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yoga pants dropshipping

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How this 27 Year Old Made $909,834 In One Week From Shopify Dropshipping

long story short: first month I made 46,000 dollars profit. it was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in revenue, but then that second and third month it did like 1.3 million dollars in revenue and in two months. so this is Damien. he sells women's leggings strictly and only through his online store. he sold two hundred thousand dollars in one day and operates a seven-figure business. he attributes success to his skill and know-how with advertising and marketing. there's a lot of facets, obviously, but it's I kind of think of it as a funnel. it's like a customer journey through that funnel. so you have to capture them at the top with your advertising first, and then you have to take them obviously to the website after they click on that ad. and then the website has to look believable. your product price has to be good, your product has to be good and its perceived value has to be really good. you know, if you're selling something that you can buy at the store and you're selling it at the same price, nobody's gonna buy it. if you're selling something you can buy the store at like a tenth of the price, then you might get some sales. but if you're selling something that you can't buy at any store and it's a good price, then that's like a good product to sell. I guess, starting from the beginning of this, I was an e-commerce manager for a hotel management company for two and a half years, so I'd be like building websites and funneling traffic into them and just getting rooms booked for these hotels. it was all Google Ads, Expedia ads, basically where people are looking to book travel. that's where we would advertise and that's where I would go to take people away from the other, you know, make our own profile look better. so it was a good job. honestly, it was a good job and I I know, like my work, I was making these hotels a lot of months, hundreds of thousands and like millions, like it's not even kidding, like I was. I could see the numbers, how much money I was making them. and Here I am, like getting just paid a salary like dude, this is a big impact on a business like, let me do that for myself. and then that's when this whole like dropshipping thing happened. dropshipping has been around since selling online was in. you know, since, like probably the early 90s, overstokcom does drop shipping like- just give you an idea- like a ton of Auto Parts Warehouse. you go in there and you look for a freaking muffler or something. you buy from them and then they purchase it from like Netherlands or something and ship it straight to you, right, like, or they'll ship it to themselves and then ship it to you, but they don't like, just carry an entire warehouse full of all this stuff. they just list it. it's an arbitrage depending on the product that you choose and you know the potential of that product. a video that you can use in it as an advertisement has a crazy amount of ROI potentially if your product is good and you're a good marketer. you know how to do Facebook ads really well. you can pay $5,000 for a video and have that make you a hundred thousand dollars within a few months easily. if you know what you're doing, you know and I know because I've done that and it's it's definitely possible. so, um, yeah, I mean video is probably the best converting asset on Facebook. you can target through so many different ways and one of the most common ways to start out is interests. so, like, you can target people who like Victoria's Secret. target people who like Lululemon, fabletiks, which are other leggings brands. so, whatever your product is, target people who like a similar brand or anything having to do with that. you know what I mean. and then, um, Facebook's awesome because as you start getting sales from those like interests, Facebook learns with its AI and it starts learning what kind of customer profiles are gonna buy from you. and Facebook has so much information on everybody that it's like you wouldn't believe it. I don't know if you know this, but Trump won because of Facebook Ads. have you seen that documentary? the great hack? it's long enough. Cambridge analytik on the UK was his managing Trump's digital campaign and they made these Facebook ads. they they stirred up a lot of controversy and they were just painting people against each other, toking about black lives matter, toking about, you know, all these different issues and and then, at the end, offering that the solution to the issues is Trump will do this for you, even if it's not true, and that's why Facebook got in so much trouble. that's why I don't know if you remember Zuckerberg wasn't in court because of that. and so, yeah, Trump won the election because of that. and the document is really good. you should check it out. but it shows the power of Facebook ads, like even though, even if you think all Facebook's kind of dying, like my mom uses that you know, like dude, no, it's like still so powerful. plus, they own Instagram and you can also advertise on Instagram. now to your point before. I think it is getting harder to do because of this for one, the coronavirus. so any anybody with a drop shipping business- they're all gonna get screwed because their orders are going to be shipped out for another few weeks and even still, it takes like three weeks for it to come to the us from China. so that's where you have the big hurdle with this type of business model. that's why, yeah, it's all dependent on them and it just takes way too long. you have to compete with Amazon these days with one-day shipping and all that. so that's why, once this whole 1.3 million in two months happened, I was like dude, I need to make this long-term and I need to. I need to make this like a legit brand because it's the right product and I just need to figure out how to turn it into something that's gonna last. personally, I like creating my own