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yoga ads

Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

If you're a yoga teacher or own a small yoga business and want to run Facebook ads, then this article is for you. In this article, we'll discuss the steps you need to take to create high converting Facebook ads for yoga teachers in 2021.

Step 1: Select Traffic

When you're in your Facebook ads manager, select the Traffic option if you want to run ads for your local studio.

Step 2: Set Your Budget

For a local studio, a budget of $20 a day is fine. You can also select your target age group, like 25-35.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Target Audience

It's best to narrow down your target audience by location. Drop a pin on your studio's location, and target people within a 10-kilometer radius.

Step 4: Choose Your Placements

Select Automated Placements and Link Clicks to optimize your ad for different devices.

Step 5: Optimize Your Media

Upload high-quality images of your studio to use in your ad. Make sure they're optimized for different devices.

Step 6: Offer a Voucher

Offering a voucher for yoga sessions is a great way to generate leads. Keep the offer low cost and make it easy for people to sign up.

Step 7: Use Aweber for Landing Pages

Use Aweber's free landing pages and newsletter system to set up a complete funnel for your yoga studio.

By following these steps, you can create high converting Facebook ads for your yoga business. Remember to target your local audience, offer a low-cost voucher, and use Aweber for landing pages. Good luck with your ad campaigns!

The #1 Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers!

- Kelly McHugh, founder of Digital Yoga Academy, hosting a weekly coaching and training session on Facebook and Instagram

- Today's topic is Facebook Ads and the number one strategy for yoga teachers

Key Points:

- Facebook Ads can be overwhelming, but retargeting ads are a safer place to start

- Retargeting ads target people who have already had some interaction with you

- Retargeting ads are more likely to convert and cost less than ads based on interests

- Ideal for promoting retreats or events to people who have already visited your website but haven't booked yet

- Incentives can be added to ads for better conversion rates

- Retargeting ads are the best strategy for yoga teachers with limited ad spend

- Using incentives in ads can improve conversion rates

- Always use Facebook Ads Manager instead of the Boost button

- Targeting people who already know you is more effective than targeting based on interests.

Feel Good Flow | 20-Minute Yoga for Abs | Yoga With Adriene

Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene! Today, we have an awesome feel-good flow that's all about embodying strength in your core muscles. So, get comfortable and let's get started.

- Welcome to Yoga with Adriene

- Feel-good flow

- Embodying strength in core muscles


- Start at the top edge of your mat

- Lift and place toes back on the ground

- Ground through the feet and stand up tall in Mountain Pose

- Hands to heart

- Find what feels good for you

- Inhale and reach for the sky

- Exhale and relax the shoulders

- Inhale and carve a line with your nose to look up

- Exhale and wiggle fingertips as you slowly fold forward

- Bend knees and widen stance

- Sway left to right

- Grab elbows if desired

- Deepen breath and feel stretch in low back

- Release arms and come back to standing

- Bend knees and reach fingertips forward and up

- Exhale and bring hands back to heart

- Repeat reaching for the sky and forward fold

- Inhale and slide hands up to shins for flat back position

- Exhale and release fingertips to mat

- Step right toes back for Warrior I

- Pivot on back foot and reach fingertips forward, up, and back

- Plant back foot and bend front knee

- Inhale and look up

- Exhale and release

- Step back to Plank Pose

- Lift right knee to chest and send back

- Lift left knee to chest and send back

- Lower to belly and rise up to Cobra

- Exhale and release

- Curl toes under and lift up to Plank

- Exhale and send hips up and back to Downward Facing Dog

- Inhale and lift left leg up for Three Legged Dog

- Exhale and shift forward to squeeze knee up to chest

- Repeat lifting and shifting

- Step left foot up and plant right hand down

- Twist and send left fingertips up

- Release and step feet together

- Bend knees and send hips back for Utkatasana

- Reach fingertips forward and stand up

- Grab right wrist and send right toes behind for curtsy

- Stretch left side body and repeat on left side

- Inhale and reach fingertips up

- Exhale and fold forward

- Step or hop back to Plank

- Do mindful Mountain Climbers with speed

- Lower to belly and rise up to Cobra

- Exhale and release

- Press up to Plank and then Downward Facing Dog

- Control breath and stay present

- Descend knees to all fours

- Lift knees and hold for ten counts

- Release and come back to all fours

Lead Generation for Gyms, Yoga Studios, Crossfit, MMA & More | Facebook Ads for Fitness 2018

In this video, the owner of HP media is offering advice on how to build funnels for gym owners and those in the health and wellness industry to generate leads for their businesses. He emphasizes the importance of brand awareness and engagement before implementing a call to action. Here are the main points:

- The owner of HP media offers advice for gym owners and those in the health and wellness industry to generate leads for their businesses.

Brand Awareness:

- Organic traffic from social media can drive brand awareness.

