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youtube without ads apk

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

TOP Alternatives to YouTube Vanced!

If you tap on these three buttons- buttons on the volume bar- you can set a timer for mute mode and do not disturb mode. And if, when unlocking the phone, you keep your finger on the fingerprint reader, you will be able to open the QR code reader in an instant. You probably know to take a screenshot, but did you know that you can expand it? And while you do this yourself, you can speed up the process by sliding faster? You can also take a screenshot- screenshot by swiping with three fingers, and if you hold them for a few seconds, you can choose exactly the area you want to capture, or even create one drawing on the screen. These are just some of the 42 tricks for Xiaomi that I will show you, And don't blink, because I'm going to go fast. If you don't like the new style of the control panel, you can change it to the one we had before. You simply go to Settings, Control Center, Control Center, and change the style here. Although, if you don't like the new one because you can't see the notifications when you pull it down with one hand, you will be glad to know that with a swipe you can switch between each section. But back to the previous menu. here. we can also touch in the status bar and then change the name of the operator and customize it to something you like. And to finish this section from notifications effect, you can change the Edge lighting of the notifications. Well, I'm sure you already knew that, so let me. you already knew that, so let me show you something more interesting. in MIUI 12.5 we could change the loading animations for something like this, but that menu is no longer menu is no longer found in MIUI 13.. So the only way you have to change the loading animation is to install a theme like Hello White B12 and, in customize theme lock, style and customization, change the loading type And, as you can see, there are several options from this customize theme menu. We can also change the startup sound by choosing some of these or uploading one that you have in your mobile so that, instead of this, you listen to this or this. Hello asshole. I'm just telling you what you can do with your cell phone. but if you want, troll your friends. I think this way is very original. If you want that when they call you, the flash will blink, you simply go to settings, system applications, call settings and then incoming calls- incoming calls- and activate the last option. If you also activate the first option, the phone will stop ringing when you turn it down. In the next trick, go to sound and then, in assistant, activate the first option. With this, you will be able to adjust the audio of each application in relation to to the total volume, and if you play audio in two applications simultaneously, you can control the volume of each of them. For the next trick, open security and then Game Turbo. Here we want to see the app settings and, at the bottom, the additional settings. Select the game you want and then configure the contrast and additional saturation you want to give it. Going back, have you seen that I use some apps that are not games? And the thing is that if you activate Game Turbo in WhatsApp, for example, you can use the voice modifier so that it allows you to send voice notes like this: What does a dog is a dog doing with a drill? Ta Barking, lol. Yes, for some reason, you have all the apps out of order. by entering this mode and shaking the phone, they will sort themselves. If you don't like the vertikal multitasking layout and you prefer something like this horizontal, in Settings Home screen, you will find organize items in recent, which will allow you to choose between the two. Still, from here, you can activate this slider that will show you the RAM memory status of the mobile in the background apps. Something also very useful is that you can decrease the brightness of the screen when unlocking with the fingerprint reader. You simply enter your fingerprint under passwords and security and at the bottom you activate this option. The next trick is more of a recommendation- to disable the memory virtual RAM if you have it enabled, as this makes it worse the performance of the computer. as I demonstrated in this video. You can also improve your speed by connecting to two WiFi at the same time. In the WiFi wizard, you follow network acceleration and instead of using mobile data, you use a second wifi network, auxiliary, and active this to moderate the battery usage. If you are tired of the system asking you with what application to open, something in the settings applications manage and then in the three points, we can change the applications and once and for all, we can choose the one we want. choose the one we want. If you want to open the camera by pressing twice on the power button, just go to the additional settings and gesture- additional settings and gesture access. Here you will see the option to run camera, but you can also do the same thing to turn on the flashlight. in the same menu, Also, you will also find the back touch option in which, touching the rear casing, certain action will be executed. We are already in the middle and the tricks that are coming are even better. But if you're liking this video, I'm going to ask you a favor, and that is to leave a comment. anything, It can even be a dot or an emoji form. try to position the video a little better. But well, let's continue. If you need to keep an app in the background background, just enable this lock. And now, when you hit close, all This application will be maintained. But going back, Did you notike how some of the previews are blurred? To do this, go into the home screen settings and go to blur preview. Then choose all the apps you want to blur that you want to blur. Another cool feature is in Digital Digital, where, at the bottom, you can activate an option to look ahead and when you are walking, the phone will send you notifications. Xiaomi also has a concentration mode in the system, as you can see, but this is hidden in MIUI 13 and you can't find it in the settings to activate it. Download Activity Launcher and, when you open it, search for UsageStatsMain and tap on this result. You can also create a shortcut for the home screen, in case it is something you are going to use. From the security app, you will see the option to hide applications. choose the ones you want to hide and they will disappear from the list of apps. To access them, you must do this gesture on the home screen and, as an additional protection measure, you can lock the apps with passwords. And while we're at it, Doesn't it bother you when the phone does this? To disable this scan, go to the settings of the security app and, under security scan, disable all tabs. and now pay close attention, because I will do a magic trick. Right now you're looking at the Xiaomi 12. And now I'm going to block it. I'm going to unlock it again And nothing has changed, Right? But look what happens when I set another password. Everything is completely different, As if it were a second telephone. This is possible thanks to the creation of the second space which you will find in special functions. Here you will also find the Lite mode, which basically simplifies things, increasing the size of everything and making it easier to view for those who need it. Still, one of the special functions: you will be able to measure your heart rate by pressing the fingerprint reader on the screen And, if I'm honest with you, the results are surprisingly accurate when compared to the Appel Watch. And finally, in this menu you will see the sidebar that allows you to open APPS in floating windows. so if you are playing a game or watching a stream, you can easily reply to a message. But if, in this same menu, you select YouTube as a video application, then you can play any video and when you open the sidebar, tap on this button to continue listening to it with the screen.

