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wix dropshipping website

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Wix Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step-by-step guide to wix drop shipping: what it is and how. complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience. more than after the intro: hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. check it out in the free workshop below. so for you guys understand the opportunity that comes with wix drop shipping, you need to first understand what drop shipping is. now, i first got into drop shipping back like years ago, when i was struggling to find a way to make money online. you know, i had no time, no money and no experience whatsoever, and everything else that seemed to make money online seemed way too complicated for someone like me. but i wanted to make my first hundred dollars a day. i wanted to make my first five thousand dollars a day. if i was able to do that, i'd able to, you know, pay off my student loan debt and- and you know, credit card bills and help my mom and dad, but i just did not know where to start, and that's where i literally found the concept of drop shipping. now you're probably wondering what drop shipping is, and it's really simple. i'll use ebay, for example. even though this is a wix drop shipping tutorial, all dropshipping is: i post something on sale on my own website, right, you can see? this is 242. i would wait for a sale. when i get a sale, cha-ching and get the money in my bank account. that's when i take this money and literally buy it from a supplier at a lower cost. you could see this is the exact same product on walmart: 199, 242. so that's a little. drop shipping is wait for a sale. once you get a sale, take the money and then buy it somewhere else at a lower cost, and that person will buy from ships it directly to your customer. which leads me to the second thing, and that's: what are the benefits of drop shipping? well, the biggest one is: there's no inventory. now here's the most amazing thing. right, like in the traditional old ways of making money with e-commerce, you would literally have to go to a place like china and buy a bunch of product in bulk and hope and pray that this, this product that you literally bought would literally sell. you know, um, i remember back in the day when i would literally do that. i would buy thousands of dollars worth of products from china and then i would try selling them on amazon and guess what? no one wanted to buy them and just like that. it was like very, very risky. the beautiful thing about drop shipping is you don't need any inventory right, which leads me to another good benefit of drop shipping is there is very, very low risk because you're not tied to existing inventory model, right like. you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a product or unit a if unit a doesn't work, guess what? you could just literally like stop selling it right. another good thing is there's a global opportunity. so i literally live here in, uh, bali, indonesia, right, where i'm surrounded by all these successful people, like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million dollars per month profit. a lot of these people's businesses aren't stuck in one physical location, they're global. i have people from canada selling in germany. i people from germany selling in australia. i have people in australia selling in like new zealand. you know the fact that you could literally open up a shop, especially on wix, in like minutes and then you could go and start selling is ridiculous. another one is there's no shipping logistiks. so that's one of the hardest things when i get started in the online world, especially when you're dealing with products. there's a lot of logistiks at hand. you have to go sell the product and you have to go and find the product, and then you have to go buy the product and then you have to worry about, like fedex and ups and making sure it gets there on time. sometimes, when you do drop shipping, especially in the way that i'm gonna share with you all that is completely automated and done for you. now the third step is understanding why use wix. okay, i understand the opportunity with drop shipping, but why wix mic and, as you can see, you can literally create a website for free and get started. you create a website that you're proud of and you can see that they literally have so many different apps that plug into um wix itself. you could have either a personal blog or, in this case, like a business or an online store, and, the coolest thing about when you like, start up with wix. they have all these apps that already can import like thousands of different products for you, um, for very affordable or even like sometimes free, which the way i'm going to show you, where you can literally have like thousands of products on your store within the next like 10, 20 minutes, um, with some of the apps i'm going to show you. so that's why people like getting started with wix, um, and also it's a really good um- how do you say like price effectiveness- than you know other softwares that might be a little bit more expensive. and the coolest thing is, like i said, with all these done few themes, like within minutes you could already set it up and already have a website that looks really professional, where you're already good to go and start selling. now let's tok about exactly how to make money