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Mon expérience de dropshipping avec 100€

Published on: November 17 2023 by Charles Alexandre

Mon expérience de dropshipping avec 100€

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Desire for Change
  3. Discovering Dropshipping
  4. Overcoming Fear and Doubts
  5. Limited Budget, Big Dreams
  6. Forming and Learning
  7. Choosing the Right Market
  8. The Importance of Persistence
  9. The Power of Influencers
  10. Navigating Challenges
  11. Celebrating the First Sale
  12. The Results: From 100 Euros to 750 Euros
  13. Conclusion

How I Launched My Dropshipping Business with 100 Euros


Are you tired of your daily routine and eager for a change in your life? I know the feeling all too well. In 2020, I found myself in a similar position. I was recovering from a breakup, dissatisfied with my studies, and working as an Uber Eats driver due to the impact of the pandemic. I needed to shake things up, and that's when dropshipping entered my life.

The Desire for Change

For a while, I had been familiar with the concept of dropshipping. I had seen countless success stories on YouTube, and I knew deep down that I had the potential to achieve similar results. School had never been my strong suit, and I believed that developing parallel skills was essential for success. So, I took the leap and decided to embark on my dropshipping journey.

Discovering Dropshipping

Before diving in, I dedicated a significant amount of time to learning about dropshipping. I sought guidance from an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur in my city, who provided invaluable insights on what to do and what to avoid in order to achieve success. It was through his mentorship that I gained the confidence to pursue dropshipping with determination.

Overcoming Fear and Doubts

While I was excited to start my own venture, fear and doubts still lingered. Not having much money to invest added another layer of uncertainty. Nevertheless, I mustered the courage to push forward. I knew that even with limited funds, I could make it work. I was determined to prove myself right.

Limited Budget, Big Dreams

With only 100 euros in hand, I decided to begin my dropshipping journey. I understood the importance of being resourceful and making strategic choices. To maximize my chances of success, I focused on untapped markets and collaborating with influencers. This meant avoiding the highly competitive and expensive French market, opting for alternatives that offered more opportunities for growth.

Forming and Learning

Before taking any action, I dedicated myself to further education and honing my skills. I immersed myself in training materials and online courses to grasp the intricacies of dropshipping. I knew that knowledge was my greatest asset, and I was determined to acquire it before making any big moves.

Choosing the Right Market

One of the keys to success in dropshipping is finding the right market. I reached out to numerous influencers, hoping to strike a partnership that would amplify my presence. However, initial responses were disheartening, with most of my emails going unanswered. Nevertheless, I understood that perseverance was necessary in this game, and it was essential to send out countless emails to get even a few positive results.

The Importance of Persistence

After consistently reaching out to influencers, I started to see some breakthroughs. One influencer named Monique expressed interest in collaborating with me. Although I've changed her name for privacy reasons, securing a partnership with her was a significant milestone. As a rising star without an exclusive management team, I had the opportunity to negotiate favorable terms for product placements.

The Power of Influencers

Negotiations took time and effort, but we eventually reached an agreement. Monique agreed to promote my products through multiple stories for just 100 euros, along with an additional endorsement the next day. The anticipation was high, as the day had finally arrived for Monique to showcase my products to her followers.

Navigating Challenges

However, things did not go as planned. To my surprise, Monique ended up promoting a competitor's products that were almost identical to mine. I was confused and disheartened but understood that setbacks were part of the game. I had to find a solution on my own.

Celebrating the First Sale

I decided to reach out to Monique and discuss the situation with her. Thankfully, we were able to find common ground. She agreed to reshare my product placement in a few days in a professional manner. Yet, with a recent setback, my expectations were low, and I anticipated a disappointment in terms of sales. However, to my sheer delight, my first sale came through. That notification on my Shopify app sparked a flood of emotions and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

The Results: From 100 Euros to 750 Euros

The hard work paid off. With just 100 euros as my initial investment, I managed to generate 750 euros in sales. This was a significant achievement considering I was a beginner who had recently been overtaken by a competitor. It was a moment of pride, proving that success in dropshipping was attainable with dedication and strategic planning.


My journey in dropshipping has been a rollercoaster ride filled with challenges, uncertainties, and triumphs. By embracing the opportunities the industry presented and persistently pursuing my goals, I managed to transform 100 euros into an impressive 750 euros. This experience has taught me the power of perseverance, the importance of forming partnerships, and the significance of continuous learning. If you're willing to take a leap, defy your doubts, and commit to your dreams, dropshipping can be the vehicle that drives you towards a better future. So, are you ready to embark on your own dropshipping adventure?

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