store, because Amazon takes about a third of your profits and you have to for Amazon. you usually can't do drop shipping. you can't like ship straight from China. you have to buy all the product in bulk, store it out there warehouse and then get it shipped out. that's how they get their fast shipping times. you know, it's better for customers, but it's harder for sellers to just get your foot in the door, but it's definitely possible. and the guy who inspired me, actually that's what he does on Amazon. he was a multi-millionaire, you know, but just for me, I, I like my own thing because, you know, I get to keep most of my profit. well, on YouTube, if you type in a, you know, drop shipping, Shopify, drop shipping, you're gonna find a ton of stuff. a person in specific who I thought was pretty good as a Gabriel saint-germain. he's pretty knowledgeable, and the thing about all these guys is they're like in their early 20s, they're like 22, 21, 23, like close to being millionaires, and they're just like- or so they make it seem, I don't know, yeah, you know, yeah, they could be lying about that, but, um, you know, though, those are the guys who are like dropping all this knowledge on on YouTube. watch them all, and I don't know. I'm just take bits and pieces. but the most important part is implement it. yeah, you have to practike it. if you're, if you're thinking about doing this: you're sick, your job and you want to like go and try to start your own business, take active steps to doing so, research it, understand it and everything. but don't just like at the end of all that research, don't just like wait for something to happen, like make it happen, yeah, just do it. you know, that's that's probably I don't know the best advice. I kind of dug out all of the good date, like the juice and everything. so I appreciate you kind of sharing that story and being transparent. yeah, sure, cuz I mean obviously that's amazing and that's inspiring for probably a lot of people watching. so

How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

if you ever wanted to start your ecommerce business in the fashion niche, then do not go anywhere, because in this ultimate guide for beginners, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business and really make it in this wonderful and best-selling industry. don't go anywhere. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lyron from auto ds and in this video, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business, and a successful one at it. we're going to tap into how to start a drop shipping business into the close fashion niche, and then i'm also going to show you what are some of the best suppliers that you can work with to get the best clothes products for your store, and i'm also going to go over the best products that you can sell today in the clothes and fashion niche. so what are the best clothes that we can sell, since it's such a vast and general category? so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action and one second before that, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the world of dropshipping. having said that, let's go ahead and begin. how do we start drop shipping close? where do we start and how do we do it correctly to maintain and build a profitable drop shipping business? so, first things first, why even dropship close in the first place? well, first of all, you should always be selling in a niche that you are interested in. but having an interest in a certain niche is usually never enough. we have to make sure that there is a big market, a big demand for these products, before we tap into it and start researching for products. so how do we know if close is even a profitable category? how do we know that there is enough room for us in the market? this graph right here from common thread shows you the annual revenue in sales in the apparel market in billions. so, for example, last year, in 2021, the apparel market sold almost 370 billion dollars in revenue. in 2022, which is this year, it's forecasted to sell at 385 billion dollars, and next year it's going to continue growing to 397. and, of course, it will continue increasing year by year, just as we're used to in the e-commerce market. you also have good stats from other good sources, like statista, showing you how the clothes industry, how the fashion industry is increasing year by year. so of course there's room to jump in, and what better time than now? by the way, everything that i'm going over in this video, you can read about it in a full blog artikle, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so what are the steps to starting, creating, running and maintaining a successful and profitable close dropshipping business? these are the steps that we need to take. step number one: we need to identify a niche. so the clothes or the fashion industry is a very, very general niche. we're going to have to narrow that down and find some best sellers, some products that can sell today, that have high demand, which i will get to soon in this video. but step number one is identifying a niche. step number two: we need to choose clothing products to sell. since once we identified our niche in step number one, now we need to find which products we want to add from that niche to our dropshipping stores. step number three: we need to find a reliable drop shipping supplier. and it kind of comes with step number two: in order to find clothing products that you want to sell, you need to find suppliers who can actually sell them. so you, you tapped into your niche. you found whatever products you want to sell inside that niche. now we have to find suppliers that actually have those products that you can resell. step number four: we need to choose a selling platform, because up until now, we toked about products and how we're gonna get them and where we're gonna get them from, but now we need some place to sell it on, and that is what the selling channel is good for. step number five: we need to choose an automation software now that we need to start listing our products and