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Women seeking men: find your match with ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Is Craigslist Actually Effective for Dating?

Many people turn to Craigslist for dating purposes, as it serves as an online personal ad site. However, there are some cons to using Craigslist for dating. This article will explore the world of Craigslist dating, its possible alternatives, and provide suggestions for those seeking love online.

Pros and Cons of Using Craigslist for Dating:


- Craigslist serves as an online personal ad site.

- People can find connections through Craigslist.


- Not everyone on Craigslist has the best intentions.

- There is no dedicated dating section on Craigslist, which can make finding love challenging.

- Craigslist is not the safest option for dating.

Possible Alternatives:

1. Locanto:

- Similar to Craigslist, Locanto is a classified site where people can post what they are looking for in terms of love.

- The site is safer than Craigslist because users need to register to use it.

- Locanto also has a dedicated dating section, which makes finding love easier.

2. Double List:

- This site is specifically for personal ads and is more regulated than Craigslist.

- Double List has a messaging system between users and offers various dating opportunities for anyone, including the LGBTQ+ community.

3. Bed Page:

- While not exclusively for dating, Bed Page offers a dating section.

- Users can find people based on location and specific interests.

- There is a messaging system between users, and listings are highly targeted.

4. Tinder:

- Tinder is a popular dating app that is safer than Craigslist.

- The app is free and straightforward to use, and users can post what they are looking for in terms of relationships.

- Tinder is known for hookups, but users can change their location to find people nearby.

5. OkCupid:

- While not a classified site, OkCupid offers users a chance to be highly specific about what they are looking for in terms of relationships.

- Users can answer questions about themselves and their preferences, and OkCupid will match them with people who fit their profile.

While Craigslist can be a fascinating love community, there are better options available for those seeking love online. Locanto, Double List, Bed Page, Tinder, and OkCupid are all safer and more regulated than Craigslist, making finding love easier and more enjoyable.

Cucumber 🥒 Prank in South africa 🇿🇦 (Pt3)| *Best Reaction*

The following conversation is a transcript of a phone call between a person looking for City Bank in Sunny Side and a group of people who are not familiar with the area. The conversation involves the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.


Person: Music hey guys, how you guys doing?

Group: Fine, fine. Well, I'm actually not familiar with this area.

Person: Get inside this bank.

Group: Oh, so this bank's not around here.

Person: Music oh, it's Sunny Park. I'm looking for City Bank.

Group: Music, City Bank in Sunny Side?

Person: Music, so you guys say there's no any bank around?

Group: Yeah, supposedly inside. Not City Bank. You don't know. Are you familiar with this place? You guys not familiar here.

Person: Are you still there? I've asked around. No one knows.

Group: Hey, emotional damage. Yeah, yeah. I'll go there.

Person: Laughter, laughter. This, laughter. God.

Group: Music, foreign. Yay. Music. I never expelled it. You don't know. But I'm gonna tell you something.

The conversation shows how the use of informal language can sometimes lead to confusion and miscommunication. Despite the use of colloquialisms and idioms, the group was not able to provide the person with the information he needed. It is important to use clear and concise language when trying to convey important information.

Biggest TURN-ON for Filipinas | Dating in the Philippines

Music plays as an American man talks about his attraction to Filipino women. He explains that they are hot, can cook well, and are amazing people with great qualities. He also mentions his preference for Asian facial features and accents. The man values traditional cultural aspects and is interested in finding a serious, committed relationship.

Interview with a Filipina woman:

The interview is conducted with a 23-year-old Filipina woman named Aya Maria Isabel Espinaza. She lives in Cebu City and works as a data entry encoder for a US clothing company. Aya is not married and has no children. Religion is not very important to her, as she has her own beliefs. She hopes to have children in the future and is looking for a stable, responsible, and loving partner who knows what he wants in life.

Joining a foreign affair:

Aya joined a foreign affair website hoping to find a serious relationship with a foreign man who shares her values. She has communicated with around five or six men over the past year and a half, but has only gone on a date with one. The relationship did not work out because the man was immature and indecisive.

The article highlights the attraction some American men have to Filipino women, as well as the desire of some Filipina women to find love with foreign men. Aya's interview provides insight into the values and beliefs of a young Filipina woman who is looking for a serious relationship.

This Woman Is looking For A Nigerian Man...

In this video, JD discusses a TikTok ad where a woman is looking for a Nigerian husband who wants to move to the United States. JD shares her thoughts on the ad and the desperation that may lead women to seek out companionship in unconventional ways.

Main Points:

- The ad may attract many men, but it may ultimately hurt the woman in the end.

- JD thinks that more women may be desperate for companionship than they let on.

- She also discusses the challenges that can come with cross-cultural relationships, such as those shown on 90 Day Fiance.