with this. okay, so step number one: you really need to go and sign up for a free account on wix. the next thing that you want to do is you want to go and pick a theme. now you want to go pick something that's related to an online store, because drop shipping is a form of e-commerce, right? so you want to make it look and feel as if it is like similar to the e-commerce stores. luckily for you, wix has so many different inbuilt themes that you could already pick, and it literally takes like a minute to customize it right. the moment you do that, the next step is: you want to go and import the thousands of products. you're probably going to mike. i don't have any experience. i don't know where to get products. i don't want to drop shipping from china. what are some possible opportunities? there are two really good wix plugins that you could already start right now and i'll really get started with that. the first one is modalist, so you can literally find millions of drop shipping products to sell on wix. all you got to do is install for free our wix app for drop shipping, add mobile list to your wix ecommerce store and start making money with wix, and you could see that you could find top training products to sell online. you know they've connected e-commerce products directly to drop shipping products and wholesale uh drop shipping suppliers. so this is like huge right, because i remember back in the day i would individually have to go to each one of these suppliers and be like, hey guys, can i literally sell some of your products? and some of these people are like, uh, who are you? and they wouldn't even give me the time of day, right, but literally with this app, you now have it all in built. you have bags, you have jump ropes, you have like makeup kits, you literally have like yoga pants and all these things and essential oils. there's so many things that you could already start selling with this, as well as like automated drop shipping. software includes the best features for wix online business. you can see single centralized platform inventory and pricing updates, and you only have to buy the products after you've already made the sale. so it's very, very low risk. it's not like the old way where you have to buy first and then sell. you sell it first and then, if you made a sale, great, you could buy it fast and free shipping. look at this- including usa drop shippers, so they could. they'll deliver it in four days, so it's super fast. uh sync tracking numbers, so you don't actually have to go ahead and upload the tracking yourself, which was comp.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business Without Shopify | Wix Dropshipping (2023)

I'm just about to reveal one of the easiest ways you can set up your own e-commerce store in 2022 without even using Shopify. so let's get started now, guys. here's the thing: so many people focus on building their website when, in reality, there are a bunch of other things that are significantly more important. so in the following minutes, I'm about to break down each and every single element that you should be focusing on instead of your website. not only that, but I'm gonna show you one of the most beginner friendly and easiest ways you can set up their website using wixcom, so that it doesn't take hours on end to set it up and have it running. and so here you have it. the first and most important aspect that will determine the profitability of your online store is your product selection, and you also need to keep in mind your competition. here's what I mean. I'm sure you know how Drop Shipping Works. what most people do is they connect to platforms such as AliExpress and they start searching for cheap products that you can resell for a profit right at the end of the day, drop shipping is as simple as that as a concept. the execution is a little bit more complicated, but when it comes to product selection. here's what most people do wrong. they stop at the very first product they like, and that is the worst thing you can do because of the competition. take a look at this. I'm pretty confident that this item right here would be a pretty cool Drop Shipping item. let's see what it does. well, guys, this is an astronaut projector and I'm confident this would be a really cool gift you can send to someone. all in all, this is just a great Drop Shipping product. it's a great example of a cool design and a lot of practikality, because it actually does something and it's not just a toy. however, well, you gotta take into account is that a lot of other people are selling the exact same product. it's got over 2600 reviews on AliExpress and they have 13 000 orders, and that's why, as soon as you find the product that you like, if you're looking to start your own eCommerce store and actually Implement Drop Shipping the right way, well, you got to do as soon as you find that product is search for it online. I'm literally just gonna copy the name of that and look it up on Google. let's see if we can find any online stories that are already promoting it. well, we've got a bunch of listings on Amazon, and it seems like there are quite a few different websites out there as well, but it's a rule of thumb. here, Amazon will be a pretty good indicator. also, you don't have to copy the whole name of the product. you can just copy a few of the keywords. let's just go for astronaut projector and see what we can find on Amazon. I'm just gonna look it up, hit