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Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 products that you need to be selling in 2023. all of these products are proven and validated products that are currently going viral, and I hand picked each and every one of these so you guys can succeed in your Drop Shipping Store. so, with that being said, I'm going to be showing you the ad that's currently going viral. I'm going to show you the competitors website plus. I'm going to show you the product price on AliExpress, so you have all the information you need to go out and crush it. so, with that being said, let's get into product number 10.. product number 10 is an absolutely genius product. as you see this tiktok over here. it's only about nine seconds, but it's blown up: nearly 450 000 likes, 10 000 shares. but it's this scooper that also gives you a weight every time you scoop something up. the reason why I think this product is going to be such a winner is not only can you advertise this product as a food prep product, so people can accurately measure the amount of food they want to eat, but I also think this a great pet product if you want to accurately measure your pet food, and if we actually come over this competitor's website, you can see how poor they've actually merchandise this product. the website's literally named Connor storecom, so it looks like someone who's about 16 years old probably just got into Drop Shipping and his mom let him create a store and he named it Connor store. now, no hate to him, but this store could definitely be improved upon quite a bit and I think how you're going to be able to sell tons of this product is if you actually merchandise this for that bodybuilding community and brand your website to feature information targeting your ideal customer demographic. now, another thing I notike is this competitor is only selling this for 19.99. now, when we do come over to AliExpress, the product is super cheap. it's 4.31, which means that the competitor actually has a really solid markup. he's making about 15.50- 50 cents every time someone decides to purchase this product. now, the genius of this product is the fact that you would be able to get away selling this for 39.99 if you're really honing down and advertising this to your dream customer. so I think, if you want to sell this product, create a custom experience for your ideal demographic for this, which will be bodybuilders and weight lifters, and really create your messaging to speak to that customer. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number nine. so product number nine is a classic example of Click bait marketing. they're showing someone with frostbite black fingers and then they're saying, hey, here's how you can prevent it- these heated gloves. and it shows someone going into snow and actually using these. so, if you aren't aware, these heated gloves go viral every single year and they also are a pretty Evergreen product. of course, they will do better in this wintertime season, but I think the potential to advertise this right now is Limitless, especially because winter is still going to be here for quite a bit longer. now we have 221 000 likes on this post, 2500 likes from this company called try hot glove, so they're getting a great reaction and you can see their website over here. it's not a great website, guys. this is a very simple website. they don't even have reviews on this website, so I think that pretty much anyone watching this video can build a better website like this. on Shopify: Shopify makes it super easy, so you guys can obviously use my link down below if you guys don't have a Shopify membership yet, and it actually helps the channel out a ton. so thanks for doing that now. this would be my strategy if I wanted to sell this product. first, I would create a much better website than this competitor has over here and where I think they could use the most work is in this description, so make sure you have a very compelling description. I'll leave a link above. if you don't know how to create descriptions yet, this video will definitely help you out ton. but, as you see, they're selling this for 45 dollars and if we do come over to AliExpress, you can find a competitive product for 18.32. so there's definitely a decent profit margin. that means every time someone goes onto the hot glove and buys this product, they're making about 28 profit. so definitely a good profit margin. and this product would be really easy to advertise, doing organic content, just like this competitor has done. I think they figured out a really compelling hook, which is showing these people with frostbite and then showing this product. it's basically a classic- here's the problem and here's the solution- type advertisement. so if you are wanting to sell this product, just rinse and repeat the content strategy they've already developed, and I think this will also do awesome on paid advertising as well. