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zoom testing ads to

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Zoom Tutorials - Testing with Fake Participants UPDATE

so this video is an update to my previous zoom tutorial testing with fake partikipants. so after my previous video was posted, zoom was updated and the functionality i demonstrated in that video no longer works. so i have a few new methods that should allow you to again test with multiple fake partikipants, and so we're going to go over those. so we're going to cover two tikniques. the first tiknique is simply using multiple browsers, so you could download, for example, microsoft, edge, firefox or and chrome, and then, within each of those browsers, you could use the tiknique that i demonstrated in the previous video, both in their normal mode of operation and in their incognito or private modes, and so, for example, if you had those three browsers, that would allow you to test six partikipants. now that method works, but it is a little bit clunky, since you have to have six separate windows open all at the same time, as opposed to in my previous method, where you had one window open and then just multiple tabs for each fake partikipant. so we will test or we'll demonstrate another method. however, this method requires that you download a third-party extension into firefox. so before i demonstrate this method, i do need to provide a warning, so third-party extensions can be malicious, and so it is your responsibility to do your due diligence in checking out a third party extension, looking at its permissions and making sure that you feel comfortable with its operation and that it's safe. so you shouldn't take this video as a verification that any extensions that i demonstrate in it are safe. you need to do your own due diligence, okay, with that said, let's look at how this method works. so here i have the firefox browser open and we're going to go up into the application menu. we're going to go to add-ons and themes. we're going to scroll down to find more add-ons. then, up in this right-hand corner, we will search multi account containers and you can see it pop up there. i will include a link to this extension in the description below and we're here. you can see the ratings, you can go through the permissions and look through all that. for now, i'm just going to click add to firefox and we will add. okay, so it's been added to firefox and we can see that its little container button is up here. so how does this work? so i'm going to start up a zoom meeting. so i have one going here and we are going to. just as in the previous video. we are going to copy the meeting information, so go down and click copy link minimize that we'll come back to here. now, up in this right hand corner we will click the multi account container button. get started, click through all this information- not going to sync right now- and we're going to open a new container. i'm going to use the default containers that are here. that will be sufficient for the demonstration. you can go to manage containers and create your own containers with their own names. so i'll click the personal one and then i'm going to paste in the link. of course we will cancel. we don't want it to open up the zoom link. we want to join from browser. i'll just call this test two. i'm going to ignore these permissions for now. it's not necessary for this demonstration to get video and audio working and we'll just click join and we'll ignore that for now. then we will open up a new container. needs to be different than the first one, so let's try. work now. paste that and in join from browser we'll name this test one- i'm not sure why i named the previous one test2- and we will click join again. we've joined now. if i tab back to the zoom meeting, you can see that i'm here as the host and we have both test one and test two in there. we can go back to firefox and we can continue this for as many containers as we have created. again, you could go under manage containers and create more if you needed more than four, and we'll do one more for good measure. and tabbing back to the firefox meeting- i'm sorry, the zoom meeting. we can see. we do have again myself as the host, as well as four test partikipants. so this method will now allow you to, within a single browser and multiple tabs, multiple zoom test partikipants and again you can go to the previous video, which will can be linked down in the description below, and go through that and i explain why you might want to do this. oh sorry, cat tax say love getting hello kitty, okay. and you go to the previous video and see why you might want to use this method and have fake test partikipants. so thank you so much for watching. bye.

*New* "SYNC ADS TO FOV" Feature | Comparing With/Without ADS TO FOV Gameplay| S1 2023 Test server

foreign. [Music]: get down sniper. [Music]: targets inside. cover me online. friendly hunter, killer drone, deployed Alpha, push it down and retaking a lot Alpha contact with enemy. cover me reloading. get down, awaiting orders predator, missile, inbound enemy UAV spotted enemy in sight. [Music] Recon ready for deployment. ready for deployment, Bravo, foreign changing mag hunter, killer, drone on standby. [Applause] enemy contact, Reload It, cover me, thank you. Target down. changing mag capturing Alpha UAV. online Predator is still awaiting orders. [Music]. [Music] control. [Music] contact with enemy. enemy concept: Bravo contact with enemy. frag out Enemy Inside enemy contact. changing mag Enemy Inside. that's our killers. [Applause] reloading government Targets in touch on standby. changing Mac government contact with enemy Target's in sight over. changing mag enemies. changing mag UAV online contact with enemy Targets in sight. Enemy Inside: reloading- it's too close, fight harder. contact with enemy: reloading, cover me Target online contact with enemy. changing match enemy contact. reloading enemy in sight. friends foreign, foreign. [Applause] contact with enemies. join me online. [Music] contact with enemy. capture the objectives. enemies standing by. repeat: UAV Recon is standing by. targeted contact with enemy hunter, killer drone. deployed enemy Target's inside. enemies captured Alpha and I got shot. enemies reloading. cover me Targets in sight reloading [Music]. [Music] contact with enemy: mission accomplished good work. [Music].

