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youtube is to run ads shorts

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Why Small Channels Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Immediately

- If you're not posting YouTube shorts by 2023, you'll miss the boat

- In this video, we explain why you should be posting YouTube shorts and give tips on how to get started

Why Start Posting YouTube Shorts:

- YouTube is winning the fight against TikTok with 1.5 billion active users compared to TikTok's 1 billion

- YouTube is going all in on shorts with expanded monetization options, new features, profit sharing, and a massive music library

- YouTube shorts have insane discoverability, helping creators achieve rapid growth in months

- Shorts have low competition and high opportunity, leading to faster growth and visibility for creators who start now

- Once the partner program kicks in, big TikTokers will start coming over, so start posting shorts now

Tips for Getting Started:

- Use the interesting moments graph on your existing videos or look for retention spikes and comments to find content ideas for shorts

- Listen to your viewers for content ideas, and remember that starting now sets you up for future success

- Start posting YouTube shorts now to benefit from low competition and high discoverability

- Learn and perfect your short strategy before competition rises, and benefit your long form videos with increased views

- YouTube is working on strengthening the bridge between short form and long form videos, so lean into this feature

- Setting yourself up for future success starts with preparation and taking advantage of opportunities, so start posting shorts now.

Long Videos vs. YouTube Shorts - Why Shorts Views Are Easy

Are you struggling to get views on your long form content on YouTube? Do you wonder why your shorts get views but your longer videos don't? In this article, we will explain the difference between short and long form content on YouTube and provide tips on how to increase activity on your longer videos.

Short form content:

- People don't have to make a choice to click on your short

- Shorts are presented to viewers on their phones or computers

- Viewers keep swiping until they find content they enjoy

- Short shelf works the same way on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram reels

Long form content:

- Viewers have to make a choice to click on your video

- Viewers must have a positive response and engage with your content for YouTube to show it to more people

- Thumbnails and titles must be appealing to your target audience

- Keeping viewers engaged is crucial for success on the platform

Tips for increasing activity on long form content:

- Be intentional with thumbnails and titles

- Run every thumbnail/title through a filter to determine if it will appeal to your target audience

- Create better long form content to increase viewer engagement

- Keep viewers watching for a longer period of time

If you're getting views on your shorts but not on your long form content, it's time to get to work. By creating more appealing thumbnails and titles, better long form content, and engaging your viewers, you can increase activity on your longer videos.

The Algorithm Flaw That's Breaking YouTube Shorts (and costing you views)

YouTube Shorts: Why Your Long Form Videos May Not Be Getting Views

As a YouTube creator, you may have noticed that your success with YouTube shorts does not seem to carry over to your long form videos. This can be frustrating, but it turns out that a change in YouTube's algorithm is causing this issue.

What's Going On?

Since 2005, YouTube's data scientists have been perfecting algorithms that can find and surface the best content for each user. However, with the introduction of YouTube Shorts, there was a big problem. The algorithm was not used to seeing viewers watching a bunch of short videos and then going back to watching long videos. As a result, it stopped recommending long form content to those viewers.


Viewers started complaining, and YouTube split off the history for viewers who browse in the YouTube Shorts tab. If a viewer is browsing in the Shorts tab, YouTube will recommend shorts based on their short form watch history. If a viewer is on the main YouTube site, YouTube will recommend more videos based on their long form watch history. While this solution makes sense for the viewer, it has a major downside. There is no connection between viewers who discover a channel from YouTube Shorts and their long form content.

YouTube is working on building a bridge back in, but it could take a while. As a creator, there are things you can do to 10x the amount of views you're getting on your YouTube videos without using shorts. While YouTube Shorts may be getting a good amount of views and subscribers, it's important to remember that they do not count toward the 4,000 hour watch time requirement to monetize your channel. Keep creating and don't forget to smash the like button!

YouTube Shorts: The COMPLETE Guide!

YouTube Shorts: A New Tool for Growing Your Channel

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video format similar to TikTok that can help you engage with your audience and grow your channel. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts, from how to create and upload them to monetization options and strategies to maximize engagement.

Viewing and Using YouTube Shorts:

- Open the mobile app and scroll down to the Shorts section on the main screen.

- Select a video to watch, which will play on loop until you swipe up to move on to the next one.

- Interact with the video by viewing the description, turning on/off captions, leaving comments, and subscribing to the channel.

- No custom thumbnails are shown when viewing Shorts in the app, but they can be uploaded and used on desktop or channel pages.

Creating YouTube Shorts:

- Any vertical video under 60 seconds can automatically be picked up as a YouTube Short, even without using YouTube's creation tools.

- YouTube's creation tools include a Shorts camera and editor to help create and edit your videos.