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number eight. product number eight is a product I found on Facebook and I know this product is going to do extremely well. as you see, this video is showing this windshield that's frozen over and it has this device that basically unfreezes your windshield and it also acts as a portable heater in your car. so this is a two for one product. it's going to help you out with your windshield and when it's also super cold in your car, you're going to be able to put this on and turn it towards you. and, as you see, this is a paid ad that's being run right now and it started October 17th over here, but it already has 10 000 likes, over 3 000 shares on this product and if we come to the comment, you can see that a lot of these people really love this product. people are saying: I would love to have this, that would be good for my buggy, so there's a ton of people who already want this product, which is a great sign. to come over the comments and see that real demand. now, if we do come over this competitors website, we can see that they're selling this for 29.99 for the air blower and if you want the bracket as well, it's 32.99. now, in my opinion. I think they should have just grouped this together and sold it as one variant. usually having three separate options for such a simple product like this can definitely cause some confusion, but overall they have a decent product website. they put some good information in here, but I think it's a little bit clunky and, as you can see, the color scheme is not very congruent, and they also don't have reviews on this product, which kind of shocks me. reviews will easily increase your conversion rate dramatikally. so if you are wanting to sell this product, make sure you have a clean color scheme and make sure you're having a solid description with those reviews. now, if we do come over to AliExpress, the product is only 13. if I was selling this personally, I'd be selling this at 39.99. you can get a three times markup on this product easily. it just depends on how your branding this and Merchandising it. the more high-end that you're branding this, the more premium price you're gonna be able to command for a product like this. now, with that being said, let's move on to product number seven. product number seven is a product I found on Pinterest and, as you see, they're advertising this as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air wrap and basically this is a five in one curler, and if we do come over to their website, you can see that they're selling this for a pretty hefty price- 99- and, honestly, their website's actually pretty decent. you guys should be looking at websites like this that have beneficial gifts and are actually clean, but there is a lot you could improve here. having too many gifts can slow down your website, and they've also bolded a lot of words that I don't think need to be bolded, and they could have simplified this page quite a bit. so take these notes if you are wanting to sell this product. but overall, it's good that they have a lot of information on here, because when you are selling products- this High tiket- you're definitely going to want to make sure you

I Tried Dropshipping With $0 For 30 days

have you ever wondered if it's possible to become a millionaire with Drop Shipping, for a million dollars, millions of dollars from Drop Shipping? well, I know for a fact it's possible, because I went from a high school dropout to making over 1.5 million dollars in a year. by the time I was age 21.. and to show you that it's still possible today, I created a brand new Drop Shipping Store using zero dollars and I'm sharing the entire process transparently now. we just officially ended our first full month in business and we had a lot of ups and we had a lot of downs and, honestly, this reminded me of how hard it is to get your first business off the ground. so while a lot of people are going to be watching this video and impressed with the sales that I've gotten, just realize that this isn't an overnight success. this has been the last five years of me dedicating myself to this craft and I don't want this video to come across showing off. I know there's a lot of gurus out there who try to highlight how easy Drop Shipping is, and we both know these guys are not Drop Shipping, so just know that I'm gonna always keep 100 with you guys. now, any good Drop Shipping Store starts with a good product. I don't care how good your website is or how good your ads are, so I couldn't just find any product. to be successful in this challenge, I needed to find a product that matched the criteria of a winning product. usually when I am picking a product to sell, there's a few things that I look at. obviously, profit margin- if we don't have a good profit margin, then there's no way we're gonna ever be successful. and another piece of criteria that I think is important is that the product actually makes people's lives easier. so to locate this problem-solving product, I ended up going on tiktok and looked up hashtag. tiktok made me buy it and, honestly, I had to browse sometime to find something decent. but I knew we had found a winner when I found a tik tok post with literally hundreds of people asking where they could find the product and the video only had about a thousand likes at this point. now, honestly, this was kind of suspicious- a post with only about a thousand likes to have this many comments of people wanting to know where to buy the product- and I thought this was a great opportunity. hundreds of people were looking to buy this product and they didn't have someone to fulfill that demand. so I built a website on Shopify and I started my journey trying to get this brand sales using zero dollars Capital. now, I only really had one opportunity to become successful with this store, since our budget was zero dollars in order for us to create