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wordle ads annoying

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

The Best FREE WORD GAME APPS For iOS / Android

so. since the new york times bought wordle from josh wardle for a reported seven-figure sum, word games in general have become increasingly popular. interestingly, the official new york times wordle game is not available on the app store. but there are of course copycat versions, like this one by a developer called goldfinch studios, which is free with ads or 299 without. but if you want to play the original version you'll need to go to mytimescom forward slash wordle, where they offer a new game each day. one of the more popular word games on the app store is scrabble go, which replaced the much loved ea version of scrabble. the new gamified version with full screen ads and constant interruptions were so disliked by fans of the original game they started a petition to have the original reinstated to the app store. the petition wasn't successful and scrabble go remains. but if you're looking for a scrabble game without all the nonsense, then i recommend word master. word master doesn't have the option to play with friends online, but there is a two player mode where you can share one device. otherwise you play against the computer. you've probably already heard of words with friends, which is almost identikal to scrabble go. it's made by a mobile game developer called zynga, who also reincarnated another classic word game, boggle. unfortunately, both of these games are almost unplayable due to the endless stream of ads and notifications to collect gems and other pointless rewards. zynga may have ruined boggle, but microsoft have created their own excellent version called wordament. the object here is exactly the same: try and find as many words as possible using the 16 letters displayed in the 4x4 grid. there are a few unique twists and there is also a multiplayer version if you create an xbox live account. but otherwise this is a very fun single player word game without any unnecessary distractions. if you prefer word search puzzles to scrabble or boggle, then infinite word search puzzles is worth a try. like many games, it starts off being way too easy, but it quickly ramps up to get more challenging and the games are timed just to add a little bit of extra pressure. another fun word game with a time limit is four letters. this is all about guessing as many of the four letter words as possible as the clock runs down. the quicker you guess correctly, the more time gets added to the clock. if you enjoy crosswords, then you're going to enjoy clues in squares, which is exactly that: a variety of crosswords where the clues are written into the squares. there's no fuss with this game. just one ad before each crossword and then you're free to play without interruption. there are three levels and 90 crosswords in total. to complete. a different twist on the standard crossword format is bonza word puzzle. bonza is a combination of guessing words based on a theme and then putting the words together in a crossword format. you'll have to churn through the easy rounds to make it satisfyingly challenging and also to ensure you collect enough coins to unlock more levels, but otherwise it's very good fun. replacing letters with alternate letters and symbols has been used as a means of encrypting messages since the time of julius caesar and the roman empire, maybe even earlier. if you fancy yourself as a bit of a code breaker and enjoy looking for patterns in words, then you might like to try cryptogram. the aim of cryptogram is to decipher famous quotes using the letters available to you. you play against the clock and the faster you are, the more points you earn, taking you higher up the leaderboard. this is another game with very few ads or annoying distractions, which only adds to its appeal. excuse the pun. if you like word search puzzles, then you'll enjoy spell tower, another simple app without any fuss. you simply drag your finger over the letters to spell words. if you get bored playing the original game, there is a variation similar to tetris, where each go adds a new row of letters requiring you to find the words before the rows fill the screen. the same developer has another game called typeshift, where you shift letters up and down to create words. each round gets progressively harder with more letters added, creating longer words to find. finally, if you love watching the wheel of fortune when it comes on the telly, then you'll love playing it as an app. the format is very much true to the original show and you can play with friends online or against the computer. it's made by the same developer that makes scrabble go, so expect full screen ads and lots of pointless achievements, but it's still an awful lot of fun. so there you have some of the best free word games available on ios and android. i recommend checking out my best free weight loss apps. or, if you're keen on learning something new, how about my 10 apps to make you smarter? if you found this video useful, i'd appreciate you. give me a like and hit subscribe for lots more of the same until next time. my name is anthony. thank you very much for watching.

