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YouTube In-Feed Video Ads

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

YouTube In-Feed Video Ads

The above is a brief introduction to YouTube In-Feed Video Ads.

Let's move on to the first section of YouTube In-Feed Video Ads!

YouTube In-Feed Video Ads

youtube's infeed video ads formerly
known as trueviewdiscovery can be a
great way for advertisers to build brand
awareness this video format sends users
to the video watch page not your website
so in this video we're going to show you
which campaign objectives can be used to
create in-feed ads some strategies we
like to use for in-feed ads and how your
ads could look in the wild i first want
to tok about where infeed ads can
appear in this first example is on the
youtube app if you're scrolling on the
home feed like you can see in this
example right here we stop on a video ad
this example is showing a video ad in
between other organic videos but if the
masthead ad isn't appearing at the very
top of the page an ad could appear on
the home feed at the very top google
does warn if you are using any content
targeting in the campaign that will
prevent your ad from appearing on the
youtube home feed
the next location where an infeed video
ad could appear is on the recommended or
watched next feed we can see i am on a
video watch page and right now an infeed
ad isn't showing we're seeing a display
ad instead but your ad could appear at
the top of the related videos on the
watch page or if the user is scrolling
it could appear between other related
videos on the video watch page i'm on
desktop so we get a better idea of where
it could appear on that device but on a
mobile device the recommended or watch
next videos appear below the actual
video so again that is a display ad but
your in-feed video ad could appear here
and yes i know i can't spell so let's
try that again because the search
results page is another location where
your in-feed video ads could appear it's
a lot tougher for me to find examples i
used to have a bunch of them saved from
old presentations when these were
trueview discovery ads and that was
really the only ad format on a youtube
search results page but now we see
shopping ads this is a display ad this
is a search ad because this account has
search partners enabled but if anyone is
targeting an audience interested in
non-stik cookware maybe their keyword
targeting this as well your in-feed
video ad will look more like this
display ad we see there's a thumbnail
here we'll see this when we actually set
up an in-feed ad but instead of visiting
the site you would click on it to go to
the video watch page and it used to be
pretty easy to get very specific because
to me one of the benefits of in feed
video ads was that you could target just
the youtube search results and that's
really the only time i like to use
actual keyword targeting for my youtube
ads other than that i'm creating a
custom audience segment which those can
be really specific for youtube and you
can watch a video on custom audience
segments right here but things have
changed now with the introduction of
video action campaigns we now have less
control on where our video ads can
appear if you are choosing specific
campaign objectives and to show you what
i mean let's hop into google ads
when you are creating a new campaign in
google ads google will ask you what you
want the campaign objective to be the
three main objectives for video action
campaigns are sales leads and website
traffic i'm not going to get very deep
into video action campaigns because i
already created a video about video
action campaigns you can check that out
here but if you choose any one of these
three for now i'm just going to choose
website traffic move on to the next step
of course we want video hit continue if
we scroll down to networks for any of
the campaign objectives that are part of
video action campaigns pretty much see
like the no smoking sign i am not
allowed to update the networks for any
video action campaign objective so when
i said one of the main benefits of
infeed ads was that you can target just
the youtube search results that's not
available anymore it used to be so if i
go up and just grab a video url come
back down skip all the targeting stuff
for now paste in a video for the ad so
then if i move down and highlight this
section here you see the only video ad
format we get is a responsive video ad
so i can't specifically say i want just
an infeed ad but infeed ads are just one
format that is part of a responsive
video ad if you want to learn more about
responsive video ads you could check out
this video here but my whole point is
anything with a video action campaign
that is a campaign objective of sales
leads or website traffic you cannot run
just a peer in feed only campaign and
you can still have an infeed only
campaign objective and i'll show you
that one it'll be the last campaign
objective we go over let me go back up
i'm gonna edit if we choose product and
brand consideration there's only one
campaign type but there are two
different campaign subtypes if you
choose add sequence which you have a
video of you could check out here that's
only going to allow in-stream ads but
you can do in-feed ads when you choose
influence consideration now if we go
down to networks again i can't uncheck
the youtube videos option but i can
uncheck video partners on the display
network so it still keeps it just on
youtube but still doesn't let me filter
to just the youtube search results let's
look at a different campaign objective
leave again and let's look at brand
awareness and reach we'll choose video
we see that none of the options offer in
feed ads app promotion is not going to
count local store visits won't either
and then what we're going to see which
used to be my favorite campaign
objective for infeed ads is creating a
campaign without a goal's guidance
choose video keep it as custom because
all the other subtypes would be in
stream only so i'm going to click
continue i'm going to leave the name and
bid strategy as is but i'm going to
change my budget type just so i can keep
moving and then if i open up the
networks again we see that the full
customization really isn't there anymore
now we can only uncheck video partners
so now you can see we really don't get
as much control as we used to it's just
what we have to deal with now with the
changes google is making so i'm gonna
skip over locations language some
additional extensions here's where you
would choose your targeting options my
favorite type of targeting option for an
enfie to add is manual placements so let
me go down and expand that i'm just
going to type in something about cooking
i could choose to do youtube channels
choose whichever ones i want there or i
can hand pick specific youtube videos
and let me go back up and change it to
cookware there we go i would select way