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Is Zoom Collecting My Data to Serve Ads?

i mean by this point. everybody knows what zoom is. it's basically how the world works now. um, a lot of us use it for free, but is it really free? i think we're going to find out. peter's going to share the story. that's not so critikal. update: [Music]. it's not free. it's not free, it's not going to be free. it's the same as every other thing that starts off free on the internet. it's, it's, it's unsustainably unsustainable as free. the old adage is that a dage? uh stays true. if you're not paying for it, then you're the product uh, so zoom is adding ads very slowly and as a test to their free tier of their service. uh, they're going to start off by adding it to the, not to the to the calls themselves, but to the page you see after you hang up a call. and they promised not to use any of the information from the calls, or the transcripts or the subtitles or anything kind of content from the calls. but the wording of that partikular phrase was interesting to me, because they say they promised not to use that content, but that means they've got access to it and they're gonna use it at some point. um, i dug into this a little bit. um, because i? my first question is right: so we're gonna show ads. what are these ads going to be related to? how are they going to be relevant to your call or to anything? so how they're going to actually make oh, they're not just going to show random ads. right, and yes, they say in the post: we will not use meeting, webinar or messaging content, specifically audio video files and messages, or for any marketing promotions or third party advertising purposes. so how are they going to make it relevant? how to look at the privacy policy and um, they say this is their privacy policy. i, i. they say that they do buy data or get from other places, um, uh, for marketing and advertising purposes, and they do share data with other advertising networks and marketing for marketing purposes as well. so it's one of those generic phrases like we use it for the purposes of running the service or something you know fluffy like that. that just could mean anything. um, so i mean, based on every other time this has happened, they're get: a. they're buying ads. they're buying data about you to show your relevant ads. b. they're going to end up selling that data about you back because they have access to it. they may not use it directly to show ads to you, but they're going to sell it to other people, c? um, they're going to start using the contents of the messages and things in the at some point in the near future. that's my prediction, because it's happened every single at the time. i- i- i feel like you're being a little harsh, peter, and i know like i'm sarcastik, like so, zoom had some stumbles early in the pandemic. they were put into hyper growth mode, got overwhelmed. they had some security stuff to address. they had some privacy stuff to address. they did. i think you know we're not toking about facebook here, who has major problems in the trusting credibility department. yes, zoom has. so. so to your side, zoom has is probably now under tremendous pressure for growth, because how do you beat your growth projections from 2000 in in a time when now everybody's not forced to use their product or shut their businesses down? uh, right. so what are they going to do to grow? i'm sure that's significant pressure internally. does that mean that they're going to fully go to the dark side and start doing voice transcription on your videos in real time so they can insert ads into your conference meetings? no, immediately, but they will, uh and? and even if they won't do it themselves right now, when they get bought by facebook, they will um like yeah, yeah, and look, mike, sorry, excuse me guys, um, my name's mike hutton, my son, my name's mike sutton, right, and i believe in the capitalism in america, and zoom has a fiduciary responsibility to its investors to exploit the data that they have access to to the fullest extent that they can in order to make sweet, sweet cash for their investors, thanks. so here's the next level. i'm gonna give them an idea how to do it. how awesome would it be if zoom could fill one of your uh partikipant slots with a virtual assistant who is transcribing your meeting and taking reminders and studying to do tasks in real time, fully connected to your calendar, your email, all of your meetings, real-time live voice transcription, obviously stored to the cloud for backup, could cc everybody on the minutes for the meeting and you never have to do anything. that would be awesome. oh, my god, i could do that. amazon could do that. actually. dude, have you ever used the transcript option in zoom? it's really good. it's really good. oh no, there is that option in zoom. yeah, yeah, i, i can do that. have a subtitles thing with that. it can uh put out, write out what you in real time it's like, and i see you do that real twitch, so i guess i'm not too surprised by that. very, very good, the. the only annoying thing about it is that if you record the, the um, the meeting, then it doesn't show them back. but whatever, it works really well. so well then, why are you concerned about how they're going to show uh relevant ads? they can just use that information. well, they promise they're not going to. that's what they said. that was short-sighted [Laughter]. it won't last. don't go back on it. when it suits them, they'll. they'll change the terms and conditions and then