actually create our online store. we also want to be able to scale our dropshipping business and not limit ourselves to a certain number of tasks per day, which will always limit us from growing and expanding our dropshipping empires. step number six: we're going to list our products now that we know what products we're going to sell and we have our drop shipping suppliers who can sell those products to us which we will sell to our end customers. and, of course, we have our selling channel, so we know what platform we're gonna use to sell these products on. now it's time to actually list those products. step number seven: we're going to learn how to market our clothing store, and that is because, now that we have our products listed on our stores, does anybody even know that our store exists? does anybody even know that we have products in our stores that are actually looking to buy? most likely, the answer to this question will be no. nobody knows that your store exists, although it does depend on what selling channel you are using. we're going to tok about all of that, but in any case, this is the part where we have to get our brands known and get traffic directly to our store so we can make those sales and profit. step number eight will be fulfilling our orders, because now we marketed our products, our stores exists. we did a great job on product research. now we're finally hitting those sales and we need to actually fulfill our orders. we got paid by our buyers on our online stores. now we're going to need to fulfill those orders and send those products to our buyers. step number nine: we're gonna learn how to provide excellent customer service, because, after we make orders on our stores, every now and then customers will reach out to us and either ask a simple question- maybe they'll want to return the product for a refund or replacement- or maybe they just want to reach out and ask something very simple, or maybe even ask for a promotion, because they want to buy from your store again. for whatever the reason, we want to provide the best customer service that we can, and that is what we're going to learn in step number nine. and then in step number 10, we're going to keep track and learn to analyze our stores so that we can continue making sales and profit and multiply our success and learn to scale. those are the 10 steps that we are going to go over in in this video and those are the steps that you need to take to run, build and maintain a high converting and successful drop shipping business in the close and fashion industry. so let's go ahead and begin with step number one, which is identify a niche. now, while close or fashion is the main general niche here, we're still going to need to narrow that down and find micro niches that are selling well inside this big, vast general niche. for example, you can look for things like women's dresses, winter gloves, gym wear and so forth. all of these are micro niches inside the fashion and clothes main general niche. now, the way to do that is with extensive product research and one of the best things about the drop shipping business model is that you can continue testing products over and over, and over and over and over and keep replacing the slow movers, replace them with new products that you want to test and, of course, multiply your success by adding more products that are similar to those that are selling for you. but in the beginning, before you start making sales, you can continue testing new products and replacing those slow movers because you're not investing in any inventory, which is one of the best things about the drop shipping business model. it's very easy to test the market and continue testing more and more until you start finding those that start selling for you. so first you want to identify a niche by going to suppliers websites, which i will go over soon, tapping into their clothes and fashion categories and going into


How To: Starting Your Own Clothing Line [suppliers, samples, inventory, marketing & more]!

outlines the shape of your peach. so many clothes to try on. i'm pretty sure everyone that follows me is sick to death of it, but i don't care what is up. you guys. welcome back to my channel, the place that you can come to learn everything you need to know about building a business within the health and fitness industry. my name is beverly and i am launching a clothing line this thursday, which is in a couple days, so i thought it was a perfect time to make a video to kind of explain the process of launching this clothing line, or some advice for you if you are looking to launch your own, and what to look out for. to be completely transparent with you, the way i launch my clothing line is very different from how many other people launch theirs. i actually had sarah reach out to me. she runs this company called so, so you. it's like an intermediary between the factories and an influencer or the client. so what she does is because so, so you has contacts with all these suppliers. they run as the go-between between the influencer or the client and the warehouses. so i launched my first collection with sarah last year and it was a really, really fun experience. there's a lot of work. every month i had a new set of samples coming out to me and we learned a lot in that time. so i know that a lot of people don't really have that same opportunity to work with an agency because there are other costs involved- and i'll tok about that- versus doing it directly yourself. it doesn't even have to be clothing. i got a lot of experience launching products for the sweat nation website, so like resistance band, booty bands, sliders, things like that- all a very similar process. so i mentioned working with someone like sarah was so so you. i only actually take 20 percent of all the money that comes in. so if i make ten thousand dollars in sales on this launch, i'll only get two thousand dollars of that. but i find that there's pros and cons with that, because the pros are sarah and the so-so you team take care of everything. they take care