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yoga dropshipping

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Winning Products For Yoga Stores ("Forbidden Secret")

what's going on YouTube. Wesley, here and today, I'm gonna show you how to find winning products for yoga stores, whether you have a physical or e-commerce store. so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course, starting at only 499 dollars- and I'm totally kidding guys. I'm gonna teach you the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores. but what I'm not going to do is rip you guys off, and I'm here to provide free content because I want you guys to open a store of your dreams, and all I ask is that you smash the like button below before we get this video started and if you leave a comment below writing add chill winners, I'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that I update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course, so don't worry. now maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well, or maybe you try it out: some products, but you just weren't getting any sales, and I used to absolutely hate that. and I used to hate it also when I saw the same products in the competing store and that little ringer who showing who purchased that, just kept going off every minute. it drove me crazy because I'd see them making sales and when I go back to my page and check my sales page, it'd be an absolute zero, not a nothing. there it's. it was so frustrating. but don't worry. once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you'll already have won half the battle. and that's not all. I'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure I'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, I've been there. back then there wasn't any guys like this and I kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and there were times where I legit had to hit the books like physical books. but once I figured things out, my sales began to absolutely skyrocket. so how does this work? how does anything work right? but yeah. so here we are in Google Trends, and if you haven't used Google Trends before, it basically shows you all the basic trends. you know high, high, high high search rates that Google has compiled around the world from anybody using Google, and it's updated every second, almost in real time, so we get the latest trends and things like that. so the thing with Google Trends is, on the surface level it might not look so helpful because if you don't know what you're doing, but I'm gonna show you guys the secrets to finding winning products through Google Trends. so, like I said, I'm gonna help you guys out with your yoga store, right? so, first off, to start with something simple, type in yoga, and then what we want to do here is we want to actually narrow our search tip down so we could either do 30 days or 90 days. let's be a little bit more aggressive and try to find something that's trending in in 30 days and four categories. if you want, we can do categories as well. so, for example, we'll do both and see what a difference it makes. so sports: right, yoga is kind of like a sports thing and we'll see what's trending. so, right here we have yoga mat. so yoga mats are trending here and I think we all know why. if you're you know we're like a month and a half now into this current situation and I'm sure for it, anybody down what likes to exercise and stuff- you thought about getting a yoga mat and you probably went to Target and there wasn't any yoga mats. so I could see why this is trending really well right now. so we can go and search and it leads us to joga mats and you can see that it's been- you know it's been- up and down, but that you know it's climbing, so and we could see where it's trending and things like that. so, and as we come down here, it shows us more related queries that we can use in our search. so we have yoga mats, people are searching for yoga mats and it's training. that's awesome. so we have that noted. so let's go over to Aliexpress here and find a winning product. so just just simply type in yoga mat into Aliexpress and here we go. so, whether you have a physical store or an e-commerce store or your drop shipping, this works for everything because, no matter what you do, you want fast shipping for your products. so you can narrow it down like that and you want good products. so let's do four stars and up and maybe free shipping if you don't mind paying for shipping. but let's do free shipping because you know we want those. you know lower product cost and profit. you want that great profit margin and things like that. so we have that narrowed down: fast shipping, free shipping and five-star products and up, and then we kind of kind of we can kind of look and see which products we feel would best suit our landing page. so, you know, kind of look and browse through this if you want. but I check this one out earlier and it looks like a pretty solid product. so, as you can see, it's $15 for us to purchase it and we can kind of look through and see. you know, it has these, I guess, standing points, markings and things like that. so that's awesome. yeah, it seems legit. right, it's a yoga mat. it's non-slip. let's go all the way down and we can kind of see how it comes in a yoga bag too. and then, yeah, so it's a pretty, pretty solid product. I mean has good reviews and things like that. so this is definitely one of those winning products. so let's go back and we can track down a few more of these. so maybe we want something that has these gel pads on here, and you know you don't really see these in stores, so this could be a nice little niche we can get going on. yeah, so, so they have the mat and then they have these I think you can use. so it's pretty cool. it's like what they say. it's like an acupressure