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WP Classifieds Plugin: Efficient Ad Management

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Greetings from Radius Theme! Today, I will be reviewing the five best classified listings and directory plugins available for WordPress.

1. Classified Ads Listings and Business Directory Plugin by Radius Theme

- A complete functional package for classified listings and directories

- Top-rated premium WordPress plugin with powerful admin panel

- User-friendly search and filtering options

- Compatible with Classima theme and Elementor in Gutenberg

- Dynamic location maps and multiple payment gateway support

2. WP Advert Plugin

- Reliable and lightweight plugin for classified listings

- Easy customization with design features

- Admin module and payment options

- Translation support and responsiveness

3. WordPress Classified Plugins by AWP Classifieds

- Functional plugin with powerful searching and custom fields

- Automatic verification and notification features

- Supports multiple payment gateways and paid membership options

4. HivePress Multi-Purpose Directory Listing and Classifieds Plugin

- Popular plugin with powerful search and filter options

- Listing creation and directory submission

- Captivating vendor and listings pages

5. Listing Classified Ads and Business Directory by YouListings

- Feature-full plugin compatible with page and block builders

- Suitable for real estate niches with multiple listing types and pricing plans

How To Make A Classified Ads Website With WordPress | Easy Tutorial (2022)

How to Make a Classified Ad Website with WordPress

In this video, the presenter shows the viewers how to create a classified ad website using WordPress. The process involves installing two plugins, choosing a template, and editing it using Elementor. The steps are easy to follow and can save time compared to creating a website from scratch.


1. Sign into WordPress account

2. Go to plugin section and install Astra and Elementor plugins

3. Find a template to use and edit to fit the website's needs

4. Install the template and activate it

5. Edit the website using Elementor

6. Add or delete sections, change images or text, and update changes

7. Exit the dashboard and the website is saved and published

Using WordPress and Elementor can make creating a classified ad website simple and efficient. The presenter emphasizes the importance of choosing a template to start with and editing it to fit the website's needs. The steps are easy to follow and can save time and effort.

5 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes 2022

Creating a classified ads website is a great way to make money online, and the best part is that you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to a developer to make the website for you. With WordPress and a WordPress classified ads theme, you can launch a new website quickly and effortlessly. If you're wondering where to find the best classified ads WordPress themes online, look no further than ThemeForest.

Why ThemeForest?

- ThemeForest is a marketplace offering thousands of WordPress themes for various industries including classified ads websites.

- The themes from ThemeForest have professional design and have been coded with best practices to ensure websites rank better in search engines.

- They also have plenty of features to help you create a standout classified ads website.

Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes

1. Classy Ads

- Features a modern and stylish design that makes it a great choice for selling or advertising almost any type of item.

- Google Maps integration allows you to even sort your listings by location with markers on a map being used to convey to visitors where each listed item is located.

- Offers the ability to moderate content that was added to the site as well as being able to first moderate any changes that are made to existing content on your site before they go live.

- Offers the ability to create multiple pricing plans each with its own set of features, payments are collected via PayPal, Stripe, and many others.

2. ClassiMax

- Five homepage layouts to give you lots of options for your classified WordPress website.

- All of the demos have been designed to a high standard to ensure that your website has a trustworthy and reputable look.

- Offers the ability to add a membership component to your website with the option of charging users a fee to access your classifieds.

- The classifieds functionality is delivered via the premium Classifieds Listing Pro plugin and the Store Memberships Pro plugin at no extra cost.

3. AdForest

- Over 30 pre-defined homepage layouts for you to choose from for your WordPress classifieds website.

- Easily customizable and highly configurable.

- The woocommerce integration allows you to set up your site to collect payments directly from users.

- The radius search tool helps your visitors to find the listings closest to them and an optional android app for promoting your website more effectively to mobile users.

4. Adifier

- Feature-packed WordPress theme that can be used to create almost any type of classifieds website.

- Highly configurable and can be set up for almost any type of project.

- Offers a good selection of varied templates.

- Wealth of payment or monetization options with this theme.

Creating a classified ads website has never been easier with WordPress and the vast selection of WordPress classified ads themes available on ThemeForest. Each theme offers a variety of features that allow you to monetize your website and create a standout classified ads platform.

How to Create a Classified Ads Website With WordPress and Lisfinity

In this tutorial, Adi Por Dilla shows how to create classified ads websites using a WordPress theme called Lisfinity. Classified ads websites allow people and companies to buy or sell goods and services, and they are an excellent place to advertise online. The most famous classified website is Craigslist, but there are many others like Gumtree and OLX. To create a classified website, you can use a WordPress theme like Lisfinity or hire developers to create it from scratch. Lisfinity is an excellent choice because it is fast and cheap, and it comes with unique features like fields builder, search builder, vendors, microtransactions, promotions, and pricing packages. You can customize Lisfinity using Elementor, and it is easy to install and monetize. Lisfinity is available exclusively on ThemeForest, and it costs $59. Overall, Lisfinity is a great theme for creating a classified ads website, and Adi Por Dilla highly recommends it.