enter and let's see what shows up. well, guys, there you have it. as expected, the competition here is not friendly at all. we literally have over 600 results. these are over 600 other sellers competing for the same market share and, as you can see, the sales are pretty spread between all of these sellers. this one has got a hundred of them, 100. here's another one with over 300, and here's one of the best sellers with over 3 400 reviews, which is ridiculous. not only that, but they are selling this item for 43 dollars, which is significantly higher than the 22 dollars they bought it for. but the bottom line is this: further research might be the most important part when it comes to drop shipping. not only do you want to find a cool product that's somewhat practikal, that actually does something, a product that people genuinely want to purchase. but you also got to make sure that the competition is not insanely high, so that you actually have a chance of selling the item and you're not just competing against thousands of other Sellers. and so, in my opinion, product research should take the most of your time. not building your website, because that is a piece of cake- I'm gonna show you how you can do it through wixcom- but actually doing the research, putting in the work, putting in the hours to find cool products to sell to your audience, that's the most important part, because, when it comes to building your website, there's just a three-step process. your customers get to order on your weak side, then those orders will be forwarded to your suppliers in China, and then your suppliers ship directly to your customers all over the world. all of that is fully automated, and that's something I absolutely love about Wix. by the way, guys, you want to head over to their e-commerce section? right, this is not just a regular website. it is specifically designed so that it helps you with e-commerce, partikularly Drop Shipping. but now that we have an idea of what product selection is all about, let's move on to number two on the list, and that is marketing. you need to take care of your marketing properly. let's just say that your website is up and running. you've taken your time to build your website through Wix, which should be a no-brainer. just in case you get lost at some point, you can watch a bunch of tutorials online and those should clarify all the doubts you might have. but for the most part, I'm sure you can manage it. again, let's just say that your website is up and running and at this point, people can actually purchase items from your store and, thanks to the week's automations, those orders will be redirected to your suppliers, who will ship the items to your customers. so the back end is already taken care of. everything is well optimized and everything works flawlessly. the next thing you need to do is start driving traffic to your eCommerce store, because people are not just gonna magically land on your page. you need to send them there, and you also need to do it wisely, efficiently and also cost efficiently, and here's something that people typically do. this is not necessarily a mistake, but it's not something that I would do if I was just starting out from scratch. I think that people jump to pay that too quickly. don't get me wrong: jigsaw cats are a great idea and they're a great way to Target people in a specific type of demographic, in a specific audience that might be interested in your product. they certainly do the job well. but if you're starting out and you have no idea of how marketing works, you may want to focus on organic marketing first, and then, once you get some best performing ads that actually get people to your website, that's when you want to switch over to paid ads. in other words, you can try it out for free, with no investment, through organic marketing at first, and once you start getting some sales, once you get some data back from your tests, that's when you can move over to pay. that here's what I mean. if you guys connect to tiktok and you search for a tik tok made me buy it- you will find all of these product review videos- very short ones, very engaging ones as well- that shine a light on very cool products. this is one of them, and they are just unboxing the item and illustrating how it works, so you don't have to come up with some revolutionary ideas. sometimes just an unboxing video where a product review is enough to get millions of views thanks to the tiktok algorithm that gives everyone a fair chance. so that's what you can do as well. once you've found your product, you've set up your website so that it works, what you can do is order one of those, test it out yourself, just to make sure that the quality is on point- which again is a very important part- and then you can start recording these further reviews and pasting them all over the internet. I'm toking about tiktok. YouTube has YouTube shorts, Instagram is Instagram reels. each and every single one of these social media platforms can be a great source of organic traffic thanks to their algorithms. you don't have to pay for the traffic. you're posting this for their reviews, hopefully getting views, and then sending people to your website. right. by the way, this is by no means a new idea. all of these guys are already doing it. here's a great example. take a look at this tiktok page.

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Shopify vs Wix 2022 (Don't choose WRONG!)

