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youtube is to ads shorts tiktok

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Okay, so if you're not posting YouTube shorts by 2023, you're just gonna miss the boat. That's why in this video, I'm going to explain why you, as a YouTube Creator, should be posting YouTube shorts. And I'm gonna give you some tips on how you can get started right away. After this video, you can just hit the ground running. We'll talk about that in a minute. But I know that many of you are still skeptical about YouTube shorts. Let's just look at the facts. YouTube is winning the fight against TikTok. Shorts just passed TikTok, reaching 1.5 billion active users while TikTok just crossed the billion mark. YouTube is going all in on shorts. They recently announced expanded monetization options, new features, profit sharing for creators, a massive music library, and if this wasn't already enough to convince you that YouTube shorts are here to stay and they're going somewhere, um, there's some news directly from YouTube. But first, let's just answer this question: why should you, as a Creator, start posting YouTube shorts today? And the truth is, they're overpowered right now. YouTube shorts have insane discoverability, helping creators do in months what used to take them years. Like my friend Jenny, who showed me her channel back in January when she had less than 200 subscribers. And look at the graph. Her small YouTube channel blew up in a matter of months just from posting shorts. The crazy part is, I only uploaded one short in September, but after my Chipotle video blew up, people went and watched my other videos. And now she's at over 70,000 subscribers. And this is just one example of many small and big creators experiencing this rapid growth. Right now, YouTube shorts are like the wild wild west. It's late. They have insane opportunity in low competition, leading to faster growth and visibility for creators who start now. But it won't last forever. As more creators catch on to the value of shorts and in 2023, when advertisers start investing heavily into ads and more creators start to turn from other platforms to make a profit, the competition will rise. And those who start now will have the advantage. All I'm saying is, once this partner program kicks into effect on shorts, I think you're going to see a lot of big TikTokers coming over here. If you have any interest in YouTube shorts, start posting them now for these three reasons:

- You can start to benefit from the low competition and high discoverability of shorts.

