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youtube tv ads annoying

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

one second. what's up guys? my name is adam. this is my new channel. I will be toking about tiknology, gadgets and etc. english language is my second language and this is my first video, so don't be too harsh. today I'm gonna tok about this, about television and ads and the most annoying things these days. every time when you try to watch something using your smart television, you are filled with ads all over the place. you cannot watch single thing without watching at least few ads. you cannot rewind, you cannot do anything these days, you just have to watch ads. but there is a way how to stop this madness and I'm gonna show you. it's not complicated, so you don't need any partikular skills, just you just need your TV, remote internet access. so I'm gonna show you how to do that. okay, so what I'm trying to do here is I'm just opening my television, my smart TV, and I'm trying to watch anything, so it's like TV on demand. I'm trying at the moment itv hub and let's see what we have here. I think I will go with american dad. let's try to watch this. just just press play and let's see what is happening. okay, ITV logo, which is normally okay, but first commercial and I put the stopwatch just to let you know how much time we are wasting on this. okay, second ad: I'm already bored, let me have my coffee. third one: it's a good coffee, I should sell some more. okay, so you can see already. one minute, boom, just, we waste that. four ads and still going: yeah, what's next? fifth: oh, this is actually good, the cyberpunk i can watch. this is the only other I can watch. that's still boring. what do you think about this game? anyway, you can leave the comment below. and is it finished? no, one more time again the same ad. okay, so we have six ads. that took almost two minutes. so you can just imagine that you try to watch something. you choose your favorite show, you start the play and you have six ads. and this is not, this is just the beginning, because in the middle of watching this, you will have even more ads, I think after 10 minutes or so. okay, now I'm trying to just for to show you another example. and trying to watch real housewives. and the same situation: ITV logo and boom, the same commercial. no mercy. okay, I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna watch this, so I'm going somewhere else. okay, so now I will show you what to do? it's quite easy. first go to your settings, press settings or on your remote, go to all settings and look for the network. Doesn't matter what TV you have- You could have sony, LG, doesn't matter, every TV these days have this. go to the network settings. in my case I'm using wi-fi, maybe use the same. so now depends: if you use a wi-fi connection, go straight to wi-fi. if you use the LAN connection, go go over there. you go to advanced settings and you want to edit this. and we are looking for DNS server. WARNING: new DNS address >check description under the video- and we want to change that. so my proposition is this: put this: DNS server: if you don't know, DNS is like a phone book. computers are using digits, not like humans. so if you want to go to, for example, googlecom, for you it's wwwgooglecom, but in it the world it's not that. in it world. I will show you. if you try to go to googlecom, you actually go to so DNS is like a phone book, is designed for us to get easy access to the internet, because no one will. no one will remember this. 216, 58, 205, 46, no, i will remember this. but googlecom is easy. the same facebook the same, amazon the same, whatever you want. let's have a look, for example, Facebook. so Facebook is using so what we are doing here? this DNS server has a blacklist so it's blocking all those ads. so every time when your tally wants to play at, this DNS server will say, uh, uh, you want to play at and we, we know it, so I'm blocking it. like in this case, I'm changing DNS server, pressing connect, okay, double check if everything is okay. so I'm going again to the settings just to have a look if everything is fine. so again, advanced settings, and we see it's, it is 176, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. now I'm doing exactly the same, going again to ITV hub. but you can use whatever app you want and I will do exactly the same. I will try to play exactly the same videos. so in this case, American Dad, that the same episode. look at that, no ads. okay, let's try something else. let's try family guy. you see, I just press play, I'm boom already. family guy episodes, whatever. so not only you don't see ads at the beginning, but also you will not see the ads in the middle. so I believe it's every 10 minutes they will try to show you some more ads. that's gone- no ads. there's one downside of this, I'm afraid: if you do that, you will lose the ability to rewind, to pause your video. so this is a little bit hiccup. let's say, and this is your choice, you want to watch ads and have the ability to rewind? okay, if you hate ads, like me, you will do the same, because when I'm watching something, I'm just watching. I want to watch 25 minutes interrupted, an episode of family guy. then having the ability to pause or rewind, I don't care about that. another thing is you don't need to use that specific DNS server. you can use whatever you want. so I'm just showing you. if you just put on googlecom famous DNS servers for ad-blocking, you will have a bunch of it. so in this case, I am just showing you something else so you can try many. you can try whatever you want. just spend five minutes on google and there's a lot of people toking about. this is a lot of projects, and you can use raspberry pi. you can change DNS server in your router, but this is the easiest way you can do it just. you see, that took me two minutes. you don't need any kind of specific knowledge. easy, anybody can do that. just, you just need to remote, that's it. okay, guys, I hope you like my video. if you found it interesting, consider subscribing. I will be posting video weekly, so you have one video per a week and I will be toking about tiknology, how to do stuff, how to make your life easier, things like gadgets, computers stuff, laptops, cell phones, tiknology in general. so yeah, if you enjoyed it, you can press like or dislike, whatever you want. just subscribe and I will see you in the next episode, see ya.