Top 7 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes 2021

Today, we will talk about seven of the best classified WordPress themes for ad posting. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

1. Classima: A creatively crafted, clean, modern, and classy WordPress theme for a classified listing and directory website. Its basic features include four gorgeous multi-home pages that are extensively customizable with a classy page builder. It also offers four header styles with a variation of five styles and over 800 Google fonts. Classima provides exceptional page layout options and is quick to set up and easy to customize.

2. Classiera: One of the most popular and premium WordPress themes for classified ads. It is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and offers regular and featured ads with pricing plans and pay per post. Classiera makes use of the Redux framework and comes with a flexible user panel. It offers more than seven unique layout designs, an exclusive front-end user panel, and unlimited color options. Google Maps is also integrated into this classified ads WordPress theme.

3. Classonix: Provides exceptional page layout options and a level of usability and user experience that is expected from a modern WordPress theme. Beautiful typography is enhanced by Font Awesome icons and free Google fonts. Do not miss out on this theme if you truly want your classified ads business to stand out.

4. AdForest: A premium classified WordPress theme that is super flexible, has a fully responsive design, and is built with HTML5, CSS3, and the latest Bootstrap 3.7 and jQuery 3.1. It comes with extensive documentation to guide you and set up your components correctly. AdForest is designed to adopt any kind of classified business in the world.

5. Addifyer: A truly complete classified ads marketplace that offers features built from scratch, resulting in having only the things which are required. Its advanced custom fields bring sellers' ability to present their classifieds with clear and rich information, and visitors best possible filtration option while maintaining speed of the site.

6. Lisfinity: A classified ads WordPress theme that allows you to build and monetize any classified ads WordPress website fast and easy. It offers drag and drop custom field categories builder, ultimate WooCommerce ads pricing packages, promotions, and premium profiles bump up, bump color, featured search result.

7. Classify: A premium classified WordPress theme that is super flexible and has a fully responsive design. It offers drag and drop system with page builder and top payment gateways. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and is future-proofed for building websites for years to come.

In conclusion, these seven WordPress themes offer a range of features and customization options for classified ads businesses. Whether you want a clean and modern look or a more traditional design, there is a theme on this list for you.

How to Make a Listing Directory and Classified Website with Wordpress FOR FREE 2022

In this article, we will discuss how to build a listing website using a free WordPress theme called Listing Hive. We will cover the steps required to create categories, attributes, and listings for your website. Additionally, we will show you how to customize the front end of your website to fit your specific needs.

1. Install Listing Hive Theme:

- Listing Hive is a free WordPress theme that allows you to build any type of directory and listing website.

- Install and activate the theme from the WordPress repository.

- Install the recommended plugin, HivePress, from the theme message prompt.

2. Create Categories:

- Categories are the main structure of your website.

- Create categories and subcategories to organize your content.

- Assign a picture to each category to make your website look more professional.

3. Create Attributes:

- Attributes are customizable filters for your listings.

- Create attributes and assign them to specific categories.

- Select the attribute type, options, and icon.

4. Create Listings:

- Listings are the ads that will be displayed on your website.

- Create a new listing and assign it to a specific category.

- Add the title, description, and featured image to your listing.

5. Customize Front End:

- Customize the front end of your website by editing the home page.

- Add more categories and attributes to your home page.

- Use the filter feature to narrow down searches.

Building a listing website is made easy with Listing Hive. By following the steps provided in this article, you can create a professional-looking website with customizable categories, attributes, and listings. Customizing the front end of your website will help you attract more visitors and make your website stand out from the competition.

How to Create a classified website using wordpress - Install adforest theme and import demo content

In this video, we will learn how to create a classified website using WordPress and the Add Forest theme. A classified website acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers by providing a platform to post advertisements for selling anything online.

Installing the Theme:

To install the Add Forest theme, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance and then Themes. Click on Add New and upload the Add Forest zip file. Install and activate the theme.

Installing Required Plugins:

After installing the theme, go to the dashboard and install the required plugins such as One Click Demo Import, USB Framework, and WP Bakery Visual Composer.

Importing Demo Content:

In the theme options, click on Import Demo and select the demo content you want to import. Wait for the files to upload and import the content. After importing the demo content, your website will become a classified website.

In the upcoming videos, we will learn how to customize the Add Forest theme by customizing the header, ad settings, email templates, footer, etc. Share and subscribe to the channel if you found this video helpful.

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