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yard work ads

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker discusses how they picked up a 17,000 square foot property and leveraged it to gain seven other clients in the same neighborhood through one ad post. They also share why they are dropping the area and provide mowing tips for the particular property. The article includes an introduction, bullet points, and a conclusion.

- The first step is to use social proof by offering excellent service to a client and getting a glowing review that can be used for the post.

- The next step is to make a video that introduces the company and the services they offer while including a call to action and an incentive to call by a certain time.

- Banded signs and door hangers can also be used to build social proof and brand recognition.

- It's essential to test different marketing strategies and tweak them until they work better.

- The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of investing time in studying marketing and learning from past experiences to improve future efforts.

How To Run Google Ads For Landscaping Business

In this video, the speaker is performing a full Google audit on a landscaping business to help improve their Google Ads campaign. The goal is to generate more consistent, high-quality leads that will turn into new customers. The speaker begins by discussing the issue of tracking leads, noting that the client had conversions but wasn't able to track where they came from. The solution is to create a call tracking number through a third-party software like CallRail.com.

The speaker then discusses the client's conversion rate, which is currently at 8.36%. This is average but not profitable, as the client is getting one lead for every $28 to $29 spent. The speaker recommends increasing the conversion rate to at least 15%, with a goal of 20% or higher. The speaker notes that the client has been running two smart campaigns, which are automated campaigns that allow Google to control spending and marketing. The speaker advises against this and recommends running search campaigns instead, which give the client more control.

The speaker goes into the engine of the client's campaign and makes several recommendations. They advise turning off display and Google search partners, as these don't generate high-quality leads. They also recommend checking the option for people in or regularly in your targeted locations to avoid wasting money on ads for people outside the client's target area. Finally, they advise the client to exclude specific locations if necessary.

Overall, the speaker provides a detailed audit of the client's Google Ads campaign and offers specific recommendations for improvement. By following these recommendations, the client should be able to generate more high-quality leads and increase their profitability.

How to Choose the Best Advertising for LawnCare and Landscape Contractors

- As a business owner starting out, advertising is essential but expensive

- It is important to find cost-effective and proven methods to get your message out and bring in business

General Advertising:

- Radio advertising is not effective and should be avoided

- Investing in a high-quality website is worth the expense, but it takes time to generate traffic

- Networking is a great cheap form of advertising that pays off every time you shake a person's hand

- Brochure drops have a low return rate and may not be very effective


- Craigslist is a great form of advertising because it is free and can generate a good response

- Automating the system can help save time and effort

HomeAdvisor and Angie's List:

- HomeAdvisor is a paper lead service that can be effective and has a good return policy

- Angie's List is hit or miss for landscaping and may not be worth the expense for lawn care

- Advertising is essential but expensive for business owners starting out

- Cost-effective and proven methods such as networking and Craigslist can be effective

- HomeAdvisor and Angie's List may be worth the expense for certain types of businesses

- It is important to invest in high-quality website and avoid ineffective forms of advertising such as radio advertising.

lawn care advertising

In the lawn care business, like any other business, it is essential to have regular customers to get paid. Advertising is the key to letting potential customers know that your company exists. While word of mouth is still the best advertising method, it can be slow. Therefore, tracking customers and finding out what they are looking for is crucial. There are four main paid ways to attract potential customers: yellow pages, lawn care flyers, website search (SEO), and online ads (Google and Facebook).

1. Yellow Pages:

- Highly targeted

- Expensive

- Not profitable since 2008

- Longevity issues - don't own the ad

- Not recommended

2. Lawn Care Flyers:

- Highly untargeted

- Not cheap

- Direct mail average return is about 0.5%

- More expensive than online ads

- Not recommended

3. Online Advertisements:

- Facebook and Google Ads

- Highly targeted

- Pay forever

- Facebook ads sell by location and personal data

- Google AdWords sell by keyword

- Recommended

4. SEO:

- Search engine optimization

- Trying to get your website to the top page of Google

- Highly targeted

- Authority - people assume you are one of the biggest and best companies

- Can level the playing field

- Can get you customers and make you money

- Recommended

In the lawn care business, advertising is crucial to attracting potential customers. While yellow pages and lawn care flyers are not recommended, online ads and SEO are highly effective. Online ads, specifically Facebook and Google Ads, are highly targeted and recommended. SEO can level the playing field and get you customers, making it highly recommended. Therefore, investing in advertising is essential for any lawn care business to succeed.

Advertising What Works

In this article, we will discuss various advertising methods that work and don't work for Spencer's lawn care business.

Effective Advertising Methods:

1. Signs - Targeting a specific neighborhood with signs is an effective way to advertise your business. It is important to have a plan and pick up the signs after a certain period.

2. Magnets - Having your business name, services, and phone number on magnets on your vehicle is a great way to advertise.

3. Business Cards - Carrying professional business cards with you at all times is a simple and effective way to advertise yourself.