mat. so it's like massages, um, massages your body while you do yoga, um, gets the flow going or something like that. but looks legit, it stands out, it's unique. so definitely this would be a product that we could potentially use and, as you remember, yoga mats was trending, so that's awesome. so the yoga mats is one awesome winner, so we have yoga mats cool. so let's go back and into our search now and go back to yoga right, and let's say: this time we didn't do sports, we did all categories. we move down and we can kind of look through this and look at this. yoga outfits is trending and it's up by three hundred and fifty percent. so people see it spiked recently and people are looking at yoga outfits and if you kind of want to see some, don't forget um. so if you guys see like this, up and down, it might look kind of sketchy, but this is over the course of a month, so obviously it's there's gonna be like bout highs and lows throughout a month and you know we're only like halfway to do this month almost. so don't think like this is the whole time, because if you want to, we can zoom out kind of and go into past 12 months and, as you can see, boom it's. it's a training product. it's going upward, so that helps too. if you guys, we're looking at the thing really like it looks sketchy, doesn't? it's not really rising, it goes up and down. it's because we did a shorter time frame just to help us find products that are on the steadied climb up and not on the decline. so yoga outfits is a nice winner. so right here we have our searches set up and we can just type in yoga outfits- boom, there we go, alright. so same thing applies here. we look at the reviews, look at what they have to offer and Dean such as that. so let's look at something with a high review. okay, this one has a 5.0 review, so let's kind of check that out. and obviously I'm kind of going to it in a fast paced way. but I want you guys to see how easy it is to find products that work for your site. obviously you might have your own fashion sense and things like that that you want for your website. so you apply that to your what website? you did the market research, hopefully beforehand. so apply what you think will best suit your website. but let's say this suits my website. all right, you know I want to sell these products. it looks high-quality. it looks high-quality. it has great reviews, so we can definitely add that to our sit.

top 5 shopify product for dropshipping 2022 yoga products

hey, what's up guys. welcome to a new video. so today i've got three really awesome products to show you, guys that have huge potential over the course of the next six months. so, with it coming to the end of the summer time here in the uk, now is the time in which i start diverting my attention to those kind of products that are gonna come into fashion, come into trend and be popular over the course of the next six months leading up to christmas. now you might be thinking it's too early to start thinking about christmas, but, trust me, it takes time to test products, and once you test the product and can start selling it consistently for a couple of months, then it also gives you the option and that time to actually source it in bulk, should you want to take your business to that next stage. so all three of these products, then, are based on that premise. they've got a huge potential, they're very current and i think there's gonna be some pretty cool products that you won't have seen before as well. so make sure you stay tuned for that. but before we jump into product number one, which is this awesome led adjustable walking stik, i just want to very quickly mention i am giving away a free, once one consultation call. i do in every single video. so if you want a chance to win a free call with me every single week, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button to make sure you don't miss any of my videos. so if you're watching this video then and you want to enter for that chance, all you simply have to do is like comment and subscribe, and then the winner will be announced in my next video and without being something, guys, thanks again for tuning in, and let's jump into product number one. so the way i'm gonna structure this video, then, is i'm gonna take you through the product, the point in why i believe it to be a good product, the numbers, so you have a very good idea of how much potential certain product has, and then i'm also gonna take you through the targeting on facebook as well, just so you have all the information you need to actually go out there and start selling this product yourself. i'm also going to show you the product on aliexpress and an example of a video i had saw. again, the more information you have, then, obviously, the better geared up you'll be to put this product on your own store and even start selling it tomorrow. so, without being said, then, the first product is this pretty cool product. to be honest, i think it's really good, um, just because there's so many different features to this product and it can really improve somebody's life. a product that solves a really kind of difficult problem that somebody's having is a powerful product that will be high demand. so number one, then: it's very easy audience to target. facebook is for, to kind of put it bluntly, it's for the older generation, p certainly people my age and younger tend to focus more on instagram nowadays, whereas it's kind of like my parents generation. certainly is what i've experienced, um, certainly through selling myself on facebook. then the majority of my target audiences are at least 35 plus. so this very easy audience to target facebook. it solves multiple problems in the fact that it's gone, led torch on it, so when an elderly person is, say, walking down the street, they can see exactly where they're going. it