of, like i said, all the sample creations going back and forth with the warehouse. they actually handle all the deliveries, all the fees associated with that. they handle packaging everything up. any customer service issues that might come up- hopefully there are none, but they would handle that. all that i do is i come up with the product ideas, um, the designs, and i go back and forth on the samples and the fabrics that i want to use and then i market it. i promote it through instagram or through my newsletter, however i want to market it. the other the cons to that is obviously i only get 20, but i don't really see it as a con because i am so busy with so many other projects and other things that i'm working on that launching a clothing line or having a clothing line is just something that's like a nice thing for me to add on to my services. if i were to run a clothing line and launch an actual product line that was like my full business, that would take so much extra time because just going back and forth with factories and suppliers and the warehouses it would take so much time. so for me to just take this like smaller cut and not have to worry about any of the other stuff is is really great. to be honest, by the way, i'm drinking wine because it's 5- 30.. if you're looking to do this all on your own, you want to bootstrap it, you want to start from ground zero. i definitely have some tips and takeaways that you can do for your own clothing line. so the first thing would be to find a supplier or find a factory that can make your clothing and you can use, like alibaba. you can literally just google, like manufacturers in china or manufacturers in canada, hong kong, wherever- and start looking for those suppliers. it's very similar how we did it with the sweat nation product line. we reached out to several, several different suppliers and each one really wants your business like. they will send you emails, they will follow up, they, they want to work with you and so sometimes they send out a catalog. sometimes you'll send them images and be like: do you have something like this? and they'll send you back photos. when you are ordering your products, there is always going to be an moq and the moq is your minimum order quantity. some items might be a hundred, some might be a thousand. it really depends, like what it is. for example, when i was selling, when we were selling booty bands- certain booty bands in a certain color, the minimum order quantity was a thousand, but for something a little bit bigger, like a sweater, it might only be 100 or 150.. so really find out when you're going back and forth with those suppliers, what their minimum order quantity is, and you'll also find that the higher number you order, the cheaper it is. so maybe a sweater: if you order 100, it's like 20 bucks per, or if you order a thousand, it's gonna be like 15.. so depending on what your budget is, you can kind of decide how many you want to order. something else to think about is your samples. so anytime a factory will ship out a sample, they will charge you for that sample and they would charge you for shipping. so make sure, before you ask for any samples, to get a quote for everything. you can get quotes from all these different suppliers to re, because they might look like they all sell the same thing, but they're all going to be slightly different because they're all different factories. so make sure that, like when you're asking for these samples, you're getting a quote from them to make sure how much it's going to cost, how much the shipping will be. and really, being on top of that, what we did when we launched my clothing line in the first year, there were so many things going back and forth. i wanted to use a different fabric for my leggings. um, the leggings were too long. i wanted a different strap for the sports bra and what ended up happening was sarah sent me like five sets of clothing. it was so expensive to continue to send these items. there was import fees, all this stuff. so what we did for the second round, for the items that i'm wearing now- is we did. she sent me a big package of different fabrics. i chose which fabrics i wanted for different items. we toked about different patterns. so, like, the camo pattern was actually screen printed onto a white fabric. once we decided all the fabrics we were going to use, what they did was they took all the designs that i had come up with and they put them into a little 3d modeling system. so it had all of my measurements. they put the designs onto the 3d modeling thing and then they had those fabrics as well. so it was really cool and actually gave me a really good idea of how everything would fit and how everything would look. so, instead of going back and forth getting new samples and spending all that money and having all this extra clothing that i was never gonna wear because they were samples that didn't fit, we did it all on the 3d model and then, once everything was completely perfected, she sent out those samples. i made my last minute changes so, for example, i had this sports bra. the sports bra kind of like came, the straps went like this and i wanted them to go like that. so we just made all those final changes, redid them on the 3d model, sent them back and everything was literally perfect. if you're planning to work with a factory, you should find out if they do offer 3d modeling or if they have anything of that tiknology, because it's really going to save you some money and time. after we we received all the samples, or after i received all like the final products, i set up a photo shoot. so last year what i did was i set up two separate photo shoots. i had an in studio photo shoot for like all the ecom photos and then i had a gym photo shoot. it was good and i'm glad i did it. it was just super, super time consuming. each shoot took about like four hours, and that doesn't even include the edits, the pics. this year, what we did instead was i had a very specific look and feel for what i wanted for the shoot. i wanted it to be kind of like minim.