a profitable business. it meant attracting customers to our website without spending any money. now, this meant that the standard avenues for advertising, like Facebook ads, were completely out of the question, but what was possible was for us to create tiktok and Instagram real content completely organically and try to get the post viral so customers can see our product. so for the last 30 days, I spent a ton of time creating content and it actually went pretty well. so I want to go over the results and how much money we're able to make. so this challenge started on August 16th. this was our first day in business and I ended up posting up only one single tik tok on this day and, yes, I did not get any sales. this was definitely a stressful day for me. I was creating a brand new business from scratch again and, honestly, day two felt pretty similar. we made zero dollars in sales and I spent hours of our time and we weren't able to even manage to get one single sale, so I was feeling pretty disappointed around this time. but day three, things started to pick up. day three, on August 18th, I managed to get our very first sale, and this was when I realized that we were on to something. so I got super stoked and excited about creating this brand. so I ended up doubling down. on the 19th, I created two pieces of content, but unfortunately we were only able to get one sale for 56 dollars. and then the day after that, on the 20th, we were only able to get one sale again, even though I was posting more content now. up into this point, we had gotten zero sales from tiktok. our tiktoks were doing terrible, but our Instagram reels were actually getting to push out, so this was a good sign. we're getting a few thousand views on our Instagram reels, but for some reason we weren't able to crack into tiktok yet. now, day six was a super exciting day. we managed to get three sails for a total of 270 dollars, and this made me feel like we could really take this brand to whatever height we wanted to grow it to, and this brought me down a path of switching our content up. I started to focus on More Story based content, and this started to work really well. we were able to wrap the first week up at a total of 785.93, which personally I thought was a really good start to this challenge. I was feeling super excited and optimistik that this store could grow to a store that does six figures a month. so I really wanted to double down to get the best results we could in this Challenge, and that's also when I set a goal of trying to to make one thousand dollars in a single day throughout this Challenge, and this brought us into week two. on day one of week two, we ended up doing 159 dollars, and day two ended up being another Super solid day. we did 299 dollars in sales this day, which got me feeling really good. we were able to hit some consistent results at this point, and at this point we had generated over one thousand dollars in sales. and the best part about this is, since we weren't spending money on ads, almost 75 percent of the revenue was profit. day three of week two, we had a pretty similar day, and then, day four of week two, I started ramping up the content. I realized that our posts were doing well, but maybe we needed more volume. so on day four of week two, we managed to hit our best day yet at 364 dollars, which was a really good sign. we're almost 40 percent to our 1K a day goal. and then, day five, we managed to smash that record at 399 overall. during week two, we managed to get over two thousand dollars in sales, which meant for this two-week period we had done over two thousand and seven hundred dollars, and I already created a video covering up to this point. if all this sounds familiar. but what I'm about to get into is week three and week four, which ended up being a total twist, and I think it's gonna be something really exciting for everyone. going into week three, I was definitely nervous because we hadn't hit the goal that we set out for this challenge yet and while we were getting results, I wanted to show people that this business is really possible and that we can hit some big numbers. so I was seriously stressed to continue to create the best content that I could, and it ended up being a pretty stressful week. but here's how it ended up. going as far as sales, on day three of week one- such a disappointing day- we managed to get zero sales, but honestly, it felt like it was about time we stopped getting great holds. it seemed like everything was going pretty easy in the beginning of this challenge, so the fact that we weren't facing turbulence just meant that we weren't pushing hard enough. so the fact that I didn't get any sales today, I kind of just dismissed it and decided I'm just gonna keep pushing on. now, on day two of week three, we actually did end up getting a sale, but unfortunately we also did have a refund. so that's why we only made 14.99 on this day, which is just pretty natural. sometimes customers will end up ordering something and they'll want their money back, so we just gave them their money back. we're not going to worry about that and we're just gonna hold. day three is more successful. unfortunately, it wasn't and we managed to do zero dollars in sales yet again. so for this three day period, we had literally only made about 14.99 and I was feeling really bummed out at this point. I thought that maybe the store was over, maybe the product wasn't workin.