- JD finds it curious that the woman is specifically looking for a Nigerian husband and wonders if there aren't men in her own country.

While JD finds the ad and the woman's approach to finding a husband humorous, she also acknowledges the underlying issues of loneliness and desperation that can drive people to seek out companionship in unconventional ways.

Sugar Mamas in Dubai? Easy Money or Scam?

Recently, Lucas received suspicious messages about a service of sugar mamas willing to pay men for some good time in Dubai. He decided to investigate and share his experience.

The Conversation:

- Lucas contacted the service and was offered a weekly salary of 7,000 DRAM ($2,000) to have sex and fun with rich ladies.

- The agency charged a registration fee of 500 INR before sending pictures of available ladies in the area.

- Lucas questioned the legitimacy of the service and asked for proof before making any payments.

- The agency sent screenshots of previous clients and their phone numbers, which Lucas found concerning.

- Lucas visited the agency's website, which had a standard template and untraceable payment methods.

- Lucas decided not to proceed with the service and warned others about the scam.

Lucas advises others not to fall for such scams and to keep working hard to pay their bills. He also encourages people to share their experiences with sugar mamas and to be cautious when dealing with unknown agencies.

Best W4M Personals Dating Sites [Her Choice]

In this article, we will be discussing the top women for men dating sites, including One Night Friend, Fling, OkCupid, and Friend Finder X. We will dive into their demographics, ease of use, and what they offer. But before we start, don't forget to take our free online dating app quiz to find your perfect match, and check out our deals page to save money on different dating apps and sites.

One Night Friend:

- Demographics: This site is for casual one-night encounters with a three to one ratio of men to women. 75% of users are male, and 25% are female. Around a quarter of users are aged between 25 to 34 years old, and there are millions of profiles on the site, with over 500,000 users in the US alone.

- Ease of use: Signing up is quick and easy, but you will need to provide a valid email address. The site design is modern and simple to use, and you can make your own searches as well as being presented with matches based on your location.

- Paid features: Messaging is only available for members, and there are paid assets on the site.


- Demographics: Fling is one of the most popular casual dating sites, with over 10 million users, three million of which are from the US. 70% of users are male, and 30% are female, with the two biggest age groups being between 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 years old.

- Ease of use: Signing up is quick and easy, and you must provide a real photo of yourself. The site design is not safe for work, with people showing nudity, but you can sort returns by how popular they are, their distance from you, and more.

- Search options: The basic search includes gender, age range, location, and preferred sexual preference. The advanced search includes appearance parameters, lifestyle parameters, and more.


- Demographics: OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites, with over 50 million users worldwide, 10 million of which are American. Two-thirds of users are male, and one-third are female, with most users aged between 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 years old.

- Ease of use: OkCupid is inclusive, with a detailed questionnaire to fill out for your profile. Matches are based on how you answer the questions, but be selective in what you fill out, as the more detail you provide, the smaller the pool of potential matches.

- Paid features: Many features are free, but there are membership prices for upgrades.

Friend Finder X:

- Demographics: Friend Finder X has around 100 million users, with more women signing up for profiles on the network than men. Around 60% of users are female, and the biggest age groups are between 25 to 44 years old.

- Ease of use: Signing up is quick and easy, with a simple site design and menu system. There are plenty of ads, and messaging is for members only.

- Search options: The extended search includes appearance parameters, lifestyle parameters, and more.

These top women for men dating sites offer different demographics and ease of use, but all have paid features. Be sure to take our free online dating app quiz to find your perfect match, and check out our deals page to save money on different dating apps and sites. And remember, be selective in what you fill out for your profile, and don't forget to have fun and be safe!

what attracts men the most about women (Laugh your way to a better marriage)

Women are often raised to believe that they are not smart enough, while men are raised to believe that they are superior. This leads to women having low self-esteem and men having overinflated egos. In this article, we will explore how these societal norms affect women's and men's self-perception.


- Women's brains:

- Women are often taught that they are not smart enough, leading to low self-esteem.

- Women often criticize their appearance, leading to negative self-image.

- Women tend to push away compliments from their partners, leading to strained relationships.

- Men's brains:

- Men are often taught that they are superior, leading to overinflated egos.

- Men tend to love themselves and believe they are attractive.

- Men are attracted to confident women, regardless of their appearance.

- Media:

- The media perpetuates the notion of the perfect woman, leading to unrealistic beauty standards.

- Models in magazines are airbrushed, leading to further unrealistic expectations.

- Women of color tend to have more confidence in themselves and their bodies.

- Conclusion:

- Women should strive to be confident in themselves, regardless of societal norms.

- Men should recognize that confidence, not perfection, is attractive.

- The media should work towards promoting realistic beauty standards.

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