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youtube music ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to Promote Your Music With YouTube Ads | The REAL Way

this has been by far my most requested,video whether it's in the YouTube,comments whether it's in Instagram,comments or people even DMing me asking,for a tutorial on how to effectively do,YouTube ads to promote a music video and,it is very difficult for an artist to,direct people to a music video and the,reason for that is okay you've invested,a lot of time and money into creating,your music video so it is good and you,want people to see it but the problem is,you're asking people to give up 3,minutes of their time and in this,current era imagine how much content you,can consume in 3 minutes you can go on,Instagram tiktok or Facebook imagine,how many pieces of content can be,consumed in that time but you are asking,someone to give up 3 minutes of their,time to consume worn piece of content,and that is why emerging artists will,always struggle to get views on their,music videos it's okay for established,artists because people are searching for,those music videos because they have a,huge fan base which will get them,initially a million views and it will,get picked up by the algorithm this,method I'm going to teach you is how you,get hundreds of thousands of views on,your music video so if you're stressed,that you've created a music video and,that view count is only a couple of a,hundred with this method you could,potentially get hundreds of thousands of,views but before we start do subscribe,if you like music marketing topics just,like this one then we are uploading,three times a week now so subscribe hit,the bell icon and also comment down,below your feedback on this video,because we get into the comments,straight away the method we're going to,be using is YouTube pre-roll ads you,probably saw an ad just before this,video as well and there is a great,method to get more views on your music,video and today I'm going to show you,how to use the basics of the AdWords,platform that is where YouTube ads a,run-through is Google's platform where,it manages every bit of their,advertising so if you search for,something on Google and you see in the,results our ads at the top that has run,through AdWords as well but at the end,of that I'm good,you some hidden gems and take you,through all the tips and tricks we're,not just getting views on your music,video,but convert them into real fans who are,gonna show up to your shows they're,gonna spend money on your merch and,potentially get you signed because,you've got such an engaged audience so,let's get started with the Google,AdWords platform once you set up a new,ad account you'll be greeted with this,screen I want you to ignore the screen,and go a switch to expert mode that will,bring you to this screen if you haven't,found this screen then simply click,create campaign and then it will get you,to this screen I want you to then click,brand awareness and click video then,you'll got these options here I want you,to go for a skippable in-stream that is,the pre-roll ads that we discussed,earlier then we're just gonna name our,campaign which let's just say rock oh,yeah rock music video then campaign,total we have spent 500 pounds date as,soon as possible always have an end date,just in case something goes wrong you,lose access to your computer or you fall,ill and you're not able to stop the,campaign at least then you know it's,gonna stop at a certain date and you're,not gonna spend more than nine pounds 60,per day or a total of 500 pounds the,next one is network you don't want to be,on video display partners you only want,to be YouTube videos and definitely not,in the search results languages all,languages or you can search select,English only if you prefer and your,music is only for an English audience,then countries you can either go for say,english-speaking countries only United,Kingdom Australia Canada USA etc or you,can go for all countries and territories,totally up to you as you can see on the,right here you have a constantly,refreshing estimated audience inventory,type this basically means what kind of,content your ads are going to run on so,if there's kind of sexual content,profanity then maybe you don't want that,and some brands don't want to be,associated with that for us we just go,for the recommended standard inventory,excluded content very similar kind of,thing things that you don't want to be,associated with then we're gonna go down,to the ad itself and this is basically,our audience so let's say rock music,fans we're gonna call this audience,gender and age etc we're just gonna go,for a young audience and then doesn't,matter about household income or,parental status or gender audiences here,this is where you can put in your fans,I've already put it in here so but what,you would actually do is go rock music,fans and then you would click these two,here and if anything else applies to,your music then you can select it as,well it does give you ideas based on it,as well to be able to select more,keywords this is people who have,searched this keyword on Google or,YouTube so say people have looked on,YouTube for Nirvana or Nirvana smells,like teen spirit for example or,Metallica every single line is basically,a new phrase you can enter and you can,see on the right here the chances are,it's gonna go up and down based on how,many people have actually searched for,this so we want a bit of a wider,audience so we're gonna get rid of them,I think placements is really cool if you,know the artists that you are similar to,and people might like your music you can,go and find their channels and run ads,on their channels only so you could go,and find Nickelback's channel for,example and then select it and your ads,will run only on