was actually what gave me the idea for this product was helping my girlfriend's grandad move around um outside and it was dark and we didn't have a torch and he used a walking stik. so i thought combining these two things just makes for the perfect product. it also, as you can see, has this kind of extra handle here that helps people get out out of seats, out of cars, which again is another very common problem the elderly people have. the next thing that also makes this product ideal is the fact that it's a universal fit for men and women. so the more variations you have of products and the more complicated it comes to seller products, because there's more returns- um, you can't just like build up this base of returns and then ship those out to your customers, should you need fast shipping because there's so many different variations. basically, what i'm trying to say is that there's only one product to sell. it'll work for a man, it'll work for a woman, so this just less of a headache. it just becomes a simpler process. it's also an untapped product. just to illustrate this, if we try and find the products on facebook, some search and buy videos here. make sure you always check photos too. if we just look at the views, you can see there's no one here. that's really kind of pushed this product properly. i think this was the most fused i'd seen, which was 15 000 views, and even then that was just for a torch that attached to a walking stik, it wasn't this exact product. so like 1200 views, 500 views, 18 000, so in fact there's a bit more than 12 thousand, but, as you can see, there's no one really properly dominating this space or as properly spent the money to advertise his product. and one of the keys to being success- really successful- on facebook, is bringing a new product to market that not many people would have seen, and this product certainly does that. the next thing is good profit margins. so the better the profit margins, the easier is to sell, because obviously there's more room for your facebook purchase cost. so i did the math for you then. so this is for this product listing here, i believe, and the products including epacket shipping so you can ship it to pretty much any country. one is 1842. you could easily sell this product for fifty dollars. in fact, if we have a look what these guys are selling it for just give you an idea. so these guys selling it for fifty dollars as well. um leaves 31 margin for profit. so if you can achieve a 10 cost per purchase on facebook, that's 20 profit per unit, which is a huge amount. you don't have to sell 10 of those today. that's 200 dollars a day, which is a 70 grand wage, which is, um, pretty decent in the grand scheme of things. so that leaves a 1.58 break. even worse is actually really good. um, anything under two is pretty achievable, to be honest, in terms of facebook tags, and then i'll go for male and female, purely because these problems aren't univer and specific and gender specific. male and female people can suffer with them. in terms of age, i would go for 50 plus. and then these three interests: you can actually target every single one of these, so you can actually choose old age as something to target, you can choose retirement and you can choose pension. so they're the reasons, then, and the numbers. in terms of the actual video ad, i want to show you this purely because this video itself does a really good job, in my opinion. it clearly demonstrates what this product can do to make somebody's life easier and, at the end of the day, a product that can make somebody's life easier is gonna be a product that has demand and then, if we just keep watching, you can see it clearly demonstrates this gun led feature. um, it shows, kind of like, the problems it solves that people can potentially have and then it offers the solution by showing the different features of the products. it's just, all in all, a really good ad in my opinion. so, with that being said, and guys, that's product number one. i hope you enjoyed it. if you did, please hit that like button on this video and, of course, if you haven't subscribed yet, please do make sure you do that as well. moving on to product number two, then, is this led vest, again in my opinion, a really cool product, just purely because the product itself is really visual, and a product that's really visual is always really easy to advertise on facebook because it will get a lot of attention. so, for example, this product, this image here, just in itself like it's a pretty cool product. it's a pretty cool image because you can clearly see exactly what the product is and exactly what it's doing. so, point number one, then there's a huge scope of customers for this product. you can go for dog walkers, running cyclists, pretty much anybody.


How this 27 Year Old Made $909,834 In One Week From Shopify Dropshipping

long story short: first month I made 46,000 dollars profit. it was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in revenue, but then that second and third month it did like 1.3 million dollars in revenue and in two months. so this is Damien. he sells women's leggings strictly and only through his online store. he sold two hundred thousand dollars in one day and operates a seven-figure business. he attributes success to his skill and know-how with advertising and marketing. there's a lot of facets, obviously, but it's I kind of think of it as a funnel. it's like a customer journey through that funnel. so you have to capture them at the top with your advertising first, and then you have to take them obviously to the website after they click on that ad. and then the website has to look believable. your product price has to be good, your product has to be good and its perceived value has to be really good. you know, if you're selling something that you can buy at