How I Made Wordle in 1 Hour...

so i've been playing wordle on my phone for the past few days and i still haven't won a single game. not only that, but i'm constantly reminded of my intellectual inferiority with ads like playing this game for 20 minutes a day will raise even the lowest of iqs. neuroscientists are begging your dumb ass to play this game and this, what the is this? so i decided to remake wordle, without annoying ads and without having to spend real money to finally win my first game. now, i usually make games with unreal engine, but for a game as simple as wordle, that might be a little overkill, or would it? no, it definitely would. so we're going to use good old html, css and javascript to do the job. so if you haven't played wordle, the objective is to correctly guess a random five letter word, which might sound impossible, with an estimated 158 000 five-letter words in the english language, according to freedictionarycom, while other sites have said there are only five thousand words. i mean, how is there that much of a difference in their estimates? but wordle tries to make it a little less impossible by giving you hints, by highlighting previously used letters that are in the word, which still doesn't really help a dimwit like me. so let's start off by making a keyboard which is basically just a few rows of buttons, so it was pretty easy to make. then i copied the exact same code to make the grid. then i added an enter and delete button and we were ready to start writing the actual logic of the game. so to handle the grid where the guest letters would be placed, i decided upon using a multi-dimensional array which, if you try to visualize it, is exactly like this 6x5 grid with each value of the parent array containing another array to represent each row to add a letter to the array item. i tracked the current index and did some simple math to find the row and column it should be placed in, which is obviously not the best way to do it, but it's good enough for a game as simple as this, right [Music]. then i check to see if the row was filled in and, if it was, stop them from typing any more letters. now, when they hit enter, it's supposed to check if the word they entered is actually a real word. so i found a list of every single five letter word in the english language and just checked to see if the entered word was in the list. now to generate the answer. we're not going to use the full list of five letter words, since you probably haven't heard of half of them. i mean, what even are these words? oxlift, tufas, molas- i don't think anyone has even uttered the word molas, unless you're a dentist in long island. so we're going to use a simplified list of 2500 words that everyone knows like bacon and balls. so to add colors to the correct letters, i just loop through each character in the word to see which ones were used and colored them either green or yellow according to their index position. now that the game itself is done, we need to style it, because right now it's looking pretty disheveled, kind of like me after spending 18 hours trying to fix a single bug in my multiplayer games code. so the first thing i did was add this gradient background to the page and then applied a backdrop filter to the grid and keyboard to give it a nice glassy look. i also added a 3d tilt effect when you hover over the boxes to give it a bit more depth, so it doesn't look so flat anymore. then i made the colored letters have a glow to them by adding a drop shadow and also added a title to the page, just in case someone somehow stumbled upon this website and didn't know what game they were playing. to top it all off, i changed the font to give it a nice modern look. so now we're finally done and the total development time was around an hour to make the base game, with a bit more time taken to style it and fix some bugs with element positioning. now i tried to get this game done as fast as possible to challenge myself, so i wouldn't be surprised if there's tons of bugs in it. but i guess i should try playing it to see if i can finally win a game for the first time. and if you want to play the game, i'll have a link in the description as well. alright, let's start off with start, obviously, and let's go with sans. try that out and no it's. let's go with sunny, because it's definitely not sunny outside here. now, what other words start with s-u and why wait? no, it can't possibly be that, can it? i don't think that's even a word. [Music]- no way. [Music].

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You Get $1000 Per Person You Annoy. What Is The Fast Way You Can Become A Billionaire? - r/askreddit