Best Ad-Blocker Apps on Android!

there are a ton of ways to block ads on android, but knowing which is the most effective option is tricky. is it adaway ad guard, next dns block, cata5, or maybe another random ad blocker app that you've never even heard of? well, let's stop that confusion today and narrow down the best ad blockers on android to date. i'll explain the pros and cons of each one and also let you know which might be the best option for you. so drop a thumbs up to show your support to the channel. in the last video, we reached almost 3 000 likes. let's try to see if we can hit it this time around and maybe even go a bit further and hit 5000. i know the boys got my back. let's start with the easiest and quickest way to block ads on your android. just hop into the system settings, go into network and internet, then private dns, and select private dns provider host name. from there, just type in dnsadguardcom, hit save and now almost every ad found within your apps and websites will have vanished. it's a great option because it's easy to set up and has very minimal impact on your battery. the only downside is that the ad blocking gets applied to your whole system and there's no way of white listing apps or websites, unless you just turn it off entirely, that's, unless you use next dns, which gives you a custom host name from their website to type into that same android setting. but you can still customize the ad blocking from their website. it's genius because it doesn't require you to download any ad blocking app. once you sign up with just an email and password, you can choose to add extra security features to help you stop cyber attacks and threats. you can also switch to different block lists, such as energized adaway, etc. and even block your own phone's oem from tracking you if you own a samsung, xiaomi or huawei phone. if you like to restrict certain apps or websites from being accessed, then that's possible through the parental control section and you can even schedule certain times when the blockage should be lifted for recreation time. they also have an allow list to allow certain domains for apps or websites that you don't want to block and, lastly, you can view all of the analytiks to keep track of the number of queries that are being blocked and what type of domains are being accessed. it's got everything you need and, again, you don't need to download any app on your phone. i do suggest that you add their web page to your home screen though as a shortcut, just in case you want to make quick adjustments to the ad blocker. it's what i use, especially since it doesn't consume that much battery, but still it's not as protective as other ad blockers on this list. if you prefer a few more layers of protection and don't mind the extra battery drain, then add guard is a great alternative. not only does it block ads on both your browser and apps, but it's also the only ad blocker that removes the space where the ads used to be, makes your artikles and websites look a lot cleaner. any other ad blocker will just leave you with that giant blank canvas. on top of that, you can tell adgard which apps to ignore, apply dns filtering with custom server selections, protect your personal information when you enable stealth mode, and even apply https filtering to obtain a better ad blocking experience within your browser. ad guard pretty much has it all, but there are a few issues that i have with it. the first thing is that it won't block ads unless you pay for the subscription fee. it's pretty much the only ad blocker on this list that does this, although next, dns also charges a fee, but it's only until you reach 300 000 dns queries a month. the second reason why i have an issue with ad guard is that it consumes a lot more battery than next dns because it's constantly running in the background processing my internet traffic. and the third reason why some people may not like ad guard is for privacy reasons, since adgard processes your entire internet traffic to get rid of those ads and blank spaces. they can also