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WORST Dropshipping Mistakes That Killed My Shopify Store

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

WORST Dropshipping Mistakes That Killed My Shopify Store

The above is a brief introduction to WORST Dropshipping Mistakes That Killed My Shopify Store.

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WORST Dropshipping Mistakes That Killed My Shopify Store

yo what is going on everybody shiri
konosa here so
my worst drop shipping mistakes of all
time now it's no secret that everybody
makes mistakes even those people that
are youtubers or so called
gurus and experts have made mistakes and
the biggest difference between those
who are somewhat at the top level and
compared to somebody who's not where
want to be is the amount of mistakes
these people have made
oftentimes experts make a lot of
mistakes because that is in my opinion
the best way to learn
when it comes to shopify drop shipping
or just running an ecommerce store
in general and this is no different for
me because in my journey of the past
three years
doing e-commerce almost full-time what
i've come to understand is that i've
made a lot of mistakes but i've always
learned from these mistakes and have
actually found
better opportunities because of these
mistakes so so this video is one video
you're going to want to watch
until the end if you want to kind of
avoid doing the same mistakes i did and
take advantage of these mistakes so you
continue to be successful with shopify
drop shipping because yes
it is still possible to be very very
successful doing shopify drop shipping
without wasting any more time let's just
jump right into it and find out exactly
what these mistakes were so the first
thing you'll actually have to do before
you benefit from any of these mistakes
is to just
gently destroy that like button down
below it'll take just two quick seconds
okay hopefully you've done that but
my first and most important mistake is
that i was just
adding and researching products when i
was new
on shopify drop shipping just for the
sake of adding or researching instead of
following the numbers and following the
criteria because one thing you want to
understand is that product research
is one of the most important tasks you
can do for your business and if you
really pay attention to it and if you
don't really do it the right way
your shopify drop shipping store will
most likely fail unfortunately
even if you do everything else right
because again product is kink
it took me many many months and almost
about two years to even realize this
in the beginning i would just throw up
random products that i saw on facebook
because they somewhat matched my
criteria or because i had a feeling that
they were good
products this almost always led me to
just lose money with facebook there were
many times where i was in the negative
in a lot of the months
while doing shopify drop shipping in my
earlier time i can easily say that a lot
of the reasons
why i was so unprofitable during those
times especially using facebook ads
is because i was just not putting enough
time researching the right products
adding the right products and the right
now i've made a lot of videos on how to
do it the right way but back then it was
a little bit of a foreign subject for me
and this again was one of my biggest
mistakes but also one of the biggest
learning points for me because that's
when i understood
that if i don't have the right product
no matter what else i do no matter what
kind of ads i run
it's just not going to work out period
so that is my number one mistake
and one mistake you definitely want to
avoid especially if you're drop shipping
in 2020 this brings me to my next
mistake on the list and that is
not having enough credit line during
scaling there were many times when i
would simply get lucky and come upon a
good product
which started to sell well one of these
products was in the relationship niche
which i happen to just come across
during late december and early january
which is when valentine's day is just
approaching because i was able to find
that product during the right time
it was very very easy for me to just
start scaling that product however
once i started to scale that product i
realized that scaling is actually the
easy part the hard part
is keeping up with the orders keeping up
with supplier payments keeping up with
facebook ads payments because
one thing i didn't have was a good
credit card during that time period and
the one i had
didn't have much of a big credit limit
so what happened is i ended up borrowing
a lot of money from other people
and it just put me in the wrong spot
during the wrong time because during
my main focus should have been just to
increase my sales as much as i could and
just to milk it out until valentine's
day approach
unfortunately i was not able to do that
because i was so busy
solving these other problems especially
with the credit limits and trying to
just get enough money to pay my ads and
my suppliers so
what happened was that because of this i
was not able to scale to the limit
and i did much less in sales than what
was projected and what could have been