that, that's that, or they'll just do it anyway and they get caught and then change the times. they're so jaded, peter. oh, i wonder why that's one of those. i didn't start off like this mate. i was a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving young whippersnapper just sharing your private information all over the place. i was, i totally was, i was absolutely and, and the internet has ground me down to the, the husk that i am. the internet is a terrible, terrible place. it really is totally is i. so here's the thing. right, the, the there's no, there's no reverse, there's no going back from what zoom are doing. they are implementing ads, uh, because if they're under tremendous growth, uh, pressure, they're. they're toking about on. so people, people probably are familiar if they view zoom. when you finish a meeting, it takes you to a screen that says: you know, hey, hope everything went well. or maybe there's also a screen when it launches the meeting. you click the link to open and it opens in your browser and they're toking about putting an ad across the top of that screen that's targeted to you. how, though? how is it going to be targeted? i really don't know. it will be somehow, right. where are they getting that data from where? how much is it costing them? this is with. this is called customer. so what's that? okay, but what's a good answer to that? for you? there's no good answer. what answer could they give you? that's good. they tell you: don't show ads, make money from the premium? okay, well, they're showing ad. so now you're asking: where are they going to get the information from? what's that? what's that, tell you? well, it's that's like saying: oh listen, the guy's going to murder you. which knife would you like? great. so your problem's not how are they doing it, problems that they're doing it at all? yes, because it's the first step on a slippery slope, but it's only for free users of the surface, so should they just stop offering free plans? yeah, uh, if it? yeah, i would rather they did that. i would rather pay five bucks a month for zoom than um. i have the tracking and ad. you have that option. how much is the zoom account? oh now, how much is zoom now? i don't know, let's see. i i think it's going five bucks a month. oh, i don't want to subscribe to their. oh, this is their blog. let's check zoom mike's version of live coding subtitles to an account. i don't know how this works. playing some pricing. it's free. oh, 15 bucks. 15 bucks a month, that's a bit too much. i mean, i pay less enough for a phone. so look at a couple ads. or don't use zoom. you could use skype. yeah, actually i started using signal lately. i hate skype, is it? well, they have some functionality. that's nice for streamers, i guess i would say. does any actual streamer?

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Zoom inserting ads for free users

honestly speaking, of unbelievable. i think the next story i didn't really see say i could see coming uh, kind of a curveball all around. so zoom is testing ads for free accounts and so they'll have like a banner image inside that stuff and it's just like: what are you doing? like you had a killer year obviously in 2020. um, things are going relatively good for you as a company and you're going to introduce ads to try to milk these free accounts and it seems kind of just like- i mean, roger mentioned it a couple times in previous episodes- but once a company goes down this ads path, what kind of telemetric data about users are you tracking to serve up those ads? because there's no way those ads are just going to be like statikally placed. right, it's going to be based on where you are, how many meetings you associate you've attended, what type of meetings, what companies and meetings have you attended and who do you normally interact with and what are their interests. and, like, i mean, i'm not even in ads and i can tell you a million different ways that i could target somebody simply based on their zoom patterns, right, um, you know if they're on mobile or not or whatever, and so, like, why, like i, i mean i'm pretty well, i have a good feeling- why because the stok was killing it in 2020 and it's not killing it in 2021 and we've got to find another way to diversify. and i mean, it's not like zoom is cheap either and, at the end of the day, i think video conferencing- part of it's getting commoditized a little bit too. i mean, every you know what you call communication platform- has some level of video conferencing involved in it. now, right, i mean between teams and, uh, google and uh, what you call discord and whatever. there's like many other options. right, i don't like zoom had that head start, but it's not. adding ads is not going to be the most that you think it is right. create products that create value and charge more for, like add-ons or whatever, and that's you can make more money. but uh, yeah, i think this is a very slippery slope that, um, you know, is going to get works before it gets better by any means. and this and this was perfectly teed up for you, because, just what tay just said, how many times have we heard raju say: you know, when you, you, when you go into the ad business, then you become an ad business. so it's. it's not like you dip your toe, your foot, your ankle, your kneecap, it all goes in after you start you. you cross that line and is there any reason to believe zoom will not be like that? i mean, and think of the, the kind of information that could be, uh, you know, captured, uh, with a zoom ad