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Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will summarize a series of conversations and songs that highlight different activities and experiences of children. The topics covered include daily routines, going to school, playing with toys, going on trips, learning safety rules, and having fun with friends.

Daily Routines:

- The article begins with a song about washing up and getting ready for bed.

- It then covers tasks like eating, changing clothes, and brushing teeth.

- The conversations show how parents encourage children to eat healthy, follow hygiene habits, and sleep on time.

Going to School:

- The article includes a song that describes a child's first day of school.

- It mentions different activities like playing with toys, learning colors, shapes, and numbers.

- The conversations also show how parents reassure children about making new friends and having fun in school.

Playing with Toys:

- The article talks about how children enjoy playing with toys and consider them as their friends.

- It includes a conversation about a toy train that got damaged, but the child learns to fix it with the help of tools.

- The article also mentions a pair of shoes that parents buy for the child to keep their feet safe and comfortable.

Going on Trips:

- The article describes a family trip to the mountains, where children enjoy playing games and spotting things like trees and windmills.

- It also includes a conversation about going for a picnic at home and packing a basket with sandwiches and fruits.

Learning Safety Rules:

- The article highlights the importance of following safety rules, especially during a pandemic.

- It includes conversations about wearing masks, washing hands, keeping distance, and leaving shoes outside.

- The article emphasizes how these rules can keep children safe and healthy.

Having Fun with Friends:

- The article ends with a song about children having fun with their friends, playing and laughing together.

- It mentions different animals and creatures like ducks, swans, geese, dragonflies, and frogs, that children observe and appreciate in nature.

- The conversations show how parents encourage children to have fun while following safety rules and being responsible.

This article presents a collection of conversations and songs that showcase different aspects of a child's life, from daily routines to going on trips, playing with toys, and learning safety rules. The article emphasizes how parents can guide and support their children in developing healthy habits, learning new things, making friends, and having fun.

SCALE17 Tech Lounge –Hyperlocal cross-device advertising with Carsten Frien, Roq.ad

- Show of hands to identify audience

- Brief background on speaker and his companies

- Emphasis on building technology in Germany and Europe

Hyperlocal Advertising:

- Average number of devices per person and switching between devices

- Consulting multiple channels before purchase

- Market growth

- Targeting and campaigns on Google and Facebook

- Analytics use cases

- Independent cross-device technology player

- Definition of hyperlocal advertising and how it works

- Examples of successful use cases with Vodafone and Current Meta

- Privacy compliance and certification

Question and Answer Session:

- Questions on targeting criteria, probabilistic vs deterministic model, accessing information in real time, and competitive retargeting

- Explanation of Zara use case and retargeting audience for de Mexico

- Preference for working with agencies and availability on App Nexus and Trade Desk

Cheech & Chongs Up in Smoke

The article is a transcript of a conversation among a group of people who seem to be under the influence of drugs. The conversation is informal and includes slang, idioms, and colloquialisms.

Key Points:

- The group discusses smoking marijuana and other drugs.

- They mention different types of marijuana, including Maui wowie and Labrador.

- One person eats a large amount of acid, which worries the others.

- The group discusses driving while under the influence and hiding drugs from the police.

- The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow at times.

The transcript highlights the dangers and absurdities of drug use. The group's conversation is scattered and lacks coherence, suggesting that drugs impair cognitive function. Additionally, the group's discussion of driving while high and hiding drugs from the police highlights the legal and safety risks associated with drug use. Overall, the transcript serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of drug use.

The MOST BIZARRE mobile game ads I've ever seen

In this article, we will be reacting to some terrible mobile game ads that make no sense at all. From ball of zombies to mafia ads, we have a lot of questions for the ad makers. We will be using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to make the article more engaging.


- What is that ball of zombies? I am so confused how that can even happen.

- Back to the mafia ads. These are great.

- Wait, wait a minute, what? He was living on top of a bank vault that whole time? What are the chances of that?

- I love how this dude's just walking around without a shirt on like that's just a normal thing for him or something.

- Hello little girl, my name is Mr. Shirtless Man. Here is a giant lollipop. Trust me, nothing here seems out of the ordinary at all.

- Wait, wait a minute, I'm confused. If she had all that money, she's only level 40, but when she gives you the money, you turn into level 99. How does that make any sense?

- Oh no, did he just fart? And a lot of the fat dude just immediately knew where it's coming from. He's right over there. He's got that keen sense of smell, doesn't he?

- Jeez, how far did this guy run away? I mean, weren't they just in like a city? Now they're like in the middle of nowhere. I don't even know where that is.

- Yes, because the reasonable response is to jump off a cliff. You know you can have a chance to survive if you beg for mercy, but no, you gotta jump off a cliff.