the store and you're selling it at the same price, nobody's gonna buy it. if you're selling something you can buy the store at like a tenth of the price, then you might get some sales. but if you're selling something that you can't buy at any store and it's a good price, then that's like a good product to sell. I guess, starting from the beginning of this, I was an e-commerce manager for a hotel management company for two and a half years, so I'd be like building websites and funneling traffic into them and just getting rooms booked for these hotels. it was all Google Ads, Expedia ads, basically where people are looking to book travel. that's where we would advertise and that's where I would go to take people away from the other, you know, make our own profile look better. so it was a good job. honestly, it was a good job and I I know, like my work, I was making these hotels a lot of months, hundreds of thousands and like millions, like it's not even kidding, like I was. I could see the numbers, how much money I was making them. and Here I am, like getting just paid a salary like dude, this is a big impact on a business like, let me do that for myself. and then that's when this whole like dropshipping thing happened. dropshipping has been around since selling online was in. you know, since, like probably the early 90s, overstokcom does drop shipping like- just give you an idea- like a ton of Auto Parts Warehouse. you go in there and you look for a freaking muffler or something. you buy from them and then they purchase it from like Netherlands or something and ship it straight to you, right, like, or they'll ship it to themselves and then ship it to you, but they don't like, just carry an entire warehouse full of all this stuff. they just list it. it's an arbitrage depending on the product that you choose and you know the potential of that product. a video that you can use in it as an advertisement has a crazy amount of ROI potentially if your product is good and you're a good marketer. you know how to do Facebook ads really well. you can pay $5,000 for a video and have that make you a hundred thousand dollars within a few months easily. if you know what you're doing, you know and I know because I've done that and it's it's definitely possible. so, um, yeah, I mean video is probably the best converting asset on Facebook. you can target through so many different ways and one of the most common ways to start out is interests. so, like, you can target people who like Victoria's Secret. target people who like Lululemon, fabletiks, which are other leggings brands. so, whatever your product is, target people who like a similar brand or anything having to do with that. you know what I mean. and then, um, Facebook's awesome because as you start getting sales from those like interests, Facebook learns with its AI and it starts learning what kind of customer profiles are gonna buy from you. and Facebook has so much information on everybody that it's like you wouldn't believe it. I don't know if you know this, but Trump won because of Facebook Ads. have you seen that documentary? the great hack? it's long enough. Cambridge analytik on the UK was his managing Trump's digital campaign and they made these Facebook ads. they they stirred up a lot of controversy and they were just painting people against each other, toking about black lives matter, toking about, you know, all these different issues and and then, at the end, offering that the solution to the issues is Trump will do this for you, even if it's not true, and that's why Facebook got in so much trouble. that's why I don't know if you remember Zuckerberg wasn't in court because of that. and so, yeah, Trump won the election because of that. and the document is really good. you should check it out. but it shows the power of Facebook ads, like even though, even if you think all Facebook's kind of dying, like my mom uses that you know, like dude, no, it's like still so powerful. plus, they own Instagram and you can also advertise on Instagram. now to your point before. I think it is getting harder to do because of this for one, the coronavirus. so any anybody with a drop shipping business- they're all gonna get screwed because their orders are going to be shipped out for another few weeks and even still, it takes like three weeks for it to come to the us from China. so that's where you have the big hurdle with this type of business model. that's why, yeah, it's all dependent on them and it just takes way too long. you have to compete with Amazon these days with one-day shipping and all that. so that's why, once this whole 1.3 million in two months happened, I was like dude, I need to make this long-term and I need to. I need to make this like a legit brand because it's the right product and I just need to figure out how to turn it into something that's gonna last. personally, I like creating my own store, because Amazon takes about a third of your profits and you have to for Amazon. you usually can't do drop shipping. you can't like ship straight from China. you have to buy all the product in bulk, store it out there warehouse and then get it shipped out. that's how they get their fast shipping times. you know, it's better for customers, but it's harder for sellers to just get your foot in the door, but it's definitely possible. and the guy who inspired me, actually that's what he does on Amazon. he was a multi-millionaire, you know, but just for me, I, I like my own thing because, you know, I get to keep most of my profit. well, on YouTube, if you type in a, you know, drop shipping, Shopify, drop shipping, you're gonna find a ton of stuff. a person in specific who I thought was pretty good as a Gabriel saint-germain. he's pretty knowledgeable, and the thing about all these guys is they're like in their early 20s, they're like 22, 21, 