Nickelback's channel,that tells you how many impressions,you're going to get from that so again,that is really cool and you the more you,put in the more impressions you're going,to get targets CPM that is basically how,much you're going to spend on 1,000,impressions so for B 5 pounds is very,expensive you shouldn't be spending that,but I like to start high and then go,lower and lower and lower and see how,cheaply I can get it,AdWords will always look for the,cheapest deal for you so it's not going,to go and spend ever 5 pounds per,thousand but you can put it in and get,an idea of what you should be spending,and how much your ads are going to cost,you and then you can adjust it for,future campaigns once you have an,understanding of how much it's going to,cost the final bit is you put your,YouTube video into here so let's just,say we were doing Fall Out Boy,Promotions so Fall Out Boy centuries,that yep let's use centuries and there,it is it gives you a small preview of,what your ad is going to look like the,final L I would just put the link to the,video in display L I'd keep it the same,because people like to know that the,staying on the YouTube platform on the,right here it's going to show you an,estimate of how much it's going to cost,per thousand views so as you can see,it's not even going to come close to,that five pounds mark and then just put,an ad name fallout 4 music video and,that's it click create campaign,and at the top here I've got a warning,message I need to put my billing,information that's why they're not,running but from there they will start,to run and it takes about two days for,it to actually be approved Instagram ads,and Facebook ads can be approved within,the hour but Google or a bit slower than,that unfortunately they expect people to,be running ads for months rather than,just kind of for a few days so then in,no rush to approve you so it can take up,to two days for you to be approved and,start running so don't worry if it still,says under review for a while that is,just the way it is and I understand it's,a very complicated platform and it does,take a lot of getting used to,I've been using this platform for three,years and I still struggle and get lost,in it because there's just so many,layers to it but just remember up here,is really useful navigation for you to,get backward

$3 YouTube Ads - To Promote & Grow Your Music Video/Channel

what's up guys it's your boy adrian and,in today's video i'm gonna tok to you,guys about youtube ads i'm gonna,literally walk you through step by step,how to set up a campaign i created this,video a few weeks ago uh showing you,guys the the data that i got from,running youtube ads for myself and a lot,of you guys asked me how do i actually,set up the campaign so in this video i'm,gonna,walk you through how to set up the,campaign how i choose my targeting and,walk you through step by step,what to do to set this up yourself,and this works even if you have a really,small budget for example i'm going gonna,show you how to do this with only a one,to three dollar daily budget and,with youtube unlike every other platform,youtube gets you a lot of visibility,[Music],so guys if this is your first time,watching any of my videos i'm sure,you're going to find lots of value from,it so do me a favor and go and smash,that subscribe button give this video a,thumbs up and leave me a comment because,every comment and every action you guys,take on my channel helps my channel grow,and helps me or allows me to help a lot,more artists just like you so with just,one to three dollars a day you can get,crazy results one dollar days thirty,dollars a month two dollars a day sixty,dollars a month three dollars a day it's,a little under a hundred dollars a month,i'm sure you guys have less than a,hundred dollars a month to put into uh,youtube ads so that brings me to the,next point i don't really promote or,push my music that much using youtube i,should do it more often but as you guys,know i run an agency where i am doing,ads for other artists so i'm doing,facebook ads instagram ads youtube ads,tiktok ads pretty much,everything uh to get artists more,exposure so i don't really have time to,be promoting my own music um however i'm,gonna show you how,uh i would promote my own music if i was,to use youtube ads so let me take you,guys to my computer and show you guys,how to do this all right guys so i'm,gonna show you how to set up a campaign,and i'm gonna walk you through exactly,what i'm doing step by step so you can,see and understand what's happening,um so first thing you need to do is you,need to have a youtube page um there's,tons of videos out there showing you,guys how to create a youtube page and a,google account um so those are the first,thing you do,a good bonus would be to have a,brand account under your your gmail um,this will allow you to separate your,gmail from your actual youtube account,so,yeah so first thing you need is you need,to have a channel update your channel,set up your channels create playlists,for your music um,a good tip is to create a playlist with,the title of your genres because when,people search on youtube they're going,to be,searching for,genres and then if your playlist pops up,and your music is in that playlist,then they'll most likely listen to a lot,of your music,so yeah first things first is you need,to have a youtube channel,um,my youtube channel is set up i created,my,cover banner in canva really simple,again you can watch my video where i,show you how to set that up and okay so,i have my youtube video first thing i,need to do is i need to actually get the,link for my my video that i want to,promote actually let me promote one of,my newer videos uh so this one uh it was,released five days ago or i published it,five days ago,so i'm just gonna copy the link,and