so i've been using both shopify and wix to build multiple ecommerce stores over the past years. i've even created complete beginner tutorials on how to set up online stores using both shopify and wix. so in this video, i'm going to compare both of these e-commerce platforms side-by-side. this video is not sponsored by any of these platforms. i'm simply gonna give you my honest opinion based on my own experience and based on some further research that i've done for this specific video. so let's get started. [Music]. now i wanna make clear that i'm gonna compare shopify and wix as e-commerce platforms, so a place where you can build an online store and sell things. because this is already where we can spot a big difference between wix and shopify. both companies started out in 2006, but wix started out as a website builder, whereas shopify, from the beginning, focused on being an e-commerce platform. only in the recent years, wix started rolling out e-commerce features allowing us to sell products on a wix website. so, just based on that fact, it's clear that shopify has a lot more experience in the e-commerce space. however, that doesn't mean that we should immediately go and build our store on shopify. so let's go ahead and take a deeper look into both of these platforms, starting with plans and pricing. with shopify, you can choose between three different plans: basic, shopify and advanced. when you're starting out, the basic plan should be more than enough for you, so that would be 29 per month plus transaction fees for every sale that your store makes. you already get a lot with a basic plan, like being able to sell an unlimited amount of products, 24: 7 support and features like discount codes, abandoned card recovery, marketing automation and a lot more. the main difference between the basic plan and the other plans are the transaction fees. so if you go for one of the more expensive plans, you're gonna have lower transaction fees for every sale that your store makes. so when you reach a certain number of revenue per month, it certainly makes sense to upgrade to a higher plan to reduce those transaction fees. we will take a closer look into payment providers and transaction fees later in this video, because obviously this is a very important deciding factor. now let's look at the pricing of wix. on the pricing page, we first have to switch from regular website plans to business and e-commerce plans, because these are the ones we need to go for if you want to sell products on our website. here we also got three plans: business basic, business unlimited and business vip. and, by the way, these prices apply if you pay yearly. if you want to pay on a monthly basis, then these are the prices for the respective plans. with the basic plan, for 34 per month, you get everything you need for a basic online store. however, if you want your international customers to see prices in their local currency or if you want to sell subscription products, then you need to go at least for the business unlimited plan at 38 per month. now, looking at the wix and shopify plans side by side, we can see that the basic plan of shopify is actually a bit cheaper compared to wix's basic plan. if you pay monthly, then the higher tier plans of shopify are much more expensive compared to wix, at least when you first look at them, because one of the main differences here is that wix doesn't reduce their transaction fees for the higher tier plans. so even though you pay more in a monthly subscription fee for a higher tier shopify plan, the overall cost in a month can still be lower compared to wix, because for every sale that you make, you're gonna pay less in transaction fees. so in my opinion, the plans of shopify are a bit more attractive because with the basic plan, you pretty much get everything you need for your online store, and i also like the fact that you can reduce your transaction fees once you start making more money with your store by simply upgrading to a higher tier plan. shopify does have a 14 day free trial, so you can test out everything before choosing a pay plan. you're going to find a link to that trial down below in the video description. however, if you want to launch your store and make it available to visitors, you do need to be on a paid plan. wix doesn't have a limited free trial. you can basically just create a free wix account, take your time to build your store, but then, once you want to start selling, you also need to be on a paid plan. let's move on and compare the website themes of wix and shopify. both platforms have a lot of beautiful themes for all types of online stores. wix literally has hundreds of free online store themes that you can choose from, so the chances are very high that you're gonna find one that you really like that is already optimized for the kind of online store that you want to build. shopify, on the other hand, only has 9 free online store themes. so if you don't like any of these 9 themes for your store, you have the possibility to browse their premium theme library. however, those themes cost you around 300 as a one-time fee, so wix definitely gets a big point here for having a lot of free themes for online stores. however, one of the key differences between wix and shopify themes is that wix themes aren't always fully responsive, meaning that when you look at your website on a mobile device, it won't always be perfectly optimized, so you'll need to make sure to rearrange all the elements that are out of place for smaller screen sizes. wix does have the so called editor x that you can use to build fully responsive designs. however, that is more geared towards the advanced designer and agencies rather than the average user. shopify's themes, on the other hand, are fully responsive, meaning that you can just build everything on desktop view and it'll automatikally look good on mobile as well. now let's tok a bit more about design customization options for wix and shopify generally. you'll be more flexible using wix to design your online store. you can simply use