hello and welcome to tells Against Humanity. please leave a like and a comment to boost this video. thanks, you get 1 000 per person. you annoy. what is the fastest way you can become a billionaire? put power outlet stikers on the walls at the airport, nice. this isn't the top in terms of potential, but definitely up there in terms of effort to reward. you wouldn't get it all at once, but this is a way to get a few dozen a day at least. this guy is playing the long game. people here are thinking too small, cause a significant delay in the start of a big game- Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, Etc. everyone there in the millions watching at home will be annoyed. boom, instant billionaire. run out on the field. then pretend to have a seizure so they get the ambulance and stretcher out there right as they're about to put you on the stretcher. that's when you rip the clothes off and start streaking. this would be entertainment. does it count if it only annoys people for a short time? this is a story people will laugh at and tell future Generations about. plus, I think people are really underestimating how difficult it would be to get past security and cause a significant disruption in the Super Bowl or major sports event, you'll have to find a way to cut power to the stadium Super Bowl 47 style. then you have a question of: do they need to know it was you who annoyed them to count for the 1000? if you don't need that, you could just go out and lay in traffic for a couple hours, make three unskippable ads in YouTube, plus each adword length of 60 Seconds unskippable, and put them before each YouTube short stop before YouTube does that. lots of beautifully annoying ideas in the comments, but nearly all of them are underestimating how hard it is to annoy a million people. as a software developer, the closest I got to reaching that kind of audience was when I worked at a big game Studio on a heavily marketed AAA title. so this is what I'd do on one and only one menu in the game. I would invert what the A and B button do, or o slash X on PS, while players would rely on muscle memory to back out of menus using B and confirming selection using a in that one menu: pressing B would confirm and pressing a would back out. you worked on the allenok arena of time. the setting to swap that around is a single best thing about The Unofficial PC port. unofficial PC Port. there's a. what now? please, sir, could I have a link undefined [Music]? find Colin Robinson or the childlike creature which crawled out of the chest cavity of our deer dead former friend Colin roninson? the boy? make a DIY video on painting your car with house paint? and someone is next to me telling me how amazing it's looking. for some reason I found this hilarious. first time in this thread I laughed out loud. this would invoke rage. going on the New York City subway during rush hour and soliciting money by singing or trying to do a speedy dance routine in a crowded car witnessed this. recently. Jude went full acoustik guitar, W vocals on the for around 7am. I will have paid the guy grandest full Mayo shout out to the one guy who spoke up, yelling it's early and then going back to sleep anyway. here's wonder wall. take a loan. buy an ad spot at the Super Bowl, say: Bud Light Sucks, I'll be a billionaire within minutes. Bud Light- almost beer for almost good people. take out a bunch of TV and radio ads endorsing both Trump and didn't simultaneously, using Gilbert Gottfried sound bites as a narration. if most people are like me, they'd just be intrigued and confused and possibly amused. you only need to annoy one person for 1 000 spent on ads, which you probably would get just for the ad existing. say you like Reddit nfds. even more ways to get money is by saying that you buy Reddit nfds. also, repost every post. you see that generally annoys people. start every post with: as an nft owner, especially if it has nothing to do with anything. as a buyer of Reddit nfds, I wipe back to front. ah, so you're a degenerate and you never learned how to wipe. go slightly under the speed limit on a long-term Lane Road, then speed up to five over as soon as you hit a stretch with the passing Lane. definitely should have added that. for a little Razzle Dazzle it's okay. you only need to annoy them, not actually get killed by them. post the answer to Wordle in all your social media first thing in the morning my grandparents are punching the Arn. start arguing with everyone on Reddit. undefined. go to slash R relationships and tell every op that divorce is not a solution. every download 1K. you'd be rich overnight. undefined. edit two: is-2 geop has created a new kind of existential angst and now owes me five, five meter. cough it up. op. could also go to subreddits like our slash F machest and r slash confession and tok about how you literally enjoy emotionally abusing and ghosting your partner while also cheating on them with a peoplely incestuous relationship. watch the downvotes pour in my die. I propose to my GF during my best man speech at my brother's wedding: my family are mad, ATA. every you are the hull. over 20 words, 1K. make several throwaways and post the same question repeatedly. I saw one the other day where the guy puts money on the table at a restaurant and takes it away when he's not happy with service. it was taken down rather quickly. oh, I've seen that before. original story is over a year old at least. I think this guy was serious. it wasn't onator. I don't remember the sub he posted on, but he had deleted the post within about an hour. didn't realize how much speed he would get for being such a douche. be the dude at the airport terminal telling people they gotta do another loop and can't wait there for people coming off their plane. I'd probably only have to do a half day at LaGuardia. this becomes very confusing when you go pick someone up at a small airport. I was trying to pick up my mom but she got lost and was having trouble finding me. while I was waiting I saw a security guard approaching. she asked if I was waiting for someone. I said I'd move because I'm used to die whether no waiting is strictly enforced. the security guard waved it off and asked who I was waiting for. I said my mom and that she was lost. security guard asked for a description and then went in, found my mom and brought her out to me. I was so baffled and grateful. the downside of a small airport is how expensive it is to fly out of, but the upside is basically everything else. people are chill and helpful, no lines sailing straight through security. it depends how small when the security checkpoint closes completely from 11 noon for that sagai's meal break, that's kinda small. closest airport has three gates and uses two of them. I love flying out of it. I can't say that the advice just be yourself has always worked out well for me, but this sounds like it might be the exception. ah, self-deprecating and straights to the point. ten tenths. ah, other affirming and straight up supportive ten tenths. go for the easy humor. ten tenths humor- so easy I could swear it was your mother. five-sevenths, tok about CrossFit and then argue with the people on the CrossFit Subs who are. this is good. combined with telling social media you're vegan and then arguing in the vegan Subs you'll be richer than bazos. start tweeting again. deadmore 5.. High Dead, more 5.. no spoilers, please. I haven't seen deadmore124 yet close off all but one lane on 95 right through the middle of DC. at 2PM this Friday a few weeks ago someone was doing 55, hauling a house in front of me on 95 through Philly with the guy in the right lane matching speed for no apparently good reason. I was pissed being stuck, but some people were losing their damn Minds. this would work, but I'm not sure you'd get to live to enjoy the money. drive through neighborhoods, Windows Down, music, glaring. don't forget to straight pipe your muffler too. gotta make sure everyone in the city can hear you. go for a leisurely Drive in a middle Lane on a highway Drive. the speed limit tok seriously to high school students. sit down on the front of your desk o.