- You can learn and perfect your short strategy before competition rises, and so your long-form videos can get more views. Yes, you heard that right. This was not always the case, but you posting shorts will 100% benefit your long-form videos, and we have lots of proof. YouTube creators who post long-form and short-form videos are getting more views because the algorithm is recommending your long-form videos to viewers who watched your channel through shorts. Ever since Todd announced that recommendations now consider recent long-form videos from the channels a viewer watches in shorts. But Todd tweeted that out a few months ago, and he ended that tweet with more to come. And more is coming, to be honest. I know you're excited, friends. Here are two additional tweets from Todd that hinted the future of shorts on YouTube and why you should start today. First up, a more recent tweet stating, Still more lanes under construction on the shorts-to-long-form bridge. Don't judge the traffic flow you're seeing today as the ultimate potential of this path. So this first tweet is already telling us that YouTube has plans to strengthen the bridge between short-form and long-form videos. So if you're posting both and you're getting some views on your shorts, you're gonna get some more views on your long-form videos. But he also made another tweet that... I mean, it's just juicy. Check this out. When Gary the everyday dad tweeted, Here's what I don't get about YouTube shorts as a strategy. Yes, it looks like lots of folks are getting huge numbers, and that's awesome, and I'm legitimately happy for them, but it seems like straight-up vanity numbers. Has anyone found the rest of their content rising with shorts? And then Todd chimed in, stating, A stronger bridge enabling viewers to cross from shorts to long-form is coming very soon. I recommend leaning into this feature. Oh boy, listen. Todd, for those of you who are not familiar, Todd is the guy at YouTube who directs the team who's responsible for search and discovery, the algorithm that helps our content get seen and discovered. And he's saying publicly that he would recommend that you lean into the feature. One more. What more is there to say? Wait, is there anything left to talk about here? Yes, okay, Todd. What? Video over? What? Yes, sir. I know Todd knows something. Todd's working. They're working on things, and he just keeps hinting at, Oh, it's gonna happen. It's coming. You just wait for it. And that's why I'm making this video. Because instead of you, you know, trying to get yourself together when it's ready and here, start now. Get your act together right now. Let's get started. Let's do this. So if you want to get started with YouTube shorts today, what is the easiest path to entry? So here's a few tips. These are not the only ways to get YouTube shorts done, but if you want to have something posted in like the next 20 minutes, follow this advice. And you can go to one of your YouTube videos and hover until you see this graph. This graph shows the most replayed portions of that video, or as YouTube puts it, interesting moments. These are moments that you know for a fact already resonates with your audience. So why not repurpose it as a short? Okay, I'll explain how in a second. But for those of you who don't see this graph, it's because it appears that you need at least 50,000 views on a video before this graph will start showing up. But don't worry, I still got you. There are still two ways you can see clues to which portion of your video is most interesting. Number one, the retention graph. Look for moments in the video where retention spikes or grows up. This is a hint that viewers were particularly interested in that part of the video. So make it short. For example, in this video of ours, retention spiked when we talked about how to use Google Trends to find video ideas. We made that into a short. Number two, scrub through your comment section, looking for things that repeatedly come up. Look for time stamps that viewers found funny, parts that everybody seems to agree were helpful, or moments that generated the most conversation. For example, viewers kept commenting about this Instagram hack that we shared in the video. Can you guess what we did with it? Yes, we turned it into a short. Your viewers will feed you the content ideas for your shorts. All you have to do is listen. The sooner you start, the more advantage you will have as a Creator. And by 2023, your graph could be looking like this, all thanks to the YouTube short strategy that you start today. I want you to remember this quote from one of the most successful authors on personal achievement, Napoleon Hill: A great occasion is worth to a man exactly what his preparation enables him to make of it. Even if you don't see immediate results, remember that you are setting yourself up for future success by starting now, getting familiar with YouTube shorts, and creating a solid foundation. As more money, exposure, and competition pours into YouTube shorts, you'll be ready to ride the wave while other creators are still learning how to swim. Oh!

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels vs. YouTube Shorts: Who Will Win the Short-Video Race? | WSJ

The battle for dominance in the short-form video space is heating up, with TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts emerging as the three major players. These platforms are attracting billions of dollars in investment as they strive to expand their reach and attract advertisers. In this article, we will compare these platforms and determine which one is winning over users and which one is poised to come out on top.

TikTok's Rapid Growth:

TikTok burst onto the scene as the first major player in the short-form video space. It gained traction after the discontinuation of Vine, a popular short video service offered by Twitter. TikTok enjoyed rapid growth, particularly in the US and India, with over a billion downloads on Apple iOS and Android devices. However, the app faced increased scrutiny, particularly in the US, due to concerns over user data being shared with the Chinese government.

Rivals Enter the Market:

In response to TikTok's success, rival platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat launched their own short video services. Instagram and YouTube, already having large built-in audiences, quickly gained traction with their offerings. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, reported that Reels already makes up more than 20% of the time users spend on the platform. Google stated that over 1.5 billion people watch YouTube Shorts every month.

Other Platforms Join the Fray:

The short video craze has inspired other platforms to enter the market as well. Pinterest launched Watch, allowing users to scroll through short videos and pictures. Netflix introduced Fast Laughs, serving up short clips from its shows. Even Twitter is testing an updated Explore tab to allow users to scroll through short-form video tweets.

The Most Popular Platform:

While TikTok still appears to be the most popular platform, Reels and Shorts are gaining traction quickly. According to a survey by Inmar Intelligence, 44% of respondents picked TikTok as their preferred short-form video service, followed by YouTube Shorts at 29% and Instagram Reels at 20%.

