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youtube ads increasing

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

YouTube has been experimenting with unskippable ads for some time now, with viewers being hit with up to 11 consecutive commercials in a row. Recently, the platform has been showing an increasing number of ads before videos even begin. However, a recent experiment that saw up to 11 unskippable ads played before the chosen video began has been cancelled.

Main Points:

- YouTube pays creators by raking in views because each free tier viewer sees advertising.

- YouTube has always been experimenting with unskippable ads, but they frequently limit the amount for good reason.

- Redditors note how a year ago the platform had up to 315 second unskippable ads in breaks, in January the platform upped it to 20-second ads, and in March, three consecutive 15-second ads were spotted.

- A week ago, Twitter was a buzz with free-tier watchers complaining about 8 to 11 consecutive unskippables.

- YouTube says it can happen with certain types of ads, bumper ads since they're six seconds long.

- In a statement delivered to nine to five Google, YouTube confirmed that the high quantity ad breaks, which it calls ad pods, were part of a global experiment appearing when playing longer videos on TVs.

- The company confirmed this small experiment is now over, so it's unclear exactly what that means for the future of the application.


The idea of unskippable ads is never popular with viewers. YouTube has been experimenting with unskippable ads for some time now, but the recent experiment that saw up to 11 unskippable ads played before the chosen video began was too much for many viewers. While some viewers might prefer multiple shorter ads instead of one longer ad, the constant stream of ads might still feel too long. YouTube's decision to cancel the experiment is a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen what the future holds for the platform's advertising policies.

10 Ads before a YouTube video?!

YouTube has been experimenting with serving multiple ads at the beginning of videos, with some users reporting up to 10 unskippable ads. This has led to concerns about the future of YouTube and whether users will continue to tolerate such an increase in ads.


- Google will keep pushing the limits of ads on YouTube, as they have done in the past.

- There are already up to five or six ads on some videos, and algorithmically placed mid-rolls could mean even more ads for users.

- Personal ad tolerance affects the number of ads served to each user.

- YouTube is unlikely to die as it is a unique platform with a massive user base.

- The experimentation with more ads is not widespread, so panic is not necessary.

While some users may find the increase in ads on YouTube frustrating, it is unlikely to be the end of the platform. Google will continue to experiment and push the boundaries of what users will tolerate, but there is no other platform quite like YouTube. The increase in ads may prompt some users to block them, but it remains to be seen how this will affect YouTube's bottom line.

YouTube Ads Are Getting Insane and I Hate It.

YouTube Ads: A Creator's Perspective

As a YouTuber who relies heavily on ad revenue, I have become increasingly concerned about YouTube's aggressive approach to ads. While ads are essential for creators to make a living, YouTube's recent changes have gone off the rails. In this article, I will discuss how ads work, the impact of ad blockers, and the cost and benefits of skipping ads.

How Ads Work:

When you click to watch a video, YouTube starts an open auction for the advertisement slot, giving details about the video being watched, expected demographics, and more. Bots then bid on the privilege to send you an advertisement, and whoever wins the bid sends it off. YouTube gives 55% of the money they earned to the creator and keeps 45% for themselves. The amount that advertisers are willing to pay changes a lot depending on factors like the viewer's age, location, and time of year.

The Impact of Ad Blockers:

The prevalence of ad blockers means that fewer people are seeing ads, but the same number of people are watching. YouTube's solution to this is to punish viewers who watch ads by making them watch more. This causes people to install more ad blockers, and YouTube counters by giving even more ads to their viewers. It's a ridiculous system that actively punishes people who are doing what YouTube wants them to do.

The Cost and Benefits of Skipping Ads:

While ad blockers can be an easy solution to skip ads, they also come with downsides. The main one being that creators don't get anything from an ad-blocked view. Additionally, the revenue from a single video is a fraction of a penny, so when two-thirds of Millennials and Gen Z use ad blockers, that's two-thirds of the revenue gone.

There is also a browser extension called Sponsor Block, which skips through sponsored segments in YouTube videos. While this plugin saves time, it also stops creators from getting commissions off of viewers signing up for sponsored services.

YouTube's aggressive approach to ads is a double-edged sword for creators. While ads are essential for creators to make a living, YouTube's changes have gone too far. Ad blockers may seem like an easy solution, but they come with downsides that affect creators. Ultimately, the best solution is for YouTube to find a balance between ad revenue and viewer satisfaction.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Gardening can be tough work, especially for older individuals. This is why using natural fertilizers like Organi Bloom can be helpful in providing the necessary nutrients for healthy plants.

Benefits of Organi Bloom:

- Packed with rich nutrients for plants

- All-natural ingredients

- Safe for the environment

Personal Reflection:

- Memories of growing up in the garden

- Feeling disconnected and unsure of identity

- Desires for freedom and exploration

Plea for Help:

- Desperation to complete the ad for potential freedom

- Offer of anything, including fertilizers and sexual favors

- Emotional plea for help and understanding

- Unclear if the narrator's experiences are real or a dream

- Desire for exploration and growth

- Final plea for help before ad abruptly ends.


