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Découvrez mon expérience excitante dans l'e-commerce !

Published on: November 17 2023 by Alexandre Roth

Découvrez mon expérience excitante dans l'e-commerce !

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why I'm Starting New Businesses
    1. The Challenge
    2. The Learning Experience
    3. Passion for Entrepreneurship
    4. Diversification
    5. Teaching Others
  3. The First Commerce: Indocile
    1. The Brand
    2. Artisanal Craftsmanship
    3. Designed for Entrepreneurs
  4. The Second Project: Glow
    1. A Local E-commerce in Mauritius
    2. Beauty Products, Including Clay Masks
  5. Why Start These E-commerce Ventures Now
    1. Placing Long-term Investments
    2. Creating Income Streams
    3. Building a Synergistic Business Ecosystem
  6. Plans for the Future
    1. More Videos and Vlogs
    2. Coaching Services in E-commerce

Why I'm Starting New Businesses

I’ve decided to embark on a new adventure by starting two e-commerce businesses. It may seem like I’m starting from scratch, but I see this as an opportunity to delve into a new discipline. Before addressing all the questions you may have, I encourage you to subscribe to my channel by clicking the subscribe button and activating the notification bell. This way, you’ll receive a notification every time I upload a new video.

I’ve mentioned on Instagram and YouTube that I’m launching not one, but two e-commerce ventures in September and October. As we are currently in August, the first one might be published at the beginning of September. So, make sure to stay tuned. Now, let me explain the essence of both ventures and give you an overview of my overall e-commerce strategy.

The First Commerce: Indocile

The first venture revolves around my brand of leather goods for entrepreneurs called Indocile. Why Indocile? Well, entrepreneurs and creators, the individuals who strive to establish their own ventures, are not easily swayed by convention. They carve their own path, disregarding what others say. This brand is an homage to those who resist conformity and embody the spirit of creativity. Initially, I will focus on the French-speaking audience, targeting France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Quebec. However, I plan to expand globally if the business does well.

Indocile offers meticulously handcrafted leather products made in Italy by skilled artisans with generations of expertise. These products are specifically designed for entrepreneurs and creators who seek exceptional, contemporary accessories for their modern tools. For instance, you can find a practical and elegant leather bag capable of accommodating a laptop, iPad, and phone, along with several compartments for notes and essentials. I will provide more details about the product in an upcoming video. Stay tuned to witness the unboxing and learn more about its manufacturing process and the unique direction I have envisioned for this exceptional product.

The Second Project: Glow

The second project is a local e-commerce business in Mauritius called Glow. This venture focuses on beauty products, particularly clay masks. I will dedicate a separate video to introduce this project, discussing its mission, and outlining our approach. It will be an exciting journey as I reveal the behind-the-scenes aspects and also explore the development of the brand. Since international travel is currently limited, it opens up new opportunities for more vlogs and content creation, documenting the growth of this venture.

Why Start These E-commerce Ventures Now

You might be wondering why I chose to launch these e-commerce businesses at this moment. Well, there are several reasons behind this decision:

Placing Long-term Investments

First and foremost, I love a good challenge. After achieving success in the information products and online marketing industry, I wanted to start from scratch in a new discipline. My aim is to achieve outstanding results in e-commerce, a field that is closely related to what I already do but with distinct characteristics. Let me clarify that I have no interest in pursuing dropshipping. Although it is useful for testing business ideas quickly, I don't want to build a career around it. I've observed that many dropshippers sell low-quality products at exorbitant prices, deceiving their customers and damaging their own reputation. Instead, I want to establish a genuine e-commerce business with my own brand and high-quality products.

Learning Experience

Additionally, I view this as an opportunity for personal growth and learning. E-commerce offers a whole new ecosystem filled with exciting challenges. I am eager to master the intricacies of this field, and I find it stimulating to connect with practitioners who have different approaches and techniques. I have already implemented various strategies and techniques that I learned from top e-commerce experts whom I greatly admire, including Frederick Lohse and Sarah Firestone. This continuous learning process makes me feel like a beginner again, discovering new concepts and methods that keep me engaged.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is my passion, as evident from the focus of my channel. I thrive on launching new ambitious projects, and it is what motivates me each morning. I revel in the freedom and creativity that entrepreneurship offers. Therefore, jumping into e-commerce feels like a natural extension of my interests and a way to fuel my passion.