drag and drop to add any element to your website and customize it as you like. this kind of drag and drop doesn't work on shopify. here, everything has its predefined position and you get some customization options on the side menu, so you definitely do get more flexibility when it comes to website design using wix. in terms of ease of use, i have to say that i find both platforms fairly easy to use for beginners. wix really tries to make it as simple as possible for absolute beginners to build a beautiful website. if you want to get your website up and running as quick as possible with minimum design work, you can use their adi website builder. here you can simply answer some questions, pick some favorite designs and then wix will automatikally design your online store based on your answers. shopify doesn't have something like that, but i still think it's fairly straightforward to build your first online store, especially if you use my shopify tutorial to guide you through step by step. in terms of managing everything else that comes with running an online store, like fulfilling orders, managing inventory handling, customer support or sending out marketing emails, i would say that both of them are equally easy to use. i personally like shopify a bit better in terms of user experience. i just feel like when i use shopify, i really notike that everything is specifically made for selling online and everything is optimized for that specific purpose, so there's no unnecessary features that distract you from what's actually important. however, i did read a lot of comments from similar videos like this one, and saw a lot of people saying that they found wigs a lot easier to use and a lot less complex. so probably the best way would be to sign up for both of these platforms and see for yourself which one comes easier to you. and, by the way, if you need some help in the beginning getting started with either shopify or wix, definitely make sure to watch my beginner tutorials here on youtube. they already helped out.

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How to Add Dropshipping Products to Wix Store! (2022)

in this video i'm going to show you how you can start drop shipping on wix. so i'm going to show you how you can add drop shipping products to your store on wix. so for that, i'm going to go to my website, to my store. so let's go and click on select and edit site. so, basically, what i'm going to do in this video is show you, step by step, how you can start drop shipping on wix. so for that, go to edit website and then go to the classic wix editor. all right, so here we are in the wix editor. you want to make sure that your website is a store. okay, so make sure that it's a store, as you can sort there my store, this is a store website with all of these products. now, if you want to start drop shipping, you want to click on add apps and then search for- let's wait. you want to click on search apps and then you can search for drop shipping, for example, and you'll find a, an app called spocket- i'm pretty sure that's how you pronounce it- and you want to install this app, spock it- us and eu drop shipping. you want to add this to your website, as you can see right there, i've already done that. but this is a great app to start drop shipping on wix, because they have a ton of suppliers and i'll show you in a bit- and it's not the cheap and stuff like from aliexpress or alibaba. this is actually like higher quality and this is actually a pretty decent way to start up your own drop shipping store. so this is the app- spock it. so you can search for products and you can search for categories, you have a price filter, locations and you can even choose a supplier right there. you can sort this by. so, for example, if i store this by shipping time, i'm gonna find these products okay. so, as you can see right there, the shipping time on these products are way better than on aliexpress, for example. so this only takes one up to three days for shipping. it's free in the us. you can also click right there to show all of the shipping prices so you can get all the information on here. so, for example, you can choose that- let's say, i want to order two of them, it's going to be 40, no 54 dollars- and then you can order that right there so you can check out all of these products. it will show you the shipping time, the shipping price, the price us dollars and the retail price. but on here you can find a ton of different suppliers and products that you can start drop shipping with. for example, if you want to do, if you want to do, free usa shipping, you click right there. you find free shipping products. for example, this one price twelve dollars, retail price: thirty dollars and sixty two cents for up to seven days shipping, which still isn't bad compared to aliexpress and all of the other websites. but, yeah, this is pretty much where you can find a ton of products. for example, let's say, i want to start drop shipping with this product. you then click on it, you click on add to import list, right there. you then choose your plan, right, so you can go the starter one, the pro one, the empire one and the unicorn one. honestly, i just recommend going with the- uh like the starter plan, especially if- just if- you're just starting. of course, that makes sense, right, you can click on start now upgrade to starter, and you can pretty much sign up for an account and start drop shipping. so if i go back to the app, i'll show you once again. this is where you can find all the products. you can choose a supplier. you can filter this on price, location and all of this. honestly, this is one of the best apps on wix to start to start drop shipping. but yeah, that's pretty much what i would do and what i'm doing if i wanted to start drop shipping all over again without any experience on wix. so this is a great way to find products and suppliers. so if this video helps you out, make sure you go ahead and leave a like on the video. i would appreciate that and then i'll see you in the next one. have a good day.