now i'm gonna go over to,google google ads it's,ads.google.com if you don't have a,google ads account it's really simple,all you need is a gmail and you go to,ads.google.com and and there's gonna be,like a get started button and just,follow that prompt,and literally in less than a minute,you'll have a google account so you run,ads on both google and youtube through,google ads manager,so,you're gonna most likely see a screen,like this,right,so,uh you're gonna see a screen with no,campaigns if you have not ran a campaign,before all you do is click create,campaign,uh,new campaign,now there's sales lead website traffic,product and brand consideration brand,awareness reach app promotion uh,basically what we want to do is create a,campaign without a guideline it gives us,more control,these are all the ads,types that google offer,we're going to click,video,we're going to leave it a custom video,campaign,um so first thing you want to do is you,want to title it so,i already know that i'm going to,title based on i'm gonna target based on,keywords,so,if you don't know what you're gonna,target uh based on you're gonna come,back to this but since i know i'm gonna,target based on keyword and keyword is a,very broad uh topic,i'm gonna name it broad,or actually i'm gonna name it wide,targeting by keyword,and the song is called wonder,so max,cost per view or target cpm,in the beginning i would say keep it at,cost per view because you don't know,what you're,you're going to be getting when it um,in regards to cost per view,um and basically what i mean by that is,if you haven't ran ads before you don't,know how much it's going to cost you to,get a view,if you know how much it's going to cost,you to get a view you can change it to,target,cpu,so but,since you may not know we're just going,to leave it as a maximum cpv,so we're going to change changes daily,and the sick thing about youtube is you,can go as long as low as a dollar a day,you know they don't stop you,but let's say three dollars a day um,we're not gonna set a end date because,we're gonna be monitoring this youtube,search results we're going to leave it,that on youtube videos we're going to,leave that on we're going to take off,video partners and display networks,basically youtube,youtube and google have partnerships,with many many different sites where,they can show your video,you want to keep your video specifically,on youtube platform so we're just going,to click youtube and youtube video,location okay so i'm going to target all,countries and territories because my,type of music,is,relevant,all over the world,tikno music however if you're rap or,hip-hop you may want to keep it to,countries where that's predominantly,the genre for example us and canada a,lot of us and canada they,listen to hip-hop and rap music,not so much tikno music so for me um,europe and other countries is more,likely more likely it for me,but for you guys that are in those,genres,and you know where your audience are you,just put in your audience you can either,enter locations,um,so i could say germany,right you can enter locations manually,or you can uh pick a location if you,want to grow locally i i would say pick,your location,for example if you want if you're a us,artist you want to grow in us click the,us,so for me i'm going to pick all,countries and territories um the one,last thing about locations is it costs,more to run ads in u.s and canada,it'll cost way less to,run ads,in other countries so my advantage i'll,get a really cheap,cpv,cost per view because i'm targeting many,different countries if you're targeting,the us and canada you may get slightly,more expensive,cost per view so um,i'm going to target,all languages because my music doesn't,have,lyrics again it's tikno,but for you guys who have,music with english lyrics pick english,if you're spanish speak spanish so,inventory type we're just gonna leave it,on stanford standard inventory uh where,we're gonna exclude we're gonna exclude,embedded youtube videos and uh live,stream videos,you want to exclude those because,people embed videos on the website so,you don't want your music video showing,up on someone's website you want to just,keep it strictly to the youtube platform,related videos we're going to leave that,advanced settings,this is where you could target based on,devices,i'm just going to leave that,frequency capping,so,yes we're going gonna turn these on,i,like to,so basically what frequency can happen,is,uh how many times can a person see your,ad,in the same day i want multiple,different people to he

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I Spent $50 On YouTube Ads To Promote My Music

as you guys know every week i come to,you with a new music marketing video to,help you,become a better musician and a better,marketer so you can eventually make,money from your music so uh this video,is going to be all about youtube ads and,um just a really quick overview of what,i did so let's jump into my computer and,let me show you uh how i built,everything out and all the steps that,you'll need to take to actually build,out a successful youtube campaign,[Music],what's up guys it's adrian don't forget,to hit that subscribe button and give,this video a thumbs up and if you want,to leave me a comment um then drop me a,comment below alright so first things,first is you need to have a youtube,channel specifically for your artist,brand so,if you go by a different elias so for,example my artist name is unseen so i,created an entire youtube channel,specifically for my music because the,reason you do that is you don't want to,be driving traffic to your personal,account because the audience is going to,be different and youtube learns from the,audience so you want to have a specific,channel specifically for your music now,as you see i went in here i created