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Published on: December 8 2022 by Ac Hampton


The above is a brief introduction to $0 - $230K IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS - BRANDED SHOPIFY E-COMMERCE DROPSHIPPING.

Let's move on to the first section of $0 - $230K IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS - BRANDED SHOPIFY E-COMMERCE DROPSHIPPING!


zero to two hundred and thirty thousand
dollars in less than one month
in less than thirty days on my branded
e-commerce store
let's get in
hey guys what's going on welcome back to
my channel this is ac hampton and thank
you guys so much for watching again
today i'm breaking down an entire case
study of just
one of my e-commerce branded stores that
i have
and what we will be covering is what
this store was able to accomplish in
less than 30 days
starting from zero dollars in this video
we're gonna be covering the shopify
analytiks so you guys can see the
numbers behind everything
i'm gonna be going deep into the apps
that i have on my store
the kpi calculator that i use to be able
to understand my metrics
and most importantly facebook ads and
jumping straight into my live
business manager and i don't know if you
guys saw this merch yet the wi-fi brand
merch but if you are seeing this video
it released today it released today at
so make sure you guys check that out i'm
not going to just show you guys my ads
manager and my business manager but i'm
actually going to go into depth i'm
going to be clicking on the edit button
looking over the way i set things up my
creatives and
everything that you need to be doing to
replicate the same process
so go ahead grab a pen grab a piece of
paper and watch this video the entire
way through
because i'm about to give you guys some
crazy value-packed information
before i dive in as you guys know i give
out a free consulting call
every single week and the winner of last
week will be announced at the end of
this video
if you guys want to be able to win this
free consulting call and go over your
manager go over any questions that you
have what you should be doing in 2021
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also there's only three spots left for
my case study slash mentorship for the
of december if you're interested in
being your own boss
being a self-made entrepreneur building
up a profitable e-commerce brand
slash drop shipping store and doing it
the right way without wasting time
money effort or energy all you have to
do is go to my instagram at ac
underscore hampton and dm me the word
case study or
you can apply at
and you'll get a response back within 24
all right guys here we are on my actual
dashboard as you guys can see from
october 15th
to november 15th we took the store from
all the way to 232 000
in a single month so i'm already gonna
go ahead and refresh the screen for you
because you know it's never
no cap but i'm gonna go ahead and
refresh this right now for y'all
so as you guys can see after the refresh
from zero to 232
000 in a single month with the returning
customer rate of
over 3.36 percent the normal rate is
above 2
so we did really good at acquiring these
customers and coming back
and purchasing another one the average
order value was about 53 dollars and 91
with 4 322 orders
as you guys can see most of my online
store sessions came from the united
states but canada
uk australia and new zealand you guys
were there pushing to
the online store sessions by social
source you can see most of my online
store sessions came from facebook
a little bit from instagram but mainly
98 of it came from facebook ads so i'ma
scroll right back up and we're going to
refresh the screen one more time so that
you guys can be able to see that this is
no cap
so on this store we did about 18
profit so at the very beginning it was
around 25 to 35 percent
ranging literally going crazy but when
you're scaling up that quick within 30
your profit margin definitely goes down
and on the store i took home 18
profit margins so here are the apps that
i used on this store
so i used abandonment cart recovery
email um this is basically a great way
to be able to acquire a customer who
comes to your store
but leaves before they're purchasing not
are we only just trying to retarget
these people with ads
but we also want to retarget these
people with email and text message
and that's why i use abandonment card
protector of course
ali reviews because i want to make sure
that i'm having great strong reviews on
this product
auto currency switcher so anyone coming
from new zealand australia
canada the united kingdom and any of
these other countries
they're going to be able to come
straight to my website and not do any
work at all because the currencies
already automatikally
switched to what they are going to be
paying in i then have diane xomi
this is i don't even know if i said that
right or not but this is for my supplier
to completely automate my store
and if you guys are in the supreme
family i will be giving you guys my
private supplier
so make sure to dm me the word supplier
on instagram if you are in my supreme
and i'll go ahead and send my private
supplier to completely automate your
store just like mine then i have
disabled right click because it was
going crazy and i didn't want
competition to take anything
we have discounted pricing to be able to
increase my average order value
frequently bought together to increase
my average order value
of course oberlo sms bump so not am i
just reaching out to people with email
but i'm also reaching out to them with
text messages
which convert like crazy stiky add to
cart suite upsell and a couple more apps
so basically just keep increasing my
