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wordle no ads cost

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to download and play Wordle offline on your computer.

Steps to Download Wordle:

1. Visit the Power Language website at powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle.

2. Right-click anywhere on the page and select Save As.

3. Name the folder Wordle and save it to your C drive.

4. Open File Explorer and navigate to the Wordle folder.

5. Double-click the saved file and choose your browser to open it.

Downsides of Playing Offline:

1. You will start over every time you switch devices.

2. The game may become outdated if the New York Times makes improvements.

While playing Wordle offline may have its downsides, it is still a great option for those who are concerned about the game becoming part of subscriber content. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy playing Wordle without an internet connection.

HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!

Wordle: The Viral Word Game Explained

- Claudia introduces the topic of Wordle, a viral word game that has taken social media by storm.

- She explains that it is a daily word guessing game and offers some strategies for successfully guessing the word.

How to Play:

- Wordle is a website, not an app.

- Players can play on their computer or phone.

- Players get six guesses to guess the five-letter word of the day.

- When guessing, players get feedback on whether a letter is in the word, in the right spot (green), in the wrong spot (yellow), or not in the word at all (gray).

- There are no hints about the word's identity.


- Start by guessing words with as many vowels as possible to figure out the word's vowel structure.

- Guess words with new letters each time to eliminate as many letters as possible.

- By the fifth guess, players should have 25 letters used and have a good idea of what letters are in the word.

- Claudia encourages viewers to play Wordle and share it with their friends.

- She expresses her desire for Wordle to become an app.

- Claudia ends the video by thanking viewers for watching and asking them to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe.

Solving Wordle using information theory

Wordle: A Math Lesson on Information Theory

- The game Wordle has gone viral in the last month

- It can be used as a central example in a lesson about information theory and entropy

- The article discusses the process of writing an algorithm to play Wordle and the math behind it

Explanation of Wordle

- Wordle is a game to guess a mystery five letter word in six chances

- Each guess provides information about the closeness of the guess to the answer

- The game allows for guessing any five letter word, but only accepts around 13,000 valid guesses

- There is a list of around 2,300 possible answers, which are considered common words

Developing an Algorithm

- Approach to take a look at the relative frequencies of different letters in the English language

- A friend proposed opening with the word weary

- Analyzing the quality of the guess based on the full distribution of probabilities across all possible patterns

- Introduction of the standard unit of information, the bit, to measure expected information from a distribution

- Explanation of the formula for information in terms of probability and logarithms

- The game Wordle can be used as a tool to teach information theory and entropy

- The process of developing an algorithm involves analyzing probabilities and expected information

- The standard unit of information, the bit, is a useful tool to measure information from a distribution

Parents Say 14-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted’ To Video Games, Terrorizes House To Get What He Wants

The article discusses the struggles of a mother whose 14-year-old son, Nico, is addicted to video games. Despite limiting his screen time to five hours a day, Nico becomes angry and destructive when asked to stop playing. The mother is disabled and feels powerless to control her son's behavior. Nico is not attending school and dreams of becoming a YouTuber. The mother is at a loss and seeks help from Dr. Phil.

Video game addiction has become a growing concern in today's society, and the struggles of one mother with her son's addiction highlight the severity of the issue.

Main points:

- Nico's addiction: Nico is addicted to video games and can spend up to 17 hours a day playing them, becoming angry and destructive when asked to stop.

- Limiting screen time: Despite limiting Nico's screen time to five hours a day, the mother struggles to control her son's behavior.

- Disability: The mother is disabled, which makes it difficult for her to control her son when he becomes violent.

- School: Nico is not attending school and dreams of becoming a YouTuber.

- Seeking help: The mother seeks help from Dr. Phil, desperate to regain control of her family.

Video game addiction is a serious problem that can have devastating effects on families. It is essential to seek help and support to overcome the issue and take back control.

Why Is Wordle So Popular and Why Did The New York Times Buy It?