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What is Dropshipping for Beginners? How to Make Money Online in 2021

What is Dropshipping? Hey, what’s up world? I’m Tommy Walker with Oberlo, and today we’re going to tok about Dropshipping, what it is and how you can get started. I’ll also give you four actionable steps to start your own dropshipping business today. And stik around until the end of the video, because I’ll give you a few personal suggestions and things to keep in mind as you’re getting started. Alright, welcome to the Oberlo Youtube channel where, every week, we’ll be discussing the various elements of what goes into starting, operating and growing your own dropshipping business. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with dropshipping, drop them in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer them. Like I said before, I’m Tommy Walker and if you like what we’re toking about here, consider subscribing so you can get new videos every week. Let’s say, you’ve been thinking of opening up your own online business, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t know what you should sell, you don’t have the money to invest in products and, looking around, you don’t have any place to store inventory. That’s what dropshipping is all about. You see, with dropshipping, you can sell stuff online without the products ever being in your hands. All you need is a computer, an online store and a basic understanding on how to market and sell online. Here’s how it works. First, you find what you want to sell from a supplier, then list that product on your own website at a price you set. Next, when someone places an order for that product, your customer pays you the retail price you’ve set and you make a profit. Then you’ll place the order with your supplier at their wholesale price and have it shipped directly to the customer. So let’s say you’ve found this watch on a supplier’s website for $10. You would then list it on your own website for $30. When the order comes in through your website, you then place your order with your supplier using your customer’s shipping information, keep the $20 profit and have the product shipped directly to your customer. That’s it. Now I know what you’re thinking. why wouldn’t somebody just order the watch directly from the supplier’s website? Well, a couple of reasons. First, it’s a very big internet and customers may not know about the supplier to buy from them directly. Second, when people buy things, they’re not just buying products. They’re buying into the marketing, positioning, trust, brand and lifestyle those products represent. With dropshipping, you can focus on marketing your products and saying the right things at the right time and on providing real value to the right people, because you’re not warehousing any inventory or dealing with most of the other challenges that come with running an ecommerce business. Now, a couple of big challenges that need to be considered with dropshipping are finding credible suppliers with good quality products and making sure you have visibility into your customer’s fulfillment process. Honestly, you can find suppliers on your own - However, when you’re dropshipping completely on your own, you can end up spending a lot of time researching and negotiating with suppliers to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. Another option is a tool like Oberlo, which, with a few clicks, gives you access to millions of products to sell and has dozens of other features to make your life easier, like monitoring inventory levels, automatikally calculating profit margins, fulfilling and tracking orders, monitoring shipping status, measuring delivery performance and more. Oberlo Supply is also a part ofthe product which helps you partner with vetted, trustworthy suppliers of great quality products, faster shipping times and awesome customer service, with thousands of different products available for you to choose from. Want to get started? All you have to do is start a Shopify store, install the Oberlo app, find products and start selling online. So why do people get into dropshipping? First off, it’s really fast and easy to get started, and you can dropship with incredibly low investment costs. You also don’t need to have an established business entity when you start, though it’s smart to have one once you grow. You don’t have to worry about managing inventory, packing or tracking, which means you can focus almost exclusively on marketing, promotion and merchandising. You have access to millions of products instantly that suppliers are constantly researching to determine what’s trendy and what will sell. You set the retail price so you control the margins, And dropshipping is really easy to scale because you can hire virtual assistants as your order volume increases. Of course, there can be some challenges with dropshipping too. First off, because it’s really easy to get started, there’s a higher potential for competition. That is why you’ll find a lot of advice out there recommends you start off finding a niche audience - like cat lovers or gamers - so you can operate with less competition. Next, there are supplier errors. Though uncommon, it is inevitable that a supplier will mistakenly ship the wrong item to your customer. If this happens, don’t take it personally and handle the return like a professional - either order a brand new product from the supplier or offer a complete refund. Also, since many dropshipping suppliers are based on China, shipping times are generally longer, turning some consumers off. ePacket makes it easier, delivering some orders in as little as two weeks, but generally speaking, if you make your shipping times clear throughout the buying process, many visitors appreciate the clarity - especially if you’re selling an item or in a niche where delivery times are less crucial. Ok, so how do I get started? Step 1. Start a free 14 day trial on Shopifycom. Step 2. Go to Shopifycom/app-store and install the oberlo app. Step 3. Find products from the app you’d like to sell and add them to your store. Step 4. Enable a payment gateway so you can start accepting money. Shopify Payments is a great default option if you’re in one of the supported countries, though you may want to enable a few other gateways, like Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments or any of the 100+ payment gateways that Shopify is integrated with. Once you have all that, you’ll need to create a plan for sending traffic to your store. I won’t go into great detail about that here, but you can find a great resource for building traffic by clicking on the card above or in the description down below. Finally, try to produce quality content for your store, From eye-catching photography to engaging product videos, to great posts for your blog. your audience loves to know more about your products, how they can be used and the story behind them. Now that we’ve covered all of the things you need to get started, here are a few additional things to keep in mind. Dropshipping is pretty easy to learn, but there is a learning curve and you will experience challenges along the way. However, mistakes can become learning opportunities and, if you can develop resilience along the way, there are plenty of people out there finding a lot of success dropshipping products. While there is a significant advantage in terms of capital investment over traditional ecommerce, dropshipping isn’t free. You’ll likely have to spend money to drive traffic, market your products and handle returns. There is no overnight success and this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Dropshipping still requires you to work consistently for your store. True, you will need to dedicate less time compared to a traditional ecommerce businesses, but it’s not going to succeed without your hard work. You’ll always need to invest time improving your business. Don’t source copyrighted items. This is illegal all around the world and can cause you some serious trouble. My advice: choose products from Oberlo Supply - a network of trusted suppliers who make

