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wix frontpage on shopify store

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

- Web design as a profession and the impact of tools like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify.


- The short answer is no, web design as a profession is not at risk because of these tools.

- These tools are just that, tools, and for simple sites, non-professionals can use them.

- However, web design today is much more than just doing a layout.

- The changes in web design are driven by technology, and the tools used in the 90s are very different from those used today.

- WordPress and other content management systems have also changed the game, and 35% of websites are powered by WordPress.

- The use of tools like Wix and Shopify may simplify the process, but business owners still need web professionals to put everything together and create a web strategy.

- These tools are not a threat, but rather new tools that can make a web professional's job easier if they understand how to use them properly.

- The web design profession is not at risk, but rather changing and evolving with new technologies and tools.

- Web professionals who embrace and understand these tools will be more successful in their careers.

How To Design A Shopify Home Page THAT SELLS!

In this article, we will discuss how to design a great Shopify homepage that can help elevate your brand and increase sales. We will cover the following points:

- Research from Co marketing suggests that 40% of website visitors will check out the home page regardless of where they initially landed.

- However, poorly designed home pages can scare off potential customers.

Point #1: USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

- Your USP should be clear and displayed prominently at the top of the homepage.

- It should summarize what your brand stands for and what you sell.

- Avoid confusing customers with unclear messaging.

Point #2: Above the fold content (ATF)

- This is the content that appears on the screen without having to scroll.

- Carefully structure your ATF content to be eye-catching and interesting.

- Include your USP to summarize your brand and products.

Point #3: Avoid using sliders or scrolling galleries

- Stick to a single, clear image that highlights your USP.

- Sliders can confuse customers and hurt conversion rates.

Point #4: Don't sell too hard on the homepage

- Use the homepage to establish your brand and build trust with potential customers.

- If you're having a sale, feature a banner on the homepage but avoid listing all sales.

Point #5: Categories

- Organize your products into clear and distinct categories.

- This makes it easier for customers to find what they're looking for and adds to the overall user experience.

Point #6: Video is king

- Use video to showcase your brand and products.

- If you're not great at creating videos, outsource it to a professional.

Examples of great Shopify homepages:

- The Modern Pack

- Hey Silky Skin

- Grove Maid

- Ever Strike Lighter

- Designing a great Shopify homepage requires careful consideration of your USP, ATF content, categories, and use of video.

- Avoid confusing customers with unclear messaging and don't sell too hard on the homepage.

- Use examples from successful Shopify stores as inspiration for your own design.

How to Design the Perfect Services Page in Wix | Wix Fix

In this video tutorial on Wix, we will be learning how to create a perfect services page. We will be breaking down a service page into three main sections, which are title with a brief overview of the page, a list of services offered, and a call to action at the bottom.

To start with, we will add a new page and name it services. We will add a strip and a giant title with the text Services and a paragraph explaining the page's purpose. We will then create a call to action section with a background gradient and white text saying Schedule a free consultation and a button with Book now written on it.

For the services section, we will add a new strip and expand it down. We will then add a blank repeater and pull out a text field with some information. We will also add an image and a button saying Learn more and connect them to our services database.

We will create a new database called services and connect it to the repeater. We will make sure that the image and text are connected to the respective fields in the database and that the button is connected to the services title dynamic page. We can also add new fields to display more information about the service.

Finally, we can sort our database by setting the order property and selecting low to high. This will reorder our services in the repeater according to our preference.

In conclusion, creating a services page is simple, and by following the steps mentioned in this tutorial, anyone can create a perfect services page on their Wix website.

Build the Perfect Homepage in Wix | Wix Fix

Creating the Perfect Homepage: A Mini-Series

In this article, we will discuss the elements that make up the perfect homepage. We will be covering the content that should be displayed on the homepage, including the hero section, success stories, services, client logos, testimonials, and the call to action section.

1. The Hero Section:

- The hero section is the first thing users see on a website, typically containing a large heading, subheading, and call to action button.

- The heading should describe the solution the website provides, while the subheading should add more information to the main header.

- The call to action button should encourage users to take action.

2. Success Stories:

- Success stories or success numbers add legitimacy to a website and are very popular on homepages.

- Display big numbers talking about experience, offices, skilled people, etc.

3. Services:

- It is important to breakdown and list the services provided on the homepage.

- Use a grid layout to display icons and titles for each service.

4. Client Logos:

- Displaying client logos provides proof of the website's legitimacy.

- Use a repeater to display several client logos evenly spaced.

5. Testimonials:

- Testimonials add social proof and are crucial for convincing users to take action.

- Use a blank section with a quote, image, and text for each testimonial.

6. Call to Action:

- The call to action section should be at the bottom of the page and encourage users to take action.

- It should be similar to the hero section but with a different call to action.

In conclusion, the perfect homepage should include a hero section, success stories, services, client logos, testimonials, and a call to action section. It is important to remember to focus on content rather than design and to keep the user's needs and problems in mind.

How To Rank First Page Google With Wix Website 7 Step SEO Checklist Plus Get 100 Backlinks

In this article, we will discuss how to rank your Wix website on the first page of Google and increase your organic traffic. We will go through the Wix seven-step SEO checklist for on-page and off-page optimization, show you how to build authority and trust with Google, and get 100 backlinks in 10 days guaranteed. With this increase in organic traffic, you can promote and market whatever you like.

- Rank your Wix website on the first page of Google and increase organic traffic.

- Wix seven-step SEO checklist for on-page and off-page optimization.

- Build authority and trust with Google.

- Get 100 backlinks in 10 days guaranteed.