23, like close to being millionaires, and they're just like- or so they make it seem, I don't know, yeah, you know, yeah, they could be lying about that, but, um, you know, though, those are the guys who are like dropping all this knowledge on on YouTube. watch them all, and I don't know. I'm just take bits and pieces. but the most important part is implement it. yeah, you have to practike it. if you're, if you're thinking about doing this: you're sick, your job and you want to like go and try to start your own business, take active steps to doing so, research it, understand it and everything. but don't just like at the end of all that research, don't just like wait for something to happen, like make it happen, yeah, just do it. you know, that's that's probably I don't know the best advice. I kind of dug out all of the good date, like the juice and everything. so I appreciate you kind of sharing that story and being transparent. yeah, sure, cuz I mean obviously that's amazing and that's inspiring for probably a lot of people watching. so

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How to Scale to $100,000,000 & Beyond (Alo Yoga Case Study)

this video i'll show you, guys how to scale to nine figures and beyond. this is the case study of the brand called aloe yoga. like impressive brand. this brand is very interesting to me because in that niche- in apparel, like leggings, stuff like that- this is one of the biggest brands, right? so the lessons here: it's like pretty much the analysis, that kind of like how i evaluate, like different brands and different strategies that they use to scale, so then we can scale uh with our projects. by the way, guys, make sure you subscribe to my channel and like this video so you have, um, you see how to drink coffee like more more often anyways. [Music]. [Music]. dealers to yoga, ala yoga success. right. so they've been catching chance early. they have a very good alignment with customer profile. they have very strong community. they have unique approach to marketing and social media. they have a very strong branding and partnerships and also have the uh future forward approach. so, number one: catching trends early. so chance. aloe yoga cut early the athleisure, right. so the trend that's like now it's so [ __ ] massive. they caught it early, like 2007. they started this brand where it's like at leisure, was not like some big trend as it is now so chance, if we go to trans, we go to google, right, and we we look for at leisure, check it out how it's basically expanded here and it's basically exploded. check it out, boom, right like 2014, like, like, massive, massive boost, right, like so this is what happened to that leisure. now the, the ala yoga started toking about at leisure here- 2007.. can you imagine like the forwardness and kind of like the forward thinking of these guys, ugc? they started utilizing it very early on. focus on sustainability and consumer value is the same, you know. so they caught those strands very early and they utilized them to their advantage. they focus on this like market, which is like yoga enthusiasts, right, it is really important for brand to resonate with consumer value. so, for example, the founder of the company tries to support the environment by using solar electricity and planting an organic garden in the company headquarters. all these strands they figured out early on, earlier than you know other people in the market. so that's why they got that. you know critikal, mass and traction. right now this company like 2020, they're approximately doing like 200 million dollars in revenue. now they're probably doing even more. focus on serving a specific group of people by aligning with their values, to differentiate your brand. so if you start thinking, let's say i can, i can bring this product to the market the most convenient- i don't know- like phone holder on the planet, now you can also align it with some other. you know this brand that helps you to explore yourself. or, like, show yourself, like to the world. you know something like that, something that would resonate with the brand and that message you can use then in your marketing. you can use that to get influencers from board, because i mean, who wants to promote the best? like holder, i mean no one cares about the holders, right, but people care about those things that help them to achieve their goals. so think about how you can serve your customers better. do some service tok to your customers. call some of your best customers and and just thank them for their loyalty to your brand and also send them- for you know everything they do- and ask them, like what you could do better. right, i mean those little things make a big, big impact. strong community, right, so they have, um, you know the aloe moves, which is the at home yoga, fitness and meditation subscription programs. like, so they have this program here you're at home studio. like. so they have the fitness. they have different programs where you could have- uh, it's like video training you could do at home, right? so big, big focus on the community, not just like selling the product, but also having this kind of like in personal connection. so let's say, you're a fan of this brand and someone else is a fan. now you connect through this like one of these events. now there's extended value of that that comes as a result of being like the follower. now you're even more loyal to this brand because you found your friend through that. so that's the extra value that they giving to their uh customers. hey guys, uh, people been asking me how is scale to multiple six figures or even seven figures per month without getting shut down on facebook? and we have a very sophistikated solution for this that i want to share with you. but it's- it's just like too valuable to give away for free. so if