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youtube ads landing page

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

In this training, we will discuss the different types of landing pages and funnels that are effective for YouTube ads. Unlike Facebook, YouTube requires specific types of landing pages for different industries and target audiences. We will go over each major industry and target audience and recommend the appropriate funnels to use.

- Types of landing pages and funnels for YouTube ads

Types of Funnels:

1. Funnel for Coaches, Consultants, and High-Ticket Services:

- Ideal for selling high-ticket services or courses over $2,000

- Drive traffic directly to a VSL (Video Sales Letter) page

- Include social proof on the VSL page

- Visitors watch the video, click Apply Now, and fill out a survey

- After the survey, they are directed to a calendar booking page

2. Funnel with or without Opt-in Page:

- Similar to the previous funnel, but with an optional opt-in page

- Opt-in page collects emails before directing to the VSL page

- Test the performance and cost-effectiveness of adding an opt-in page

3. Webinar Funnel:

- Webinars work well on YouTube for selling products below $2,000

- Visitors opt-in and choose a time for the webinar

- After opting in, they are directed to a waiting page

- Have a video on the waiting page for visitors to watch before the webinar starts

4. Narrow B2B Funnel:

- For targeting specific professionals like mortgage brokers or personal injury attorneys

- Use a quiz funnel to engage visitors and collect information gradually

- Start with easy questions and gradually ask for name, phone number, and email

- After filling out the quiz, visitors are directed to a calendar to schedule a call

- Choosing the right landing pages and funnels for YouTube ads is crucial for success

- Consider the industry, target audience, and price range of the product or service being offered

- Test different funnels to find the most effective and cost-efficient approach for your specific business.

Google Ads Landing Page | How To Create A Perfect Landing Page For Google Ads | Google Ads Course

Google is a widely popular and innovative technology company that offers a variety of amazing services. In this article, we will explore some of the key features and benefits of Google, compare it to Facebook, and discuss its impact on the digital landscape.

Sub-heading 1: Google's Services

- Google Search: The search engine that revolutionized the way we find information online.

- Google Maps: A powerful mapping tool for navigation and exploring new places.

- Gmail: An intuitive and reliable email service with extensive storage capabilities.

- Google Drive: A cloud storage solution for securely storing and accessing files from anywhere.

- Google Docs: Collaborative document editing and creation platform.

- Google Photos: An easy-to-use photo management app with unlimited storage for high-quality images.

- Google Translate: A language translation tool that helps bridge communication gaps.

- Google Calendar: A digital organizer that keeps track of appointments and events.

- Google Chrome: A fast and versatile web browser with a user-friendly interface.

Sub-heading 2: Comparison to Facebook

While both Google and Facebook are giants in the tech industry, they serve different purposes and offer distinct services. Here's a comparison:

- Audience: Google has a wider audience base as its services cater to a broader range of needs, while Facebook primarily focuses on social networking.

- Revenue Model: Google generates revenue through advertisements and partnerships, while Facebook relies heavily on ads and user data for monetization.

- Search vs. Social: Google dominates the search engine market, while Facebook excels in social media and connecting people.

- Privacy Concerns: Both companies have faced scrutiny over privacy issues, but Facebook has been at the center of more controversies.

- Integration: Google services are seamlessly integrated, allowing users to access them with a single Google account, while Facebook offers a unified login for its platform and associated apps.

Sub-heading 3: Impact on the Digital Landscape

Google's incredible services have transformed the way we interact with the digital world. Here are some key impacts:

- Accessibility: Google has made information more accessible by organizing the vast amount of online content and providing efficient search results.

- Communication: Google's services like Gmail and Google Meet have facilitated seamless communication, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Productivity: Tools like Google Docs and Google Drive have revolutionized collaboration and productivity in both personal and professional settings.

- Innovation: Google's constant innovation and development of new technologies have inspired other companies and sparked further advancements in the tech industry.

Google's amazing services have undoubtedly revolutionized the digital landscape, making information more accessible, communication easier, and productivity seamless. While Facebook has its own strengths, Google's broad range of offerings and continuous innovation have solidified its position as an essential part of our online lives.

Google Ads: Landing Page Experience

My name is Emil, and I'm a digital strategist. In this episode number 53, we'll be talking about Google Ads landing page experience. The question comes from Reddit user nomercy88, who wants to know why their landing page experience is average or below average despite having a good mobile speed score. In this video, I'll explain why landing page optimization is crucial and share some best practices to improve your landing page experience. But first, I want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and YouTube channel for weekly marketing tips and insights. Now, let's dive into the answer.