average order value
so just to give you guys an
understanding when you guys saw my
analytiks on the last page it said i
think my average order value is around
mind you i was selling this product for
42. so from 42 to 55
i was constantly pushing upsells to be
able to get this number
higher and you guys should be able to do
the same so i just want to be able to
show you guys the ad that i was running
i'm not going to show the exact ad
because i might be doing something with
this within the next couple of weeks
but just to give you an understanding of
what to expect when you are doing these
high of numbers
so here we are on just one of my
advertisements this is just one
mind you i do a lot of creative testing
i have a lot of retargeting stuff going
but this is just one of my ads so as you
guys can see this ad got over 66
000 likes over 39 000 comments and over
49 000 shares and every single one of
them got replied back to
so another huge factor of why my
ecommerce brand did so well
is because i have great customer service
in place i know that i cannot reply back
all these people but i know that all
these people need to get reply back to
so what i did was i hired a va to
control all of these comments and
every single one of these people got
replied back to all 39
000 people got replied back to and
that's why my customer rating
and my return customer rate was so high
so i just want you guys to understand
what to expect this is a case study i
want you to understand
what's going to happen when you're doing
these big numbers and just one of my
had over 39 000 comments so you just
need to be able to expect what to come
from it
and it's not just making sales but
keeping a great customer service rate to
to sell and make profit from it and mind
you let me just give you a little bit of
a story on how this is a branded
e-commerce store
so what ended up happening is i always
start off with a general store
while i was running this on the general
store within two weeks i
already made over thirty thousand
dollars in revenue
yes it was not the best but i knew that
this product had a lot of potential
so what i did source a product to get
even better shipping times because i
knew there was a demand for it
i then created a niche focus store using
this product and complementary upsells
to increase my average order value
so that this product could be the main
focus of attention
now i did not build a one product or
didn't build a niche store
before i knew that this product was
already validated
i allowed not my time to be wasted and
then once something was working
i now made a store around it does that
make sense if there's demand for it you
put in the extra work you get better
shipping times
after the demand is there you then brand
your product you then bring it onto a
niche focused store and you focus on how
you can continue
to scale this up like i just did so how
was i even
able to find this product so i use a lot
of seo
key terms and i incorporate that on aspi
so i was typing in all types of keywords
to see what was working today
i ended up figuring out this was working
i think around october 1st
and then by october 15th as you guys
know i moved it to the next store
and with ad spy only thing i was doing
again was just not reinventing the wheel
i was looking at what had good demand on
what actually was working for others and
how this could work for me all i did was
write out three pros
three cons three more pros three more
and seen what i can do and if there's an
opportunity for me to wipe out my
and the pros were weighing the cons out
way too much i then validated the
product even more by recognizing the
demand that the competitor had
i was looking at google trends to see if
this was currently trending
i did every step of validation before i
decided to spend one dollar on this and
if you guys want more information about
validation or how i actually use ad spot
i did drop a video right here about how
this tool helped me reach 13
000 in a day so make sure you guys go
ahead and check that out
because it goes into depth about
basically what i'm toking about right
all right we are now here on my ads
manager and as you guys can tell i did
this the same way that i tell you guys
to do
all the time i'm not preaching things
that i'm not doing myself
and you guys shouldn't be learning from
people who are not doing what you want
to pursue in this world so as you guys
can see the first campaign that i
started off with was my cold
audience interest testing very similar
to what i tell you guys
all the time so what i started off with
10 assets at a hundred dollars in a cbo
so this cbo was a 100 cbo 10 different
putting the budget into what was
performing the best and you guys can see
that right here 10 15 cold
audience interest testing i spent over
000 over 21 000
testing out what was going to work for
me now that should just give you a
better insight
that after 400 dollars of seeing what
interest should work
is not it that's not it after just a
hundred dollars
it's not it i spent twenty one thousand
dollars just to figure out
how i can be able to scale this up and
figure out what are the best interests
to go with it
so let's go ahead and dive in right into
this cold audience testing
so as i scroll all the way down
as you guys can see here are the first
10 inches washing machine
dishwasher cleaning washing housekeeping
laundry detergent
by now you guys should have a clear
understanding of the product that i was
um detergent hand washing
so before i continue and go into the
analytiks about this i want you guys to
where i find these analytiks from so in
my course and
in my mentorship i designed a kpi
and what this kpi calculator it allows