- A recent update in YouTube's terms of service affects both viewers and creators

- Changes include updates on facial recognition, ads, and payments

Facial Recognition:

- New terms explicitly state that facial recognition information cannot be collected without permission

- This is a positive change for user privacy


- YouTube now has the right to monetize all content on the platform, including non-partnered channels

- This change was likely made to prevent missed revenue on viral videos and support smaller channels

- The roll out of this change may have been gradual and is now official for all channels


- YouTube will now take out taxes where required by law for creators

- New terms take effect on June 1, 2021 for users outside the US

- The recent changes to YouTube's terms of service have both positive and negative implications

- Users should carefully read and understand the new terms to avoid any surprises or issues with their accounts.

Complete YouTube Ads Strategy to Grow Your Channel ($43K Spent)

How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your Channel and Business

- Spending money on YouTube ads can result in low engagement and watch times

- We've developed a strategy that leads to high watch times and engaged subscribers

- The best part is that it only costs around $5 per day

- This article will explain how to use YouTube ads to grow your channel and business

Types of Ads:

- Discovery ads show in YouTube search and suggested, and on Google's display network

- In-stream ads play before or during a video

- The strategy we'll be discussing is for discovery ads, as in-stream ads are more for brand awareness and lead generation

The Problem with Typical Discovery Campaigns:

- Typical discovery campaigns result in tons of views for pennies on the dollar, but with a very small percentage of viewers sticking around to watch

- Our goal was to get highly engaged views for pennies on the dollar

- After a year of testing, most paid views we get have a similar audience retention rate and average view duration as organic views

Data from Our English Ad Campaigns in 2020:

- We spent just under $2,000 and got just under 30,000 paid views, or roughly $0.07 per view

- 544 people liked at least one of our videos, 994 added a video to a playlist, and 577 subscribed to our channel

- 9,999 people watched at least one other video on our channel for free

- Over 45% of views watched at least 25% of our videos

- We paid $0.05 for one engaged view, which is just crazy

Why Engaged Views Matter:

- YouTubers often chase subscribers, likes, and views, but these are all vanity metrics if no one is actually consuming your content

- Views mean nothing if people aren't watching, engaging, and ultimately doing something that leads to a profitable action

Key Metrics in YouTube Ads:

- An engaged paid view is one where the average view duration will be similar to an organic view

- Earned actions include likes, playlist add-ons, shares, subscribers, and views that are counted when someone performs one of these actions within seven days of viewing your ad

- Earned views paired with overall high retention is the KPI we used to measure and modify our ads strategy

Targeting Options in YouTube Ads:

- There are three main targeting options: keywords, audiences, and placements

- Keyword targeting matches the intent of the viewer and is based on what they are searching for

- Placement targeting shows your ad on specific videos and/or channels where you want it to appear

How This Strategy Works:

- This strategy is based around intent targeting, meaning you only show your ads to people who are showing interest in your video's topic right then and there

- The two targeting methods we use for this strategy are keywords and placements

- You need a video that has a high audience retention rate or average view duration in order to get great results from this strategy

- With our strategy, you can get highly engaged views for pennies on the dollar

- Engaged views are important because they lead to profitable actions

- Use targeting options like keywords and placements to match the intent of the viewer

- Focus on videos with high audience retention rates or average view durations to get the best results from this strategy

What To Do About Increasing Competition On YouTube

- YouTube ads are becoming more popular, but it also means more competition and rising ad costs.

- This video will discuss how to stay ahead of the competition and mitigate ad costs.

- The author works at Lynx Digital, an agency focused on YouTube ads.

Treating YouTube as a Different Platform:

- Many businesses treat YouTube like other social media platforms, which is a mistake.

- YouTube is unique in that users seek out content rather than just scrolling through their feed.

- Creative must be tailored to YouTube and not just copied from Facebook or Instagram.

- Ad optimization must also be tailored to YouTube.

Up Production Quality and Test Hooks:

- Production quality can make videos appear more professional and trustworthy.

- Always test different hooks to see which resonates best with the audience.

- The first five seconds of each video ad is crucial on YouTube.

Diversify Your Offer:

- If many competitors offer the same thing, change your offer or change the way you market it.

- Unique selling mechanisms can make your offer stand out.

Make Ads Engaging:

- Look at trends and techniques used by popular YouTubers to make your ads engaging.

- Always innovate and come up with new ideas to stay at the forefront of YouTube ads.

- Staying ahead of the competition on YouTube ads requires treating YouTube as a unique platform, upping production quality and testing hooks, diversifying your offer, and making ads engaging.

- Always be innovative and keep up with trends to stay ahead.

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