Advertising Revenue:

TikTok seems to be leading the pack in terms of advertising revenue. It is projected to make about $12 billion in advertising revenue this year, up from $4 billion last year. TikTok partners with e-commerce platforms like Shopify to help businesses advertise directly. YouTube Shorts and Reels have also started allowing ads on their platforms, with Google and Meta putting a lot of effort into making these services a significant part of their growth story.

The Battle for Second Place:

While TikTok is still in the lead, Shorts is gaining ground quickly. Google released viewer data in June indicating that Shorts is gaining fast on TikTok. YouTube Shorts has the advantage of offering creators access to analytics tools, allowing them to work with brands and prove the effectiveness of their content. Instagram Reels' position in the race is harder to determine, as Meta has not released data on monthly active users.

The Concerns Surrounding TikTok:

Despite its popularity, TikTok remains a concern for some US lawmakers and users concerned about data privacy. The company has taken steps to address these concerns by routing 100% of US user traffic to partner Oracle and migrating user data from its own data centers to Oracle servers. However, TikTok's algorithm continues to attract more users compared to other short video platforms, potentially helping it maintain its lead.

The battle for dominance in the short-form video space is fierce, with TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts vying for users' attention. While TikTok currently holds the lead, Reels and Shorts are quickly gaining traction. Advertising revenue is a significant factor in this race, with TikTok currently leading in this area. However, Google and Meta are putting in a lot of effort to catch up. The future of short-form video remains uncertain, but for now, TikTok's algorithm and popularity give it an edge over its competitors.

Shorts VS TikTok - Should YouTube GIVE UP?

Title: Choosing Between TikTok and YouTube Shorts for Short-Form Content Creation

## Introduction ##

In the battle for short-form content supremacy, TikTok and YouTube have emerged as the leading platforms. Creators now face the dilemma of choosing where to focus their efforts. In this article, we will compare the similarities and differences between TikTok and YouTube Shorts to help you make an informed decision.

## Similarities between TikTok and YouTube Shorts ##

- Both platforms aim to engage viewers with endless scrolling and interactive content.

- TikTok and YouTube Shorts allow creators to showcase their videos and reach a wide audience.

- Both platforms offer various video editing features, such as filters, effects, and color adjustments.

## Benefits of TikTok ##

- The For You page on TikTok, driven by a powerful algorithm, ensures that your videos are seen by relevant users.

- TikTok has a higher potential for virality, with small creators often experiencing overnight success.

- The platform offers robust video filters, including AR effects, green screens, and more.

- The Q&A functionality allows creators to engage with their audience and create response videos.

- TikTok provides an app that helps find trending sounds for creating popular content.

## Benefits of YouTube Shorts ##

- YouTube is the top platform for short-form content, followed by Facebook, providing a larger audience.

- Longer video durations on YouTube allow creators to use shorts to grow their overall channel and promote longer-form content.

- YouTube Shorts can be scheduled and managed using the desktop platform.

- YouTube offers advanced analytics to help creators identify areas for improvement and enhance their videos.

- The ability to unlist videos on YouTube provides privacy options for selective viewership.

## Choosing the Right Platform ##

- Most users utilize multiple social media apps simultaneously, making it likely that TikTok and YouTube users overlap.

- Uploading the same vertical video to both platforms can provide the benefits of both TikTok's viral potential and YouTube's analytics and promotion capabilities.

- Ultimately, the decision should be based on your goals and the type of content you want to create.

- Consider managing two separate channels or platforms if your content requires a different approach for each.

## Conclusion ##

Choosing between TikTok and YouTube Shorts depends on your individual goals and preferences. Both platforms offer unique advantages, and uploading to both can maximize your reach. By understanding the differences and weighing your priorities, you can make an informed decision and create highly engaging short-form content.

YouTube Shorts: The COMPLETE Guide!

YouTube Shorts: A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Channel

YouTube Shorts are a new short video format on YouTube, similar to TikTok. They are a powerful tool to help you grow your YouTube channel and engage with your audience. In this video, we will cover everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts, from how to make and upload them to monetization options and useful apps to boost your results. We will also share tips and tricks to get more views.