you guys want this solution, just book a call with one of my team members and we'll show you exactly what it is and how it works and we'll see if that's a good fit uh for you and for your business. so just book a call with my team member will share it with you so you can scale your business to multiple, six figures or even seven figures per month without getting shut down on facebook, without having system and with high profitability. so just book a call with my team and i'll see you there. pro program for fitness and yoga instructors. you know, certified fitness professionals who are actively teaching will be eligible to purchase apparel at like 25 off. now it's kind of like some people do that for like specific categories. to say, some companies provide those discounts for veterans. if you're a professional gamer, you get like a discount. you know, whatever right, prove that you're a professional gamer. just send us a video like of your home setup and we will- we'll give you like a discount right or a free product. so think how you can implement that to kind of like bring that community together and so they have. they pretty much built like a- they call it aloe- family consisting of over like 4 000 yoga professionals and teachers, unique approach to marketing and social media. so they have these four thousand people and these influencers reach out to their own audience. uh, in the with the brand message and was in that process. you know allen gets access to thousands of photos and user generated content that they can repost on their own feed. if you look at their like, instagram presents like for half a million followers. i mean nothing like extreme, extremely, um, like significant. but you will see here, for example, right, how many people are tagging like. 40 seconds ago, someone tagged them like in this photo, like, so you can see we've we've gone through like 20- 30 different ones by now, and that happened like one hour ago. so in one hour you have like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, 12. so like 36 posts in just one hour, right, 36 people like basically showed the brand to their own audiences. and some of these people have bigger audiences, like i mean, this person has like 230, 4 000 followers. this person here has like six thousand followers- small influencers, big influencers- but everyone is exposing the brand to their own audiences, right, so they're consistently building this like ugc. imagine if your brand has this much uses. you just see, right, like obviously these are like very like um high level, like models and stuff. but imagine your brand had like hundreds of pieces of content that you could test on a daily basis. how, like how the performance your facebook ads would change, right, because most people they have like one ad or like 10 ads that they're doing like few months, right. so imagine how that would change the dynamic of your advertising on facebook or with other paid platforms. branding and partnerships- so they have a very distinct brand with recognizable patterns and clear identity. so, for example, they have created like, even like, certain hashtags. now they create this whole kind of like movement here: aloe, yoga, right. so you can see kind of like how it all comes together and pretty much it's all about like connecting people on on some idea or some movement or something that that they're excited about. they also do the contents and challenges that often run alongside the hashtags to

One Week Shopify Dropshipping Challenge to Prove It’s Not Dead

Shopify Drop Shipping, one of the fastest growing business models on the face of the Earth- we do have a lot of orders. is it possible to hop on a trend and make a lot of money with Drop Shipping in a one-week time frame? well, I decided to find out. look, when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, where the competition nowadays is more Fierce than ever before, selling personalized products is what I see to be one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself from the competitions: human to human personalization scalably, especially now when we are at the center of Q4, where people are actively looking for all kinds of gifts. personalization stores are thriving, and I'm saying this based on my own experience. yesterday, we made 1.1 thousand dollars in sales, but let's face it, if I made a video saying you should consider personalization, it's just a tok right. so I thought I will just start again and document the whole process of creating a profitable personalization store in a one week time frame, in an attempt to help new dropshippers discover another way of doing things. let's get going. this is our to-do list for the next seven days. but firstly, I decided to set some goals. my goal here with this one week challenge is actually to make a lot of money, but rather to Kickstart a long-lasting brand and, to be honest, it's just a piece of content that I would like to see on YouTube. my first objective is to find a product that appeals to a larger demographic. I want as many mega fans of the product as possible, because these guys are naturally going to be more likely to purchase the product. these guys are dedicated in every sense of the word. for us, it means we have to spend less amount on Advertising to get the results we want. for example, this custom bed portrait immediately builds a very strong connection with the potential customer who already owns a pet. so I hopped over to my computer- Etsy, Fiverr, Google- and after hours and hours of research, I came up with nothing- well, at least nothing that matched our criteria. I was just about to lose hope on finding the product when I had a brilliant idea. hear me out. I am currently running this yellow character store in my home country, Estonia, and this store is fully in Estonian language. I have