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How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

hey guys, it's Paul from become Swift and today I wanted to and a packet drop shipping product review. you know, as a marketer myself, I'm very wary of the marketing tactiks, of the psychological tricks that they use in their copy and their images in there. you know sale, price and their email newsletters. I'm aware of it all. I'm aware that I'm being sold and it's pretty hard to sell me. okay, like I'm a consumer, of course I buy things, but I'm very strategic with buying things and I know how to make that decision. I know how not to get convinced. but, um, apparently not. actually, because this company, I'm not sponsoring them. I don't even care if you purchase them. this Instagram added, basically said they're going out of business, they're having a last blowout sale, like a hundred dollars off their watches. so I was like: man, this is a pretty good opportunity to buy some watches. I was considering to myself. I was like, okay, this is a Shopify store. is this his drop shipping store? and I was like, maybe it's not. and the reason I thought not is because it said Godfrey, since 1923. and I was like: but since 1923? I was like, okay, they established 1923. they probably had a bunch of artisans, watchmaking artisans, you know crafting this thing all the way back in the nineteen hundreds and there's like a history behind it. there's a brand and the website and everything looked really good. I could trust it. I never heard of the brand before. I interacted with it with like two or three times on the website before I bought this thing. like men, this is a legitimate company. you know, this is not a job shipping store. this is the actual brand that's been around since a long time. but they fooled me. they fooled me. okay, this is not a positive nor negative review of their watches itself. this is a review of their marketing and their tactiks and their branding and I think there are some lessons to learn here. so, right when you open it, you are greeted with two very premium looking luxury brands: watch cases, watch boxes. it's nice, like it's. it comes to customer experience. it makes makes it seem like you've got a legit, really good quality thing. so, right when you unbox it, you get greeted with this little car thing. it's just really nice and like the thicknesses is of an actual credit card. like. this thing is not a cheap little paper. one thing I would change is the grammar is like you can clearly tell somebody non-english wrote this thing, but you know it's a nice touch. so got a nice little protective sleeve thing and then you're greeted with the actual watch. now you've got this little, nice little banner thing going up like that and it's actually a very nice looking watch, like- I'm not even gonna lie- it's a stainless steel all over silver and nice. it's very nice. it's very flexible, very thin and this reminds me of like a Daniel Wellington watch. in terms of quality definitely looks pretty good. you know, the whole perception I have of this is, you know, pretty high quality. so let's look at the second one. the same thing going on here and we got this one right here. so, like I said, if you guys are familiar with Daniel Wellington, this is like the exact kind of style and, yeah, the quality is very nice. so these are the two watches I bought. they even have the gold free sketching on the back of this thing, so you can clearly tell they put a lot of difference to this. so some tips for branding and customer experiences: go the extra mile. go the extra mile like: if you have a winning product, if you're still testing products, do not do any of this stuff. you're gonna waste money. if you have a winning product, go ahead and invest a little bit more into packaging like this- and, like you know, business car is old flyers. all you have to do is ask, ask your supplier, because a lot of times your supplier will have these resources and will be able to do it for extremely cheap. for example, I used to job ship a comb- a beard comb- and it had silver screws. in the past I asked my supplier. I was like hey, can I get these in gold? and they were able to do it for me. it was a little bit more expensive, but the perception of a comb with gold screws rather than silver screws is pretty significant. you can charge more if the perception is higher. if you still want to do the job shipping route, you can still provide the branding experience, just gonna have to have like automated emails saying or manufacturing it right and make it seem like it's a legitimate thing. however, it was a very deceptive how they tricked me and said that they're going out of business, which is probably not true and it probably won't bite them back in the ass when customers see they're still advertising and they're like, hey, you're going out of business. and then the description says quartz watch and some Chinese letter and this is a SKU I would say like the actual branded watch name and no Chinese letters, no SKU. and then over here at value I will put the value of how much I paid worth, of how much the customer pays for it. this one says five. that's the actual Aliexpress price. I would tell the supplier to change this invoice and forge the value of it to make the received value a lot higher and you don't have to pay any extra tariffs for that. if you're above a thousand dollars or something in value, then you have to pay some tariffs. but you know I'm not a legal expert, so don't count me on that. this is what I've done them. whenever I sold shops, even products that were with like $2, I told the manufacturer: hey, price it at $50. we're like you know something like that. I didn't have to pay any tariffs. but yeah, good job. guys, if you're watching this, this is not a review. I'm not even gonna have that link in the description. you guys really convinced me, especially with the subtle since 1923 that is so subtle, but it actually works. we found this content useful then, going into the subscribe button, upload videos like this all the time, especially with e-commerce, Shopify, drop shipping, that sort. give it a like button and leave in the comments if you have any questions and I'll see you guys in the next video. thanks for watching.