How to View and Use YouTube Shorts:

- Open the YouTube mobile app and scroll down to the Shorts section on the main screen.

- YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos, less than 60 seconds.

- They are optimized for mobile viewing but can also be viewed on desktops and TVs.

- No requirements to start creating and uploading Shorts on a new channel.

Monetization Options:

- YouTube Shorts offer monetization opportunities.

- Simple apps and strategies to maximize engagement, views, and subscribers.

Creating YouTube Shorts:

- YouTube provides Shorts creation tools, but they are not required.

- Any vertical video under 60 seconds can be picked up as a YouTube Short.

- YouTube recommends using the hashtag #shorts in titles and descriptions for recognition.

Using the Shorts Creation Tools:

- Shorts camera helps you record videos with features like adding music, flipping the camera, adjusting the speed, and using filters.

- Shorts editor allows you to edit clips, add text, filters, and adjust video speed.

- You can import videos from your device and edit them within the Shorts editor.

- The align feature allows you to align shots creatively by using the last frame of a previous video.

Adding Music and Text:

- YouTube provides access to copyrighted music, limited to 15 seconds.

- You can position and select the section of the music track you want to use.

- Text can be added and customized with different styles and presets.

YouTube Shorts are an exciting new format to engage with your audience and grow your YouTube channel. They offer monetization options and provide simple apps and strategies to maximize your results. Get creative with your videos using the Shorts creation tools, and don't forget to use hashtags for recognition. Start using YouTube Shorts today and see the impact it can have on your channel's growth.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume and share video content, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. From funny cat videos to informative tutorials, it offers a wide range of entertainment options. In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of YouTube, including the recent addition of YouTube Shorts.

1. YouTube Shorts: A New Way to Create and Discover

- YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create and share short-form videos, similar to TikTok.

- With a maximum duration of 60 seconds, it provides a quick and engaging way to showcase talent and creativity.

- Users can access Shorts through the dedicated Shorts tab on the YouTube app, making it easy to discover new content.

2. The Power of YouTube: A Global Phenomenon

- YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the largest video-sharing platform globally.

- It offers a vast library of content in multiple languages, catering to diverse audiences around the globe.

- YouTube has become a platform for creators to express themselves, connect with their audience, and even build careers.

3. Engaging Features and Tools

- YouTube provides various features and tools to enhance the viewing experience, such as captions, playback speed control, and video quality options.

- The platform also offers a personalized recommendation system, suggesting videos based on users' interests and viewing history.

- Live streaming capabilities enable users to interact with their favorite creators in real-time, fostering a sense of community.

4. Monetization Opportunities for Creators

- YouTube offers monetization opportunities through the YouTube Partner Program, allowing creators to earn revenue from their content.

- Creators can monetize their videos through ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and channel memberships.

- With the right content and audience engagement, creators can turn their passion into a profitable career on YouTube.

5. The Dark Side: Challenges and Controversies

- YouTube has faced challenges related to copyright infringement, misinformation, and inappropriate content.

- The platform has implemented measures to combat these issues, such as content moderation policies and community guidelines.

- While YouTube strives to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment, controversies and challenges continue to arise.

YouTube has undoubtedly transformed the way we consume and create video content. From its recent addition of YouTube Shorts to its vast library of videos, engaging features, and monetization opportunities for creators, it offers a unique platform for entertainment, education, and self-expression. Despite challenges and controversies, YouTube remains an influential and beloved platform for users worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the world of YouTube and unleash your creativity today!