business. i mean there's there's so many things going on, so many, you know, people involved, so many conversations, yeah, and stuff like that over zoom and things along those lines. and now, like you know, buried in some terms and conditions will be like, you know, maybe content will be monitored or whatever like that. right, i mean, zoom was like didn't get nearly enough backlash for their blatant lies about antenna encryption for calls and that was exposed, and i think, like 2019, 2020, and they basically just like created their own definition of what end-to-end encryption is, which is just like nonsense all around. and so i think finally it's coming around, but i don't think intend encryption, if i remember correctly, applies to free accounts. it only applies to paid corporate accounts or whatever like that. and so, yeah, i mean, i'm not saying that they do it, obviously, but it's a easy way to see that, you know, maybe for the free account, if you want to go from 40 minutes to 60 minutes for a free zoom meeting. you know opt-in uh for whatever data collection to enhance our services and and offerings and whatever shady language you kind of use. and you know, bada bing, bad boom. you're like, now your video is going to be tracked, what's in your background, what are you around or what are you wearing. all that stuff gets um, can get looked at and uh, i mean, if you're on zoom's brent they're going to have a field day with rams gear fanatiks. we found our number one customer, we found our target. yeah, just just looking at, like the gear, what's in the background, the kind of audio it'll know, like your mic source, it'll know your camera source, it'll know everything about you, like a lot of information in a video call. that i think goes uh under appreciated. i just think about what you said about family doing zoom. think about the, the pandemic, and how integral zoom was to families being able to stay connected and and stay, you know, in tune with what was going on. and that has absolutely nothing to do with the business stuff, i mean, and the business stuff won't even be affected because we're paid for it. uh, but folks who are using this for free as a way to stay connected. you know, i the only thing i could say is: you know, you've already given that to people. it's kind of hard to take that away, so maybe maybe they should do something. like you know. like you said, if they want you, you only get a certain amount of time. currently, if you're free, use i think it's like 40 minutes or something like that. yeah, but you know, maybe if you want more time, if you want an hour, or you on a- you know, a monthly hour count of certain, maybe, then you say, all right, we'll do ads for that. but it feels kind of it just feels a little bit wrong to do it and now, all of a sudden, add this component after people have already gotten used to doing these things. i don't know, like you said, maybe this is all being driven because of, you know, certain, uh, financial realities, um, but we'll see, i. i i think they're gonna get some pushback on this one. regarding the zoom, obviously i mentioned in the past that, uh, you know privacy and ads don't mix. there is that aspect to it. but it's important to ask the question: why are they even doing this right. i don't think they have an option because part of it, i believe, has to do with the, the communication platforms, being being commoditized. you know pages touched on that right. if you look at, historically, communication applications and the platforms wants to be free, it's tough to commoditize or tough to keep that going over a period of time because they they tend to get commoditized. take something like instant messaging: how many instant messaging platforms made money, you know? go all the way to uol, write aim and yahoo messenger, msn messenger too. you know there are some web apps like neighbors to you know, skype, to whatnot independently. they did not find a business model that was independent. now video conferencing, and thanks to go with uh, it became a commodity. in the long run it is going to be commoditized. so video conferencing is the new instant messaging. you got to have it and people are not going to, really not going to pay, not willing to pay, and the competition is so broad and, or at least in microsoft or google or any of the other other vendors out there, they're going to be offering it for free and several vendors out there will be offering it for free or close to being free. so which means if you're the vendor that is charging, well, the the road it may not last long, so they have to find an alternative business model. my guess is that's the reason they're trying to experiment with this, with this thing, where it's not to say that it's the right model, but that is probably the thinking that is going into it, because, you know, expect microsoft and google and facebook and several other vendors, amazon, to offer video and audio conferencing for free, just like they offer instant messaging for free. that is the reason slack had to sell, because independently it may not. you know, it did not make sense. they cannot last for, let's say, a decade or so. zoom, as a strategy wise, may not have that runway, so that's the reason they're looking at alternative ways to monetize it. yeah, that makes a lot of sense and i think they- i, you know, i guess, especially after the, the deal for them acquiring five, nine fell through. they are, they're still, that's all they are, that's all they do, and and they need, i guess, either they ha.