Google's landing page experience score is often misunderstood but holds great potential for success in Google Ads. The score is divided into two sections: the relevance of your keywords, ad structure, and ad copy, and how users interact with your landing page. A landing page is simply the first page users land on after clicking an ad, whether it's a service page or an e-commerce page.

Having an excellent landing page experience brings several benefits, including decreased bounce rates, improved ad positions, and higher quality scores, resulting in lower costs per click and acquisition. Google prioritizes usefulness over profits, so if your landing page provides a useful experience to users, Google will reward you by giving your ad more visibility, even if you're bidding lower than your competitors.

To improve your landing page experience, you need to focus on four aspects: relevancy, trustworthiness, ease of use, and reliability. Relevancy means delivering what users expect based on your ad copy. If you promise a specific product or service, make sure your landing page delivers exactly that. Ad group theming can help you align your landing page content with your ad groups.

Trustworthiness is crucial for gaining users' trust. Pay attention to the design and layout of your landing page, as it can impact users' perception of your credibility. Avoid using interstitials or pop-ups, as they distract users from the content they want to see. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible, and include clear terms and conditions to establish trust.

Simplicity is key when it comes to design. Fancy designs may look impressive, but they can slow down your website and hinder the user experience. Focus on clean and simple designs that help users solve their problems quickly and efficiently. Also, prioritize navigation on your landing page. Squeeze pages are no longer effective, as users prefer having options to explore and interact with your website.

Lastly, provide valuable content for users to explore. Rather than having a single squeeze page, focus on creating a website that offers various pages and experiences for users to engage with. This not only improves the user experience but also increases the likelihood of conversions and long-term customer relationships.

In conclusion, optimizing your landing page experience is crucial for success in Google Ads. By focusing on relevancy, trustworthiness, ease of use, and reliability, you can improve your landing page experience score and enjoy the benefits of decreased bounce rates, improved ad positions, and higher quality scores. Remember to prioritize usefulness over profits, and always deliver on the promises made in your ad copy.

How To Create A Landing Page

- Landing pages are crucial for successful affiliate marketing.

- Without a landing page, you cannot advertise on platforms like Google, Facebook, or YouTube.

- Having a landing page gives you the opportunity to promote affiliate links effectively.

Method 1: Free Method of Creating a Landing Page

- The free method requires some programming knowledge.

- Use software like HTT track for Windows or Site Sucker for Mac to copy existing landing pages.

- Find a landing page from another affiliate marketer and copy the URL.

- Paste the URL into the software and download the website.

- Drag and drop the downloaded files onto your own website.

- Replace the affiliate link with your own link.

Method 2: Paid Method of Creating a Landing Page

- The paid method is easier and more accessible.

- Use a program called ClickFunnels to create landing pages without programming.

- ClickFunnels allows you to easily create and customize funnels.

- You can copy existing funnels or create a new one.

- Edit the pages within the funnel to make changes and add your affiliate links.

- While the free method requires some programming knowledge, it can be a cost-effective solution.

- The paid method using ClickFunnels is more user-friendly and accessible to anyone.

- Consider your budget and skills when deciding which method to use.

- Both methods have their advantages and can help you create effective landing pages for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

How to Create Free Landing Page for Youtube Subscribers in 2 Minutes

In this video, we will learn how to create a landing page to capture subscriber details from YouTube and how to send emails using GetResponse for new video releases. First, log in to your GetResponse account and go to the list section to create a new list specifically for YouTube subscribers. This way, you can easily organize your subscribers and create separate lists for different projects in the future.

To create a landing page, click on the Create button and select Landing Page from the options. There are various templates available, but it's not crucial to spend too much time choosing one. Keep it simple and straightforward. For this example, I will start from scratch with a blank landing page design.

Before designing the landing page, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The main goal of a successful landing page is to capture email and name information, so avoid overwhelming your clients with unnecessary details. Keep the landing page focused and concise. In this example, I will offer a free course on Udemy to incentivize subscribers.

If you have a logo, you can include it, but for simplicity, I will only include the main title: How to Start Your Own Successful Email Marketing Business. Next, create a Thank You page that subscribers will see after they sign up. You can include a link to your Udemy course or any other products you want to promote. Additionally, you can add a button that directs subscribers to your YouTube channel or other social media platforms.

Make sure to check the mobile version of your landing page and adjust as necessary. Add relevant keywords to the title and description box to improve visibility in search results. Once you're satisfied with the design, click on Publish.

Lastly, test the landing page to ensure it works correctly. Enter a random email address and see if it directs you to the desired destination. Once you've completed this task, you can move on to the next video, where we will discuss where to place the landing page on your YouTube channel and how to send emails to your subscribers for new video releases.