see all the pages that you visit. you're giving them a lot of trust, but luckily they are a trustworthy company that's used by millions of people, so you shouldn't worry too much now. ad blockers are very effective at doing their job, but where they fall a bit short is protecting you against some of your apps. believe it or not, it's not uncommon for certain apps to actually listen in on your conversation so that way in the future they know what relevant ads to show you. it's also not uncommon for them to send your data in the background without you even knowing it. pretty scary stuff. that's why i use an app called anti-stoker, the sponsor of this video, to help improve my phone's security. for starters, anti-stoker can detect any microphone or camera usage and, surprisingly, it even works better than my phone software. with an anti-stoker under monitoring console, i can see which apps use my microphone and camera and for how long. plus, it'll even let me know which apps have sent my data in the background and how much data was sent. it'll honestly scare you. luckily, anti-stoker lets you block those pesky apps from sending data within the data monitoring section by creating a local vpn. with the flip of a switch, you can restrict certain apps from sending data when they're not in use or just block them entirely. it works like a charm. any apps that i don't need to monitor, i can simply whitelist them within the monitoring console. but the protection doesn't just stop there. anti-stoker has a few tricks up its sleeve. things like anti-theft alarm that starts playing a loud alarm whenever someone tries to grab your phone or remove it from the charger when you're not near it. it's perfect for public places like airport charging stations. it also has a permission manager to let you see which apps have been granted access to the internet, the microphone, etc. a route checker to see if your phone is rooted, an option to mute your microphone straight from the notification section so that no one listens in on you, and a lot more. overall, it's one of the best privacy driven apps out there, with the developers constantly improving it and adding in new features. it's free to download and will seriously improve your phone's security, so make sure to use my link in the description if you want to help support the channel. now this next set of ad blocker apps are extremely similar and work with the same level of accuracy. sure, there may be a few that have some extra minor features and prettier looking interfaces, but functionality wise it's all the same. we have rethink dns, block cata5, dns 66 and next dns, but we already toked about that one earlier. all these look at your incoming dns queries when you're using the internet and block the queries that come from ad networks. simple. my personal favorite is rethink dns because it's completely free, with no subscriptions or in-app purchases, and, although it doesn't remove those blank spaces like ad guard does, it still does a great job at blocking ads within my apps and browser. on top of that, it comes with a firewall that lets me block any apps from accessing the internet. i can do that on a per app basis or just block all apps when the device is locked or when they're not being used. pretty gnarly, of course, that would interfere with incoming notifications, so i wouldn't enable those, but if you don't mind, go for it. it really comes in handy for restricting internet access to file managers, alarm clocks, calculators or any other app that doesn't need the internet to run. finally, you wouldn't think this is important, but rethink. dns has a very active community with a telegram channel so that you can ask for help if you run into any issues. plus, it gets updated relatively well around every one of two months, so not bad. blockheader5 is a great alternative. it has a prettier looking interface with the extra option of letting you choose from a variety of different block lists so that you're not just stuck with one. it has all the popular ones, like energized, oisd, adaway, e.