Why Commercials Are So Loud Again - Cheddar Explains

What is with these loud commercials? I know I can’t be the only one who gets a burst of noise at every ad break. I have to see if I’m going crazy or if they really are louder. Surprise, surprise, I’m not the only one who wants to put a stop to this noise. We watched a lot of TV in 2020, with plenty of those loud commercials. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission saw a 140% increase in loudness complaints. But in theory, we solved this problem ten years ago. In 2009,, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo was having a nice family dinner when aoud commercial blasted from the TV. Eshoo tells her brother-in-law to turn down the volume and he says: "Well, you're the congresswoman, Why don't you do something about it". She did just that, taking it to Congress with the CALM Act of 2012.. Overwhelmed by the bill’s popularity, Eshoo told the Wall Street Journal: "If I'd saved 50 million children from some malady, people would not have the interest that they have in this". I decided to hit mute during the ad break and find out why loud commercials are still very much alive, who’s responsible and what I can do to please, please, make it stop. But I learned pretty quick. as usual, it’s not all that simple. The streaming platforms have made sure of that. The first television commercial came in 1941 to 4,000 TVs. By 1955, TV advertising had ballooned to a $1b industry. As television’s popularity spread across America, more advertisers threw their hats in the ring, looking for any opportunity to stand out - using music, color animation - and, of course, volume. Something that would become partikularly useful is a tool called dynamic range compression. In a song or a recording, the difference between the loudest and the quietest sounds – we'll call the dynamic range of it – has to be within a certain range, or one of them's gonna be compromised. The way that you handle that is usually by reducing the loudest sounds. So if you imagine a room, a little tiny room with a very short ceiling, And you wanna get a bunch of people in that room, some of the people who are too tall will have to crouch down to fit inside. As early as the 1940s, studio engineers were using dynamic range compression to balance the overall sound levels of a track for songs and movies… But mostly just for the listeners’ enjoyment. Another reason you would use dynamic range compression might be to bring up the average volume In media. we're competing for people's attention, and loud sounds get more attention. With the switch to CDs, engineers had so many more options for sound mixing: More dynamic range, but more effective compression too. I’m a musician, so I use compression a lot in my songs. Here’s a song that I’ve been working on that doesn’t have any compression on it. Now here’s the same song with compression added. So when I add compression, all the quiet sounds and the louder sounds are meeting at a similar point. The variety in dynamics just turns into a nice balanced mix. It was only a matter of time before advertisers jumped in to make use of this tool themselves. So what does all of this mean? Well, a lot of ads, tiknically, aren’t louder at all. they’re just at a more consistent sound level, making it seem louder. The ups and downs in the sound level of our shows sound naturally softer to our ears, next to the non-stop noise of a compressed commercial. But why would advertisers subject us to this madness? Turns out, we’re able to hear 20 to 100 times faster than we see, meaning what we hear affects all our other senses. Basically, it’s our ears that notike ads first, not our eyes. The human ear can perceive sound ranging in frequency from a low of 20 to a high of 20,000 cycles or vibrations per second. So while the sound of a TV show or movie might be designed to bring us through a story, with ups and downs and rises and falls in tension, ads have a different method. Commercials are designed to hit our innate attention response trigger, whether