Copy & Paste YouTube Shorts And Earn Money 2023 ($2.4 Million PROOF) | Make Money Online

In this video, I'm going to show you how you can make $1000 every single day starting January 2023. This channel is potentially making $2.4 million per month just by uploading YouTube shorts. And they're not even filming the videos themselves. In fact, they're making $28.3 million every single year. YouTube shorts creators will be able to earn a share of ad revenue starting in 2023. So just a few days away from 2023, you will be able to earn money from YouTube shorts ad revenue without even having to record the videos yourself or show your face. I'm going to guide you step by step on everything you need to do to perform this method in 2023. If you're excited to learn this method, go ahead and subscribe to this channel right now. Don't miss out on future videos that could change the game for you forever. And don't forget to sign up for the subscriber fund where I give out $50 every single week to my subscribers. It's completely free and you can always change your mind later. Let's jump into the method of creating a YouTube shorts channel that generates thousands of dollars per month. I'll show you the niches you need to go into and where to find the videos. If you search for hashtag shorts on YouTube, you'll find millions of YouTube shorts. It's still early in the game, but by the end of 2024, there will likely be over 1 billion videos in the short shelf. Scroll down and find videos that don't require showing your face. One niche that works well is funny cat videos. Search for funny cats on TikTok and you'll find videos with millions of views. Choose the most popular video and download it without a watermark using a website called Synaptic App. Then, use Canva to edit and modify the video. Add text, make it bold, and ask questions to engage viewers. Once you've edited the video, you can upload it and start making money with it. This method allows you to make money from YouTube shorts without having to film the videos yourself.

How YouTube Shorts Became TikTok’s Biggest Rival | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

The music industry is witnessing a fierce competition in the realm of short-form videos, with TikTok and YouTube Shorts battling it out for dominance. While TikTok has been leading the way for some time, YouTube Shorts has quickly gained popularity, reaching over one and a half billion users per month. In this article, we will delve into the background of YouTube Shorts, its growth in the Indian market, and its plans for expansion. We will also explore the experiences and feedback from creators using YouTube Shorts and discuss its potential for profitability through advertising.

Background and Popularity of YouTube Shorts:

- YouTube launched Shorts as a response to the increasing popularity of short-form videos.

- According to a survey by Inmar Intelligence, YouTube Shorts is now the second preferred service for short-form videos in the US.

- YouTube saw an opportunity to tap into this market and challenge TikTok's dominance.

- YouTube Shorts gained traction in India after the ban on TikTok, allowing YouTube to enter a large market and establish a stronghold.

- Creators like Jonathan Lyons have seen a significant portion of their views coming from India, indicating the success of YouTube Shorts in the country.

- YouTube Shorts' challenge now lies in expanding its audience in the US and attracting younger viewers, which is crucial for advertisers.

Transitioning to a Global Market:

- YouTube's transition from older viewers and the Indian market to a global market with younger viewers will take time.

- Marketing strategies, such as ads for special events like Pride Month, can help attract more users to YouTube Shorts.

- YouTube needs to become the platform that sets trends and creates cultural impact to compete with TikTok's cultural cachet.

Creators' Feedback on YouTube Shorts:

- Creators appreciate the analytics provided by YouTube Shorts, allowing them to understand their audience demographics and preferences.

- Searching for videos on YouTube Shorts is easier compared to TikTok and Instagram Reels, which is another advantage for creators.

- However, the lack of special effects for videos is a major criticism from creators.

Profitability of YouTube Shorts:

- Currently, YouTube Shorts is not highly profitable due to the absence of prioritized advertising.

- YouTube recently rolled out ads for YouTube Shorts globally, but it is still in experimental stages.

- As YouTube's revenue growth has been declining, focusing on advertising for YouTube Shorts is crucial for future profitability.

YouTube Shorts has quickly become a strong contender in the short-form video market, challenging TikTok's dominance. With its success in India and the support of older viewers, YouTube has a solid foundation to build upon. However, to fully capture the market and attract advertisers, YouTube needs to expand its audience to include younger viewers. By prioritizing advertising and enhancing its special effects features, YouTube Shorts can further solidify its position as a leading platform for short-form videos.

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