7 Zoom Screen Share Tips Every User Should Know!

- Sharing your screen in Zoom is a must-know skill, but do you know these seven tips? In today's video, I wanna show you not only everything that you need to know about screen sharing, but things that are gonna make it so much easier for you, including how to prevent partikipants from doing certain things. Hello everyone, Scott Frisen here at Simpletivity, helping you to get more done and enjoy less stress. And let's start off with a shortcut key to make your life so much simpler. So, for example, you are probably very familiar with how to share a screen. All you have to do is come down here and select this button, share screen- and that's pretty easy to bring you up to this dialogue prompt. But isn't it a bit easier if we just put alt S on our keyboard? Alt S will also bring up that dialogue box. whether you have this window maximized, or maybe you have this minimized, Maybe you're somewhere else- I can just put alt S. or if you're a Mac user, you can select command shift S, and that will immediately bring up your share dialogue. But there's something else that I like to point out with this is that often I will give this tip to some of my partikipants if I want them to share their screen. You don't know how many times I have been trying to tell them or try to help them navigate where to find this share screen button. It's so much easier if I just let them know. hey, just hit alt S on your keyboard and we can get right to sharing your screen. Now let's move on to tip number two, and this actually has to do with the opposite. That is, actually preventing someone from sharing their screen Because you wanna be in control, right? You want to say who and when can share their screen Instead of them taking over your meeting. So what Zoom has done is they've conveniently added a security button here in our tool bar And we select on security. you can see that there's a few options here, including the ability to allow or not allow partikipants to share their screens. So here you can see. I have it unchecked, meaning anyone who is in this meeting with me, they cannot share their screen unless I come in here and select this. If I check this now, my partikipants are allowed to share their screen with me and share their screen with others. However, this is probably on by default, So what I like to do is going into my Zoom settings and change it. so this is unchecked by default. so I can always make sure that I remember. I don't have to remember, I should say, to come in here and uncheck that. So let me show you how to do that. Here I am within my Zoom settings, within the Zoomus website, And after you've logged into your account you want to select settings and we are wanting to scroll down a little bit to the second header, which is called in meeting, basic. Now we wanna scroll down just a little bit further here until we get to our screen sharing settings. Most likely this is already set right, 'Cause that's a standard feature within Zoom- to be able to share your screen, But it's the second option who can share? By default, it probably is set to all partikipants. Now you may be hesitant to say host only only yourself, or if you make someone else a co-host, But remember this doesn't actually prevent other users from sharing. what it means is that that checkbox that I just showed you is always going to be unchecked. So whenever you start a meeting, when you have host only set on your user account, on your settings, this is always going to start a meeting with this unchecked. And then when you want to allow someone else to share their screen. you can come in here, select security and turn that on. So a helpful tip, especially if you don't want other people hijacking your meeting even though they were supposed to be in your meeting. you don't want to allow them that control to start sharing whenever they want to. Now let's go to another screen sharing tip. This one has to do with sharing video, because we often wanna share a YouTube video or maybe some other type of video that you already have on your machine And many people have been complaining that oh, it's really either fuzzy or it's choppy, or they can't quite hear the audio. Well, before you share your video, whether it's online or on your system, be sure to come down here and check this checkbox: Optimize screen sharing for video clip. You wanna check this box, which is also going to automatikally check this one: share computer sound, because we obviously want to share the audio when we're sharing that video. But this is going to increase your chances for the best viewing experience for your partikipants. Now, it's not going to guarantee that it's a flawless experience because, remember your bandwidth, but also your partikipants' individual bandwidth is going to contribute to how they view this or what type of quality they experience. But to have the highest quality, to optimize your video clips, make sure you check this box before you go and select YouTube or before you go and select something on your screen. All right, we're gonna stik here within the sharing dialogue for tip number four, And this one has to do with sharing just a portion of our screen. So let me cancel out of this for just a second, and let's say that I've opened up a PDF document. However, I don't wanna share the whole toolbar. maybe I have some notes or other things here on the right