a,cover photo um i have a video so every,time someone lands on my page this video,pops up i have created a playlist i have,it linking to my personal channel and,just a couple more playlists,what i also suggest you do is go to the,about section create an about such,section for yourself,and,basically how you do that is you come,over here you create you click on manage,videos and customize channels again i'm,not going to go through this in this,video,if you want me to go through how to set,everything up step by step i will show,you just uh,let me know in the comments,now,uh the way i did it however is um i,created a banner photo in canva canva is,literally drag and drop i i can,literally move things wherever i want,um,so let me just go over to canva,uh they have many many templates and you,just build on top of that template,pretty simple right done so that take,care of your youtube channel,now the second thing that you need in,order to run a campaign is you need a,video so,uh i'm a melodic tikno producer so,i don't always have a music video right,so what i do is i have to create a music,video,so the site i use is pixels,i go to pixels i type in a keyword,and,a bunch of free,videos pop up that i can download pixel,is a site where you get free videos free,photos,so i go to pixel type in the keywords,they have tons of really,dope videos i showed you guys the,strategies in,some of my other videos on how to create,facebook and instagram ads literally,it's the same strategy you just go,you download some videos and you create,a video out of it,so you literally,just uh,download the videos,use your video editor i don't know what,tool you guys use i use final cut pro,and davinci uh if you use imovie that's,also fine,i,put a bunch of clips together i put my,music,i put my music,under it,and here you go now i have myself,a music video,that simple now after i have the youtube,channel set up and i have a video,created and uploaded to youtube,then i go ahead and i create a,uh hyped it link um at this point you,need to know your goals and objective,for wanting to run youtube videos do you,want more people to download your music,do you want more people to buy your,music do you want,um just more streams and listens and,exposure uh to your song do you want to,use youtube to send people from youtube,to your spotify do you want more,followers do you want more subscribers,know,why you want to run ads to your youtube,video before,running ads to your youtube video,so in my case i used,i used hyped it and set up a gate um i,have other videos showing you guys how,to set up a gate,um,you set up i set up a gate basically,when they click the link in my youtube,video it sends them to this gate where,they can download my,music,and,in order to download my music i'm,collecting name emails and phone numbers,as well as you have to subscribe to my,youtube channel,my artist youtube channel so,what is happening here i'm getting free,people to download my music so now,people have it on their phones or djs,have it,um i'm collecting people's information,so i can send them my music on a more,frequent and regular basis,and i'm building my subscribers and on,top of that i'm getting a lot of watch,time and exposure,because i'm targeting specifically,people who listen to music in my genre,so youtube.ads is really really powerful,you just gotta know how to do it and,hone down on your targeting,but we'll get into that in another video,this one just showing you results on,what i got from spending 50 bucks,so,uh as you can see,um here's my data,here's my data,uh,i ran this,months ago um,i was hesitant about making a video,about it uh but i i think would be,helpful for you guys so i ran this a,month ago i spent 50 dollars got,over 3 000 views,so,uh,yeah that's the results i got um about,four subscribers for that video but,208,000,no sorry and 208 watch hours,in order to monetize your channel you,need uh 1 000 subscribers and,4 000 watch hours,so,if i kept doing this i could really,build up my watch time and subscribers,really fast and again,the purpose of,this ad wasn't for subscribers if i,wanted more subscribers i would create a,different ad which would then generate,re generate me more subscribers but i,specifically just wanted people to,to test youtube ads out and get it in,front of more people just to see the,results,so on average people watched almost four,minutes of my song which is good about,50 of people watched which is also good,um,you can see my reach,is,you can see,90 of my views came from,my youtube ads,so without it if you're a small artist,and you know your music is just not,getting exposure,run youtube out if you run youtube ads,you get tons and tons of views and,what's awesome is,people are already listening to music on,youtube all you're doing is placing your,music,in front of uh other,musicians or artist music that people,are listening to now if the gender,match or sorry if the genres match,um,then,people will actually,like your music and become a fan because,you're,if you sound similar to the artists that,they're already listening to they will,like your music and they'll check you,out go on other platforms and find you,i have people commenting on my videos i,have people dming me,about,how they heard my song on youtube so,basically you're just putting your music,in front of people already listening to,music on youtube which is really,powerful so now let's get into the,actual,data,um,i'm not gonna again i'm not gonna go,into this a crazy amount in this video,but,um what's happening here is i chose a,few,artists in my genre i wanted to target,and,there is many different ways to target,on youtube you could target my keywords,you could target by audience you could,target by,demographic you could target by interest,so me,you can also target by placement,so,i