- How is he alive? And why is there a random bank fold there? These ads make no sense.

- If you clear this, your IQ is 180. I think it should be if you can't clear this, your IQ is less than 80.

- Wow, that looked really difficult. Gotta install the game now. I want to try it for myself.

- Yes, because logic. When you combine a tent with a truck, it turns into a hospital. Yes, exactly.

- The Lord of the Rings is making a mobile game. Dude, your husband's right there in front of you. You don't need to blow into a giant megaphone right at his ear.

- Wait a minute, did they record the footage and then voice over new voices on top of the footage? Why did they do that? The lips are not lining up with what they're saying at all.

- This kind of legit has enough weapons to support an army at this point.

- If you dump your girlfriend, I'll give you this iPhone 12 for free. No wait, not gonna happen. What if I tell you this iPhone 12 has Cash Frenzy? Oh my gosh, that phone that costs like a thousand dollars has a free app on it. Now I have to take the deal.

These mobile game ads are some of the worst things we have ever seen. From confusing storylines to terrible acting, they make no sense at all. We hope the ad makers can improve their content in the future. Which ad did you think was the worst? Let us know in the comments below.

CAR SALES TRAINING: How To Create Facebook Ads That Work

In this article, we will be discussing Facebook remarketing and how it can be used to target a vast audience on Facebook. We will be joined by expert Bubba, who will guide us through the process of remarketing and how it can be used to generate more leads and sales for car dealerships.

Targeting a vast audience on Facebook:

- Facebook has 1.6 billion users daily.

- Car dealerships can use Facebook to target potential customers.

- Facebook remarketing is different from Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Remarketing:

- Facebook remarketing is a tool used to better target your audience.

- You can build your own ads organically and do a little bit of paid advertising.

- Organic advertising is free and can be done through quality content.

How to use Facebook Remarketing:

- You can set parameters to target a specific audience.

- You can push your entire inventory through remarketing.

- Facebook remarketing generates leads that come straight to your cell phone.

Benefits of Facebook Remarketing:

- Facebook remarketing can generate a lot of leads for car dealerships.

- It can be used to target specific audiences.

- It can be done with a budget of $1000 to $2000.

Facebook remarketing is a powerful tool that can be used by car dealerships to generate leads and increase sales. With the guidance of an expert like Bubba, anyone can learn how to use Facebook remarketing to their advantage. It is a cost-effective way to target a specific audience and

AC/DC - Back In Black (Official Video)

Back In Black by AC/DC is one of the most iconic rock songs of all time. With its catchy riffs, powerful lyrics, and unforgettable chorus, this song has become a classic that continues to rock fans worldwide.


- Back in black I hit the sack, I've been too long, I'm glad to be back - The opening lines set the tone for the song, with the singer celebrating his return and the start of a new era.

- Yes I'm let loose from the noose that's kept me hanging about - This line suggests that the singer has overcome some obstacle or challenge and is now free to pursue his goals.

- I got nine lives, cat's eyes, abusing every one of them and running wild - This line is a reference to the singer's resilience and determination, as well as his willingness to take risks and live life to the fullest.

- Back in the back of a Cadillac, number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack - This line suggests that the singer is confident and powerful, and that he is ready to take on any challenge.

- Cause I'm back on the track and I'm beatin' the flack, nobody's gonna get me on another rap - This line is a statement of the singer's confidence and determination, as well as his belief that he can overcome any obstacle.

Overall, Back In Black is a powerful and memorable song that continues to inspire and rock fans all over the world. Its catchy riffs, memorable lyrics, and iconic chorus have made it a true classic, and it remains one of the most beloved rock songs of all time.

Ads Infinitum - QVC

The following article discusses the use of cack and useless gadgets in commercial television. It highlights the ridiculousness of certain products and TV shows and comments on their lack of value.

Points to be covered:

- The prevalence of cack in commercial television

- The absurdity of useless gadgets and their promotion on TV shows like QVC

- The mocking of musical instruments like the Piano Mate

- The ridiculousness of German TV show Schmuckstuk

- The promotion of the Acme O-Matic Bump Feeler

- The uselessness of the Khaki Tik-Tik Time Extra La La Watch

- The humorous commentary on a fictional TV show involving a train journey and a gift of a Khaki Timex watch

- The overuse of the word literally in present-day TV shows

The article highlights the need for viewers to be discerning in their consumption of commercial television and not be swayed by the promotion of useless gadgets and cack. It also comments on the lack of value in certain TV shows and the ridiculousness of some products being marketed to viewers. The article is a humorous take on the state of commercial television and the need for viewers to be critical of what they consume.

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