10 Best Wix Dropshipping Apps

hey, what is up guys? it's brennan here, and today we're going to be going over the 10 best wix drop shipping apps. so if you're interested in just getting started with drop shipping, wix is another e-commerce platform that is an excellent option if you're just getting started with drop shipping or looking to start a drop shipping business. and these are the 10 best wix drop shipping apps. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into the list now. first off, if you're just getting set up with wix, be sure to check the links down in the description box below where, if you want to follow along through all the different drop shipping apps, companies and drop shipping suppliers, then you can go ahead and follow through down in the description box below. i'll have them all listed out with links to each of the websites as well some of those which may be affiliate links as well. so full disclosure there. without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into the list. so at number one- and these are not really in any partikular order, it's just i figured this would be a pretty solid order for going through the different uh wix drop shipping companies and apps and suppliers. so at number one for wix ecommerce, wix drop shipping getting started with your dropshipping business. we have modalist. now modalist recently got acquired from wix as well. wixcom acquired modalist and i have individual reviews of a lot of these different dropshipping suppliers and apps and companies on the channel. so if you're more interested in the details about each of these different drop shipping options, then go ahead and check out my channel as well. i have a lot of different video reviews going more in depth on each of these different platforms. today we're just going to do a quick overview of each of the different options that you have. so obviously, modalist, because it is acquired by wix, it is really well integrated into wix's platform, so modalist is a great dropshipping product option. uh, they allow you to sell various designer brands, eco-friendly suppliers, private label manufacturers, as well as aliexpress. so if you want to do aliexpress, you can do that with modalist and import aliexpress products for drop shipping. a few different options on this list kind of have a mix of the different types of suppliers, so you can expect to get a decent variety from a platform such as modalist. and, as you can see here on the app integrations, you have wix, so that is key. obviously they, you know, for this video he's got to have integration with wix. so obviously modalist does and modalist is a good option for if you're looking to get drop started, drop shipping with wix. so, yeah, as you can see lots of different options here within modalist. like i said, if you want more in-depth video on modalist itself, where we take a look at more details and same with all the other suppliers, in today's video i do have individual reviews on the channel, so feel free to check those out. as far as pricing goes for modalists as well, just as another quick overview you they do have a free hobby level you could get started at and then they have their most popular and their pro levels. um, yeah, so we're not gonna be diving too much into the specifics each of these different platforms, but, yeah, number one is modalist. moving into number two, we have spock it now spock it. i have mentioned on the channel many different times before. spock. it is another great option. if you're looking at doing us and eu products, then spock it is a great option. they also have the integration with wix, so obviously that is very important. you gotta have that wix integration and spock it does and spock it. i also have a link down in the description box below. so, like i said, if you want to follow along or check out more information on each of these different platforms, i have links down in the description box below so you can follow along and check out these platforms for yourself, maybe get started with free trials or or test things out and kind of see which one fits your, fits your flow, which one you like best for your wix drop shipping website. so, yeah, spock it- another good option as well. uh, like i said, us and eu suppliers and products. so a little bit different there. now, moving into number three, at number three after spock it, we have printful. now printful, it's a little bit different from most of the other drop shipping options on this video here today, printful is actually a print on demand service, so print on demand is very similar to drop shipping. is, i mean, basically, you got, you got drop shipping? printful does offer drop shipping of their products, so print on demand, very similar to drop shipping. that's why i figured i'd include in this list, because it really is drop shipping essentially, um, but it is a little bit different since it is print on demand so effectively. if you're not familiar with print on demand, a company like printful. there are other options out there as well, but printful uh does have the integration with wix, so that is key there. you basically put designs on a sweater and then you sell the sweater or hat or whatever type of thing you want to put your logo on. then you can go ahead and easily sell products like that and they take care of all of the shipping and logistiks aspects, just like a regular drop shipping supplier would. so if you want to go the more