hand side. I just wanna share the text, but I don't wanna hide all this other stuff because I might be doing other things. I just don't want them to see that. So when I go to share, when I go back here, let's open up our share screen. here I'm gonna click on advanced- Basic is the one that we always see by default, but let's click on advanced- and here we have the option to share a portion of our screen. So by selecting this, we go back to our PDF example here and here. you see, I have a green rectangular area here and the green means that this is what I'm sharing in the moment. Now that green color is key and we're gonna see that on a future tip as well. What I can do is I can click on this larger part here at the top and I can drag it around. Now, while I'm dragging, it turns yellow. that means that my screen sharing is paused. they're just seeing this while I drag things around and when I release it we're back to green. Now I'm only sharing this area here, So I can go over here and make changes or reference things or go up to the file menu, and they're not gonna see any of that. Now you can always resize this window. If I wanna drag this over and make sure that I'm capturing everything here, You can resize it at any time. just remember, while you're resizing it's gonna be paused as well. green means go. green means that you are sharing at that point in time. So if you only wanna share half or a portion of your screen, that's gonna be something that's very helpful to you. Now let's move on to tip number five, which is going to greatly enhance your meetings, especially if you want to get your partikipants involved, And tip number five has to do with polling your audience. So down below here in my Zoom menu, you see I have a polls button. Now, you may not see this immediately, because this is often not turned on by default. Let's go see where we can turn that. We wanna jump back into our Zoom settings and we are back. this is setting. we are still under the meeting tab and, yes, we're actually still gonna go to the in meeting basic header And if we scroll down just a little bit further, you're gonna come across this option called polling. Now, as I said, there's a good chance that this is turned off by default. you just need to hit this switch and you will have polling options available to you. So how do you create your first poll? Well, you're gonna wanna stay here within your Zoom account and this time we're gonna click on meetings. The meetings tab, of course, is where you're gonna see all of your up coming meetings, And I've created one here called test meeting. All you.


yeah, good evening guys and girls. welcome to the first training session on the Forex millionaire Expo affiliate program and, um, this is Sergio Fortune taking you tonight on what these events, or what is not actually what the events. it's actually what the Forex internet affiliate program is all about, the Forex millionaire Expo affiliate program. so that's what I want to show you guys tonight. I'm going to be explaining what the event is all about. yeah, so what the event is all about and, um, what the affiliate actually, what the affiliate program is all about, and how to successfully, because selling online is is a science and perhaps, yeah, so you need to know how to sell. it's not just about posting links here and there. yeah, so I'm really glad having you guys on this all with us and, uh, we are glad I'm happy to have you guys in this team as power affiliate that I want to really like you after the source of this event. although this is a good opportunity to to really make money- yeah, many people think it's just- there are other ways to make money online. now, apart from Forex Trading, there's affiliate marketing, Drop Shipping, stok trading, um, social media marketing. there are a whole lot of other skills- I'm income skills, Facebook ads, copywriting that is out there- that you could learn- graphic designing, video um editing. yeah. so just as we have Forex Trading, there's also affiliate marketing, another opportunity to like to, to, to make money online, and that's why I will understand the fact that there are many people that want to attend this event. yeah, I'm sure I'm searching that there are people on this call currently that they won't attend this event but due to financial restrictions, they can't. and, um, because we're getting requests, people won't like: I want, how can I make money off this thing? now there are some people. they bought their tikets. they also introduced a friend like: oh, I'm attending this event, why not join? it's going to like: look at the post of speakers, the caliber of speakers we are bringing into this event, so why not be a part of this event? so that's why we created the affiliate program, so that people can also use it as an Avenue to raise funds. now there are some people that are coming in from other states- and I'm coming from other states. you know you have to think about your transportation, your feeding, your accommodation. yeah, so that's how we we actually came up and established this affiliate program for people to also like: let's make money together. you, you know everything about Jeffrey. I'm sure you guys. this is not the first time you're hearing about this. you all came in from the, either from the telegram Channel or from his um Instagram stories, so you know that Jeffrey likes giving. he likes giving a lot