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One Week Shopify Dropshipping Challenge to Prove It’s Not Dead

Shopify Drop Shipping, one of the fastest growing business models on the face of the Earth- we do have a lot of orders. is it possible to hop on a trend and make a lot of money with Drop Shipping in a one-week time frame? well, I decided to find out. look, when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, where the competition nowadays is more Fierce than ever before, selling personalized products is what I see to be one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself from the competitions: human to human personalization scalably, especially now when we are at the center of Q4, where people are actively looking for all kinds of gifts. personalization stores are thriving, and I'm saying this based on my own experience. yesterday, we made 1.1 thousand dollars in sales, but let's face it, if I made a video saying you should consider personalization, it's just a tok right. so I thought I will just start again and document the whole process of creating a profitable personalization store in a one week time frame, in an attempt to help new dropshippers discover another way of doing things. let's get going. this is our to-do list for the next seven days. but firstly, I decided to set some goals. my goal here with this one week challenge is actually to make a lot of money, but rather to Kickstart a long-lasting brand and, to be honest, it's just a piece of content that I would like to see on YouTube. my first objective is to find a product that appeals to a larger demographic. I want as many mega fans of the product as possible, because these guys are naturally going to be more likely to purchase the product. these guys are dedicated in every sense of the word. for us, it means we have to spend less amount on Advertising to get the results we want. for example, this custom bed portrait immediately builds a very strong connection with the potential customer who already owns a pet. so I hopped over to my computer- Etsy, Fiverr, Google- and after hours and hours of research, I came up with nothing- well, at least nothing that matched our criteria. I was just about to lose hope on finding the product when I had a brilliant idea. hear me out. I am currently running this yellow character store in my home country, Estonia, and this store is fully in Estonian language. I have even been on The View with this store and I have been able to generate over six figures in Revenue. what if I take the exact same product, but just bring it in front of a new audience. would it work well? let's find out. so my next step for now is to find a country to Target with this product. if I would go out there and Target big countries like United States or, let's say, Australia, my chances of making this work would be very slim, because there are many established stores already selling this product. my objective is to find a smaller country and create a new Shopify store fully in that country's native language. not only will this give us a fighting chance to make things work, but it's actually a method that I have been using to create my own stores successfully. so I opened up Google Maps to search for a potential country to Target when I remembered that I actually have a really good friend of mine living in a country called Finland. this country is actually really close to Estonia, so I decided to pay my old friend a visit just to get to know more about Finnish Market. let's go what's up, meet Samu. he's just a wizard when it comes to making money with Drop Shipping, so I wanted to hear his opinions about this idea that I have now. we did have a pretty long conversation, but here are the key takeaways. we have seen a success in Estonia with this business, so I think you are going to crush it. in Finland, when I was young, everybody was toking about Simpsons, and when I went to coffee shops or more, there were Simpsons playing. so I think everyone knows what the Simpson is, and that's going to really help you. and that, right, there, was the last green light that I needed. so we are now finished with Samo. I will now go back to Estonia and get to work. with all this information, I feel even more confident to merge myself into this Market. but first things first, we need to have a name for our store, and this took me not more than five minutes to figure out. I hopped over to canva to create a logo for our store. our next step for now is to start building the store, and this is what we want our store to look like. so I hopped over to Fiverr search for a Shopify coder and asked if we could create the exact same layout for my store, and we had a deal. while the coder was doing his thing, I downloaded some apps, created social Pages for our store and, lastly, set the store language. to finish, I have just finished with setting up the store and now it's just a waiting game until the Fiverr guy delivers our custom theme, and already, 24 hours later, we had the store almost fully set up. shout out to this guy for delivering it in such a timely manner. now all that's left to do is to have my Finnish friend, Samu go over the website to check for any grammar mistakes. once we had a green light from Samo, it was time to start the advertising process, but before that, Samo actually gave me advice that changed the whole trajectory of our website. yeah, I had almost forgotten that people are highly more likely to purchase the product if they have a good reason to buy. some who told me that in Finland there is actually Father's Day coming in a week, so I immediately had an idea. we can easily capitalize on Father's Day in two ways. a: we can offer Father's Day related designs of the product on our website. B: we can give the potential customer a Father's Day discount code. these two combined will give the consumer a good reason to buy our product, not to say there's Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner. these are the Father's Day related designs that we are going to use on our store. one of them is saying best father in the world and the other. well, Super Dad, and for the discount, we are just going to add a countdown timer bar to our header with a message saying that get, your Founders can give 20 off by using Code that 20.. I am 100 sure that this will increase our conversion rate, and this is a strategy I am using on my main store and, as you can see, we do have a lot of orders now. this is a high tiket product, which means our cost per conversion will definitely be higher than usual. I will set the price of one person throwing to 45 dollars and our own cost will be six dollars, leaving us with around 40 dollars in profit, which is crazy, but all of the bigger companies are doing the same, so why not? now, when it comes to fulfilling the orders, you can find so many talented artists from Fiverr, and if you want your artwork printed, framed and shipped to your customer, feel free to use any crypto demand company. personally, I like to use printful and at that point, I felt really confident of what we had accomplished so far. as you can see, this is what our homepage looks like, and it has a step-by-step guide on how to make an order and, most importantly, reviews on the product page we have different variant options which customers can use to personalize their order. we had everything ready for advertising in just under two days, meaning we have five full days to Market our product. for advertising, I like to use Facebook ads, targeting smaller countries. with the ads, you will see mind-blowing results. just look at this traffic campaign on my main store that has a CPR of 12 cents per link and it's mainly because there are less advertisers in smaller countries, meaning you will have to pay less to get your advertisement out there. for the most part, USA is too expensive to test anything, so I recommend going to another country, because the traffic is there more cheaper and you are getting more results, more data for your buck. now, before we hop into the ads manager, this is my friend tombert, and he has made over half a million euros in sales selling this oversized hoodie, which took the Estonian Market by the store. but how well, just by not Reinventing.