you to do is understand your break even
cost per purchase
your break even return on ad spend your
break even added card
what you should be looking at for your
profit margins and more as you guys can
see right here i was selling the product
for around 47
my average cost of goods was about 12.8
and my profit target was 20 so my break
even cost for purchase for this was 33
with a break even return on aspen of
and it will show you right here my
profit target as well
so if i'm looking for 20 profit it's
going to be about 1.93
and 24 cost per purchase now as i come
a huge advantage of this calculator is
let's say i'm trying to do 25
profit before i click enter watch out
this profit target kpi
will change so i went from 20 profit
to 25 now you guys can see
where this is transitioning to so you
understand exactly the kpis
and the data that you should be focusing
on to be able to make profit with every
product you sell
so again i knew my breakeven return on
aspen on this was 1.39 and i knew that i
did not let my cost per purchase go
over 33 no this is not about day one day
two day three i don't give a about
what these gurus try to tell you
it's about the data and the numbers that
go behind it so do not make decisions
day one day two day three make decisions
off of the data and what the kpis are
telling you
so again just on cold audience interest
testing this campaign had an overall
return on ad spend of
1.62 after testing all of that
so do not think that testing is a bad
thing testing is what makes you
profitable so i'm just going to go into
day one so you guys can see what i was
seeing on day one so
this is october 15 through november 15th
i'm just gonna go to october 15th
so as you guys could see day one i spent
a hundred dollars just like i recommend
to you guys
so it's a hundred dollar cbo with 10
different assets in it going towards 10
different interests
and here are the results so day one i
spent 100.92 cents
with a return on ad spend of 255.93
with a break-even return on ad spend of
with a purchase return on aspen of 2.54
mind you my break even is 1.39 so i knew
that this had potential so again i just
did one interest
i named it after the interest so this
one was just
washing i started it at 10 a.m all right
i'm gonna click into this and show you
how i actually set up each ad as well so
i'm gonna go over here click
edit and here we are on the screen where
you are setting
up your ad set and your ad sets so
washing was my interest it had about 14
million potential reach of people
it was a purchase campaign because again
if we are not doing purchase campaign
we are not looking for purchases i hear
all the time again
what type of campaign should i start add
to cart view content should i warm up
the pixel first
listen to what i'm saying right now if
you're wanting purchases
you're gonna have to look for purchases
so always always
always run purchase campaigns when you
are actually
advertising on facebook also another
thing that i forgot to mention
is out of this hundred dollar cbo i was
allowing it to have a five dollar
minimum spend on each individual
so basically what that means is if there
was 10 interest
with a five dollar minimum spin that
comes out to 50 dollars
minimum that is going to spend and since
my cbo is at a hundred
dollars that means that i now have
another fifty dollars to spend
and then i'm allowing the data and my
pixel to make the best decision
to spend the money on what is going to
give me my highest return
and that's what i did so as we scroll
down you guys can see i tested out
united states new zealand canada
united kingdom and australia i did 21
through 65
i used to do 18 through 65 but literally
nobody from 18 to 21
is buying from me on any of the products
i sell so i always stik to about 21
through 65 now
i do all genders um and i just do one
interest i don't exclude drop shipping i
don't exclude oberlo
i don't exclude online shoppers or
whatever these gurus do
i allowed myself to test out one
and not testing out any other variables
so this one was 21-65 like i said
washing detailed expansion was off
languages was
english automatik placements and
seven day click and one day view so
honestly like i didn't try to reinvent
the wheel here
all right here we are on the actual ad
section and as you guys can see
i wanted to show you the ad i just
showed you earlier with all the comments
and engagement
is that same ad that is here in my ads
so as you guys can see 39 000 comments
49 000 shares and this was the ad that i
started off with on day one on the store
and this was not just a random
advertisement so what i did first was
i tested out creatives i don't just jump
into random campaigns
and just hope that something is going to
work i test out and validate
everything not do i just validate
products but i validate creatives as
so the first thing i did was i found out
that this video was going to do the best
because i tested it out amongst a lot of
other creatives
why did i know that this video was going
to do so well is because i
validated it by testing it out against
other creatives
by testing it out against other
thumbnails by testing it out against
other ad copies
i always validate every step so i do not
feel like i'm wasting my time
or guessing if something's going to work
or not alright so we're back on my ads
manager and let me just give you a
better understanding of what i did
after this point so after i tested out
these 10 interests and they were doing
really really well i then duplicated my
best interest
to continue to horizontally scale so
when i was continuously scaling this
i was using my kpis to do so so mind you
just looking at these kpis on the front
end metrics