created different ads to test out,which one will perform the best and as,you see,wide it means i'm targeting a lot of,people meaning,anyone searching for this artist,on youtube,i'm targeting,narrow means i'm targeting specific,videos meaning if someone watches this,video i want my ad to show up in front,of this video i'm also targeting,placements for artists and record labels,anyone watching,videos from this label or from this,artist i want to show up in front of i'm,also targeting genres,so i'm targeting and testing out a bunch,of stuff,as you see i only spent 50 dollars,but my view rate is pretty high and,my cost per view,is really cheap so one cent one penny,two cents um,per view again if you have a large,budget you can really dominate uh this,game,um these are high percentage as well,12 to 20 of people watch my video all,the way through which means that people,actually fancy my music my targeting is,on point um i did get some earned views,uh when it comes to youtube ads earned,view

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How To Promote Music With YouTube Ads | Music Video Promotion

if you want to promote your music with,youtube as there are a lot of things to,cover and a lot of things to know but,with this video today i'm going to show,you how you can launch your youtube ad,campaign,from start to finish and i'm going to,uncover pretty much,everything that you need to know if you,want to promote your music video on,youtube or just your music in general,with youtube ads so,let's get started,[Music],all right so with this video today i'm,gonna show you the,main ad types meaning the pre-roll ads,and discovery ads,i'm gonna show you how you can target,your ads based on,audiences and interests i'm gonna show,you how you can target based on what,channels or videos,people are watching i'm going to show,you how to target based on what people,are searching for on youtube and i'm,going to show you the step-by-step,campaign creation process,and in the next video i'm going to show,you how you can track conversions with,youtube ads,so make sure you subscribe alright so,this is very important to know there are,two main type of ads,discovery ads and pre-roll ads discovery,ads are the type of ads that,appear when you for example search for,something on youtube,and pre-roll ads are the kind of ads,that appear,right before you watch a video so for,example,if i go on youtube and i search for type,bid,this right here is a discovery ad so i,will have to click to actually watch the,video,and if i watch for example this video,here,right here this one is a pre-roll ad so,it's a,type of ad that plays before any other,video and i'm pretty sure that you,watched tons of this the main difference,between discovery ads and pre-roll ads,is that with discovery ads people have,to click the ad to watch the video,therefore it's the best type of ad to,also increase the engagement,as every view equals to a person who,visits the actual page of the video,but with a pre-roll ad people don't have,to click the ad to watch the video,and for the video to gain views and this,type of ad is very powerful when,combined with,a destination link so if you want to,send people to another,uh website or just to send people to,another,link you can do this with preview ads,and they are very powerful to do so,now how targeting works on youtube ads,so,if you ever run um facebook ad campaign,you are pretty familiar with how,targeting based on interest and,audiences work and it's,exactly the same on google ads so you,can decide to,target people based on interest so for,example,people interested in hip-hop music or,interested in sports for example,but since youtube is a search engine,you can target people based on what they,search so for example if somebody,searches for type b for example or,hip-hop music on youtube,you can place your ad right after the,user has performed the search on youtube,and with placements you can essentially,place your ads on specific,videos or youtube channels and this is,extremely powerful,and with topics instead you can target,every video that,is under the same topic so for example,you can target music videos or,you can target cooking videos so and you,can use both,pre-roll ad and discovery ads with all,these targeting options here so you can,use a pre-roll ad,and a discovery ad with audiences,keywords,placements and topics so i want to save,you time here so i'm gonna show you the,three main campaigns that you know how,to run on youtube,and this comes from us spending tens of,thousands of dollars on youtube ads,and this is what has been working really,well for us,at noise life so i'm gonna show you,exactly how i would launch,every campaign based on keywords plus,a discovery ad another campaign based on,placements plus,a payroll ad and the third campaign,based on keywords plus,a pre-roll ad and if it makes sense you,can also insert audiences in your,targeting tool so for example if you,want to target people based on keywords,with,a discovery ad you can also include,audiences,so for example if somebody on youtube,searches for,hip hop you can also target people that,have the,interest in hip-hop so not only people,who searches for,hip-hop on youtube but also have an,interest in hip-hop so you can really,narrow down the targeting to make sure,that,is super specific but you don't have to,do that,it's just optional so you can launch,these type of campaigns and then,you can also test by adding the,audiences option as well,and as you can see i did not include,placements plus discovery ads,and that's because after dozens and,maybe hundreds of tests,i notiked that your ad may get shown on,the youtube home page only with no,actual targeting so i suggest you to,follow the three main campaigns that i'm,going to show you right now,so we are going to launch a