like. recently he conducted a one million giveaway- yeah, he is funding and I can't sleep it- from 300 to about maybe one thousand plus and he gave everything out. in fact, he added money to it again. I was right there. the first of the giveaway arrived with him in his apartment in um on the island. I was there with him. so we all know that Jeffrey loves giving. giving is a huge part of Jeffrey's life. you can't take giving out of like. this is Jeff, this is giving. so it's a huge part of Jeffrey and that is why we actually established these um affiliate programs. but people can also make money from this. many people want to attend, but Financial restrictions- they can't. so what is the Forex millionaire Expo athlete program all about? so what is all about in simple things? what is the bad is that it's a referral program where you refer people to attend the events and when they make payments successfully- successful payment, not just okay, I told this person, the person paid, so the payment has to be really confirmed, successful payment. so when that payment is confirmed, you get a commission for every sales you bring in. so what is happening? let me start by what is affiliate marketing? so Apple marketing is simple. it's just referring someone to purchase a product from another vendor and you receiving commission for that sales. you brought in now a business. that is close to affiliate marketing. now, if you are conversing with real estate, um procedures- yeah, real estate in Nigeria or in Lagos or any part of the world, we copy. we call them Brokers or real estate agents or their thoughts. so these real estate agents, they meet with someone that has a land and they bring a customer, like they bring together maybe a customer and owner of a land. they just together and once they deal or the sales is done, they get that Collision. the same thing with affiliate marketing. so you as the affiliate marketer, you want to like, help someone to sell ease or a product. so for every successful sales- anyone that buys through your link or whichever- you always get a commission. that's how simple it is. affiliate marketing is a lucrative business idea. film marketing: yeah, I do have Elite Marketing. so it's a very lucrative business and you could make like promoting these events, just promoting this event within now and the 14th of January, like 13th of January. you could make as high as 500 000 error, like there is no marketing gaming. there's no. oh, he's just trying to pull our legs. I'm also promoting this. I created my own affiliate link as well, like I sent him. I started promoting yesterday as well and I'm very certain I'm going to make money. yeah, so it's another meal to make money. we want to give out. yeah, we want. we don't want, like, oh, it should only us to park on this money. no, we want to invite other people to join us so that we could all make this money together. so, if you're understanding my point, I want you to drop number one in that chat. if you are understanding my my points, like you really love what I'm explaining right now, drop number one in that chat. yeah, I can see it here. thank you, guys, and they've been playing. was man Thompson. yeah, precious Kingsley fidelics. yeah, thanks guys. so that's it. so he's just gonna like: let people come promote this event to other, to to your audience, to your friends, to your families. I'm very certain there's. there are some of us here. we have telegram channels. we have followers as well, so you could promote this event to your followers there. I mean, there's some people here you. you have up to like maybe 100 WhatsApp views on your WhatsApp status. you don't generate up to like 100 views, 200 views- yeah, we have people like that, so that's an opportunity to sell this event when, once you start posting about it, people will start like: oh, what's this about? what it is about, what is this about? so, in simple explanation, the forest millionaire Esco affiliate program. it's just a program whereby you promote these events. yeah, you tell people about this event and when they pay through your referral link. now, if you've sent your emails on the group, you should have gotten your referral name. you've not gotten it? after this call, just I open the group again. just send it into the group and you will get email with your referral link so that you start selling and start making money. making money. that's up like today: two Affiliates made sales today. I posted it on the group today that I will launched two Affiliates. they made sales. yeah, so that's the part for what this event, what is program- is on about. you just tell people, invite them, tell them about the event and when they want to register, you give them, you give them your link to register. now, how do you make sales? how do you go about selling? the most important thing, how do you? how do you sell? because selling as well, there's a methodology to it. you can't just go into people's DM, come and buy, come and buy, come and buy. no, no one is going to attend to you. like, no one is going to answer, they won't pay attention to you. yeah, so you want to learn how do you sell? number one: don't sound two seals. you like you don't want to appear that, oh, take this thing, come and buy. um, for Jeffrey Benson is hosting the forest millionaire. so, yeah, take this thing, come and register, come and buy. no, we take people through.