you can see what i was already
experiencing and i knew that this had
a lot of potential so using my kpis i
knew that i could horizontally scale
off of one obviously my return on aspen
but most importantly
the front end metrics so you can see
that my cost per click
all was 11 cents this should be under 50
so check you see my cost per link click
being 34 cents
this was supposed to be under 50 cents
check you see my click-through rate of
being 10.18
this is just supposed to be over 2 so
and you see my cpm's being 11.49
i'm looking at anywhere between eight
and thirteen dollars
so again check so when i was
horizontally scaling this
after figuring out how these 10 assets
worked well i duplicated off of the one
that had the lowest cost per thousand
why was i basing my decision off a cost
per thousand impressions
because i'm seeing how well that
creative i was testing and how well that
creative was working
against the different audiences that i
was testing as well
so whenever i horizontally scaled this i
looked for the one that had the highest
return on aspen
and the lowest cost per thousand
impressions and i only found better
interest off of this
after doing that what did i do more i
started horizontally scaling by
breakdowns so i knew that when things
were working for me and getting enough
i wanted them to break down to see how i
can continue to increase
my return on aspen and as you guys know
it's not about just testing as many
assets as i possibly can but it's about
reading the data and making decisions of
with what is already working to allow it
to continue to work for me
and look that's exactly what i did so i
knew dishwasher was doing really well i
knew washing was doing well i knew
washing machines started doing well
so i started breaking down what was
working the best within those assets
so 18 through 24 female us washing
machine android washing
iphone washing us washing
so just for dishwasher for example i was
breaking it down and i was looking at it
okay forty dollars has been spent on
android 40
has been spent on iphone but my return
on admin for android was a 4 and
up so i knew i was breaking it down by
that and continuously
allowing my return on aspen to increase
it's all about
making your pixel and collecting the
right amount of data to
make your pixel wipe out your
competition and the only way that you
can do that
is by feeding your pixel with data think
of it like a plant you're constantly
pouring water and giving nutrients to
this plant to allow it to grow
and that is the same exact thing that we
do with our pixel
and giving it constant nutrients and
those nutrients that we're giving it is
and that data is what is continuously
making this pixel grow
i was testing out any type of interest
that i could possibly think that would
work i was getting out of my comfort
so get out of your comfort zone and make
sure that you guys do the same because
you will not know what will work
but the data will tell you all right so
yes i was horizontally scaling
these out of that at the same time
i was collecting enough data to get into
the next steps
and the next steps were my 95 and 75
look-alike and that's exactly what i did
so as you guys can see
if we go into the 95 and 75 i tested out
all the percentages one through ten
look i'm not going to go into every
single breakdown for the look-alikes and
all the different look-alikes that i was
testing but just
so you understand what to do you need to
be testing out one
through ten percent not one through
three then three through six and six
through nine
but one through ten percent so one
percent one to two percent two to three
all the way up to nine through ten
percent also purchase lookalikes are not
the best look-alikes that work for you i
see a lot of people saying well once i
get to purchase look-alikes it's over
it's going to be fine
but that is not the case at all mind you
on this account my view time spent by
five percent was the best look-alike
that i had
so yes i was testing out one through ten
percent with this
and then as you guys can see the next
step that i got into
was my warm retargeting so i separate my
retargeting i do one retargeting by one
campaign and i do hot retargeting on
another campaign
why because they do not deserve the same
and honestly i'm very tired of being on
youtube and hearing other people not
tok about retargeting
retargeting is the bread and butter of
your business
and ultimately it's going to be saving
you money every single day and you're
probably asking yourself
how can i be spending money on
retargeting and it's saving me
money so why the answer is because
you've already spent money to acquire
these customers and they did not take
the action that you're looking for so
when you are spending this money on cold
audience interest testing and lookalikes
they are coming to your store but if
they did not purchase
retargeting is saving your butt by
getting your return on investment on any
way possible
to get these customers back to your
store all right so let's go ahead and
check out warm retargeting first
so one retargeting is anybody who did
not come to your store but saw
your ad so it's anybody who took an
action before clicking on shop now
so this is like 95 video view 75 video
view facebook engagement
instagram engagement all these things
are actions people took
before they came to your website so in
this one retargeting i did the same
exact thing i have my facebook
engagement in there i have my instagram
engagement in there my 95
and 75 and what i did for one
retargeting is i was using carousel ads
so what i was doing for retargeting is i
was using carousel ads
and using my og ad so with my og ad it
was my original ad