campaign,based on placement with a pre-roll ad,the second campaign that we are going to,launch is a campaign based on keywords,plus a discovery ad and the third,campaign that we are going to launch,is a campaign based on keywords plus a,pre-draw ad,all right now let's jump onto my,computer and i'm going to show you the,three main campaigns if you want to,promote your music video with youtube,ads so let's do it,all right so i'm gonna use a video from,vera revive,for a song called faint we are currently,running a,youtube ad campaign for them so i'm,gonna show you the,whole creation process as well as the,results that we,are getting for that the first campaign,that we are going to launch is,a placements plus pre-roll ad campaign,so what we are going to do we are going,to pick new campaign,and you can decide to go with product,and brand consideration or you can just,click here,and then click on video and then,click on custom video campaign so click,on continue,i'm going to name it vera revive,faint test you can use the budget that,you want,you can go with daily and set a daily,budget of ten dollars you can also set,an end date if you are worried about,overspending,so you can do this but then this is very,important so you want to unselect,video partners on the display network,because you want your ads to be shown,just on youtube so that's very important,and then you can target here it's very,up to you,we have targeted pretty much every,country that has access to youtube but,also spotify,uh with the exception for maybe india,and other server countries but it's,totally up to you um so you may also,want to include english as the,language spoken by people who will get,to see your ads and then right here you,want to exclude,the embedded youtube videos and also,live streaming videos because,because you don't want your ads to be,shown on embedded youtube videos and,live streaming videos and right here you,want to set specific,targeting for devices and i will suggest,you to just include,computers and mobile phones because,chances are,if somebody is on a especially,on a tv they are not going to click your,ad and they,are also not going to leave a comment,under your video so,i'm just going to leave computers and,mobile phones and,pretty much all the views you will see,that they will come from mobile phones,anyway,but you can leave computers and mobile,phones both selected,and you can name it we said placements,uh plus pre-roll things,campaign yeah so placements employable,demographics,uh for this band i know that,this is their,target audience as far as age groups,okay uh right here well i'm gonna,insert their video as the ad,so we said that we are going to run a,pre-roll ad campaign,so we are going to choose skippable,in-stream ad,instead of video discovery ad and since,that we also want people to,actually engage with the video so we we,want them not only to watch the,the video um in the form of an ad but we,also want them to,go to the main video page to like engage,with the band engage with the artist and,leave comments likes,and subscribe as well so we are going to,insert the,url of the youtube video right here and,we,and this is very important you need to,select a call to action,otherwise the link button will be hidden,and it will be

This Gained Me YouTube Fans 4x FASTER! (YouTube Ads For Music)

what up gang in this video I'm going to,share a huge music promotion discovery,that I made that you can and you should,do when promoting your music and I,wouldn't say it's Sneaky,as much as I'd say it's slime the,beginning is because no one will ever,and can ever and has ever so far gotten,mad at doing what I'm going to show you,in this video I tested it it works I did,a lot of tests and the results that you,will see I have analytikal analytikal,it's a lot of syllables okay and oh boy,did it work now I'm Rob Level and this,is smart rapper but first I want to say,this here's what I did to learn this,strategy so you understand how truly new,this marketing idea is that I'm showing,you I wanted to see which combination of,songs I could send people to to turn,them into fans the faster this one this,one that makes sense right it's kind of,what we all want to know you know which,song should I promote to someone and in,what order would I send them to to make,them a fan actually some people just,think about marketing once on they don't,even understand retargeting or all those,other things they can show you in my,YouTube ads masterclass and stuff like,that it is a lot but anyway you've got,to think about that so all you have to,do in order to gain fans four times,faster is find that specific order of,your songs that you can show to random,strangers it'll just you know run ads to,random strangers or even just showing,people in general to random strangers,who can potentially be fans right so,what's the first song you're going to,show me yours what's the second what's,the third one that you're going to show,them that are in the right order to make,an emotional response click in their,head and turn them into a fan and do it,all for less than three,cents oh my goodness that's all three,pennies yes I said three cents okay I'm,working on getting it down to three,pesos okay but now you're asking okay,but how do I test that properly like how,do you test that properly the trick that,I use to gain these fans incredibly fast,is to make videos that perfectly capture,the user's attention so that they want,to click the video and go to the song so,really your best of your best most,gripping song and visual will be used to,get people in there so make them want to,click okay now usually when they click,they would go to a video that they were,gonna watch right let's say I played a,screw up true story to you which got 10,million views on it on YouTube you think,when you click