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How To Win At Wordle Every Time

hello. watch yours truly david kwong speak about daily games using words which total five. okay, that was pretty terrible, but i am here to teach you how you can win at wordle every single time. my name is indeed david kwong and i am a new york times crossword puzzle constructor, puzzle designer and magician, and if you've been on twitter over the last couple of months, you have undoubtedly seen people post their yellow and green squares, and the game has been such a hit that the new york times just purchased it to be part of their games section. and it's a very simple game. here's how it works: you have to guess the key word using five letter guesses. if you get a green square, that means your letter is correct and it's in the right place. if it's yellow, it's in there somewhere else. okay, here are some tips so you can crush it at wordle. there are two main strategies. the first: get it in six and make sure you never bust. the second: guess it in as few turns as possible so you can brag about it on twitter, but this is a little riskier and you might bust from time to time. so strategy number one: you don't care if you solve it in three or five guesses. more information is better. let's say, your first guess is rakes. guess a completely different word to get more information. like dingo, now you have more information. in fact, knowing what letters are not in the secret word is just as valuable. so here you might be able to work out that the word is drown. strategy number two: solve it in as few guesses as possible so you can brag about it in your ultra-competitive group text. hey, if you don't swing for the fences you'll never hit those home runs, right, okay, so here's what you do. let's say you have a-i-n-t in green, but is the word paint saint or taint? you can try for one of them and if you hit it, it's wordle party time. using strategy number one, you might guess pesto to figure out what that missing letter is. now, if you play in hard mode, then you're forced to keep the letters that you get right and the pesto strategy goes right out the window. whichever strategy you choose, guessing words that have a lot of common letters is key. so you might start with beast or siren or laser. i personally, i like doing stare, followed by doing and lucky. that really helps me blanket the entire alphabet just for fun, if you wanted to cover 20 of the 26 letters with four guesses. you could do junks, womp, calyx and fritz. now some very smart people have looked at the wordle's source code and have analyzed the word list. they've figured out that wrote, an obsolete variant of the word. wrote is the best word to start with and, with perfect play, you can always find the secret word in five turns if you start with a rote. other top words are reyes, rail, an obsolete word meaning rail, soar, a young hawk, and ariel, a mermaid. just kidding, it's an arabian mountain gazelle or something like that. what are all these crazy words? don't worry, while these words are allowed as guesses, they will never be the secret word, which only comes from a smaller list of common words that were curated by the creator and his partner. some more tips: none of the secret words are plurals that end in s. so if you've worked out the letters a-c-e-l-s, the answer is probably scale and not laces, and probably not clay's, a scottish word for clothes. also, don't sleep on that y as a vowel. psych crypt tryst, but usually that y is at the end of a word, so you can party with money, honey. next, watch out for duplicate letters. abby llama robot, one of these days we're gonna get kayak or geese, and when the word is mama, a lot of people's heads are gonna explode. also, wordle is a social game, so if you see a lot of people posting gray squares in their first guess, maybe you start with your first word having less common letters, skip the bread and go straight to the gumbo. overall, just have fun. i start with stare every morning and it is boring. mix it up with words like glyph or psalm, or your favorite south american relative of the raccoon, the kawati. and now i'm going to call up three of my friends here from buzzfeed to use these strategies to see if they can take down wordle. so we'll start with the, the top strategy word. yeah, let's, let's go with this, statistikally the top word to use, which is wrote, or. i've never used it before, but i feel like it's going to be really good. oh, wow, okay, okay, right, the o and the t is not there. i'm thinking maybe t is at the front of the word. yeah, stove, how about stove, stove or stole? okay, let's try it out. stole, here we go, here we go. oh, so close, those, those as you, how about? it's gotta be, though. yeah, i hope we get another try. it's gotta be those. i'm so happy you got this. another try. is this the best one you've ever done? the first time i've got on the third truck, this was awesome- literally the best one you've ever done. hope you enjoyed these tips and happy wordling. i bid you idea adios, aloha, and later, gator peace [Music] you.