- Use the hashtag #Shorts in your titles or description to increase visibility.

- Play around with shorter Shorts to see what works best for your audience.

Monetization Options:

- YouTube Shorts are currently not monetizable, but YouTube is working on implementing this in the future.

- Focus on growing your audience and engagement through Shorts to potentially increase revenue from your other videos.

Useful Apps and Strategies:

- Use music and filters to make your Shorts stand out.

- Collaborate with other creators and participate in challenges to increase visibility.

- Promote your Shorts on social media and in your regular videos to drive traffic to your channel.

YouTube Shorts is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and growing your channel. By creating high-quality Shorts, you can increase your visibility and potentially generate more revenue from your other videos. Keep experimenting with different strategies to see what works best for you and your audience.

YouTube Shorts: Why You're Not Getting Views

Are you struggling to get views on your YouTube shorts? In this article, we will give you three reasons why your shorts might not be performing well, and we'll also discuss what Mr. Beast has to say about making shorts in landscape mode.

Reason 1: The audience is not responding to your shorts

- The YouTube algorithm follows the audience

- If the audience does not respond positively, your shorts won't surface

- Tips to improve: focus on pacing, editing, and create a strong hook at the beginning

- YouTube recommends 15-second shorts

Reason 2: You haven't given it enough time yet

- Some channels take days, weeks, or even a month to perform well

- Patience is key

- The short shelf is where all the traffic is

Reason 3: You're not following the right strategy

- Use the correct hashtag (#shorts, not #short)

- Upload vertical shorts to end up in the short shelf

- Don't copy Mr. Beast's strategy of testing everything

- He has the viewership and brand recognition that smaller creators don't have

To improve the performance of your YouTube shorts, focus on creating interesting and engaging content with a strong hook at the beginning. Be patient and give your shorts enough time to perform well. Follow the right strategy, such as using the correct hashtag and uploading vertical shorts. Don't copy Mr. Beast's strategy, as he has a different audience and brand recognition. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be on your way to success with YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide (UPDATED 2022!)

YouTube Shorts: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube Shorts is a new feature on YouTube that allows users to upload short, less than one minute videos that are portrait or square. In this article, we'll go through everything you need to know about YouTube Shorts, including how to create them and their monetization and analytics options.

Features of YouTube Shorts:

- Short videos less than one minute long

- Uploaded on either desktop or mobile

- Videos need to be portrait or square

- Compliance with YouTube Shorts requirements

- No need to use hashtag shorts in your video titles

Visibility on YouTube:

- YouTube Shorts are not restricted, meaning there are no milestones to reach to unlock them

- Shorts are showing up in many more places on the platform

- Dedicated shorts area on the home page and subscriptions page

- Like, dislike, comment, share, and subscribe buttons available

- Shorts can be a good way to get people to subscribe to your channel

Creating YouTube Shorts:

- Available on mobile and desktop

- Choose between a 15-second or 60-second video

- Camera switch between front and back camera

- Filters and effects available

- Green screen effect and sound tools to create content off the back of somebody else's reel

- Lighting adjustment and beauty filter options

- Music and sound effects available for use in your shorts

- Text and voiceover options available

YouTube Shorts is a new feature that offers a lot of potential for content creators. With its easy-to-use creation tools and increased visibility on the platform, it's definitely worth experimenting with. So, go ahead and give YouTube Shorts a try and see what kind of content you can create!

YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube Shorts is a new feature launched by YouTube in September 2020. This feature allows users to create short-form videos up to 60 seconds long. The Shorts feature was launched to compete with other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.


- YouTube Shorts has gained immense popularity since its launch.

- In May 2021, YouTube announced that Shorts were receiving 6.5 billion daily views.

- YouTube plans to pay $100 million to content creators who use Shorts in 2021 and 2022.

- YouTube is planning to expand Shorts to 100 countries by the end of 2021.

- The company is also planning to increase the length of Shorts videos to 10,000 seconds.

- In addition, YouTube has added a dedicated Shorts player to the mobile app, making it easier for users to discover Shorts videos.

- As of now, YouTube has over 180 Shorts partners, including Google and Universal Music Group.

- Shorts will also feature ads through AdSense, which will allow content creators to monetize their Shorts videos.

- YouTube plans to roll out Shorts ads by the end of 2021.

- The revenue from Shorts ads will be split 55% for content creators and 45% for YouTube.

YouTube Shorts has proven to be a successful addition to the platform. The feature has gained popularity among users, and YouTube is investing in its growth by expanding its availability to more countries, increasing the video length, and adding dedicated features. With the integration of Adsense, Shorts will also provide a new way for content creators to earn revenue on the platform. Overall, YouTube Shorts is a promising addition to the platform and is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

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