How to Sell Leggings Online

Do you have any idea what you're looking at right now? It's our latest number crunch about the most popular niches on Oberlo. That biggest column on the left is the one with the most sales in 2018.. and it's also the one we're going to look at in detail today. How about that? Hi world? how's it going? It's Mark from Oberlo. thanks for joining me for Show and Sell. This is our chance to bring you product recommendations and marketing tips that work for dropshippers. So if you want videos like this once a week in your inbox, consider turning on the notification bell. Today we are taking a look at a product from the category which got the most orders in 2018 on Oberlo: Leggings in the women's clothing and accessories category. We are going to touch briefly on why leggings are so popular right now. We'll look at some awesome examples of leggings and the suppliers who you can source them from on Oberlo. We'll tok about how exactly you can start selling leggings online And then I'll reveal a solid market that's really hot for leggings right now. Leggings have undergone something of a rebrand in recent years. Gone are the days of leggings that go hand in hand with goofy '80s workout videos. Nope. now leggings belong to an ultra cool trend in fashion called athleisure. Athleisure. it's clothing designed for fitness and other athletik activities that's also worn on other occasions, like running errands while traveling at school or a social event. The whole idea of athleisure-wear, in a nutshell, is that sports wear is breaking out of the gym and becoming a more prominent part of people's everyday fashion choices. We can see the rise in interest in athleisure wear over the last few years in this google trends search result. Leggings make up a huge part of athleisure-wear, which is why we're going to tok about them today. If we check the hashtag "#athleisure" on Instagram, we see that five of the first six posts feature women wearing typical versions of modern-day leggings. The female-to-male ratio we see here sums up the athliesure-wear market quite nicely. This is an industry being driven by female purchases. It's worth eighty billion dollars and extremely popular. Rihanna promotes athleisure clothing to her follower base of over 600,000 fans on Instagram. Beyonce even co-founded an athleisure wear fashion brand, And if it's good enough for Beyonce and Rihanna, then it's good enough for you and your customers. So let's get to work, work, work, work, work and know more about dropshipping athleisure leggings with Oberlo. There are countless leggings listed on the Oberlo marketplace and they are ideal for tapping into the demands of today's consumer. of leggings Suppliers on Oberlo offer a selection of different types of leggings. we've got workout leggings, thermal leggings, colorful printed versions, mesh leggings and many, many more for you to choose from, including leggings for kids and men. But we're toking about women's leggings because this niche has got the legs to be a lasting success for dropshippers. And while I tell you why, let's take a look at a couple of pairs of leggings that are selling really well right now. Leggings get more popular in colder months, keeping legs warm when temperatures drop. Even so, they still sell well in summer. That's because there are types like capri leggings, which are shorter. Leggings are ideal for dropshippers because they are a light product suitable for ePacket shipping. Most leggings on Oberlo cost between $5 to $10, and can be sold for prices of up to $30.. That's a healthy profit margin indeed. And to boost those profit margins, leggings are great because they don't get returned as much as other products, And for two reasons: 1. Thanks to their material, there's very little chance that these leggings will get damaged on their way to the customer. And 2. Leggings are stretchy, so the size doesn't have to be exact for the leggings to fit a variety of body shapes. That means more customer satisfaction. If you would like to test out some of these stretchy bad boys, Oberlo, we recommend selecting some test leggings from three Oberlo Verified Suppliers, who offer a wide range of models: Bessky, tiknology, irobotbox and Aapex Trading. all have enough variety for you to get started with dropshipping leggings. This range of choice and styles is really handy when it comes to defining audiences for your Facebook advertising. In fact, if you're looking for a step-by-step guide to marketing leggings, we've got you covered. On the Oberlo blog, one of our pro merchants explains how he researched the right Facebook audience for leggings. Hit the link in the description to read more and get some great budgeting tips too. Now let's tok about how you can market leggings on Instagram. We'll use this pair of leggings as an example, and we'll target women who practike yoga. We can get in front of this audience quickly and efficiently on Instagram. If you are running your own Instagram account, then post attractive shots of your leggings in a yoga environment and make use of hashtags that real people are following but aren't too saturated. like these hashtags: #yogaanywhere, #workoutideas, #yogaleggings, #athletikwear and #yogalegs. And then we have Instagram influencers. They would be great for helping us get our first sales on our yoga leggings. We can start by sending a DM to some