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Ankorstore: une levée de fonds record de 250 millions d'euros!

Published on: November 17 2023 by BFM Business

Ankorstore: une levée de fonds record de 250 millions d'euros!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Success Story of Encore Store
  3. Building an E-commerce Platform for Independent Merchants
  4. Providing Services to SMEs
  5. The Importance of Logistics and Financing in E-commerce
  6. Rapid Growth and Expansion
  7. Learning from Past Experiences
  8. Competing with American Giants
  9. Expansion Plans in Europe
  10. Supporting Small Businesses and Retailers Against E-commerce Giants
  11. Solutions for Small Retailers
  12. Conclusion



In today's fast-paced business world, the success of French tech startups has become a common sight. Encore Store, an e-commerce platform launched just two years ago, has managed to secure a significant investment of over 1.7 billion dollars. What started as a simple idea to connect small merchants and producers with customers has now become a major player in the independent commerce industry.

Success Story of Encore Store

Encore Store has quickly risen to success by providing a solution that was greatly needed in the market. With over 200,000 merchants and 15,000 manufacturers already using the platform, the company has proven its value in connecting a large network of small businesses. This success is even more impressive considering the fact that Encore Store operates in a market dominated by giants like Amazon.

Building an E-commerce Platform for Independent Merchants

Encore Store stands out from other marketplaces by offering more than just a platform for buying and selling products. The company aims to support the digitalization and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a range of services including logistics and finance. This comprehensive approach sets Encore Store apart and allows them to cater to the specific needs of independent retailers.

Providing Services to SMEs

One of the key advantages of Encore Store is its ability to offer a range of services to SMEs that often struggle with digitalization and efficiency. By providing logistics and financial services, the company aims to facilitate the operations of these businesses, making it easier for them to manage their inventory and engage in commerce. This added value has contributed to the rapid growth of Encore Store.


  • Simplifies order management for small retailers
  • Provides logistical and financial support to SMEs
  • Facilitates digitalization and efficiency


  • May face competition from other platforms offering similar services to SMEs

The Importance of Logistics and Financing in E-commerce

Logistics and financing play a crucial role in the success of any e-commerce platform. Encore Store recognizes this and has developed partnerships with brands to provide competitive shipping rates to its merchants. By aggregating a large volume of orders, Encore Store is able to negotiate lower costs for logistics, making it more affordable for small retailers. Additionally, the platform offers flexible payment terms, allowing merchants to pay in 60 days while ensuring that manufacturers are paid upon delivery.

Rapid Growth and Expansion

Encore Store's growth has been nothing short of remarkable. In just two years, the company has gone from having 20 employees to a workforce of 400. This rapid expansion has allowed the company to open five new offices and expand its operations into five new countries. The success of Encore Store can be attributed to its ability to attract top talent and utilize the founders' past experiences as serial entrepreneurs.

Learning from Past Experiences

Prior to Encore Store, the founders, Nicolas Dauphas and Nicolas Cohen, had already gained significant experience in the e-commerce industry. Their previous venture, a marketplace for handmade and artisanal products, provided valuable lessons that have helped shape the success of Encore Store. By capitalizing on their past experiences, the founders were able to make faster decisions and ensure the company's growth was more efficient and sustainable.

Competing with American Giants

While there are many American e-commerce companies venturing into the European market, Encore Store's main competitor remains traditional brick-and-mortar retail. A significant portion of purchases by small retailers is still done through traditional methods like pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets, and word processing software. Encore Store aims to make the transition to digital commerce smoother and more efficient for independent merchants, ultimately helping them stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Expansion Plans in Europe

Encore Store's immediate focus is on expanding its presence in the European market. With hundreds of billions of dollars in potential market value, the company sees great opportunities for growth in the months ahead. By tapping into this market, Encore Store aims to support the growth of independent merchants and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the European independent commerce industry.

Supporting Small Businesses and Retailers Against E-commerce Giants

As small businesses and retailers face increasing competition from e-commerce giants, having a platform like Encore Store becomes essential. By providing a user-friendly platform, logistics support, and financial services, Encore Store empowers small businesses to compete on a level playing field. This not only benefits the individual retailers but also helps sustain local economies and communities.

Solutions for Small Retailers

Small retailers face two main challenges: purchasing and attracting customers. Encore Store addresses these challenges by simplifying the purchasing process for merchants and providing tools to drive traffic to their physical and online stores. With flexible payment terms and competitive shipping rates, Encore Store ensures that retailers can efficiently manage their inventory while focusing on increasing sales and customer engagement.


Encore Store has achieved rapid growth and success in just two years, making it one of the fastest-growing French tech startups. By providing a comprehensive range of services to independent merchants, Encore Store has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. With plans for further expansion in Europe, the company aims to support the growth of small businesses and retailers, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the independent commerce sector.

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