even been on The View with this store and I have been able to generate over six figures in Revenue. what if I take the exact same product, but just bring it in front of a new audience. would it work well? let's find out. so my next step for now is to find a country to Target with this product. if I would go out there and Target big countries like United States or, let's say, Australia, my chances of making this work would be very slim, because there are many established stores already selling this product. my objective is to find a smaller country and create a new Shopify store fully in that country's native language. not only will this give us a fighting chance to make things work, but it's actually a method that I have been using to create my own stores successfully. so I opened up Google Maps to search for a potential country to Target when I remembered that I actually have a really good friend of mine living in a country called Finland. this country is actually really close to Estonia, so I decided to pay my old friend a visit just to get to know more about Finnish Market. let's go what's up, meet Samu. he's just a wizard when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, so I wanted to hear his opinions about this idea that I have now. we did have a pretty long conversation, but here are the key takeaways. we have seen a success in Estonia with this business, so I think you are going to crush it. in Finland, when I was young, everybody was toking about Simpsons, and when I went to coffee shops or more, there were Simpsons playing. so I think everyone knows what the Simpson is, and that's going to really help you. and that, right, there, was the last green light that I needed. so we are now finished with Samo. I will now go back to Estonia and get to work. with all this information, I feel even more confident to merge myself into this Market. but first things first, we need to have a name for our store, and this took me not more than five minutes to figure out. I hopped over to canva to create a logo for our store. our next step for now is to start building the store, and this is what we want our store to look like. so I hopped over to Fiverr search for a Shopify coder and asked if we could create the exact same layout for my store, and we had a deal. while the coder was doing his thing, I downloaded some apps, created social Pages for our store and, lastly, set the store language. to finish, I have just finished with setting up the store and now it's just a waiting game until the Fiverr guy delivers our custom theme, and already, 24 hours later, we had the store almost fully set up. shout out to this guy for delivering it in such a timely manner. now all that's left to do is to have my Finnish friend, Samu go over the website to check for any grammar mistakes. once we had a green light from Samo, it was time to start the advertising process, but before that, Samo actually gave me advice that changed the whole trajectory of our website. yeah, I had almost forgotten that people are highly more likely to purchase the product if they have a good reason to buy. some who told me that in Finland there is actually Father's Day coming in a week, so I immediately had an idea. we can easily capitalize on Father's Day in two ways. a: we can offer Father's Day related designs of the product on our website. B: we can give the potential customer a Father's Day discount code. these two combined will give the consumer a good reason to buy our product, not to say there's Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner. these are the Father's Day related designs that we are going to use on our store. one of them is saying best father in the world and the other. well, Super Dad, and for the discount, we are just going to add a countdown timer bar to our header with a message saying that get, your Founders can give 20 off by using Code that 20.. I am 100 sure that this will increase our conversion rate, and this is a strategy I am using on my main store and, as you can see, we do have a lot of orders now. this is a high tiket product, which means our cost per conversion will definitely be higher than usual. I will set the price of one person throwing to 45 dollars and our own cost will be six dollars, leaving us with around 40 dollars in profit, which is crazy, but all of the bigger companies are doing the same, so why not? now, when it comes to fulfilling the orders, you can find so many talented artists from Fiverr, and if you want your artwork printed, framed and shipped to your customer, feel free to use any crypto demand company. personally, I like to use printful and at that point, I felt really confident of what we had accomplished so far. as you can see, this is what our homepage looks like, and it has a step-by-step guide on how to make an order and, most importantly, reviews on the product page we have different variant options which customers can use to personalize their order. we had everything ready for advertising in just under two days, meaning we have five full days to Market our product. for advertising, I like to use Facebook ads, targeting smaller countries. with the ads, you will see mind-blowing results. just look at this traffic campaign on my main store that has a CPR of 12 cents per link and it's mainly because there are less advertisers in smaller countries, meaning you will have to pay less to get your advertisement out there. for the most part, USA is too expensive to test anything, so I recommend going to another country, because the traffic is there more cheaper and you are getting more results, more data for your buck. now, before we hop into the ads manager, this is my friend tombert, and he has made over half a million euros in sales selling this oversized hoodie, which took the Estonian Market by the store. but how well, just by not Reinventing.