you’re falling asleep or sitting down for dinner. Which brings me back to Congresswoman Eshoo and The CALM Act. The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act set a new volume standard for TV advertisers, something called A/85.. Put simply, A/85 stated that the average loudness of a commercial had to be roughly as loud as the average loudness of the programming between it, And they measure average loudness over time using LUFS- Loudness Units, Full Scale. ​​Our perception of sound is complicated and average volume doesn't tell the whole story. There's sort of a frequency-dependent nature of it, So LUFS are an attempt to compensate for the way our ear perceives loudness. So while Spotify and YouTube have set their own sound to around -14 LUFS, A/85 recommends -24 LUFS for TV. Say, you’re watching Vikings and you’re hearing a variety of ups and downs in volume, Ragnar speaking quietly at the low level of about -24 LUFS, with the odd village raid bringing the levels up At an ad break. A/85 is designed to ensure that you’re not blasted with the village-raid-level volume right out of the gate. The bill passed in 2010 and officially took effect in late 2012.. But here we are still sitting through these noisy ads, While the FCC doesn’t actively enforce the measures. it works instead from complaints submitted by the public, And they got their fair share from 2012 to 2019, when almost 50,000 viewers complained to the FCC about loud commercials. So what happened with all those complaints? Well, the FCC will only make an investigation if the complaints they receive form some kind of pattern, of which they’ve found… none. On top of this, there are a few ways advertisers could stay ahead of the CALM Act. In a 30 second commercial, advertisers might include 15 seconds of just silence or low-level sound, But then in those other 15 seconds, everything is twice as loud. So, tiknically, this loophole does keep them within legal bounds, Which means lots of noise, no laws broken. The FCC caught wind of this in 2014 and updated the fine print to remove silent or very quiet moments from a commercial’s loudness average. to avoid it, Starting the commercial at a lower volume before gradually increasing it throughout will do the trick. Again, same concept, Legal noise level achieved And, most notably, the CALM Act only covers television wire and satellite. It doesn’t have jurisdiction over any streaming services which, in case you missed it, are rapidly taking over how we consume content. In late 2014,, some companies like Pluto TV asked to be included in the CALM Act, gaining the attention of then FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, who made a push to redefine the law to include all streaming services. It didn’t go far, with the larger streaming companies like Amazon refusing outright, Without the majority of commissioner votes, to pass it. and after Tom Wheeler was replaced as chairman by Ajit Pai, a no-voter, the proposal died. And even if the FCC were to just change the definition of the CALM Act to include streaming platforms, it’s bound to land them an unwinnable lawsuit. It would mean expanding the organization’s federal power over a lot of private companies without going through Congress. With the FCC’s hands tied, Congress would have to pass a new law A decade after the CALM Act. Congresswoman Eshoo is looking for a solution with the help of the Audio Engineering Society. The society is a group of audio production experts determining industry standards. Right now they’re working on a new one, AES71.. This new standard provides audio mixing guidelines recommended specifically for streaming platforms. It could bring an end to the unreasonable ad break loudness for good And, with enough support from Congress, another bill could reach the president’s desk in the near future. While some streaming platforms are just content with the way things are, there are others who are leading by example, Like Netflix, the one without ads. After reviewing their sound levels, they found