How to do Dropshipping with Shopify in Nigeria [Full Shopify Tutorial 2022]

hi guys, welcome to the channel. my name is Raymond, the CEO of Lagos consults and Enterprises. today, on this video, what I'm going to be sharing with you guys is how you can be able to do Drop Shipping right here in Nigeria by creating a Shopify account for your business and be able to sell to customers globally. okay now, most of us might have known things about many partition or selling e-commerce products in Nigeria, and you might have challenges of pay on delivery and things like that. you know it could be challenging, but the type of e-commerce we're going to be doing with our Shopify account is the type that gives us, um, unlimited opportunities. you can sell to the global markets and we don't even have to touch the products. we don't need to see the products and we don't even need to have to deal with customers, uh, feedback and all of that. okay, all we just need to do is to run advertisements to our Shopify store, you know, and send those products to them. the company that we're going to be using will fulfill those products and we just keep the profits all right, so it's pretty simple. I know some persons might have been looking for this kind of information on how to actually do Drop Shipping in Nigeria, how to set up a Shopify account, what is required, how to go about it, and all the tiknicalities and all the many questions around it. so I decided to put out this video here, to go into details, to show you, guys, how to go exactly about it. so this video is going to be in kind of two parts. the first part: I'm going to tell you what is required, what you need to have in place for you to be able to have a successful Shopify accounts running in Nigeria, or for you to be able to set up a Drop Shipping account or an e-commerce business that is ready to sell to the global market. and then, in the second part of the video, I'm going to now walk you through on how to set up the Shopify account, all that you need to know, like from scratch. I'm going to show you exactly, step by step, how to start setting up your Shopify account, loading up your products, editing your product page and everything that you need to know. all right, so now I'm going to dive into the first part of the video, where I'm going to be now telling you some of the things, like the checklist of what you need to have or put in place in order for you to have a successful um dropshipping business from here in Nigeria or other parts of African countries. now, the first thing is that you need to get your payments Gateway right, and that means you have to have either a stripe account or a PayPal account, and that should be a US based PayPal account, or USB strap account, or the UK based account. okay, and for you to be able to get that, because you need a form of payment that your customers can easily pay with your cards and you know you are selling to the global market, so you need the payment Gateway that is globally available that people can actually, you know, buy your products with. so for you to be able to do that, you need to first of all, have your business registered in this location. so either you have a business Incorporated in the UK or you have a business Incorporated in the USA. so they are two different routes. okay, there are two different things, so, but it seems from my experience that getting a UK based uh business registered is actually a little bit easier and faster, but out of us, it also um doable, but it might take a little bit more time, especially when you have to wait to get your EIN, your employer identification number- okay, now for you to have your business registered in the US and the UK, now, first of all, you need to have a US address- okay, now, there are a lot of websites where you can buy US address and, you know, set it up. they need to have a US based phone number, okay, and then you need to now have your valid ID, your internal passport, your driver's license- okay, any of those two can actually work- and also, you need to have proof of address. okay, it will be required for you to provide your proof of address- it can be your utility bill or your bank statement- to be able to, you know, set up your business in the US, okay, so those are the things that you need to put in place. so, if you're going to go through the route of maybe using strap Atlas and things like that, it can cost you maybe around 500 or more and maybe you have to wait for some time, for some period of time, okay, but, um, here at Lagos, okay, we also provide this type of services to our clients and we provide it very, very fast and efficient. so when you go to the website here at wwwregoscom, r-a-y-g-o-zcom, then you would see some of the packages that we have- okay and yeah, at discounted prices and you could actually get your business registered very, very fast. for example, if you're going to be reaching your business in the USA- okay, sometimes, if you want to go your own way and you want to do it by yourself, of course you could be able to do that- where it might take you 30 days, 45 days and months to do that, okay, but with our service, because of the kind of partnership that we have with the persons in the US who are helping us to make sure that everything is fast. So within 15 days, or sometimes within 14 days, your business is set up and it's running. you have everything to you know, get your business approved and have your