Have you heard of Wordle? This addictive spelling game has taken the internet by storm, with millions of people around the world playing it every day. But how did Wordle become so popular, and what makes it so addictive? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the history of Wordle, its features, and how you can download it to keep playing forever.

History of Wordle:

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer who previously worked as a product manager at Reddit. In 2021, he quietly released his spelling game, which quickly gained popularity due to its addictive gameplay and simple design. The aim of the game is to guess a 5 letter word in six attempts, with feedback on how many letters were guessed correctly and in the correct position. There is only one solution per day, with no ads or paywalls.

Why is Wordle so popular?

Wordle's popularity can be attributed to its simplicity, scarcity, and social media features. With only one puzzle per day, players eagerly anticipate the next day's challenge. The addition of emoji in December 2021 enabled users to share their results with friends in a colourful way, leading to its viral success. Wordle has received rave reviews from some of the world's top newspapers, including the New York Times.

How to download Wordle:

Although there is no official app version of Wordle, it can be downloaded by right-clicking on desktop and choosing Save As. This can also be done on Android and iOS devices. Third-party variations of the game, such as Absurdle and Nerdle, offer different challenges for players.

Wordle's popularity shows no signs of slowing down, with millions of people playing it every day. Its simple design and addictive gameplay have made it a hit on social media, with users sharing their results with friends. Although it was recently acquired by the New York Times, Wordle remains free to play for now, with the option to download it and play offline. So why not give it a try and see how many words you can guess correctly?

Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

In this article, we will summarize the segment of a TV show where a contestant had to guess the prices of everyday items found at a supermarket to win a prize.

List of Products:

1. Rice-A-Roni

2. Tide Pods

3. Floss

4. Totino's Pizza Rolls

5. TGI Friday's Frozen Spinach Artichoke Dip


The contestant had to guess the prices of three out of the five products within $1. If they could guess all five products' prices, the show would pay off their children's student loans. The audience would also get a prize if the contestant could guess three out of five.

Product Prices:

1. Rice-A-Roni was guessed to be $5, but it was $1.

2. Tide Pods were guessed to be $10, but it was $19.97.

3. Floss was guessed to be $4, but it was $3.78.

4. Totino's Pizza Rolls were guessed to be $22, but it was $8.98.

5. TGI Friday's Frozen Spinach Artichoke Dip was guessed to be less than $10, and the final guess was $4, which was correct.

The contestant could only guess the correct price of two out of five products, but the audience still won a prize. The show host thanked the contestant and announced that the audience would come back for one of their 12 Days of Giveaways.

How much MONEY my first Unity mobile game made in 4 months! | Unity Mobile Monetization

In this article, we will be discussing the earnings and monetization strategy of a mobile game called Wordily. The game was released on the Google Play Store and the author shares their experience of the first four months of the game's release. We will cover the game's features, ad solution, downloads, revenue generated, and mistakes made along the way.


- Wordily is a viral take on the Lingo format.

- The game was created as a challenge during the Christmas break.

- It has a 10,000-word strong dictionary.

- The game has a home screen banner ad and a rewarded video ad.

- It has no in-app purchases.

Ad Solution and Monetization Strategy:

- The game initially launched with one banner ad using Unity's built-in ad system.

- After two weeks of no ads being served, the author switched to Google AdMob.

- The game later added a second rewarded video ad.

- The game generated a total of 864 dollars in four months from two ads.

- The game had 360,000 ad requests and 6,399 clicks.


- Wordily had 3,360 downloads and 1,420 uninstalls.

- The game has 1,988 active installs as of April 24th, 2022.

Mistakes Made:

- The game had bad reviews due to a limited dictionary in the first few days of release.

- The author did not check the reviews and ratings initially.

- The author did not have a proper launch plan.

Wordily generated 864 dollars in four months from two ads on the Google Play Store. The author shared their experience of the game's release, including the features, ad solution, downloads, and revenue generated. The author also shared their mistakes and what they would change if they were to release a game again. The article provides valuable insights into the world of mobile game development and monetization strategies.

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