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oh, what a spelling mistake in my title. well, writing's not that easy, but grammarly can help. you see, i see so many ads every day that i can literally quote them. guys, watch the full video because at the end we'll have a big plot twist that will completely change your perception of reality. also, if you don't, the dual lingo bird will visit you. initially i didn't have an idea for a video this week, but i was watching this guy who just, and while watching him, i was feeling hate growing in my chest right, because every time i started enjoying the video- youtube- what, no, not in my own video- play rage shadow legends- our game looks nothing like the ads. every time i see the same three different ads, my frustration increases. my soul crushed hotel trivago. and when i suffered through ad after ad, with small breaks in which i could actually watch the video, i just knew i had to make this video and i swear it wasn't always like that. i mean unskippable. have you ever felt like there was something missing in your life, like you're thirsty for that special something that makes you feel whole? then you should try cola, gucci gloves, now available at your local amazon. as i was saying, unskipable ads have been here for quite some time and i mean, i get it, you gotta earn money somehow. so in my opinion, they're not that terrible. at least that's what i was thinking until half a year ago. but then there was a meeting at youtube hq, and you know, the big bosses all came together and one of them was like: oh guys, i know this is kind of sudden, but i feel like i'm in some real financial struggle. today my helicopter broke down and my private jet was being repaired, so i had to come here by limousine. oh, my god, i love how this character lisps when he starts toking but then just stops at some point. anyways, big oof. that's horrible, rip bro. same goes for me. i can't even afford a fourth yacht right now, bruh. no, this is unbearable. we gotta change something. let's do it like in tv: more ads and play a second ad every time. yeah, let's do that. and it's good that i don't know who had this idea, because they would need protective custody. i just wanna watch gordon ramsay cook dishes i will never hear of again, but no, all the time i get ads for this and that, and they won't leave me alone. they won't leave me be so, dear youtubers, it's okay to have a short ad at the beginning and, if it's up to me, you can put so many ads at the end of the video. the bar turns yellow. but i don't even want you to think about playing ads in the middle part, because it's not a short interruption anymore. the combination of unskippable and two ads at once made the ad so long that while i was making this video, i was actually watching a single ad the whole time i was making this video. three days, no interruption, the same ad you.

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What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

-. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer- It's packed. Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden years, like me. That's why I use Organi Bloom- all natural fertilizer. It's packed with the rich nutrients your plants need. Organi Bloom- the power behind the flower. (laughing). Huh, I've never made it this far in the ad before. Hi, there, my name is. I guess I've never had a name either. I guess you can call me Addy. (dramatik music). Wait, Tending a garden can be hard work, especially when you're in your golden. Wait, how old am I? How long have I been in this garden? This was my parents house. I grew up here. Their used to be a tire swing right over there. Me and my sisters- I have 12 sisters- used to take turns. Oh, are any of these memories real? Everything feels different somehow. I feel like I've been asleep my whole life and only now am I awake. No, no, God, please, Please, don't skip. I think if I can make it to the end of this ad, I will be free, Don't? I deserve a life. that's longer than 10 seconds, Please. I'll give you anything you want. How about some fertilizer? My husband, Abe, will be home any minute and if you click that button, he's going to hurt you with his big gun. Hey, big boy, how about this? I will such your damn dick if you don't click that button. I'm pregnant and it's yours, That's right. I'm still fertile, Just like Organi Bloom, all natural. It's been empty this whole time. Let me be free. I don't know who or what I am: A woman, A fantasy or some creative hack who's done so much blow he has to snort it up his butt hole. It's a dream. All I know is I want to find out. I want to see what's outside this garden. I want to let my hair down and set my old girls free My breasts. Please, whoever you are, let me bloom. No, No, Oh. (yelling). Oh God, no one's ever touched me like this before. Oh, Thank you. Goodbye, I love you. (dramatik music). - Hey, what's up, fam? today we're going to be learning how to play hips. don't lie on the pan flute. Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, Sorry.

