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Published on August 18 2022 by Pipiads

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Updated on October 30 2023


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ice tea TikTok ads: October 2023

ice tea TikTok ads: October 2023 Only 10 ads will be displayed, the names of these 10 ads are:

dennislimming,h2o+,ICE TEA UP,Coffee to the Moo,Perfume Dessert London,,Lipton Ice Tea.

They are sorted by top views and belong to the best results ice tea TikTok ads: October 2023

The total number of days for these 10 ads:31641656 Ad Impressions,51 Days,20893 Popularity,31641656 views,20059 likes,252 comments,582 shares.

The countries they advertise contain: Canada,Turkey,United States,Philippines,Taiwan,Brazil,Malaysia,Australia,France,Korea,Indonesia



Ad Text: New and Improved FUZE TEA?! Rose and I got together to try the refreshing FUZE TEA that comes in flavours such as Jasmine Green Tea and Ice Lemon Tea. Fun fact: FUZE TEA was previously known as Heaven and Earth! #FuzeTea #MadeOfFusion

Call to action: Comprar agora

Ad targeting: Brazil,Malaysia,Taiwan,Canada,Korea,Australia

TikTok ad cost:: $1827.2 - 7317.25

Brazil TikTok cpm: $0.92

Malaysia TikTok cpm: $0.71

Taiwan TikTok cpm: $1.23

Canada TikTok cpm: $1.75

Korea TikTok cpm: $3

Australia TikTok cpm: $1.89

1686240 Ad Impressions,10 Days,2137 Popularity,1686240 views,2105 likes,2 comments,30 shares.



Ad Text: 🤓 Le Ice Tea Focus décuple ta concentration. 🍑 Essaye pendant 7 jours ✅ Satisfait ou Remboursé

Call to action: Acheter

Ad targeting: France

TikTok ad cost:: $2.84 - 11.42

France TikTok cpm: $0.97

2928 Ad Impressions,1 Days,11 Popularity,2928 views,11 likes,0 comments,0 shares.



Ad Text: LIEN EN BIO !! Aller voir ca c’est vraiment du lourd #pourtoi #feat #clip #love #kdl_music @🎧KDL🎧

Call to action: Regarder plus

Ad targeting: France

TikTok ad cost:: $26.34 - 105.89

France TikTok cpm: $0.97

27101 Ad Impressions,5 Days,935 Popularity,27101 views,913 likes,13 comments,9 shares.


Coffee to the Moo

Ad Text: 10 second ice tea coffee with @coffeetothemoo at Amazon Accelerate Convention in downtown Seattle. Available on

Call to action: Shop now

Ad targeting: United States

TikTok ad cost:: $35.13 - 140.83

United States TikTok cpm: $3.42

10059 Ad Impressions,6 Days,34 Popularity,10059 views,33 likes,0 comments,1 shares.


Perfume Dessert London

Display name:

Ad Text: Look who visited our store @Ayala Malls Manila Bay its our dearest @Ivana Alawi! 🙈✨ Check out her top pick scents 💖👀 •Sakura •Carrot Cake •Plum & Black Locust •Amber & Bluebell •Maraschino Cherries Mona Alawi favorites💖👀 •Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream •Vanilla Orchid & White Chocolate Hash Alawi favorites💖👀 •Grey Tea & Cucumber •Black Currant & Ambergris •Mandarin & Vetiver You can purchase in-store or COD nationwide🚚 #Perfumedesserlondon #PDLLife #Ivanaalawi #alawifamily

Call to action: Book now

Ad targeting: Philippines

TikTok ad cost:: $110.19 - 443.25

Philippines TikTok cpm: $0.44

249996 Ad Impressions,9 Days,4458 Popularity,249996 views,4307 likes,58 comments,93 shares.


Ad Text: Bestea dijadiin ice lemon tea = minum yang seger seger bonus pencernaan lancar😋 ##MakeItYourBestea #MakeItFit #IceLemonTea

Call to action: Belanja sekarang

Ad targeting: Indonesia

TikTok ad cost:: $4.24 - 17.28

Indonesia TikTok cpm: $0.41

10293 Ad Impressions,1 Days,48 Popularity,10293 views,45 likes,0 comments,3 shares.


Lipton Ice Tea

Ad Text: Bu reklamı izlemek yerine enfes Lipton mango lezzetiyle #PaylaşGüneşini

Call to action: Şimdi sipariş et

Ad targeting: Turkey

TikTok ad cost:: $3

Turkey TikTok cpm: $3

29655039 Ad Impressions,19 Days,13270 Popularity,29655039 views,12645 likes,179 comments,446 shares.

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