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YOUtube??? Or Crap From TVTube???

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

YOUtube??? Or Crap From TVTube???

YOUtube??? Or Crap From TVTube???

ah here we go again okay yesterday I
made a video about how YouTube is just
becoming a wasteland of idiots uploading
crap from TV and I got some yeah most of
the comments were positive most of the
people agreed and said you're right and
everyone's want to get a couple of idiot
comments from from you know brain dad's
that say oh but we want to see we don't
get the one steamy will you to visit
your personal [ __ ] tivo if you need to
wash it from TV by a table or a VCR and
watch it at home it doesn't belong here
especially doesn't belong in people &
blogs you know that's the one category
that this [ __ ] doesn't belong in this is
supposed to be a place where people can
come and vlog the [ __ ] out of themselves
it can blow the brains out and what do
you see when you come here crap on TV
crap on TV on TV crap on TV now look
this is all Simpsons and Family Guy's
[ __ ] but no is it in film and animation
oh [ __ ] oh is it an entertainment of
ours and people & blogs like what oh
[ __ ] don't you people have any brains
holy [ __ ] you're nuttier than squirrel
[ __ ] uploading this crap look at all the
same crap crap from DV crap from TV crap
from TV crap on TV crap from TV foreign
TV / from TV nuisance and crap from TV
crap from TV oh my God look at a real
freaking human being and people & blogs
how the [ __ ] did that happen blood
brothers oh my god crap from TV crap
from TV crap on TV
crap from TV next page haha crap from DD
crap from TV crap from TV crap from TV
crap from TV crap on TV crap on TV oh my
god another human a real freaking person
on YouTube how did that happen oh my god
somebody alert the freaking authorities
find awesome guy gone the people in blog
section somehow he got through all the
crap from TV and got on this page home
man that was a mistake how did that
happen somebody at YouTube must have
been asleep to let that get through
there we go crap from TV crap from TV
crap from TV crap from TV or there's
another thing that gets me look at this
same clip same thing one two and
sometimes I'll come up here and I'll be
four or five of the same exact freaking
clip over and over and over again any
new idiots are so [ __ ] stupid you
don't even search to see if the same
clip has already been posted you don't
care you just gonna upload the [ __ ] and
you don't care where you upload it you
just upload it because i'll upload crap
from GV i am cool i upload crap from TV
that makes me popular and i am a funny
popular guy so i just upload crap from
TV there's more crap on TV crap from TV
crap from TV crap on TV crap from TV
crap on TV crap on TV crowd forgive me
ah my blood pressure holy [ __ ] and this
goes on and on and on and freaking on
now here this is what really cracks me
up let me go to the front page of this
people in gloss and what do you see up
here at the top spot light you do this
check out this mega collaboration of
channels starting with youtube site and
community and and community is
and so you can learn what YouTube is by
watching this video but I don't need to
watch it because I already know what you
do this you do these crap from TV [ __ ]
me in the heart ah it's just getting
horrible why doesn't anybody from
YouTube get on this crap holy crap crap
from TV crap from TV this isn't YouTube
it's crap from TV Land somebody do
something hi i am getting youtube says
don't upload crap from TV but yet what
is there on 90% of every freaking page
you look at crap from TV shoot me

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