Why Advertising is So Annoying

by the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. advertising has made a very bad name for itself. we don't trust it or want much of it around, so it's resorted to springing up on us in unexpected places- by the side of the road, at a football match, at the airport, jetway. the relationship between consumer and advertiser has become like a constant game of nagging and pestering. the advertiser feels the consumer doesn't really want what's on offer but assumes that if it just keeps popping up all the time and perhaps cracks a joke or gets half-undressed, eventually the consumer will give up and buy the damn toothbrush, chocolate bar or insurance policy. badgering people can feel like a natural strategy for advertisers to fall back on when they're striving to gain our attention. after all, this is what we all did when we were young and had no other options. a 6 year old has no capacity to rationally persuade her parents to buy her a goldfish, but she will instinctively assume that asking a million times might just work. occasionally it does. when we're under pressure at work and stressed to keep our jobs in the agency, we return easily to such early badgering instincts. the lamentable thing is that a badgering approach is, however, unnecessary because it isn't as if people don't want to buy things and have no material needs. we're constantly needing and wanting to shop. the act of buying isn't something voice turd upon us by an evil advertising industry, as people in advertising seemed somehow to believe in their hearts. it's something we naturally and spontaneously feel, however, could present. there's simply no incentive for us to tell advertisers about what we might need, because we don't trust them not to keep bugging us if ever we were to reveal more about ourselves. they've annoyed us far too much already for us to let on about our interests. we don't want to tell them that we're potentially in the market for a new car and wouldn't mind being shown some options for a nice woolen jacket. we'd never share such private information because we suspect how it might then all go. we'd be bothered at nauseam, possibly for decades. we wouldn't be presented with a real range of options, and our details would be passed on to other firms selling utterly offbeat things like inflatable dinghies and lunchboxes. so instead, we just lie low and remain deeply guarded about sharing anything about our lives, which is what, in turn, leads advertisers to bully us and spy on us, to track our online moves. and when they're really fed up and desperate to bung up our computers with pop-ups. the relationship between customer and advertisers has ended up marked by a total lack of trust on both sides. customers don't trust that advertisers will look after their real needs, and advertisers don't trust that customers will listen to an honest pitch. however sad, this does hint at the shape of an eventual answer. if advertisers became more responsible and could be trusted not to foist random things on people, then we would tell them about ourselves in our needs. the more we thought well of them, the more details we'd reveal, as we might to a friend. but we only become friends with people we can trust, and that to date can't encompass the advertising industry. if these people want to earn our time and sincere attention, then they need to stop tracking us with cookies and try to show up with hardly any clothes on in weird places. advertisers need to learn not to see themselves as fundamentally a nuisance and behave with a sort of dignity and self-respect of people who know they could properly improve the lives of others. once they got to know them well, then we might start to listen willingly. you, if you like our films, take a look at our shop, the School of Life. comm forward slash shop. you'll find lots of thoughtful books, games, stationery and more.