more options than that but it gives me
some sort of targeting so i can move on
i'll just put in a bid i'm going to go
back up and grab a video url again drop
it in there and you see when i create a
campaign without a goal's guidance it
lets me pick which type of video format
i want to use so i still want to keep it
in just the infeed video ad so i'm going
to pause this i'm going to finish
setting up the ad and then we can go
over the different previews and how it
would look on both devices so first
you're going to need a headline which it
can be up to 100 characters i'm just
going to pull the video title there we
see the preview updated and then you can
add in your first description up to 35
characters and then your second
description line also up to 35
characters so looking at the preview
right now we're just on a youtube watch
next on mobile devices there's the
youtube home and how it could look
within youtube search if i switch over
to desktop
there's how it could look in youtube
search up above and watch next and the
preview is something good to consider
because it's showing me that my headline
is cut off so i may want to go back
shorten it come up with something
different if i want to make sure that
the entire headline is always visible
now i know all the examples i showed you
in the very beginning of this video a
few of them i couldn't find a video
example so they were display ads sending
users to the website you see the little
timer right here as i mentioned before
in feed ads will send users to a video
watch page you see there is no place for
me to add in a url if you want to use in
feed ads to try to drive traffic to your
website then choose one of the video
action campaigns and use a responsive
video ad but sometimes to me there is a
benefit of running in feed only
campaigns like this i'll show you what i
mean i'm gonna hop back to the youtube
watch page longer videos like this one
this examples over five minutes probably
aren't the best to be used for an
in-stream ad people go to youtube to
watch specific content if your ad
appears before or during the video they
actually wanted to see do you think
they're actually going to stik around
for five minutes most people aren't
going to do that that's why i like to
use the shorter type of videos
commercial style for my in-stream videos
longer videos like this one right here
are great for in-feed if people are
searching for specific topics you could
have a video that really speaks to what
the user wants to watch if it shows up
as a recommended video off to the side
someone might be entiked to click on
your video if your targeting is on point
so dedicated in feed ads can be a really
good way to get in front of a target
audience if you're looking to promote
your specific video content you're
looking to engage with users
understanding that you're not setting up
to your website so conversions should
not be your main focus but look at what
users can do when they're on a video
watch page of course they can watch the
video so that's one engagement action
they can like your videos they could
share your videos they could save your
video to a playlist they can comment on
the videos if the channel has that
feature public and they can subscribe to
the youtube channel all of these actions
are important because after a user
clicks on your infeed ad you're going to
be charged for that every time but if
the user goes on to watch other videos
likes your videos shares your videos add
it to a playlist subscribe to your
channel whatever those additional
actions are free they are called earned
actions so if we head back up to google
ads i'm not going to save this campaign
i'm going to go into audience manager
under your shared library and then if we
look at creating new audiences we can
create audiences off of youtube user
interactions now if we look at how we
want to segment the members in the
audience we can see that we can create
audiences off of people who viewed
certain videos viewed certain videos as
ads if they subscribed to your channel
visited your channel page like any video
added any video to a playlist or shared
any video from a channel those are all
those additional earned actions that we
just saw on a video watch page so now
you can start looking at creating
remarketing campaigns to people who were
really engaged with your video content
and then use the initial engagement
audiences to drive users to conversions
if i cancel out of this we have some
examples of youtube user audiences at
the top here you see it's listed by type
but we can use youtube user audiences in
search additional youtube campaigns
maybe come back to them with an
in-stream ad sending them back to your
website and even though it says gmail
this means the discovery campaigns which
does include gmail we used to be able to
use youtube user audiences for display
but they took that away a couple years
ago so even if you have an initial goal
of just getting people to watch your
videos and engage with your brand you
don't have to stop there use that
initial engagement to eventually get the
user to convert because you will pay for
someone clicking on your infeed ad every
single time so when i start a new infeed
campaign i like to keep my targeting
options specific i showed you the
placement example next on that list i
probably would create the custom
segments to use based off of previous
search history on google and youtube see
how those perform if i'm not getting the
reach i want i'm not getting as many
views that i want based on my targeting
that's when i'll look at expanding to
wider options maybe entire youtube
channels maybe tv lineups maybe in
market segments if it makes sense start
very specific initially and then branch
out and widen your reach if you think
that you're capping out on performance
with your current targeting options but
your targeting options may change
depending on which video content you
choose there's always a lot of options
to consider depending on how many ad
groups you may need and that is the
current state of infeed ads within
google over the past few years it has
been rolled into other video formats not
a surprise right look at what google's
doing with performance max i can only
guess that time goes on i'm gonna have
to create another video on how we'll
have less control over infeed ads but as
of right now i'm still gonna use them to
build engagement on important longer
form videos that my client wants to
promote and use the interaction from my
infeed campaigns to build audiences for
next step remarketing if you have any
other questions on how in fee video ads
could work please let me know in the
comments below thanks for watching our
video if you found it useful give us a
thumbs up below we release a new video
at least once a week so if you want to
see more from the paid media pros
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