- Paid traffic from Facebook can also drive brand awareness through mission and vision statements.

- Create a custom audience of people who watch 75% of brand awareness videos to retarget with engaging content.


- Create engaging content that provides value to potential customers, such as workout plans or diet tips.

- Include a call to action at the end of the engaging content.

- Building a successful funnel for generating leads for a gym or health and wellness business requires a focus on brand awareness and engagement before implementing a call to action. By creating custom audiences and engaging content, businesses can attract and retain potential customers.

Morning Yoga Flow | Yoga With Adriene

Good morning everyone! Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I'm Adriene, and this is sweet Benji. Today, we have a flow for you to get into your body and connect to your breath. Our aim is to influence your day in a positive way. So, hop into something comfy and let's get started!


- Start in Extended Child's Pose

- Walk the hands to the right side of your yoga mat and reach the left fingertips forward for a stretch

- Repeat on the other side

- Move to Tabletop Position and do Cat-Cow stretch

- Lift the knees and hover in a plank position, then move to Downward Facing Dog

- Move to the top of the mat and do a forward fold

- Step one foot back, then the other for Plank Pose

- Lower down to Cobra Pose, then back to Plank Pose and Downward Facing Dog

- Do a flow on each side: Low Lunge, High Lunge, Warrior II, Peaceful Warrior

- Move back to Plank Pose, then lower down to Cobra Pose

- Come back to Downward Facing Dog and finish with a cycle of breath

Thank you for joining us for this beautiful morning flow. Remember, the hardest part is showing up, and you've already done that. So, be proud of yourself for taking this time for self-care. We hope you have a positive and energized day ahead!

How to Find Facebook Ads Clients - Yoga Studio Niche

In this video, Nick shares his process of finding clients in the yoga studio niche. He emphasizes the high long-term customer value of yoga studios and the ease of building funnels for them.

Finding Clients:

- Start by searching for yoga studios on Google or Facebook in your local area.

- Focus on adding value to the businesses rather than just trying to sell to them.

- Send a short video to introduce yourself and your services.

- If you don't get a reply, send a Google Drive shareable link to their email inbox.

- If still no response, send another email or Facebook messenger message.

- Remember, it's a numbers game, but quality is crucial.

Client Prospecting:

- Nick shares his advice with Elemental Yoga Team on how they can improve their Facebook ads.

- Install the Facebook pixel to track ad performance and build audiences.

- Create a landing page to capture people's details and increase conversion rates.

- Use the Thank You page to upsell customers and build a sales funnel.

- Nick offers his services in Facebook ads and building funnels to improve businesses' digital presence.

Nick's goal is to provide helpful content for businesses to improve their digital presence, regardless of size. He encourages viewers to comment and let him know what they want to see in future videos.

Yoga Wash - Detox Flow | Yoga With Adriene

- Welcome to Yoga with Adriene

- Today's practice is a quick detoxifying flow

- We will focus on purifying the energetic body and feeling comfortable in our own skin

Detox Flow:

- Begin in standing position, feet hip-width apart

- Press into all four corners of the feet, bend the knees, tuck the chin down

- Slowly straighten the legs, draw energy up from the pelvic floor, and rise up through the spine

- Swim the fingertips behind and interlace, draw knuckles down and away

- Exhale, bend knees, and bring belly to tops of thighs, allowing knuckles to draw a big rainbow overhead

- Reverse action, release hands and reach fingertips up towards the sky

- Palms come together and back down to heart center

- Send fingertips around, opposite thumb on top, knuckles draw down and away as we open up through the chest

- Exhale, bend knees and send heart down towards the earth, wringing out the sponge with cleansing breaths

- Reverse action and rise up strong, lifting heart and releasing fingertips to reach up towards the sky

- Palms come together and trace a line back down to heart center

- Come to Mountain Pose, Tadasana, to find footing and create a clear channel for energy flow

- Bend knees and send fingertips back up towards the sky, exhale and slice palms down through midline to Forward Fold

- Inhale, lift up halfway, exhale to soften and bow

- Slide right toes back, lower right knee to the ground, lift left fingertips up towards the sky for a big twist and stretch

- Lift back knee and step back foot to meet front, inhale halfway lift, exhale to soften and fold

- Bend knees, root to rise, reach for the sky and exhale palms come together to slice back down to Forward Fold

- Slide left toes back, lower left knee to the ground, lift right fingertips up towards the sky for another twist and stretch

- Thread left fingertips underneath right arm and wring out the sponge with cleansing breaths

- Inhale to open up, exhale to twist, and come back to center, framing left foot

- Look forward and step feet back up to the front, inhale halfway lift, exhale to soften and fold

- Root to rise, reach for the sky, and palms come together for Jai Namaste

- Thank you for joining me in this detoxifying flow

- Take a moment to appreciate your own body and feel comfortable in your own skin

- Namaste

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