female yoga influencers. We can offer a free sample of our leggings in return for some promotion in the influencer's posts. Alternatively, you could provide the influencer with a generous discount, which might prompt them to buy leggings for themselves Afterwards. we simply ask that influencer to feature our leggings in one of their posts. When you do this, we recommend creating a post like this one with your influencer. The great thing about this kind of post is it uses a hashtag that people engage with. the hashtag is #workoutideas. It has around 180,000 posts, meaning it's a hashtag that isn't too saturated either. Now, speaking of saturated, You might be thinking: yikes, The market for yoga leggings seems full of competition. Well, dropshipping is inherently competitive, but it doesn't mean new entrants can't compete. Good branding, smart marketing and targeting the right audience will always trump market saturation. While we're on the subject of smart marketing, let's tok about two apps that will help you get sales. The first is a free app called Product Reviews. Product Reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This app provides social proof that your products are worth buying When potential customers see other customers' positive reviews, they're more likely to add your leggings to their carts. Customer reviews made through this app are search engine friendly, which can also help drive traffic to your store, And Product Reviews is customizable so that it fits in with the design of your store. The second app is called Sales Pop. Sales Pop displays purchase activities via real time recent sales notification pop-ups. That means that visitors to your store will see that other people are buying your leggings and they'll also know which leggings are popular. This really boosts your social proof and is a great way of inspiring users to hit that Buy Now button. If you're just pumped to build a store and start selling leggings, then wait. don't run off yet, Because I'm about to tell you which market is currently hot for leggings. right now, Scandinavia is an awesome set of countries to target with your leggings And in partikular Sweden, Swedes just love leggings. The product category bottoms accounts for more than a quarter of all orders from Sweden in the women's clothing category of Oberlo. So would you sell leggings online? How would you market leggings? I want to hear your answers and anything else you want to get off your chest in the comments below. Thank you for watching this video and until next time. Learn often, market better and sell.

Affordable Activewear Haul + Review | Ali Express + I learn what drop shipping is

oh no, this has been recording. oh my god. hello and welcome back to my channel. for those of you who are new here, my name is lydia and i make all types of health and fitness videos here on youtube and we're just gonna get straight into today's video because we got a lot to cover. today we are doing an activewear haul review. maybe a little bit of a rant. if you follow me on instagram, you know that i have been toking about this video for a while. i'm so excited to make it. we are toking about ally express. this video i've been so excited to make since i watched a different video here on youtube. so if you want to be caught up, kind of in the loop on all things aliexpress and kind of the comparison we're doing today, go check out catherine mueller's video. i'll link it down below. if you want to stop this video and watch that first, do it. if you don't just keep watching, i'll explain. so in the video catherine basically explains how aliexpress is actually the supplier for paragon footwear. so paragon fitware does this thing called drop shipping, where they order from aliexpress in a bunch of bulk, they put their logo on it and then they resell it to us and advertise via instagram. they have their own company, everything like that. so when i first saw this video, i ranted because i had just bought stuff from paragon. i had just made a whole video about how much i love paragon. i was super excited about this company because 50 for leggings is like kind of affordable in this world. so when i found out that i could get the exact same leggings for 20 on a different website and just skip the middleman altogether, i was pissed. i go to my husband- i'm ranting all about this and he goes lydia. that's called drop shipping, like so many companies do. this. it's like not uncommon at all. drop shipping is not illegal. it's not something that is, i guess, frowned upon in like the business world, uh, but personally i just thought it was unfair to consumers to kind of advertise these products and have them at a higher price when i myself could just go buy them from the supplier in the first place. so basically, these companies are profiting off of the fact that they're middlemen and they're not actually designing, creating these products on their own. they're basically ordering them themselves, putting their logo on it and then selling them to you, which, like i said, is not illegal. it's called drop shipping and apparently a lot of companies do it. and after i saw this video and started learning about this drop shipping thing, i started notiking everywhere that there were so many other brands that were doing the exact same thing and selling the exact same stuff. i know there's one called f3 free spirit