that you're gonna go to,that song video okay but when they click,YouTube if you're running as a YouTube,ad allows me to send them to any video I,want which I tested and I chose to be,another song that they'll hit that,further makes them a Super Fan so they,hit another song they already saw this,like I like this guy they click it and,then they send it to another song like,what's this oh it's like the other song,damn this guy got a lot of good songs,think about it and guess what this trick,leads to twice as many views because,when someone watches your music as an ad,for 30 seconds that video they watched,gets a view then guess what what when,they click that video and you have it go,to a different music video which you can,have that video gets a view as well so,when you're in my analytiks and you look,at it just running them to the same song,does not actually result in them getting,to another song necessarily and I was,running just a scripture Story by itself,it got an incredible amount of clicks,but the subscriber rate and playlist,editions were not nearly the same as,they were when I switched it to go and,click to another video okay and on,average it tended to be four times,higher when I finally found the,combination of videos to send people to,so you're gonna need to test this on all,your songs and all the videos that'll be,set up for that right so you just gotta,understand that I tested all my music,videos okay I tested which ones would,work best uh and it turned out that,emotional songs like a scripture story,leading to another emotional song both,with truthful life topic matter okay,outperformed every other song bangers,everything by far okay even videos I,spent had thirty five thousand dollars,on One music video it way outperformed,that one and that was isn't it's,incredible in this video so to do this,all you have to do is just set up,YouTube ads and then you swap out the,link where it says where's the landing,page where do they go when they click if,they click this they want to see more,you just change that link to your other,video okay you want a bunch of ads side,by side test and see which ones work,best now for you to get these results I,can show you exactly what to do step by,step who to Target everything how to get,the cheapest amount of views all of this,stuff what countries to exclude if you,want to run overseas if you want to,focus on the United States I can show,you exactly what you need to say what,you need to do what the buttons need to,say all that stuff okay it's been a long,time doing this and this is the stuff,that's going to lead to you getting,people to tok about you people crossing,over to Spotify start saving your song,start playlisting you start following,you become super fans and that's what,you need right and that's why I have,videos with 10 million views on them,okay and all my music videos do at least,a million views and that's not even just,maths okay and I can give you the exact,template that you need to do everything,you set up okay the link for it's going,to be in the top comment it's going to,be in the description or you can go to,musicindustries shortcut.com slash,hookup because I'm gonna hook you up,those links are below right what kind of,budgets do you have because even with a,quarter days start bringing fans while,you sleep because a quarter can get you,250 views if you do it right one quarter,all right I'll show you how click those,links I'm Rob Level this is smart rapper,and you just got a little bit smarter so,keep hustling gang and keep getting,smarter check out the links below and,I'll see you at the time,[Music]

How I Used YouTube Ads to Promote My Music

one of the most frequent questions i get,from my clients students and just my,audience in general is how do i grow as,a musician on youtube and specifically,how do i get more views from my song or,music video on my youtube channel i,recently ran a one week test campaign,using youtube's advertising platform to,figure this out for myself and it netted,me about four thousand views just in one,week at a budget of five dollars per day,so we're going to walk through the,results of this test campaign i'm going,to show you how it played out for me and,i'm going to show you how i set things,up so that you can do the same thing on,your end,now before we dig in if you want to,learn more about how to market your,music i hope you'll join the monday,marketer the monday marketer is a weekly,newsletter that i send out every monday,morning to help you grow your fan base,in less than three minutes every week so,join the monday marketer and get one,actionable music marketing tip direct to,your inbox every monday morning so let's,get started looking at the results of,this test campaign that i ran using,youtube's advertising platform here is,the back end of my video hero that i,promoted using this ad i ran this,campaign from friday july 15th until,friday july 22nd so i've expanded this a,little bit from thursday the 14th,through saturday the 23rd and in that,time this video got 4.1 000 views and,3.9 000 unique viewers and as you can,see there was a tremendous spike on day,one here where i got almost 1800 views,on this video mostly as a result of,youtube advertising which is shown down,here at the bottom 91.7 percent of my,traffic came from this ad going over,here to engagement you can see that the,watch time hours for this is 165.8 hours,i mean that's just a tremendous amount,of scale for consuming my music in such,a short window of time jumping over to,the audience tab you can see how many,new uh and unique viewers i had as a,result of my ads throughout the week and,i ended up with six subscribers,subscribing to my channel as a result of,this ad as well which is awesome so,coming over to google's advertising,platform here let's take a peek at