EIN and you are good to go. so once you have that, then you can now go ahead to start creating your Shopify account and setting up everything, okay, so. so I'm going to drop the link to this service, the website, on the description of this video. and one more thing. one interesting thing is that when you sign up for a service or when you get your business registered through our service, we're going to be providing you with support with your Shopify store and everything. we're also going to give you a free course that will help you to get your e-commerce business up and running. this is from one of my mentors, so I have access to the course and I have the privilege to also offer it to my clients. so when you sign up or when you get your business registered to our service, you're going to be getting all of these things for free: the support and then discusses. okay, now you're also going to be getting the course that will help you to promote your products and to run tiktok ads efficiently, because we know that, um, these days, tiktok is one of the emerging social media platforms and they have their ads- okay, the ads platform, and it's pretty easy for Dropship pass these days, so you can easily put up an ad and run and add to your store and you make the big box, okay. so you're going to be getting all of these bonuses by, you know, using our service. okay, and you have nothing to lose, actually, because one is going to be delivered to you seamlessly, very fast. yeah, you don't have to stress yourself to go to the hassle of creating it by yourself. like, I've already given you the thing that you need that, you can run with it and try to do it yourself, but trust me, it's going to take you a longer period of time and you may eventually not be able to get it done faster. okay, now, that's that for this first part of the video. like I said, I was just going to give you what you need to do, like what you need to put in place- the background to it- for you to be able to now run a successful Shopify store. so right now, what I'm going to do is to dive into my computer and I'm going to start from scratch and show you how to set up everything inside of Shopify, using my own store- my one of my new stores- as an example to show you how to navigate the whole process. but just before we do that, if you're enjoying this kind of content or if you like this video, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to my channel and let me know in the comments if you are finding this content valuable, and also make sure to share this with several other persons out there who would find this kind of content valuable, because I know a lot of persons, especially in Nigeria, are looking for this type of information, and it is not usuall.

How To Use Cometly - Shopify Dropshipping

what's going on. guys trey here and i'm back with another video. as you guys know, q4 is just around the corner and, for those who are actually into drop shipping and want to sell products, this is the best time to be selling. why? because of all the holiday seasons there is in q4- and i'm toking about halloween, christmas, black friday, cyber monday and much more- all these holidays have crazy deals that go on during those months so you can go ahead and take advantage to increase the amount of orders for your partikular store. so you can go ahead and go crazy for q4 with the amount of orders you're going to receive in q4. it is very important to make sure you're tracking your data correctly and making sure it's transferring over from your shopify store to your facebook ads manager effectively. now we know facebook has given some troubles lately with tracking the ads. essentially, your ad sets, ads purchases, added cards, initiate checkouts, along with including utms. this platform i'm gonna show you guys today, which is called commonly, will help you track your data efficiently, which is a data tracking tool to connect to your facebook as manager. if that sounds like you're something you're trying to do by going crazy in q4, getting a lot of orders. you're not trying to have any headaches or frustration because you cannot see exactly which ad set got you the best purchase at a cars industry checkouts. make sure to watch the rest of this video as i will show you how to set up commonly, what's going to help you exactly to track your data [Music] before we hop into it. you guys know we do a free consulting call every single week and if you want to get the chance to win this, you have to do these three things down below. number one: go ahead and like this video, as we put out these videos every single week to give you guys as much as value as we can. number two: subscribe to the channel to catch every single video that we put out every single week. and number three, and comment the word q4 with the biggest take away that you have gotten away from this video. i'll be announcing the winner of the free consultant call somewhere in this video. so make sure you're staying tuned and watch the rest of the video if you want to find out that was you. so you go ahead and go crazy in q4 now, without further ado. let's go ahead and get into exactly what commonly will do for you and the setup process of commonly, which i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys in just a bit. commonly will allow your ad sets to be tracked officially, making sure you have the correct purchase and which ad set, the correct add a cart, correct initiate