but i was incentivizing a different ad
copy by toking about a five percent
and free shipping so they got a five
percent discount
because they already took a little bit
of action but i was trying to give them
a push
to get to that next step of purchasing
and that was the same ad copy that i had
on my carousel ads as well
all right so now i want to go into the
next one which is hot retargeting so
let's go ahead and go into high
so before i go into hot retargeting what
high retargeting consists of is anybody
who took
action on your store so if they came to
your website
they have now triggered this hot
so website visitors add to cart and
anybody who did not purchase
so just to give you guys a better
insight of what i mean by getting your
money back
on hot retargeting alone i spent four
thousand nine hundred and ninety three
with a return of nine thousand four
hundred and fifty seven
so if i didn't do retargeting i would
have left ten thousand dollars on the
for just hot retargeting alone so for
this i didn't use any video as
why because these customers already knew
what the product were they came to my
they already know what the product does
so i was retargeting them with reviews
and different types of picture ads so
that they would come
but i wasn't just giving a five percent
discount i was giving a 10 to 15
discount because these people deserve it
if they came to my website
now they're at that step right before
purchasing i have to give them a bigger
and mind you i'm not just using random
reviews i'm not just using
random pictures something that you guys
can take away from this video
is doing a survey if you have that many
amount of comments
or you have that amount of emails from
your customers
you should start understanding what
their needs are so i built myself a
survey with this survey
what it consisted of is what the needs
were of the customer
after figuring that out i knew that the
biggest five needs
were gonna be the five reviews that i
put on my store
so i then broke down basically what i
was seeing the most in the comments what
i was hearing the most from the
customers and i was getting about three
to five
points that they were trying to say they
needed not just wanted but needed
so i structured my retargeting and my
review ads around that
and i'm telling you right now that's why
i went crazy is
understanding your customer and the last
my favorite thing to do with facebook
ads is no
interest campaigns so whenever i hit
over 500 purchases on this product
i went straight into no interest
campaigns not targeting a single soul
and why is because you have bigger
but you have a smarter pixel at the same
this finds way more people the traffic
that you're driving to your store is so
much cheaper
and your cpms go way down because it's
finding people for you
so that's what my last step was was just
by pushing no
interest campaigns just crazy like just
crazy just pushing up dramatikally
and another thing that is amazing about
no interest campaigns
is they can be scaled hard because they
don't have a limit when you're scaling
hard though what
something i want to be able to cover
lastly is inconsistencies
and fatigue fatigue never comes from
we focus on validation so we already
know that the product works
also there's no such thing as saturation
of products
we know that the product is never
saturated the only thing in the market
that is saturated
is the creative so if you guys want to
overcome fatigue or inconsistencies or
any type of saturation only thing you
have to do is wipe out your competition
by having
a better creative alright so the store
layout it was a very very simple store i
just had three colors on the store black
white and blue
i was using the beautified theme and i
had my main product and i had only two
complimentary upsells on there so
there's only three products on the store
so that's basically just what i did guys
i validated it on a general store
i then put it on a niche focus store
with other complimentary upsells i made
the store layout look really really well
you know the apps i was adding and the
beautify theme and
the way it looked i kind of already knew
what my customer base was looking for
because again i had some comments and
engagement from my last ad on the
general store
so i knew the way to approach this and
that's basically what it worked it
worked because of my confidence i knew
that this was going to work
i knew that i was going to put in the
time to make it work and i knew that
i was going to push this to the limit so
that is a little bit of my case study on
how i took this
branded e-commerce store to zero to 230
000 in less than 30 days let me know if
you guys want to see more case study
just like this and if you guys want to
be a part of my case study slash
mentorship program again
there's only three spots left for the
month of december
you guys can apply by dming me on
instagram at ac underscore hampton
and saying the word case study or you
can apply at supremeeconmentorship.com
right below and do not think that i
forgot about the consulting call
winner the consulting call winner of
this week is
tactik 559 congratulations on winning go
ahead and dm me on instagram
tell me that you won i'm gonna go ahead
and send you over a zoom call so that we
can be able to cover
your live ads manager how we can be able
to help you quit your job which you said
in the last video
how you can quit your job by march and
how i can be able to help you out in any
way possible so again congratulations on
go ahead and smash that like button
below i've never missed a single week
i hope you guys enjoyed this video this
lots more friends

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