done so if you continue to test
the right products if you continue to
add the right products to your store
eventually you will come across that
main winning product
you want to make sure that you are ready
with the right amount of credit and have
multiple credit cards or multiple ways
to get money
when you start scaling that product
because again if you follow the other
criteria i have on my youtube videos if
you follow the strategies
you will achieve that level of success
one time or another but then you want to
make sure again that you have the right
amount of credit cards and the
credit limit to support that kind of
scaling because this is where a lot of
people fail
and they end up just not being able to
fulfill their orders or they
get problems with their facebook ads
account and it gets banned and that is
when the real problem starts so always
make sure
you have enough credit but this brings
me to the third point which is stiking
to a dying product for too
long once i started to scale that
winning product and valentine's day came
closer and closer
i notiked that my product was starting
to die out my sales were starting to
just lower significantly
instead of just being smart about it and
just moving on to another niche or
another product
i continue to advertise that product in
hopes that it would continue to sell
valentine's day because people are
always in relationships they would make
great use of the products that i was
selling and that was
one of my biggest mistakes because that
whole niche is somewhat seasonal and
high numbers during the pre-valentine's
day or pre-holiday seasons but from q2
all the way up to q3 and even some parts
of q4
it is a very very slow niche and i did
not know this at the time
so i ended up just wasting money
unnecessarily advertising that product
for the whole year
and sure i would make some profit on one
day but then i would lose some of it on
the other day so it was kind of like a
roller coaster ride
where it was just a lot of ups and downs
and ups and downs and no real profits at
the end of the month so that is one of
the biggest mistakes i did a lot of
often get attached to their product to
their store to their niche
when doing dropshipping with shopify and
that is one thing you definitely don't
want to do
if you want to continue being successful
with shopify after a product has started
to die out and after you have done your
due diligence and tried to find ways to
make that product
come back to life but it still hasn't
worked that is when you know that it's
time to move on to something else and
this is something
i realized a little bit too late and
this cost me a lot of money as a result
but definitely move on from a product
once it has reached its limit and this
brings me to the next point on my list
and that is
focusing on just one winning product
instead of finding
multiple winning products this is again
something i did in my early years
because i believe that
focusing on just one thing is the right
way to go whether it's the one store or
one niche or one product
and that was one of my biggest mistakes
because focusing on one product
sure it's a good way to go in the
beginning if it's a winning product you
be able to provide a much better service
your store will be much more branded etc
but once that product starts to die out
that's when real problems start to arise
upsells and down cells will only help
for so long until the main product
goes out of demand and this does happen
because not every product is evergreen
in fact there's very very few products
in the world
which are really evergreen so in that
case you'll be just left scrambling to
find more ways to make more money
to get the sales going back up again and
in most cases you will also see that
it's not really possible to do that
because that product has fully been
depleted so in that case when you have
multiple winning products
it is a much safer position for you and
this is also one of the reasons why
i recommend general stores in 2020 and
onwards especially if you use
google ads because this will just leave
you with a wide range of products to
choose from to test and it won't really
put you in a bad situation if you happen
to just
lose one winning product because then
you would have 10 other winning products
that are selling for you by that time so
it's always a safer way to just
have multiple winning products and it's
something that is much more smarter in
my opinion
compared to just running one product
store so you can run niche stores as
but as a beginner or maybe even an
intermediate using google ads or maybe
even facebook
i highly recommend a general store but
this brings me to my next point which is
hiring too late now this is one thing i
really did because i didn't like wasting
and i wanted to keep as much profits as
possible what i did when i found my
first winning product is i was doing the
customer service
i was doing the ordering i was doing the
ads i was speaking to my suppliers and
it was a big big headache for me because
i was not able to focus on the most
important thing within my business which
running the ads and making money because
i was not able to focus on that