Diversification is another reason behind my decision to venture into e-commerce. In 2020, my information products and online marketing businesses experienced significant growth. In 2021, I diversified further by establishing my digital advertising agency, Addex, which specializes in high-converting video and photo production. This diversification has been tremendously rewarding, and now I see the potential in entering the e-commerce industry as well. By expanding my business portfolio, I create multiple sources of income that can support and nurture each other. For example, Indocile not only serves customers but also becomes a valuable asset for my agency, which caters to clients in need of digital advertising and content creation.

Teaching Others

Lastly, I feel compelled to accumulate real results in e-commerce before offering guidance to others. I wanted to gain practical experience, generate impressive results, and establish a solid foundation before teaching others the intricacies of successful e-commerce. Therefore, I plan to launch coaching services in e-commerce in 2022. This way, I can share my knowledge and help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own successful e-commerce ventures alongside their existing businesses or as standalone projects.

Plans for the Future

With these e-commerce ventures on the horizon, you can expect a myriad of videos and vlogs to document this exciting journey. It will be a captivating exploration into the world of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and the strategies implemented to ensure success. I encourage you to leave a comment, like, share, and engage with the content. If you are interested in building your online business from scratch or enhancing your existing entrepreneurial skills, I recommend my book, Entrepreneur, which encapsulates my expertise and practical guidance. It is available for a minimal fee that covers shipping costs. Simply click on the link in the description to claim your copy. Furthermore, if you would like personalized guidance and support from my team, we offer coaching services to help you navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship and achieve independence and freedom.

Thank you for your continuous support, and I look forward to sharing more exciting content with you soon. Ciao!


  • Embarking on new e-commerce ventures: Indocile, a brand of leather goods for entrepreneurs, and Glow, a local e-commerce business in Mauritius focusing on beauty products.
  • Reasons for starting these businesses: A new challenge, learning experience, passion for entrepreneurship, diversification, and teaching others.
  • Indocile: Meticulously handcrafted artisanal leather goods designed specifically for entrepreneurs.
  • Glow: A local e-commerce venture in Mauritius offering beauty products, including clay masks.
  • Long-term investments and income streams through e-commerce ventures.
  • Building a synergistic business ecosystem with multiple sources of revenue.
  • Expect more videos and vlogs documenting the progress and strategies in e-commerce.
  • Coaching services in e-commerce to be introduced in 2022.


Q: Can you provide more details about the Indocile brand and its products? A: Indocile is a brand of leather goods designed exclusively for entrepreneurs. The products are handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans and made from 100% full-grain leather. The collection includes functional and stylish bags that can accommodate laptops, iPads, phones, and other essentials. The design is exclusive and created by a renowned artistic director who has previously worked with luxury brands such as Berluti, Sonia Rykiel, and Givenchy.

Q: How is Glow different from other beauty e-commerce businesses? A: Glow stands out as a local e-commerce business in Mauritius that offers a range of beauty products, with a specific focus on clay masks. What sets Glow apart is its commitment to local production and sourcing high-quality ingredients. By supporting Glow, customers not only get access to effective beauty products but also contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Q: Will there be international shipping available for Indocile products? A: While the initial focus of Indocile is on the French-speaking market, plans for international shipping are in the pipeline. If the brand performs well in the French-speaking countries, expansion to other regions will be considered in the future.

Q: What kind of coaching services will be offered in e-commerce? A: The coaching services in e-commerce will cater to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch their own successful ventures. The coaching will cover various aspects of e-commerce, including product selection, store setup, marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and scaling the business. The aim is to provide personalized guidance and support to help individuals navigate the intricacies of e-commerce and achieve their goals.

Q: How can I get a copy of the book, "Entrepreneur"? A: The book "Entrepreneur" is available for a minimal fee to cover shipping costs. To claim your copy, click on the link provided in the description and follow the instructions for registration and payment.

Q: Will there be more content about e-commerce strategies and techniques? A: Yes, there will be a plethora of videos and vlogs documenting the progress and strategies implemented in the e-commerce ventures. These videos will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to help viewers understand the intricacies of e-commerce and apply successful strategies in their own businesses.

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