accessory one? we have a plant boutique accessory store, face mask shop. actually, that could be a good idea for our shop. so why don't we create a drop shipping website selling face mask? because we are in a time where people use face mask and it's becoming more and more of a clothing piece that people wear. so people go ahead and actually buy branded face mask because it's com becoming more and more popular and people want to stik out and it is a piece that everyone essentially has to wear in most places that you are. so why don't we just find some cool face masks, put it on a nice store and then we can market it, let's say, on tiktok or instagram or facebook, and that way we can get some customers in as well. so that sounds like a good idea to me. so what we'll do is just use the face mask shop. what we'll do is we can either click on view right here to get a preview on how this theme would look like. we can also click on view full demo to get a full demo on how the website looks like. but if you already know that you want to use this theme, you can just go ahead and click on edit. once you have clicked on edit, we will open up the wix website editor. so in the wix website editor, you can see that we have a lot of things on the screen right now, and if this is the first time you're making a website, this is going to be a bit overwhelming, but we're going to walk you through step by step here so you don't have to worry. we can just start off on the side right here. so on the side, we'll have our pages, which is going to be all the pages that we have on the website right now. it's gonna be our home page. we're gonna have our shop- adults, kids, faq, contact, shipping and return and store policy. that is going to be all our pages on the website. then we also have some additional pages as well. so we have our sign up and login pages, we have our store pages and then we have our members pages. then, going back up here, we're just going to close this down. we do have background, so this is going to be the background color of your website. if you want to change the color of your background, you can go ahead and click here. the next one is going to be add. so adding- if i click right here, you can see to have a bunch of different elements that we can add to our website. which is great about wix because there's so many different elements and so many different features that you can add to your website. but we're not going to add anything right now, so i'm just going to close this down. jumping to the next one, we have the theme manager. in the theme manager, you can change the color and the feel and look of your website in a very simple way, so you can choose a new color palette that will fit whatever branding you want to go for for your store. jumping down, we have ad app. ad app is going to be similar to the app store on your phone. what essentially it does is that you can choose between a bunch of different apps that different developers have made. doesn't have to be made by wix. it can be made from other developers and this will add additional features to your website. so if you want to add, let's say, instagram feed to your website, you can go ahead, go to the apps and search for instagram and that way you can find a app that gives you that functionality. and the instagram feed is very simple, but there are a bunch of different apps in here. some of them are higher quality than others. we just make sure you read some of their reviews and make sure that you pick something that actually benefits your store, because you don't want to go ahead and add all the apps that you find. just use the ones that you actually need, and that should be good. jumping down, we have media, so in media you'll have all the images that you have on your website either that you uploaded yourself. it can also be videos, you can also be icons. all of that is going to be under media, and you'll also have some free images as well, from vix, which you can use on your website. jumping down, we're going to have start blogging, so this will be a functionality to add a blog to your website. then we'll have my store, which is going to be where you manage all of the settings in your store. this is going to be your product, your shipping settings, so on and so forth, and at the very bottom we're going to have our send business tools. there's gonna be more marketing tools to help you grow you.

How to Add Dropshipping Products to Wix Store! (2022)

in this video i'm going to show you how you can start drop shipping on wix. so i'm going to show you how you can add drop shipping products to your store on wix. so for that, i'm going to go to my website, to my store. so let's go and click on select and edit site. so, basically, what i'm going to do in this video is show you, step by step, how you can start drop shipping on wix. so for that, go to edit website and then go to the classic wix editor. all right, so here we are in the wix editor. you want to make sure that your website is a store. okay, so make sure that it's a store, as you can sort there my store, this is a store website with all of these products. now, if you want to start drop shipping, you want to click on add apps and then search for- let's wait. you want to click on search apps and then you can search for drop shipping, for example, and you'll find a, an app called spocket- i'm pretty sure that's how you pronounce it- and you want to install this app, spock it- us and eu drop shipping. you want to add this to your website, as you can see right there, i've already done that. but this is a great app to start drop shipping on wix, because they have a ton of suppliers and i'll show you in a bit- and it's not the cheap and stuff like from aliexpress or alibaba. this is actually like higher quality and this is actually a pretty decent way to start up your own drop shipping store. so this is the app- spock it. so you can search for products and you can search for categories, you have a price filter, locations and you can even choose a supplier right there. you can sort this by. so, for example, if i store this by shipping time, i'm gonna find these products okay. so, as you can see right there, the shipping time on these products are way better than on aliexpress, for example. so this only takes one up to three days for shipping. it's free in the us. you can also click right there to show all of the shipping prices so you can get all the information on here. so, for example, you can choose that- let's say, i want to order two of them, it's going to be 40, no 54 dollars- and then you can order that right there so you can check out all of these products. it will show you the shipping time, the shipping price, the price us dollars and the retail price. but on here you can find a ton of different suppliers and products that you can start drop shipping with. for example, if you want to do, if you want to do, free usa shipping, you click right there. you find free shipping products. for example, this one price twelve dollars, retail price: thirty dollars and sixty two cents for up to seven days shipping, which still isn't bad compared to aliexpress and all of the other websites. but, yeah, this is pretty much where you can find a ton of products. for example, let's say, i want to start drop shipping with this product. you then click on it, you click on add to import list, right there. you then choose your plan, right, so you can go the starter one, the pro one, the empire one and the unicorn one. honestly, i just recommend going with the- uh like the starter plan, especially if- just if- you're just starting. of course, that makes sense, right, you can click on start now upgrade to starter, and you can pretty much sign up for an account and start drop shipping. so if i go back to the app, i'll show you once again. this is where you can find all the products. you can choose a supplier. you can filter this on price, location and all of this. honestly, this is one of the best apps on wix to start to start drop shipping. but yeah, that's pretty much what i would do and what i'm doing if i wanted to start drop shipping all over again without any experience on wix. so this is a great way to find products and suppliers. so if this video helps you out, make sure you go ahead and leave a like on the video. i would appreciate that and then i'll see you in the next one. have a good day.