print on demand route, um, then you can look into print on demand. but i figured i'd include printful in this list because they do still offer the drop shipping service and they have that wix integration as well. so if you're interested in print on demand and you still want to have the drop shipping aspects, then printful could be good for you, especially if you're using wix, since they do have that integration. so moving into number four- number four on the list, we have it de-essers. now i've toked about de-essers before on the channel. i also have a review on them. de-essers- they also have that uh wix integration, as you can see here, and de-esser says is a great option if you're really stiking to the whole aliexpress drop shipping model. um, de-essers is a really good option if you want to do aliexpress drop shipping. so if all you care about is aliexpress, de-essers is a good option for you. but if you're trying to look for other types of products and maybe you want to go with another option, but if aliexpress is what you're interested in, then de-essers look no further than de-essers and they also have the wix integration. so definitely i would take a look at at de-essers because they integrate with wix. they are really excellent at aliexpress drop shipping and they are really the premier aliexpress drop shipping tool for e-commerce and they are aliexpress officials. so if you're interested in aliexpress dropshipping, do de-essers and they have that wix integration. so, moving on to number five, we have sync e. now sinky. it's also fairly similar, i would say to to a dsers or maybe even a spock it, but they offer a b2b platform for drop shippers, retailers, suppliers, so you can drop ship various different products. let's say they're fairly similar to spock it in that regard. uh, they also have the integrations with- uh, wix. yeah, sorry, with wix. obviously i was like: i know they have that wix integration somewhere. i'm looking all over here. uh, yeah, they. so they also have that wix integration with sinky. so sinky is another good option. they have that app integration with wix uh. so they work with a lot of different suppliers. if you're interested maybe in doing alibaba drop shipping- uh, different than aliexpress, so i would say more similar to spock it, if you're comparing the two, then sinky uh is another good supplier option that you could take a look into and kind of get a feel, for you know maybe some different options and they also have, as you can see, no upfront costs, various products, drop shipping. they also have the usb uh, eu and au, so they also have au suppliers there. so, like i said before, integration with wix. so, yeah, definitely take a look at sinky uh. they are.

TUTORIAL: How to Create a Wix Store Step-By-Step (How to Sell on Wix)

hey everyone, it's me, Sarah here from hope. so, Ted, one of the largest YouTube channels dedicated to teaching you how to build an online business, and in today's video, I'm gonna be doing something that's been highly requested. I'm gonna be showing you, step-by-step, how to build an online store with wax, and I know that in my funny New Zealand accent that sounds like I'm saying step by step, but really what I mean is I'm gonna be showing you is T, EP by ste P- how to build an online store with Wix, so that all you have to do is follow along with my screen and copy what I do. if you don't know what wick says, it's an online website builder and it's a very unique toll to build, design and manage an e-commerce store with, because, you see, unlike more traditional platforms like Shopify and Luke Merce that build online stores via menu based systems, with Wix you build it with a visual editor that you can drag and drop less, and each and every aspect of your store design is customizable. and, as a bonus, throughout this tutorial, I'm going to be giving lots of tips on how you can design and build your store in a way that will increase your conversions, which will increase yourself, which will increase the amount of money that you make. all right, let's jump straight into it. [Music]. alright, so let me switch over to my screen and give you a preview of the store that we are about to build. it's going to be cold brewed treats and it's going to be selling fun coffee trinkets. okay, so here is the store that I'm going to be building. as you can see, it has a nice, simple, clean homepage that features different products that were selling in the store and it's also got a working menu with a drop-down menu for our products, and we've got different product category pages, like this one here for travel mugs. so let's check out an example product page that will create. so here it is. as you can see, we've got a product description and we've got a working image gallery and you can zoom in on images to get a closer look. so let's actually go and add this product to our carts. so this here is the mini cart that pops up, and if we check out the main cart page, you'll be able to see here that the item has been added and we can now pay for this order with our credit card through PayPal. so the saris are working. store we're gonna be building. let's get started and just the heads up. well, this is a working store as, and it can take orders and make money. it's not open to the general public. this is just an example store that I have created for this tutorial: sleep one. sign up for a free Wix account. and this step: we're going to be signing up and