Create a landing page:

- Log in to GetResponse and go to the list section

- Create a new list for YouTube subscribers

- Click on Create and select Landing Page

- Choose a template or start from scratch

- Keep the landing page simple and straightforward

- Offer an incentive to subscribers (e.g., free course)

- Include a logo (optional)

- Design the landing page with a clear title

- Create a Thank You page with relevant links

- Test the landing page to ensure it functions correctly

In conclusion, creating a landing page is an essential step in capturing subscriber details from YouTube. Keep the landing page focused and concise, offer an incentive to subscribers, and test its functionality.

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Google Ads

You've done all the hard work by creating an amazing Google Ads campaign with focused keyword targeting and click-worthy ad copy. However, you're facing a common issue - people are visiting your landing page but not converting. The problem lies not with your Google Ads campaign, but with your landing page.

In order to effectively grab someone's attention, communicate your message, and provide a solution to their problem, your landing page needs to include certain key elements. Let's explore the top five elements that can guarantee conversions from your Google Ads campaign.

Before we dive into the elements, let me introduce myself. I'm Aaron Young from Defined Digital Academy, a 15,000-hour Google Ads master. Creating high-converting landing pages is crucial for success with Google Ads, and that's why we discuss this topic in my Google Ads community, the 10x Google Ads community. We have a training session called UX Principles for High Converting Landing Pages conducted by a UX expert with extensive experience in user testing. If you're interested in accessing this advanced training, click the link in the description below.

Element 1: Attention-Grabbing Headline and Images

Within seconds of landing on your page, users need to see a headline and image that immediately grab their attention. Whether it's 3 seconds, 7 seconds, or 15 seconds, it's crucial to focus on the user's needs and the problem they're facing. Let's take a look at some examples of landing pages that effectively use attention-grabbing headlines and images:

- Revealer Resort in Bali: The headline and images communicate a luxury experience in a private pool villa, effectively targeting users seeking a luxurious holiday.

- Baby Earmuffs E-commerce Site: The headline and images focus on the safety aspect of the product, appealing to parents concerned about their children's hearing at live events.

- My Google Ads Site: The heavy headline communicates that users can learn how to sell any product with any budget using Google Ads.

Element 2: Clear Call to Action

Once you have their attention, it's essential to provide a clear call to action. Whether it's contacting you for a service or making an online purchase, you need to give users multiple options to complete the desired action. However, all options should have the same focus. Here are a couple of examples:

- Hotel Site: The primary focus is on booking, and the landing page provides multiple options to book, including pop-ups, book now buttons, and direct links to accommodation pages.

- Service-Based Site: The goal is to have users contact the business to book a skip bin, and options include a phone number, contact form, and clear calls to action on service-specific pages.

Element 3: Simple Design with Great Images and Easy-to-Read Messaging

Avoid overcomplicating your landing page with unnecessary pop-ups and buttons. The most successful landing pages are often the simplest ones. Use platforms like Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace to create a simple and user-friendly design. Ensure your messaging is easy to read and supports your call to action. The key is to choose and use great images that effectively sell your products or services.

Element 4: Authority Markers, Testimonials, and Guarantees

Authority markers, testimonials, and guarantees are essential for building trust and credibility. Users want to know that they are dealing with a reputable business. Include authority markers such as certifications or awards, testimonials from satisfied customers, and guarantees to assure users of the quality and reliability of your products or services.

Element 5: Mobile Optimization

In today's digital age, mobile optimization is crucial. With the majority of internet users accessing websites on their mobile devices, your landing page must be optimized for mobile viewing. Ensure that your page loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and looks visually appealing on mobile devices.

In conclusion, to ensure conversions from your Google Ads campaign, focus on creating a landing page that grabs attention, communicates effectively, provides a clear call to action, has a simple design, includes authority markers and testimonials, and is mobile optimized. By incorporating these elements, you can increase the success of your Google Ads campaign and drive conversions for your business.

Google Ads Landing Page Best Practices

Color doesn't matter if you haven't optimized your landing pages. In this video, I will share my top six steps for increasing conversions on your landing pages.

- Clearly state your offer in the heading. Don't confuse your visitors.

- Highlight the benefits and features of your solution. Make it clear why they should take action.

- Keep the layout of your landing page simple and free of distractions.

- Have a strong call to action. Clearly tell your visitors what you want them to do.

- Keep your forms short and simple. Consider the use of mobile devices.

- Use videos on your landing pages. They have been proven to increase conversions.

Videos like this one can help spread your brand and increase conversions. Don't make excuses, just get started with video. The quality doesn't have to be perfect, just focus on creating great content. Split test your landing pages to see which ones convert better.

Remember, these tips are just a starting point. Continuously test and optimize your landing pages to find what works best for you. Don't be afraid to try new things.

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