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YouTube APK background play and ad free without Xposed [NEED ROOT]

[Music]. all right, so hello guys, welcome back to another video. today we're going to do something out of the ordinary, so we're going to use the YouTube a PK with the audio playback. well, we're on another life application, or even your screen closed, and also we're going to make it advertisement free, and this one will only be possible you can use ex-post. so right now we can do it with without axles and thanks to a xba developer- this, this is the post I'll link a link in description. so he proposed this app and you can to download the specific architecture that you have. you can just google your CPU and it will give you the corresponding architecture that related to your phone CPU and download it and I will show you the rest of the process on the phone. so here we go. ok, so now we're on the phone. I'm just using this to do a demonstration, because my phone is selfie. of course, add a variable in frame rate, so it does not work well with premiere, so I have to redo this now. first, you want to go to that forum that I have mentioned it and just download that apk. I already download this. so let's go to files and go to downloads folder, download and you will see that I downloaded- this was the one I downloaded. so, and then you want to put your internal storage. oh, yeah, before that, you want to enable your root explorer so you can have a root Asus. that way you can modify your application for YouTube, otherwise it's not going to show up this, that they will be an empty folder if you does not allow them to explore the photosystem app. go all the way down to YouTube, and here I have the YouTube, renamed it, so you will want to hold the lead, ok, when your delete the file and go back. so, and then you want to copy. what did I accident? no, yeah, beep, before you'll copy it in, you want to double make sure. go to your store and go search for YouTube. if they still has it, then you have to uninstall it YouTube and it wants you to update. so for my, I have to update. for yours, you have an uninstall button because it is already the newest version of the YouTube that you have, so I'll install it. this will not be update, should be uninstall, and after that do not allow auto update. that way you will keep this version of YouTube forever, but I think you will be able to publish like a newer version of YouTube when a new version come out, but until this point, this will have to work with. so go back, go to explore, go back to download and you have this file to when they downloaded long press coffee. go back to your root folder, internal storage line. sly to the root, go to the system app, go all the way down to YouTube and paste in there. you can rename or you don't have to rename it, it doesn't really matter. there right now you want to reboot your phone. ok, my fault has been rebooted. now let's go to the YouTube ad app and inside there you should be able to playback without the app open and also don't have to watch the ad. so now let's go to a royalty-free music. no, hearing music. don't want to get copyrighted. dance for sure, sexy baby. okay, now you start playing the music and if I exited, you slide it down. I still here, is still playing. so, yeah, if this does not work or you still have your old version, let me process. if you still have your new version, which the official one, then you have to go on, install and reimpose it and also keep in mind that you don't now want to use the auto-update. so, yeah, I think that's pretty much it. try to double check for YouTube. oops, this is updates. do not update this and do not check the auto update. so I think that's it. you can have the one. play in the background will also result in the ad. so that's it for this episode. hope you liked it. until next time, stay active, be happy and game on. oh yeah, also, if you want to learn how to use magic to hide your route and also use your enjoy pay, you want to add a card, and just do allow you to add a card and this one. they have the security Windows security flag open, so it cannot be using the USB to display on the computer. but if you want to use it or enable it with still having access to route- because now if I open a Google checker, there's route- it always still okay and also your safety net is: do ok just because the magic they have a should be passing, because in the setting you can hide the route from where's it detection? so if you want to learn that, comment down below and I will make another video for that. so until next time, stay a kiss, be happy in-game. bye [Music] you.


ADLess 完 Remove ADS From APK - Tutorial

amazing tool to remove ads from any application. you can access it from the z14 application here, adidas, or from the website idlesd14.com. enter address tool, then click browse to add your application apk. first, let's try the bug detector, as you see an ad load immediately when i log in. let's try mobile hotspot: you see the ads everywhere in the apps. let's close them and backup. make a backup. now go to the tool, select your application files, upload them. ways for the upload: the application will appear in the funding list when it's complete uploading. the first one appeared now. we should wait a minute for the work to start. now it starts working. finished. the application appeared in the done list. scroll down and click download to get your application. but let's first wait for the second one to complete the upload. you can close the page when the upload is finished and go packager. let this one work. let's try to download first application. your application appear in the top of the list. just search for it, click on it and download. let's check the second one. it's still working. here it is. it appear in the dom list. let's go and download it after the download complete. you need to install the application now of your first. you need to this: install. uninstall to old ones. now let's try to install the new apk. if it asks you to enable the unknown resource, just enable it to be able to install application outside of the google play store. let's install the second one now. let's check the final result. the first up, enter immediately without any adds, and the second one also. enjoy your applications now without any disturbing adils will remove 90 percent of ads. would remove ads from 90 percent of the applications. some apps may crash if you remove the ads, so go to adidas or download the dz14 applications and you will find the tool here. enjoy and thank you for watching.