the,results on the ad platform for how,things went for me here is the campaign,i got 10 000 impressions about 3 700,views directly from this ad so some,views were built in uh from youtube or,just not directly coming from this ad as,you saw on youtube's platform i had a,37.54,view rate and an average cost per view,of two cents now my cost here is eighty,nine dollars listed in this right hand,column that's incorrect for some reason,i don't know why it reported that way i,only spent five dollars a day and it,capped out at like 42 dollars and some,change so i'm not quite sure why the,cost is misreported here but that number,is wrong so let's click through to the,sort of breakdown here so obviously the,ad spend is incorrect i ended up with 10,000 impressions here are the views here,are the website visits so i had 12,website visits and i'll show you where i,sent people in just a minute now when i,broke this down i didn't,get too narrow with it i kept things,pretty wide so i just targeted music,lovers any gender,ages 18 to 44 and then i left everything,else pretty much open i advertised in,australia the united states and the,united kingdom,only to people that speak english i,spent five dollars a day and i showed my,ads anytime and again i use my ad hero,which is just the audio,uh video that's on my channel and i,didn't you know there's no call to,action on this video or anything like,that it's just the cover art playing the,song and then i had a call to action,underneath with listen now to send,traffic to my landing page that i,normally use,with my ads on facebook,so now that we've kind of picked through,the results and seen that this does work,let's take a walk through how to set it,up so i can show you how easy it is to,get started to do this so first of all i,did not use google ads directly to do,this i'd used youtube ads now youtube,ads is built on google ads and we were,just looking at results inside of,google's ads manager but instead of,going to ads.google.com,i went to youtube.com,ads because this is the easiest way to,just get set up and to just try,something so i wanted to start at square,one,just to see if it was effective a lot of,the time the easier it is to get up and,running with an ad the less effective it,generally is they make these things very,easy both google as a company facebook,or i guess meta as a company they make,it very easy to spend five bucks or ten,bucks and just boost your post boost,your video whatever without really any,decent results i mean you can spend your,money and you can get views and stuff,but what does that ultimately become,this feels a little bit different a,little bit better than like the boost,your post feature on instagram or,facebook this feels like the results are,actually slightly better and long term,using this strategy will allow you to,sort of move into google ads and then,get familiarized with that while you,have this easy kind of get up and go,process with youtube ads so all that to,say i started here,at youtube.com ads and i click start now,or start advertising in the middle and,once you set up an ad account or you,select the ad account that you already,have created,you end up here and this is the whole,setup process it's very very simple so,here's what i did i selected drive video,views and traffic to a website,i pasted in my video url for my song,hero i have here after viewers click,your ad where do you want to send them i,typed in my address for my landing page,so now i've got my landing page put in,and then i can change the button label,here so you can customize this button,label however you want to they do not,have listen now listed as an option in,here so i just typed it in and it,allowed me to use it and then i just,left the headline here empty so that it,would include my name but you could put,something like listen to,hero,obviously that's too long so it's got to,be nice and short so we'll remove the,quotes so listen to hero but again i,just left mine blank because i figured,my name was fine after that i click next,so here i added my locations i only,wanted to focus on where my audience,predominantly is on youtube already i,have the benefit of having an audience,on youtube so i know where people are,watching my videos so i included the top,three english-speaking countries,globally uh but that also sort of maps,to where i want to grow anyway so once,our,countries are in there it'll load up the,estimated performance and then i just,left english as the language,because uh you know most likely,everybody in those three countries is,going to speak english anyway,after that i went next again so here i,just left the left column exactly as is,the right column exactly as is and i,removed these options to kind of get,down to where i know people are,consuming my content listening to my,music kind of across platforms so again,i do have the benefit of that data if,you want to leave this open i recommend,just leaving it open and see what,happens so once i selected my ages,selected next again and now here i could,choose from you know rock music fans or,electronic music fans but i just,selected,everybody who likes music so,um,i think i selected music lovers so i,selected i typed in music lovers and,then came down and just selected music,lovers now you can include these sort of,subcategories if you want to again this,is just how i set it up for this first,test i probably would recommend going a,little bit more narrow that's what i,would do next time but this is how i did,it this first time so after i did that i,went next again then i input my daily,budget,five dollars per day,and then i selected an end date so that,it would run for a week so if today is,the 17th we'll make it run until the,24th so that's one week and then i went,next again so now you can review,everything everything looks go