checkout, from your shopify store analytiks to your facebook ads manager. this tool is going to help you effectively scale absolutely crazy in q4 so you guys are knowing exactly where your purchases are coming from, so you go and get that profit you're looking for. but before we get into commonly any further, make sure you have any questions at all about this video or how about you can get started successfully on your ecommerce journey that you deem us the word youtube on instagram, at supremeunderscoreecom, so that we can go ahead and reach out to you and help you any way as possible. so now i'm going to share my screen and show you guys the setup process of commonly from start to finish. now, as you can go and see right here, this is commonly. this is the website right here, right and right off the bat. as you can go and see, it has a 14 free day trial. you heard that correctly. it has a 14 free day trial, so that means you can go and connect it to your store whenever you're ready to go ahead and start running campaigns- so you're actually going to get a startup- and then when you're getting that return on the investment, then you can go and actually put back that investment you are getting from profit and to back the payment for commonly. as you're going to see right here, it says: track yourselves back to the correct ad and optimize your ads for a better performance. as we scroll down right here, it has facebook, instagram, shopify and clickbank- all those platforms you can go to connect to this partikular commonly platform. as we scroll down right here, it also gives us a visual representation of exactly what the facebook ads manager will look like with commonly linked to it. so right here, some of the features and tools that it has is: you can control your budget, and what i mean by control your budget. you can actually go ahead and change your budget at the ad set level or at the campaign total level. as you see right here, it says update your budget. so then you are allowed to go and update your budget when you're actually scaling to increase that to get a higher profit for your partikular ads manager. it also has a turn off button and what that means. you can go ahead and actually turn off your partikular ad sets or, as with the whole entire campaign, whatever campaign you are running right here, by just a click of the button with on or off, you can also customize your columns whatever the way you need to have best fit for your partikular column setup process commonly allows you to go and actually set up efficiently so you do not have to keep looking everywhere for whatever ads that you are looking for. not only that commonly allows you to have a breakdown, and what i mean by breakdown: you can actually break down each asset that you have in your ads manager to see exactly where your purchases are coming from. for example, you might be getting a lot of purchases from the country of united states, so when you start scaling, you want to target your assets more towards united states, because that's been giving you the best roi and a profit for your partikular as manager and commonly allow you to go ahead and actually break it down by gender, age and actually country that you're receiving the most orders from, as you go and see. right here says the accurate as manager experience what it feels like to have all your data tracked, like i said before, as you know, facebook has been giving us some troubles in regards to data tracking, but now here is the full solution for you to go ahead and make sure you're actually getting your data tracked the correct way and not having any troubles and any headaches as well. commonly also allows you to go ahead and actually connect multiple stores to their partikular platform at addition, no cost. so that's actually very helpful because if you have more than one store, you can connect it to the same exact commonly account that you have created from the big jump. as you're going to see right here, it says it will give you accurate revenue conversion value. not only will allow you to actually track the efficient of your purchases at a car initiate checkouts, but it will also go ahead and give you exactly how much profit where, actually how much net loss you have per ad set, per campaign as well. as you're going to see right here, the green means profit and if you scroll up real quick, the red right here means net loss and exactly tells you exactly the percentage of your ri, the net laws, grocery funds and gross revenue as well. so it gives you exactly a huge breakdown, exactly what you need for your analytiks. another thing that comedy allows: it has an ad set daily breakdown. yes, we can break down from exactly where the purchase is coming from- gender, aegis, region- but it also gives us exactly a daily breakdown. so, for example, you're getting most purchases on monday every single week. you need to start scaling on mondays because by commonly it will show you're getting exactly the most purchases on mondays. it gives you also your roi, your row ads, profit and net loss just right here, and you can also go ahead and send back accurate data back to the platforms to make sure you are actually getting the correct, efficient tracking. it also allows you to control your budget for it. so it has a spin analysis feature on there. so if you're going to be like kind of overspinning a little bit commonly, let you know exactly. hey, this is your question. you.