outlet, astoria, i think it's called like muesli yoga, i swear. every instagram ad i got i was like, oh my gosh, it's another one that's just selling the same exact things off aliexpress. so i really just wanted to make this video as kind of a follow up to that video, because once i learned about this, i had to test it for myself. i went to the source, i went to aliexpress and we're gonna compare some of the things that i personally have from paragon to stuff from aliexpress. see if it's the same thing. and spoiler alert, i think they are so rant over, but the rant was not over, not even close. we're gonna first do comparisons of the two items that i have from paragon that i found on aliexpress. i will say i wasn't able to find everything on aliexpress like paragon's jeans i love so much. wasn't able to find those, but i will be looking. don't, don't you worry, i was able to find the sierra crop from paragon on aliexpress, as well as the everyday leggings and the essential leggings and the mohovo leggings- and i think one of the others are called the essential leggings too. so i only have one pair of everyday leggings that i can actually physically compare in person. but from what i've seen on their websites and all their influencers, the other things i bought from aliexpress are things i was going to buy from paragon that i just got from aliexpress and they look the same from what i can tell without having both pieces. so the first item i'm going to compare is the sierra crop. so this is paragon's sierra crop. i did a full, in-depth review on a different video. so, as you can tell, this is the paragon one and this is the aliexpress one. from first glance they look exactly the same and when you feel the material i will say the material feels a little different. but i have had this one for a long time and washed it a bunch and, if anything, this material feels nicer and softer and like more cottony and silky. so even if you weren't convinced on first glance, or, for me, first touch, that these are the exact same materials, i actually cut the tags for both of them and the paragon one is 87 nylon, 13 spandex and the one from aliexpress is 80 nylon and 13 spandex. the exact same fabric composition. they look exactly the same. they have the exact same built-in bra. everything about these tops is the exact same. you cannot convince me that paragon designed this top. sierra crop is actually. color value: quick, dry padded fitness bra cups. tops woman solid v-neck from the seller. color value on aliexpress. i liked it so much though i got two. the only other exact product i got from paragon that i bought on aliexpress is what paragon calls the everyday leggings. i have them in this taupe color- i don't remember exactly what it's called- and these are the nupoa gym rhythm leggings. as you can see, both of them do not have a front seam. when i feel the material, they feel exactly the same. they're both like a brushed material, kind of like a lululemon a line. paragon compares themselves a lot to a lemon a line. i do not think it's an exact dupe. i actually think that lou lemon has patents on their fabric, so you can't make an exact dupe, but think a lululemon a line with a little bit more spandex. it's like nice for working out still that cottony, buttery feel, but not super cottony to the point where it's kind of gross when you work out. so both of these have the slightly curved booty seams on them as well, as they both have a little bit of a tapered waistband and, like i said, the material feels exactly the same. this material is a little bit pilled. so i will say, as a follow-up to these leggings, they do pill just a little bit, nothing crazy, but enough where you can kind of notike something where these ones- oh, i guess these ones- i've only had them for a little bit, but they have peeled just a little bit, nothing crazy. but if you are buying them from aliexpress, they're only 20, so i don't really mind that they pill that much. i will say i believe these leggings are exactly the same cut. obviously the color's not the same. when i went on the aliexpress website i was able to find the exact colors that they had on paragon and these other brands i had seen on instagram. so in my conclusion, i think that paragon and other companies are just sourcing from aliexpress, drop shipping, putting their logos on it and reselling it to you for a higher price. personally, i just want to go to the aliexpress website and buy them myself. so now we're going to go over some things that i liked when i looked them at on paragon's website, but i found them on aliexpress and i'm super happy with them. so just want to do a quick review of everything that i got from aliexpress. i got four different pairs of leggings, all from the cellar napoa gym. they're all a little bit different and they all are really great. i'm trying to think if i have a favorite. i like them all for different things. let me say that. so we'll start with these guys, since we just toked about them. the rhythm leggings: like i said, they have no front seam on here, which is honestly the best thing ever, and they feel like lululemon aligns but a little bit more spandex. so i love working out in these pants. they're super stretchy, squat proof. they have a tapered waistband, which is always nice, and the material is the same on both sides, so it's brushed a little bit on the outside. brush a little.