4. Clothing - Shirts, hoodies, and hats with your business name and logo can be an inexpensive and effective way to advertise.

5. Google My Business - This is a free way to get your business seen on Google and other pages. Make sure to confirm your address and link it to your website.

6. Website - A well-designed website with proper tagging and linking to your Google My Business page can rank high in search results and bring in more customers.

Ineffective Advertising Methods:

1. Newspapers and Magazines - Advertising in newspapers and magazines has not worked for Spencer's lawn care business.

2. Mailers - Paying for mailers to be sent out to a targeted area did not yield any returns.

3. Door-to-door Flyer Delivery - Hand-delivering flyers door-to-door can work, but be aware of areas where no soliciting is allowed.

Finding the right advertising method for your business may take some trial and error. Utilize free methods like Google My Business and social media, and consider investing in signs, magnets, and clothing. Avoid ineffective methods like mailers and be aware of areas with no soliciting policies. Keep growing your business and stay professional in all aspects of your online presence.

Landscaping Marketing Ideas | Gardening & Lawn Care Advertising Tips [Get Fast Results]

If you run a landscaping, garden design, or garden maintenance business and struggle with getting high-quality leads, this article is for you. We will show you how to increase the quantity and quality of your leads and make more money. Keep reading to learn the top 10 ways to generate more leads for your gardening business.

1. Leaflet distribution:

Leaflets are still a great way to market your landscaping business. Keep a consistent flow of leaflets going out in your local area. Ensure the leaflets have a professional design and direct call-to-actions like 20% off landscaping services or quote this reference code and get a discount on all garden work.

2. Get listed on all major online business directories:

Get listed on the big free directories like yale.com, Thompson Local, Free Index, and get listed on these directories like homegardenlistings.co.uk. This will send local signals to your website, helping it rank higher on Google and generating more leads.

3. Check A Trade or Trust A Trader:

These websites carry a lot of authority. We suggest doing a Google search in your area for your service, for example, landscapers in South End. If Check A Trade or Trust A Trader are at the top, click through to the page, give them a call, and see how you can get to the top of the page. This is a great way to get local leads to your business.

4. Buying leads:

There are many platforms that you can use that sell leads. Do a Google search for 'buy landscaping job leads'. This will show you companies that sell job leads. Give them a call and see how much they will charge per lead.

5. Get lots of reviews:

Potential customers will check your reviews online before using your service. Get lots of them. Some of the best places to get reviews are Check A Trade, Trust A Trader, Yell.com, and your Google My Business systems.

6. Have a professional-looking website:

Your website is going to be the first place that a lot of customers will find you. Make sure it looks great. Get a professional company to design, code, and optimize your website. Include lots of images of your work, reviews, your accreditations, and pictures of your team. This will all help build trust with your customers before they call you.

7. Local newspapers:

Local newspapers are still a good way to advertise your business and establish your brand in local areas. Give a few local newspapers a call and find their rates and how many people read their papers each day.

8. Have a recognizable company:

Your branding is essential for a landscaping business. Make sure your branding is the same throughout your website, leaflets, business cards, and vehicles. Your vehicle should be recognizable, clearly showing your services and your number.

9. Update your social media:

Update your social media regularly. Choose one or two platforms that work for you. This could be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Link to it from your website and regularly update it with the latest news in your company, industry insight, and your latest jobs.

10. Google Ads:

Google Ads are the first things you see when you do a search for a local business on Google. It's the four ads above the Google My Business listing. Google Ads is one of the best ways to market your landscaping business. Establish the most profitable parts of the business, build Google Ad campaigns around them, and create landing pages dedicated to advertising that service with a direct offer such as 'save 20% off fencing' or 'free garden design today.' This gets a better conversion rate and can lead to less ad spend and more qualified leads.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to advertise your landscaping business. It can take a bit more time, but the payoff is massive when it starts working. We hope you found these top 10 ways to generate more leads for your gardening business helpful. For more tips on website mistakes to avoid, check out the link in the description. Remember to like this video, comment below, and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Commercial | Our 2018 Advertising Campaign

In this article, we will be discussing the various forms of advertising used by lawn care and landscaping companies. Specifically, we will be focusing on social media advertising and the benefits it can bring to a business.

Social Media Advertising:

- Facebook advertising is huge and can keep a one or two man lawn care show busy alone.

- Instagram can be used to show other lawn care companies what you have and your day-to-day activities.

- Twitter can be used to share Instagram posts and connect with other companies in the industry.

- YouTube can be used to teach and learn from others in the industry.

Other Forms of Advertising:

- Yard signs, flyers, door hangers, and direct mailers are also effective forms of advertising.

- Word of mouth advertising can be enhanced through social media.

- The best advertising involves pictures and videos.

In 2018, lawn care and landscaping companies should focus their advertising efforts on social media and word of mouth. By utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, businesses can showcase their services and connect with potential customers in a meaningful way. Additionally, traditional forms of advertising can still be effective and should not be overlooked.

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