creating a Wix account. creating one is free, so you can sign up and try it and see if it's right for you to get started, you're going to need to go to the Wix homepage and I will have a link to how you can get there in the video description below. please note, a video description does contain affiliate links and would really appreciate if you could use them here at hosts out to get all about You Tube. tutorials are free and affiliate links help us keep our videos free. alright, let me switch it over to my computer and show you how to do this. okay, so come to works again. you can get here by clicking on the link in the video description below and just click get started and go ahead and create free account by clicking sign up and entering your email address and password that you want to use. make sure you enter the same email address and password twice. you know standard account creation, Thanks. and of course, you've also got the option that you can sign up with your Facebook or Google Plus account to make the sign of Perseus a bit quicker. but I'm creating a new account here and once you've done that, just click sign up and on the next page you will have an option to answer a few questions or skip that step. you know, just click skip and then click choose a template. now there are a huge amount of templates you can choose from. so click online store to see their e-commerce store templates. now, the honest truth is, before I took on this challenge to build a store with works, I had no idea that there were so many different templates and designs to choose from and, honestly, I was a little bit overwhelmed. but after scrolling through all of these, I did find one that I liked. it was a template called watch sharp, so I'm just going to click view here so that you can see it. perfect, sorry, it's yeah, no, here we go. yep, it's gonna click Edit to choose this template. just going to let Wix load it up for us and be patient. feel free to skip ahead of this part of the video. if you don't like waiting, you're probably a good time to take a bathroom break or you take a coffee break. patience, perfect, all right, we got there. also. Honda step 2. step 2: add product collections. this is a pretty simple step. we're going to be creating different product categories, otherwise known as product collections. so, for example, store, we're going to be creating three product categories or product collections. we're going to be creating one for our coffee mugs, we're going to be creating one for our travel mugs and we're going to be creating one for our coffee spoons. all right, on lift menu, click the my store button and then click get started and then hit gossip on the pop-up reminder and then click add products and let it load and once it's finished loading, it'll take you to your dashboard. so on Left menu here, click store products and don't worry if you get a pop-up box like this, just close it. alright, so choose collections from the side menu here and then click new collection and now you can edit the name of your collection. we're going to rename this one to be coffee mugs and then, when you're done, just click Save and then close this pop-up box and then click the big plus button to add another collection. this time we're going to name our second collection travel mugs, and I'm going to be adding in three collections to the store because I'm gonna be selling three different types of products: coffee mugs, travel mugs and coffee spoons. and the pop-up boxes are just asking us if we want to add these collections to our store. we will be adding them, but not quite yet, which is why we are closing this and we're done on to step 3, skip 3, it at the storage, general settings, and the super gonna be doing lots of important things like adding an S store logo and changing a stores currency. when I film this tutorial, I had my I PC to the Philippines, so my currency wasn't in USD or an NC d, so in this tutorial I'm gonna be changing it so that my currency will be in United States dollars. click the my store button on the Left menu and then sleep to manage your store and this will once again take us to the dashboard. so then on the Left menu, just click settings and this will take us to the general and fro section, which is will be want to be then into the name of your online store under business and website name. we're going to be naming this one brew treats, and next you want to add a logo, so click the add logo button and then click upload images and, of course, go through your computer and find your logo file and then click open. now we just gotta wait for it to load. then just click done, and then what it took to click Add to page. so now we can see our logo file has been updated. so we're going to scroll down this page and we're going to update the currency. to update the currency you need to head to the regional setting portion of your general info page. so here under currency, find your preferred currency. in the drop down menu we're going to be choosing United States dollars for the store and then just click got it. so once you've done it, you can see the currency has been updated. so all you've got to do then is click Save. so now they've done this, we're going to be editing our store settings, so click it from relief menu. now in the store settings page we have options on how we want to handle orders, policies, checkouts and email notifications. so let's start with the orders. if you don't want sales, ta.