that also negatively impacted the amount
of sales i was doing
oftentimes i really didn't like what i
was doing as a result because i was just
spending time
dealing with angry customers and just
ordering on aliexpress when i could have
spent that time
making new ad creatives or maybe
expanding onto google ads pinterest ads
etc so
this is one of the most common
dropshipping mistakes that a lot of
people make just
start hiring when you do start getting
some traction and it doesn't have to be
a lot of tracking just
a few orders a day is enough to make
that step into hiring somebody because
you need to trust yourself that once you
hire somebody you will put in that extra
effort to get even more sales than
you're already doing a lot of people out
there actually even higher when they're
unprofitable or not even getting any
sales and that is
a very bold step but also a smart step
because then it kind of forces them to
make everything work and
oftentimes it does end up working so it
may be a good idea to start
looking into hiring a little bit earlier
than you would personally feel
comfortable with because
that would leave you with a lot of room
to scale when it comes time
and to actually build a successful
business because if you just continue to
be scared
it's going to affect your mindset
negatively and you have much lower
chances of succeeding with shopify but
this brings me to my next point which is
not using a private agent to fulfill my
orders for too long
or using ebay or amazon to fulfill those
orders i was heavily relying on just
aliexpress in the beginning when i was
scaling my winning products because
i didn't know any better i thought that
dealing with agents or dealing with ebay
or amazon was just not feasible
the cost of the goods may be too high i
would not be able to scale et cetera and
without doing any type of research
i just assumed these things and just
didn't use them to my advantage
so what ended up happening is that i was
just dealing with a bunch of angry
customers a lot of these orders were not
on time because chinese new year does
land during the valentine's day craze
and because of that all of my orders
were just getting delayed there were a
lot of chargebacks disputes etc
it could have all been avoided had i
just used a private agent or simply
found my product on eb or amazon
a lot of people believe that it's not
really possible to do that but that is
far from the truth
if you're looking to find ways on how to
fulfill orders from ebay or amazon
i made a video on that you can check out
on my channel after this one but
it's definitely possible to drop ship
from ebay or amazon that is what i do
right now in 2020 and onwards
a lot of the products are actually the
same price as you would find on
aliexpress sometimes even lower
which is a very big surprise to me but
it is definitely possible so definitely
look into doing private agents or ebay
or amazon
to avoid dealing with chargebacks
refunds disputes when you're scaling
because this was one of my worst
this brings me to my next mistake on the
list and that is not having multiple
backup suppliers
for winning products no matter if you
use a private agent or
ebay or amazon or aliexpress you're
gonna find that one
time or another if you start doing a lot
of orders they are going to run out of
when that happens it is a very very big
problem for you because then you're just
sitting on a bunch of orders
which are not getting shipped and that's
a very big hassle for you
in order to avoid that just make sure to
have multiple backup trustable suppliers
that can't ship your orders in case
your main supplier goes out of stok and
this is again one of my worst mistakes
that i did because
during scaling time you want to be
focusing on your ads and not
having to deal with finding new
suppliers because if you have a lot of
orders to place
using any random supplier may also be a
bad decision to go with but
definitely one of my worst mistakes this
brings me to my last mistake on the list
and that is
using only one advertising platform as i
already mentioned
my main winning niche store was run on
mostly facebook ads
and for the longest time i just failed
to expand onto google ads or bing ads or
any other advertising platform
because i was too scared to dive into
them and learn more from them
this was one of my worst mistakes
because i was just relying on facebook
a lot of the times facebook would not
give me the desired results and i would
end up going in a loss
this would have been avoided had i been
using other platforms which were
bringing me in some portion of the sales
as well because then
i could at least be profitable on each
given day if you want to build a good
drop shipping business in 2020 and
onwards it's extremely important that
you find
multiple different advertising platforms
to use and not just rely on one because
you really put yourself and your income
at a very big risk but
this was my list of my worst drop
shipping mistakes i've done
to this date if you found any type of
value in this video smash that like
button and smash that subscribe button
and i'll see you guys next time

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