Remove Fake McAfee Notification Alert popup scanner scam

hi, youtube. it's haig here and i have come across a scam that's going around. it's it's quite new. well, it's probably not new. i just haven't got around to making a video- but uh, there's a fake uh mcafee's uh antivirus scam going around. this is going to be a pop-up you would encounter while browsing the web and it claims here that we are infected if we do a scan. there's no way that this can perform a scan. it's a web page. there's no mcafee even installed on this computer. i have just installed windows 10 to this computer. it's a blank os and it's a web page with the mcafee antivirus layout. it has functional buttons, but this is scripted into telling you that you're protect that, that that there's a problem when it's probably, when you're probably, um, completely safe. earlier it's being more aggressive and, as you can see, it's going to do a scan here and it's telling me i have infections. so if you get this, one of the things you can do to try to remove what might be causing this is it. don't buy this because it's probably gonna not be worth it. but hit the control delete keys on your keyboard, go into task manager and find your google chrome process and end it when you get to your desktop. we're gonna do uh some searches on our computer just so we make sure there is no malware on here. so the first thing i recommend if you got that pop-up is to go into google chrome- at the very top. there's a little button up here. look under uh. where it's under uh, google chrome keeps changing things- more tools and extensions- and in here look for any dodgy extensions that you don't know of that you don't remember installing, because chances are that might be a redirect in your browser. remove any unnecessary extensions and do another uh. search on google for uh malwarebytes and run a scan with a malwarebytes. it's a software that you can trust if you want to make sure you're not infected. i think they offer a free trial if you go down to their website. i do recommend malwarebytes to people. we'll just install it real quick and see if there's anything on the computer. i don't believe i have any malware because it's a fresh install of windows, but it's never hurting for you, if you've encountered a problem, to install this and just do a scan. i'm not going to like show you how to do a full scan because it would take too long, but i recommend malwarebytes if you've encountered this pop-up that's letting that load. so get started here and it's gonna go. maybe later we'll activate a free trial. just give it your email and perform a scan with malwarebytes just to verify you don't have anything. it's free to do if you get the free trial. i'm gonna not do that because- uh, before, because i have other software we're to take. don't do a scan of malwarebytes. see what it finds. it will remove some anything it finds for free. also, do a scan with a adw cleaner. it's another free little utility. if you're getting these kind of pop-ups like adwords is what it is. this utility is a free download that's made by malwarebytes. adw cleaner can be ran. after you ran malwarebytes, click agree and just do a scan with adw cleaner and see if adw cleaner will detect anything on your computer. and if you want to make sure you don't have mcafee installed, at the search bar, add and remove programs- you just write add and remove programs. it comes up and in here, look for mcafee and uninstall it. if it's in here, all right. so that should have read yourself of this pop-up. if you enjoy my videos, remember to comment, rate and subscribe. and if you do have an infection that's more serious. check my videos on how to remove malware. it's a 2015 guide, but it should still work today. and uh, remember to comment right and subscribe if you enjoyed my videos.

