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zedo ads

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Hey there, this is a screencast about digital advertising design and marketing. I just started blogging on my new blog called Industry Org, so do check it out. Today, I want to talk about an interesting website called Xero.com. This page talks about rich media and its benefits in advertising. Let's take a look at the different types of rich media ads available on Xero.com.

Types of Rich Media Ads:

1. Expandable - This is a horizontal banner ad that expands when you hover your mouse over it or click on it.

2. Page Peel - A unique format where the corner of the webpage peels back to reveal an ad.

3. Pop-ups - These can be irritating and should be built into the website. A sick pop-up keeps appearing on the Times of India website.

4. Overlay - A banner comes in front of the website, and you need to click on the close button to access the website.

5. Infomercial - This is a flash movie that is quite similar to overlay but needs a click to access the website.

6. Ads on Photos - An interesting format where ads are served on photos with a close button.

7. Ads on Video - A horizontal page pusher that attracts eyeballs and automatically closes in seven seconds.

Xero.com offers a variety of rich media ad formats that have a higher click-through rate than traditional banner ads. Expandable, Page Peel, Pop-ups, Overlay, Infomercial, Ads on Photos, and Ads on Video are all unique formats that can be utilized by advertisers to attract more customers. These rich media ad formats offer a new and exciting way to promote products and services to potential customers. Check out Xero.com's blog for more updates on rich media ads. Thanks for watching!

ad server

This article is a guide on how to create a campaign on the ad server Edo and how to channelize the ad to specific target audiences.

Creating a Campaign:

- On the ad sell dashboard, advertisers and publishers are already created.

- To create a campaign, enter the campaign's tag and it will take you to the campaign dashboard.

- Select the advertiser and campaign, and choose the ad dimension (e.g. 120x600 sports band).

- Choose post-impression and post-click actions for recording clicks and registrations.

- Submit the ad and view it on the dashboard.

Channelizing the Ad:

- Use frequency caps to control how often the ad is displayed.

- Use geo-targeting to target specific countries.

- Set specific timings for the ad to be displayed.

- Create start and end dates for the campaign.

- Use profile targeting and browser targeting to reach specific audiences.

Using Edo's ad server, creating and channelizing a campaign has never been easier. With the ability to target specific audiences based on various criteria, advertisers can maximize their reach and ROI.


In this article, we will explore the process of creating an ad campaign on the ad server Zero. We will look at the various steps involved in creating an ad, selecting the ad dimensions, post-impression and post-click actions, and targeting options available on the dashboard.

Creating an Ad Campaign:

- The dashboard displays two main categories - advertisers and publishers.

- To create a campaign, we need to select the advertiser and provide a campaign tag.

- Once we enter the tag, we are directed to the campaign dashboard where we can select the ad dimension and actions.

- For this campaign, we have selected the liquid campaign and the 120 by 600 sports banner.

- We have also selected post-impression and post-click actions to record clicks and registrations.

- Clicking on the 'Go' button creates the ad and displays it on the dashboard.

Channelizing the Ad:

- The ad can be channelized by setting a frequency cap to control the number of times it is displayed.

- We can also target the ad to a specific country using geo-targeting and set timings for display.

- Profile targeting and browser-based targeting are other options available on the dashboard.

Creating an ad campaign on Zero ad server is a simple process that involves selecting the advertiser, creating a campaign tag, selecting ad dimensions, post-impression and post-click actions, and targeting options. The dashboard provides various options to channelize the ad and reach the target audience effectively.

ZEDO - Au Niveau de la Mer (Clip)

The following article is written in French and talks about various topics, including being frugal, rap music, anonymity, and laxism. The article uses colloquial language and idioms, and the sentences are structured in a unique way.

Main Body:

- The author describes themselves as being extremely frugal, to the point of not spending money on anything unnecessary.

- They mention their love for rap music and express their desire for it to remain underground and not become mainstream.

- The author talks about the importance of anonymity and how they always try to remain anonymous when out in public.

- They mention the town of Givet and how they are always cautious when they are there.

- The author talks about the town of Malines and how it is a place where people are lucid and aware of their surroundings.

- They mention a dream they had about entering the music industry but how it was a tough journey.

- The author talks about how the town of Dreux can be dangerous and how the use of drugs can be harmful.

- They mention the names of places like Baghdad and how they are always listening for any news or updates about these places.

- The author talks about the importance of staying hopeful and how the laxism in society can be a hindrance.

- They mention the importance of being healthy and how it is essential to take care of oneself.

- The author talks about their experiences with music and how they have entered various competitions.

- They mention how they prefer to be laid back and how they don't like to put too much pressure on themselves.

