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youtube inappropriate ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

insane” YouTube ads on their platform. Despite YouTube’s strict rules on explicit language and content for content creators, these ads seem to slip through the cracks and violate copyright laws and community guidelines. This is a repeated problem on YouTube, and it shows how little they actually care about moderating content, especially explicit content, when it doesn’t affect the money that goes into their pockets. This hypocrisy needs to be addressed, and YouTube needs to take responsibility for the ads they allow on their platform. It’s time for YouTube to enforce their own rules and protect their community from harmful and inappropriate content.

Kids YouTube ads are getting out of control…💀| (Inappropriate game ads)

Hey guys, welcome back to another video. Today we're going to be talking about a topic that's not really addressed by big YouTubers. While some have mentioned it, it's surprising that none of the major ones have acknowledged it yet. We're going to be discussing YouTube ads, particularly inappropriate ones, and why they shouldn't be on the platform.

Inappropriate ads:

- Little game ads that are not appropriate for kids are popping up on YouTube.

- The majority of these games are made for kids, so they are more likely to appear on kids' videos.

- A YouTuber called Shitty Mobile Game Ads is exposing these trash mobile game ads.

- Three games we're going to be discussing today are Displaced Brain Puzzle, Brain Nurse Story, and Money Run 3D.

- Displaced Brain Puzzle is not appropriate for little kids at all.

- Brain Nurse Story has an inappropriate logo and ad.

- Money Run 3D has over 10 million downloads and shows an undress option.

- It's frustrating that these ads are not banned and are still on YouTube.

Mr. Beast ads:

- There are ads on YouTube where they use Mr. Beast's name and face to scam people off their money.

- Little kids are more likely to fall for these ads because they think it's the real Mr. Beast.

- It's unfair that YouTubers who try to change these ads are getting targeted more than the ads themselves.

YouTube needs to do more to get rid of inappropriate ads on their platform. The fact that these ads are still present and have millions of downloads is concerning, especially since the majority of YouTube's audience is made up of little kids. It's not fair that YouTubers who try to address this issue are getting targeted more than the ads themselves. Something needs to be done to protect kids from these ads.

These YouTube Ads Are DISGUSTING!

YouTube's Double Standard: Insane Ads and Demonetization

YouTube allows ads that are inappropriate for its audience while demonetizing videos for minor language. This double standard has been a recent concern among content creators.

Issues with YouTube Ads:

- Ads with nudity and explicit content

- 30-minute ads that defeat the purpose of an ad

- Generic reaction ads that exploit teenagers

- Illegal use of copyrighted characters

- Confusing and irrelevant ads

- Offensive and disturbing ads

Criticism and Suggestions:

YouTube needs to review their ads and remove inappropriate content from their platform. Ads should go through a screening process to ensure they are suitable for all audiences. Demonetization of content should also be reviewed and reconsidered.

YouTube's double standard is unacceptable, and content creators deserve fair treatment. The platform needs to take action to review their ads and ensure they are appropriate for all audiences.

How to remove inappropriate ads from YouTube [2023] - How to report bad ads on YouTube

Are you tired of seeing inappropriate ads on your YouTube homepage? Do you want to know how to remove them? In this video, I will show you how to get rid of these ads and why they are being shown to you in the first place.

Reasons for Inappropriate Ads:

YouTube shows you ads based on your personalized search results and history. However, if you turn off personalized ads, you may see ads that are not relevant to you. In addition, the time of the day and your location can also affect the type of ads you see.

Steps to Remove Inappropriate Ads:

1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the ad.

2. Select the option Report Ad.

3. Choose the reason for reporting the ad, such as contains sexual content.

4. Provide additional details, such as stating that you do not want adult ads on your profile.

5. Submit the form.

By following these simple steps, you can remove inappropriate ads from your YouTube homepage. YouTube will also stop showing you these types of ads after reporting them a few times. Remember to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips. Finally, if you are interested in starting a business, dropshipping is the number one business model.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Mobile game ads have become ubiquitous and often rely on fraudulent claims to lure players into spending money on microtransactions. They are misleading, deceptive, and manipulative, and are a plague upon the internet.

Origins of Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile games used to require upfront payments, but then switched to in-game microtransactions, which became the main form of generating revenue for the industry. This allowed companies to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements, but the first wave of ads was far better than the trash we see nowadays.

Tactics Used in Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile game ads rely on poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties, or blatant sexual imagery to grab viewers' attention. They also bait viewers' creativity or intelligence, or display false gameplay to cause viewers to gawk at the stupidity on display.

The State of Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile game ads are a low-quality industry that costs virtually nothing to make, but utilizes predatory tactics to hook consumers on microtransactions. The entire system is corrupt, and many websites, including YouTube, are complicit in allowing these crimes against humanity to flourish.

Mobile game ads are a scourge upon the internet that rely on fraudulent claims and manipulative tactics to lure players into spending money on microtransactions. The entire system is corrupt and needs to be reformed to protect consumers from these predatory practices.

How Are These Ads Allowed On YouTube?

A year ago, a video was made about mobile ads and how terrible they are. The ads are never like the game you're supposed to play. They're either extremely sexual or something that looks simple, but then there are things that are just weird and creepy.

The first ad that caught the attention of the video maker was a game where the player has to walk through an obstacle course to pick up butt implants. The game had a strange thumbnail and was played by many YouTubers.

The second ad was the worst the video maker had ever seen. It had girls walking by lockers, and the player had to catch them. The gameplay was predatory, and it was shocking that it had 300,000 views.

The video maker expressed disgust that ads like this were being put on YouTube. The fact that anyone with a Google Play account could put any video as a pre-roll or mid-roll ad was concerning.

The video maker also pointed out that the premise of every mobile game is terrible. Women are always running away from somebody, and there are so many games that have to do with zombies.

In conclusion, the video maker is tired of getting mobile ads and wants to go back to the good old ads like Pepsi and Coke.

YouTube is Showing Me Inappropriate and Illegal Ads...

YouTube's Inappropriate Ad Situation

Recently, while scrolling through YouTube, I came across some extremely inappropriate ads. These ads are not only disturbing but also potentially harmful to children, who could easily access them. In this article, I will discuss my experience and explore the reasons behind YouTube's newest ad situation.

Inappropriate Ads:

I came across an ad that was serving illegal and harmful content. The ad promoted the sale of hand sanitizers in quantities that are not allowed, and at prices that are exorbitant. This is especially concerning, considering the ongoing global pandemic, and the fact that hand sanitizers are in short supply. The advertisement was inappropriate and potentially harmful, and it made me wonder why YouTube is allowing these types of ads to be served on their platform.

Possible Reasons:

One of the reasons why YouTube might be allowing these inappropriate ads is because of the reduced workforce. Due to the pandemic, YouTube has sent some of their staff home, and their automated bots are in charge of monitoring and reviewing content. This could be a reason why some inappropriate ads are slipping through the cracks and being served on the platform.

What to Do:

If you come across any inappropriate ads, it is essential to report them. You can do this by recording the ad and reporting it to YouTube or reporting it through the platform itself. It is also crucial to spread awareness about these ads and to encourage others to report them.

YouTube's current ad situation is a cause for concern. It is crucial for the platform to take action and ensure that inappropriate and harmful ads are not being served on their platform. As users, we must do our part and report any inappropriate ads that we come across. By working together, we can make YouTube a safer place for all users.

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