How To Remove Ads from Android APK

today I will show you how to remove us from your app. let me show you an example. what type of ads and toking about you on an app- sometimes in the important you can see that type of- has come in your apps and sometimes big pop-ups always come in your app. so let me show you how you can delete the toast kind of ads from your app. okay, for that purpose, let me minimize this. for that purpose, you need to software these two. fold it again written and not that less. that epic a little is our portable sofa, so you do not need to install that method. process is an exercise, so you have to install in your system. both of these software's has the download link in my video description. you just need to copy and paste in your browser like that. listen. when you will copy the ability to link, this will direct you on this side and on a PK difference. when you call bottom, you can see download links. click on link to. so you just need click and download and keep and not that process and you will click. it will direct you on this side. you just need to click on this download button and then you will click here. it will give you a download link. click on this green button and download and install. okay. the third thing which you you need is a advocate, build or comma site. this website has all Google Play Store apps so you can download from here. I mean on your system. you can not download any app from google clothes store because Google need a android device. so you can use this website where you can download all apps. I already downloaded that. so costs minimize. so this one is a PK, is it? - Sophia Anderson is not that luscious, already installed it. and this one is that which I have to remove all ads from this app. so, first of all, open this epic easy tool. you will see these files. you just need to double click on this implicated black icon by already of funny. so this option when a tribute to serve, okay. so you have to change these two option. first of all, decompile directory- change on desktop. I want you to make a directory on desktop. in a folder. I am going to write a name: decompile [Music], doing, okay. in the compiled directory, I'm going to be mean to make Poindexter combined. okay, now select. I pick a which you wanna edit left click and press this a compile button. okay, now you can see my ethical decompile. you decompile successful. your people con this. okay. Hollywood Hogan ports: okay, now we need to go to the decompile folder where all where my IP j is be compiled. yes, sir, you can see, Rick, these are all parts of my everything right. click on Android manifest and click on edit with notepad plus button, not + ctrl F, to find ads. so, as well, you have to write a DF and click on find all in current government. okay, I have two lines who contain ads: 9, 24, 9, 28, directly count line 47. it will direct you on that line. you just need to delete that line, nothing else. click from this and go to the end. backpacks: okay here and click the delete button like that. now the we click on line 28, go to the end. let whole line. like that and delete. okay, now just save this like that. Brants, close and open this 80kg tool again and press this compile button. now you can see my apk is already compiled successfully. I will click OK. okay, now go to the compiled folder. as you can see, my easy video cutter is compiled. now have to install and let's see that you as having over or not. so I'm going to again my Android n work and to install this app from compiled. okay [Music]. okay, now you can see my app is already installed in my Android emulator. you can also install this in your Android phone and here you can see knowledge in bottom there is no more ad pop-up screen. so this is the whole process. you can tok, so you can also send this app, this compiled app, to your email and then just download on your mobile Android, no wipe for this test. so, for example, open your email and compose and then attach the apk file which you edited and sand and then just downloading, just mobile, and install and enjoy our app without em. and thank you guys for watching a video. if you got any question, please ask me. I will try my best to answer you. if you see any error in my video, let me know. I will quit and it will be helpful for me maybe.

YouTube Vanced APK 2020 (No root, No Ads, Floating Window Mode, Music Player Mode)

[Music]. hold me close till I get up. time is barely outside. I don't always would snores, reaches and leading us. love is all will ever trust. ya know I don't always. with [Music]. we'll go through wastelands, through the highways, summer shadow, through the sunrays and [Music] along the way, melodies we haven't played. I don't know. I go in around these walls planning to create a song. [Music]. we'll go. [Music], nice, [Music], [Music]. we. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music].