- The author talks about how it is difficult to learn how to express oneself in workshops and how they prefer to let the roses bloom naturally.

- They mention their love for rap music and how it is an essential part of their life.

- The author talks about how they have taken on various roles in their career, including being a moderator, rapper, and maintenance worker.

- They mention their desire to continue to improve and how they want to be better than Jay Z.

- The author talks about how they are often mistaken for being French and how they are proud of their Kabyle heritage.

- They mention their love for their family and how they have taken care of them.

- The author talks about the importance of staying healthy and how it is essential to take care of oneself.

The article covers various topics and provides insight into the author's life and experiences. The use of colloquial language and idioms adds a unique flavor to the article, making it an enjoyable read.

CPA Marketing Paid Traffic Case Study (CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners)

CPA Finance Survey Campaign” so wecan easily identify it later on.Then we want to select our ad formatwhich is push notifications.Then we want to select our targetgeography so let's go with Australiafor this example.Now we want to select our device typeand we're going to go with Androidsince that's the device type for ouroffer.Next we want to select our browser andfor this example we'll select GoogleChrome.We'll leave the OS version as all sincewe want to target all Android versions.Then we want to select our ad placementwhich is going to be both on desktopand mobile devices.Now we want to set our bid which is howmuch we're willing to pay for each clickor engagement.For this example let's set it at $0.20.Now we want to select our campaignbudget which is the total amount of moneywe want to spend on this campaign.For this example we'll set it at $50.Then we want to select our targetingoptions which are based on interests andbehaviors of our target audience.For this example let's select financeas our interest category and adults 18and older as our behavior category.Now we want to set our creatives whichare the images and messages that willbe displayed in our push notifications.For this example we'll use the defaultcreatives provided by Propeller Ads.Now we want to review our campaignsettings and make sure everything iscorrect.Then we want to click on createcampaign and our campaign will besubmitted for review by Propeller Ads.Once our campaign is approved, it willstart running and we can monitor itsperformance in real-time through thePropeller Ads dashboard.After two to three days, we can reviewthe results of our campaign and see ifwe were able to make a profit promotingthis CPA offer with Propeller Ads andpush notifications.If we were successful, we can scale upour campaign and invest more money intoit to generate even more profits.Overall, running a paid ads campaign toa CPA offer with Propeller Ads and pushnotifications can be a profitable andexciting venture for affiliate marketerswho are looking to diversify theirincome streams.

New ethiopian comedy 2018. zedo vs tomas

In this article, we will be discussing a random collection of words and phrases that may seem nonsensical at first glance. However, upon closer examination, we can find meaning and significance in these seemingly unrelated terms.

Bullet Points:

- Basava, Ronnie, Kalen, Jessica, and Bobby are names of people.

- College alum refers to someone who has graduated from college.

- Milliman, agar, luminometer, and Melissa Battle are all scientific terms.

- Non-GMO refers to foods that do not contain genetically modified organisms.

- Felicia, Kwangji, and Tara are all names of people.

- The word symposia refers to a conference or meeting.

- DNI and Encarta are both computer programs.

- Makara and Hamlet are literary references.

- Alicia Yakka is a scientist.

- Iridology is a form of alternative medicine.

- Boozer and cast are both sports terms.

- Angela is a common name.

- Macabre refers to something gruesome or unsettling.

- Los Hermanos is a musical group.

- Myra and Monica are both names of people.

- Subway is a restaurant chain.

- Geneva is a city in Switzerland.

Although these words and phrases may not have an obvious connection, they all have significance in their own way. From scientific terminology to literary references to popular names, each term adds to our understanding of the world around us. By exploring these seemingly unrelated words, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and diversity of language and culture.

Roy de Souza of Zedo on future of digital advertising in India

Zito is a technology company that provides the technology for publishers to advertise on the web. The company has seen a rise in the number of advertisers using its technology to run 30-second TV commercials on the web.

Main Points:

- Zito is a technology company, not a network.

- The mass market TV advertisers are the biggest category of advertising that Zito is seeing.

- Zito runs ads on high-quality sites in India, including ndtv.com, web18.moneycontrol.com, Star TV, and local language sites like diningbhaskar.com and avpanddina.com.

- Zito's technology allows advertisers to buy directly from the platform, which provides complete transparency and better pricing.

- Tablets are expected to dominate internet access in India in the future.


- The agencies and advertisers will increasingly want to buy more directly and focus less on buying through networks.

Zito's technology is making it easier for advertisers to run TV commercials on the web. With tablets expected to dominate internet access in India in the future, Zito is in a good position to help advertisers reach their audience.

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