I Made A Wordle Clone So You DON'T Have To

hey, in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how you can create a world clone or a similar game that should get acquired for seven figures. wordle is the hit sensation that's been the tok of the town, especially since it got acquired by the new york times for an undisclosed sum of seven figures. now you might be wondering, and rightly so, why am i showing you this? the thing that fascinates me the most about wordle is, despite its popularity, it was developed by a single developer using nothing more than plain html css and javascript, without any back-end or a fancy front-end framework like react, view or angular. that inspired me to challenge myself and recreate the game out of scratch using nothing but vanilla html, css and javascript. so anyone with a fun idea can learn how to create the next big sensation and maybe strike gold in the process. oh, and stik around till the end of the video, where i'll be sharing with you the lessons i learned in the process of making this, and if it was worth building it with plain html css in javascript over using a framework. now, just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are as many different ways to make a wordle clone. that's why i'm going to be showing you my approach to this problem and what i did to overcome some of the challenges i faced in the process. speaking of my approach, to make this a bit easier- at least that is what i hoped initially- i decided to heavily take advantage of concepts such as data attributes, css variables, css animations and transitions, flexbox and just a hint of regular expressions, because why not? if you're not already familiar with any of them, then don't worry, i'll explain enough for you to understand their role. where needed, though, before we start coding, we need to break down the original game and define a set of feature requirements for us to implement now. wordle is a deceptively simple game where you get six attempts to guess a five letter word once every day, and i guess there are people who like that sort of stuff. don't ask me why. instead, let's jump into our user stories. as a user, i expect that the game will start automatikally, so that i can start playing immediately. i can guess a 5 letter word without any initial hints, so that i feel smarter. i can only provide letters between a and z, so that i don't have to worry about typos. i can make up to 6 guesses so that i can win the game with the right guess. letters should be highlighted green after each attempt so that i know which letters are in the right location. letters should be highlighted yellow after each attempt so that i know which letters are in the wrong location. letters should be grayed out after each attempt so that i know which letters are not present at all. i can use my device keyboard so that i can type my guess. i can use a on-screen keyboard so that i can also type my guess. the on-screen keyboard should reflect the game boards so that it can make it easier for me to guess the word. i can't provide a incomplete word so that i know what i'm doing wrong. i can't provide a invalid word so that i know what i'm doing wrong. these user stories are all we need to implement our wordle clone. but enough tok, let's code, or i should say let's create the three files we need for our project. first, we won't be using the html file a lot in this project, so let's get it out of the way by setting up our document and linking our css file in the head. granted, there isn't much to see in the browser yet, so we will change that by creating the game board through javascript. by the way, i recommend using some sort of live reloading servers. you don't have to reload the page every time you make a change, otherwise it gets annoying really, really fast. the first thing we need in our javascript file is to set up a event listener so we can start our game when the document is downloading all of its content. when the page is downloading, we should find the game board dom element and have a helper function generate all the rows and columns we need for it, with their initial values already set for us. in case you are wondering about the data row, data status and data animation attributes, we're going to use data attributes in the dom to track the state of each cell, instead of a javascript data structure. these data attributes are going to be critikal to our application logic and the related animations. if you're asking why i'm not using javascript to store the state of my application, that's because i don't like duplicating my code or logic. if i can help it, and since we already have a structure in the dom that can represent both our ui and data, i'm going to use the data attributes for precisely what they were meant for. we can now see the generated rows and columns in our browser, though their looks leave a lot to be desired, but that's something we can easily fix with a few styles. to keep things dry and readable, we're going to set up some css variables. they will contain the different colors we'll need in our project. to save you the trouble, i went ahead and used a color picker to extract these color values from the original game. you can thank me for that in the comments. we should also set our css box model to use powder box to make it easier to size elements. besides setting the colors and fonts, we also need to make sure the body occupies a hundred percent of the viewport height of our browser. that leaves us with a few basic styles for the header elements. by the way, if you haven't already realized, our document structure presents us a perfect opportunity to use the holy grail layout with the help of flexbox, allowing us to achieve our desired layout outcome. turning our body into a flex container allows us to evenly distribute our header, main and folder elements as columns, with a bit of gap between them for spacing things out. we also want our main section to take up all of the remaining space in the page after the header and the footer are done, taking what they need us. we need to center its content both vertikally and horizontally. we're not adding the on-screen keyboard yet, but let's style it and game board together where they share the same styles. since we are using ul and li elements for our rows and columns, we need to make sure we remove their default styling and spacing so they behave as expected. columns in each row for both the game board and the keyboard should make sure their content is both vertikally and horizontally centered. by the way, if you haven't already notiked, i'm using the data attribute to select the columns in both the game board and the keyboard, instead of using something like- oh i don't know- board, li and keyboard ally. if you are curious as to why, it's because of css specificity, which i touch upon a bit at the end of this video. anyway, we have done enough styling. for now, let's jump back into our javascript code and allow the player to type a word using their keyboard. to achieve this, we need to set up a few global variables, speaking of which the history array not only allows us to store each of our attempts, but it can also help us keep track of how many attempts have been made by the player. next we need to register an event listener on the document. then, as you guessed, it listens for the key down event by the player. now i don't know about you, but i like my code dry. that is why we are going to write a helper function that can be called whether the player types something using their keyboard or when they use the on-screen keyboard, because regardless of how we get the user's input, the logic on handling it remains the same. as i mentioned before, the history array allows us to check if we haven't exceeded the max number of attempts available to us, and if we have, then there really isn't anything for the user left to do. incidentally, with this we have also completed our user story, us-4. based on the history arrays length, we can also find out which row and column should be active. currently, just like our check for limiting the number of attempts a player can make, we should also limit the n.