SEO Checklist:

1. Update page title and meta descriptions to be between 55 and 70 characters.

- Go to Menus and Pages, click on the three dots, and go to SEO Basics.

- Page title tag should be between 55 and 70 characters.

- Do this for every page and all product pages.

2. Update page description meta tag area to be between 130 and 150 characters.

- Go to Menus and Pages, click on SEO Basics.

- Text should be between 130 and 150 characters.

3. Identify keywords and phrases to target.

- Use SEMrush for keyword research.

- Look for high volume and keyword difficulty.

4. Update website content with keywords and phrases.

- Update headings, text, and product outlines.

- Include related keywords and questions.

5. Draft and publish a blog.

- Use Jasper for AI-written content.

- Use Surfer SEO to optimize content and get a high content score.

6. Audit content with Surfer SEO audit tool.

- Enter each URL into the audit tool.

- Refine content based on suggestions.

7. Connect Google Search Console to your Wix store.

- Force indexing and re-crawl of website.


- Backlinks are like votes that tell Google your website is trustworthy and valuable.

- Use Brand Featured to draft a press release and generate backlinks.

- Backlinks can drive a lot of traffic to your store.

- Follow these steps to rank your Wix website on the first page of Google and increase organic traffic.

- Use the Wix SEO tools and processes to improve your website's SEO.

- Get backlinks to increase your website's credibility and value.

- Use Brand Featured to generate backlinks and drive traffic to your store.

The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

12 Exceptional Shopify Store Examples for Inspiration

Building your own business can be challenging, but looking at successful examples can provide inspiration and ideas to get your store on their level. In this article, we'll take a look at 12 exceptional Shopify store examples and how you can apply their ideas to your own store.

1. Spencer Badu:

Spencer Badu is a gender-neutral clothing label that has optimized their Shopify store for mobile shopping. By designing mobile-first and including an email signup form with concise fields, they provide a seamless experience for customers.

2. Greenhouse Juice Co:

Greenhouse Juice Co sells healthy, sustainable juices and their website is super functional with intuitive navigation and a detailed breakdown of their delivery process. By using apps like Lucky Orange, they can analyze customer behavior to make any necessary changes.

3. Half Moon:

Half Moon sells yoga props and wellness accessories and they have found a niche category of products to sell. By sticking to a niche, they have created a loyal, engaged following and opened themselves up for wholesale opportunities.

4. Vitale:

Vitale is a jewelry brand with experimental designs that utilizes stunning visuals and lifestyle photography to tell their brand's story. By incorporating video and storytelling through photography, they increase their store's conversion rate and customer loyalty.

5. Silk Willow:

Silk Willow is a sustainable wedding decor online store that provides a personalized customer experience through customized orders and a separate page for them. Including a review page and downloading a free review app from the Shopify app store can help enhance your customer service.

6. Harris Farm:

Harris Farm is a fresh grocery store based out of Australia with a robust search function, well-organized items, and a vast range of partners. With blog content and original recipes, they have a comprehensive content strategy that spikes sales in particular items.

7. Worth Loving:

Worth Loving is a clothing store that focuses on a community of spreading love. They have created a cohesive color palette using tools like ColorZilla and Color Scheme Designer 3, and utilize SEO to rank high on Google with keywords like package-free.

8. The Detox Market:

The Detox Market is a cult classic beauty store for health-conscious shoppers that has created successful subscription boxes with sub-branding, concise information, and different plans available.

By looking at successful Shopify store examples, you can gain inspiration for your own business and implement best practices for design, UX, navigational flow, on-site marketing, copywriting, and photography. Utilizing tools like Google Keyword Planner and apps like Lucky Orange and Shopify Inspector can help you analyze customer behavior and improve your store's functionality.

How to Create An Online Print on Demand Store | eCommerce Website Tutorial

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I'll be showing you how to make a print-on-demand website using Wix. For those of you who have never heard of Wix before, it's an online website building platform that allows you to create websites for anything from personal websites to e-commerce stores.

I'm happy to announce that Wix has partnered with me for this video, which I'm thrilled about because I've used Wix extensively in the past. I've used it during my university days for making portfolios and even just for fun for blogging. Wix has over 80 fully customizable online store templates for beginners to use and customize. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to start your own print-on-demand store with Wix from start to finish.

Step 1: Creating an Account and Choosing a Template

The first step is to create an account and sign up using your email address and password. Then, you can choose the kind of website you're creating and select the features you want on your website. Wix has 80+ fully customizable online store templates for beginners to choose from. Once you've picked a template, you can customize it however you like.

Step 2: Creating Your Brand

Next, you'll need to create your own e-commerce or print-on-demand brand by choosing a name for your store. Wix has a business name generator to help you come up with ideas. You can also use the Wix logo generator to make a logo for your business.

Step 3: Adding Your Products

The third step is to add your products. You can upload physical or digital products and choose how you want to sell them, whether you want to do dropshipping, print-on-demand, or ship them out of your own house. You can use Wix's Printful app to do print-on-demand.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Sales Tax

Wix has a tool called Avalara Tax Tool that automatically sets up your sales tax for you. All you need to do is enter your business location, create an account, and it will handle the rest for you.

Step 5: Connecting a Secure Payment Provider

Wix has a built-in payment system that connects to Stripe, which is a secure payment provider. You can set it up through the first steps listed in your dashboard.

By following these steps, you can easily create your own print-on-demand website using Wix. With Wix's fully customizable online store templates, creating a professional-looking website is simple and easy. So, if you're interested in starting your own print-on-demand or e-commerce store, be sure to check out Wix. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more print-on-demand and online e-commerce content. Thanks for watching!

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