What To Sell For The Father's Day and The International Day of Yoga? Dropship Products (Full Guide)

I just opened my ecommerce events calendar and they said that we have in this month two upcoming, very interesting events: the international yoga day and the Father's Day. in this video will show exactly how you could get this holidays calendar- ecommerce holidays calendar- and what are the best products and niches that you should upload to your store to send during the spirit to grab some more profits. short intro and well starting: [Music]. hello everybody. so I don't know if you know or don't know, but in other days we created a huge calendar with a lot of value that will help you to know and stay updated with all of the e-commerce events, holidays and everything that you need to know when the holidays are coming so we can list the right products and taken advantage of this type of holidays. so, before we get started and before I show you exactly what you should sell during the international yoga day and the father's day that we have on this month, I want to show you what is this calendar. so the e-commerce calendar is the candle created and in the calendar you will see all of the upcoming events and you can just open any of the events. see here the link to our blog post that is relevant to the event and shows you all of the relevant products and information that you need to know about the upcoming event. now to get this calendar, it's very easy. all what you need to do is to go to autodeskcom / color see al and you will get this Facebook post. after you comment on this post, you will get immediately a message from us, from the auto dealers page, that shows you what you need to do to get the calendar. so all what you need to do is to reply to the message will send it to me. then we will get a message that asks you for your email address. you add here or email others, and the calendar will be shared with you. then all what you need to do is to click here: get a calendar. it will be opened on your Google Chrome browser. you will click add the calendar to my calendar and that's all. it's super easy and super simple. the value of it is huge. so after we already have the calendar, let's tok about how we can get an advantage about the two upcoming events: the Father's Day and international yoga day. I will start with the International yoga. so if we check our blog post, we will see here different ideas of things that we can sell, of products that we can sell during this period, and I want to go with you and explain you deeply each and any of these niches and categories. so let's start those products. niche will be the yoga's mats. so the August match is something that everyone who does yoga needs and this way we will start from listing this type of products. so how can we find that? we can go to any for supported suppliers, and my recommendation is to go only to suppliers that have a fast shipping time, like Amazon or even been with us, but suppliers that have there are warehouses in the United States, because if we want to send it quickly, we need something that will arrive before the August day. so let's do that. I will go to banggoodcom, I will write here yoga mat and we'll see what it finds me here. so, as you can see, here we have a lot of different yoga's mats. we can open the auto days helper. we can extract the full page here. just click extract and then we can list all of this type of products with the bulk upload. something interesting and important about the yoga's day is that the yoga day is International Day, which means that you can list this type of products to different countries and not only to ebaycom it and also listed to eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay UK and any other supported eBay marketplace. so this is my recommendation for that one. now let's continue to the next and the second nish. the second is that I would recommend you will be the yoga pants. so if I go to Amazon, for example, come over right here yoga pants, and I will see here a lot of different yoga pants that we can list, and here we can do the same with the other day's helper and grab the full category and list all of these type of products in a bulk. now this, what I call the smart bulk uploads, because you list a specific news that you know that now is trendy and now is the time to list this type of products. the next type of product will be the yoga ball. so let's write yoga ball- this is my show type from this that I will commend you, and here we can see any yoga balls that help the person who does the yoga to stay, to improve their stability, and this is something that a lot of yoga people really like and really need. the filled niche will be here, and the yoga blocks- so the other blocks- is something that also a lot of different people are using- not only people who does the yoga- and this helps to improve pauses and flexibility, and this is something that is similar to the balls but does a little bit different job and also important for different people. now, remember, if someone is buying from you any of these type of yoga Nicias products, you can always recommend them with the message- with the first automatik message from Autodesk- to buy some other different products for a yoga that will help them with their yoga processes and exercises. so we toked about the yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga pants and yoga balls. my fifth recommendation will be the yoga towers. so let's go to amazoncom and check what is there with others. this is something that I didn't know that exists and important for other people, but we saw a lot of sense in the past years from our stores for this specific niche. so I really recommend you to check this one also. make some market research, at least this type of products, also for people who will search this as amazed, as a gift for people who do yoga or for themselves for the international yoga day. remember, in the past we had a lot of events. now, because of our period and the pandemic. we still don't have a lot of events, but people are doing yoga from home, and even we wrote on our artikle about the best products to send along. the copy 19 is one of the leading niches. they all got because people are doing it from home, so not only for the internationally the other day. this is a niche that is booming right now in general, and not only because of an event. let's check our last niche, and this is the yoga sandbags. the other sand box is something that helps people to get more weight when they do the yoga exercises, and a lot of people are searching for that. though let's jump to the next event that we have, the next holiday that we have, and this is the Father's Day. so, about the Father's Day, we also wrote an artikle on our blog, and let's see what are the best Nicias to sell during this period. by the way, this is a live graph from Google Trends. we use that a lot on our in our blog, and you can see the huge growth of soldiers of the funnel Father's Day gifts on Google during this month, so let's see what are the best products to accept. so think about anything that fathers would like to get, and we get here- 10 different creative, creative ideas for you that you can use to upload, and you can get more profits and more sales before the Father's Day comes now. something important: I would upload the products right now, when you see this video, when it just really really stood, because after the video, a lot of people will start to upload this type of products and the fellows they will come more and more closer. so, and commend you, really take an action right now and start using the auto days in the big numbers roll to a boomy off store with many different products of these niches. so let's go quickly about the different type of products that we can list right now. so we have the cooling paint glasses. that is really cool gift for many and different saddles, because people like beer and this is pretty cool gift that everyone would like to get. smartwatches is something that is really common right now and it's a huge trend in the world, so this is something that I would also recommend you to list in your Stowe. by the way, you can always open this artikle. you have it in your drop sh.