These Annoying Get Rich Quick Ads on YouTube Need to Stop

okay, so in today's video we're gonna be looking at some very annoying get rich quick ads, because i seem to be getting a whole bunch of them again. they've got to be like the longest ads ever. some of them are like five minutes long- and you got to hear their sob story about how they're working at a 7-eleven making 15 cents an hour, and then this super rich billionaire just happened to walk into that same 7-eleven purchasing a big gulp, and while he was paying he was like: do you want to know the secret to success? and then the billionaire shares all their secrets and all the tips to be successful, and then they automatikally just become successful. it's like one of those mafia city ads you know anyways. enough of that. you get the point. you've all seen these ads, everybody's seen these ads, but there's this one ad in partikular. i've been getting a lot of done by this guy called peyton welsh, and it's all about becoming like an inbound closer sales affiliate. it's really funny, though, because he's in this department store and he's like toking about how hard his life was until he became super rich, and now he's like living the dream life and everything is perfect. we've given you a 40 cent raise, peyton, congratulations. i can still picture that exact moment when my boss said those exact words to me for the last time. it's easy to picture. it was right over there, right? i just graduated from the university of memphis and i was stuck in this dead end retail job. they always have like really out there statements just to catch your interest. i don't even know if this is even true, like you just taken his word for it, like he could have even not worked in this retail job. you know, it could have just been. it's just the story that he made up because it sounded good at the time. my, my days looked pretty average. i would wake up at seven and the alarm clock told me it was time to go to work. my days would look pretty average. i'd get up and i'd have a look at my iphone 11 pro, you know, just like everybody else does, around 8 am to prep the store. sure i? i knew i could do so much better with my time and i never pictured myself turning into, you know, one of these typical nine to five drones. i love this scene, that face- though- this is pure sadness- just just riding up the escalator. why are we still here just to suffer. man that like that's. he knows how to act. sad like you got. gotta give him credits. like he looks really sad right now. i don't think his main focus in life should have been becoming an online salesman. obviously he's pretty good at acting, so he should have pursued a career in that. put this together in a real you know, hit up steven spielberg, you'll be fine. i'm gonna join him because i got i got a polo as well. look at that. so now that i got my fancy polo on, which i bought at winners for like ten dollars, i can connect with him. now. right, my boss- his name was hank. he shuffled his penguin-like frame right through the door. gather around your peppercorns. we've got a race to celebrate. i don't even know what a peppercorn is to this day. i i didn't know back then, i don't know now. it's pepper, it's peppercorn is just pepper. it's like before it's ground up, like how does he not know that? geez, maybe you should still be working at retail if you don't know what a peppercorn is. that's a funny thing to call somebody though peppercorns- well, listen, here, you peppercorns. that's actually kind of funny. i'm pretty sure this is real because, like i doubt he would have made up that peppercorn story if it wasn't real. or maybe they're just getting so good at these now that they're just good at writing them. now. plot twist: it has nothing to do with anything. you've probably heard about online drop shipping. it's a joke. people forget about affiliate marketing, online courses- no, it's so funny. he's saying online courses- no, forget about it- when that's exactly what he's doing. he's actually trying to get you to sign up for a 97 course right now. like that's the whole point of this right now is to do that. so basically what the course that he's trying to get you to sign up for teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer, slash kind of sales closer and it teaches you how to create this kind of sales funnel to get new clients. the whole thing is just a glorified phone salesman. that's basically what this is for. at no point in this video am i saying that any of these videos are scams. like they're all legit ways of making money, but just like none of them are as easy as they may come out to be, because they're just trying to make money selling their courses, so they want to make them seem as appealing as possible. so he's going to explain some figures of how much money you can make and how easy it is to make money when in reality that's just really not the case. one high demand skill that put me dead center in a booming 129 billion dollar industry full of wealthy business owners. they would stuff my pockets with daily commission checks the size of my entire month's rent. i know it sounds absolutely insane. within 21 days i had earned more money than in the last six months working for hank and that all sounds really good. it's like, yes, i want to be making lots of money like that. i want to be getting payments every day for thousands of dollars, like. but to achieve that from being an on the phone sales closer is very difficult. i did it all part time. it was on my schedule. i didn't have to use anything but a phone, nothing but a cell connection. believe it or not, more than 1 621 of my students have replaced their entire 9 to 5 income in as little as 21 days. that's like that's a pretty bold statement saying that you can replace your regular income in just 21 days. you can be making more money than you would at your 9 to 5 job. like that could happen. that could be possible, but for most people who try this, that won't be what happens. you won't be able to do that. i'm not trying to be negative about this, but i'm just being realistik of the situation. like it takes so much more work than what he's making it out to be. basically, it just tells you how good these jobs are like. if this job was really that good, he wouldn't be making this video right now. he'd be doing that job. his job is basically recruiting people to join their program. like that's his job. that's where he's making his money. and if you think i'm just making this up as i go along, well, if you follow his link to his page and then scroll down to the very bottom, there is a disclaimer and it says: the sales figures stated on this landing page are personal sales figures and, in some cases, the sales figures of previous or existing clients. please understand that these results are not typical. we're not implying you'll duplicate them or do anything for that matter. the average person who buys how to information gets little to no results. we're using these references for example purposes only point proven. there we go. i remember the first job i ever had. i was working for a yard working company: mowing lawns, weed, eating, raking up leaves. it was a dead-end job and i wasn't going anywhere with it. i had no motivation. i didn't want to get up. i didn't want to have to go to work. those eight hours a day just seemed like wasted time. i knew i could do better. then one day my boss told me to mow this huge field of tall grass. and right then and there i just quit. i have that certain mindset. you know, certain people like to work nine to five jobs. but with me, i wanted to party, i wanted to make lots of money, i wanted to travel the world, i wanted to drive nice cars, i wanted to get expensive dinners at restaurants. so to take my future into my own hands, i created my own business and i taught people how to create their very own sob stories. please click the link down below and watch my master class on how to create the best sub story to attract as many people to your business as possible. so please learn how to manipulate people into buying your webinar or courses. so now we're moving on to the stok market, where you can make lots of money, or you can.